The Saving Throw
Contest Entry Jan. 10, 2007
Gaming moments with multiple endings, but only one is the real ending.

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Lost in the Underdark
featured on Jan. 10, 2007 contributed by   Nwash

This was part of an adventure that took place in what we call the "arctic" campaign, which is set in my friend's realm using Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition rules. My character is a human female enchantress named Maya. The other two player characters are a Firbolg fighter and a druid of an arctic race unique to the realm, and we were occupied by an NPC dwarf fighter. In this adventure, my character, Maya, had decided to seek out a lost artifact called the High Anvil. We had already managed to find a crane where an attempt had already been made to recover it from the gorge where it was lost.

After a number of fights and the need to escape, we unexpectedly found ourselves in the underdark. A second surprise came when we were met by a half-drow. "You're late," he told us.

The other characters recognized him as a fighter employed by my mentor for unknown purposes; Maya failed the check to recognize him herself. After a brief discussion, we determined that he had been sent to ensure our safety. He offered to help us retrieve the High Anvil, but for a price.

 Which ending is the real one?


He wanted us to help assassinate the leader of his clan. While some of the characters were willing to agree in order to gain his help, Maya was not and she convinced the others to refuse. She managed to convince the half-drow to help anyway by arguing that his employer wouldn't be happy to see his apprentice killed. At least, this is what she thought. Instead, he led us directly to the leader of his clan, knowing that as intruders in the underdark, we'd have little choice but to fight for our lives. Thus, he cleverly got exactly what he wanted as we defended ourselves from the clan leader and her bodyguards with lethal force in what was a intense but relatively brief fight.


He told us that his sister, a drow priest, was about to be tested by her clan. Since she now had doubts about her chaotic evil culture, he was convinced she would no longer pass the test and would thus be killed. She was already expecting his help, but he wanted help of his own to have a better chance of successfully saving his sister. We agreed, as this wasn't something we were exactly opposed to, nor did we have much of a choice anyway. The battle went by easily; Maya cast a Scare spell that left many of them too afraid to act. The druid used a spell to entangle them, and the priest we were trying to save took the opportunity to cast a fireball, killing most of the drow nearby. The dwarf and Firbolg easily finished off those who could still fight.

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