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It's time...

God, doesn't that sound depressing? I can't stand when that line is used in on-line RPGs, movies, books, etc. It irks me because it sounds like the hero(ine) is doomed to die and *poof!* They live. Wait, why am I complaining? That means I'll live, despite the circumstances. I'll save the galaxy in a giant spaceship that will set off a nuclear bomb in a mothership 1/3 the size of the moon! Coolness! ^_^

Today's column consists of a mixture of letters from those of you who are sad to see me go (That's right, I have fans! Egad! Fear me! I staffer. I shall blue-thwap ye! ^.^) and questions, obviously. I hope that the length of todays will be much better (and not so desperate...) as yesterday's.

And for all of you who asked, I am re-activating the blue-thwap for my last column. ^^

And, for the last time...

On to Q & A Mayhem!!!

Anytime you need a friend...

...will be here...

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I hate Jumbo Cactuars.
I hate Bahamuts.
I hate Ruby Dragons.
I hate you, Shinji...
You are correct, sir!
To Veronica, who in her spare time does one-person broadway musicals;

How can you let Brad take over your position!?! He is only 63.417% as sexy as you. He cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound! He lives in Antartica, for Pete's sake! (Hey, what does Pete have to do with anything?) He is a mere level 32, while you are a healthy level 78. He is the Selphie of RPGamer, no one wants to put him in thier party (or invite him to one, either.)

Also, he's been lurking in my bushes for the last few days, and it's starting to creep me out.

Moogle "I'm as depressed as a dwarf without his axe" Child

Yes, all of the above information is true... except our levels.

Last time I pulled up the status screen I was at level 79. Get with the program, kupai!.
Oh yeah, don't knock Selphie! She's my most powerful magic/GF user. Poor Squall's compatibility with Shiva is 32 and he's on Level 100. I'm not kidding. :)

I wanna be forced into early retirement!
Hi Veronica,
since you'll be having more free time now, I'd like to suggest a few things to keep you occupied:
  1. read! (i love to read. most people my age don't's a shame. i'm 17.) Catcher in the Rye, simply rocks, so does The Great Gatsby.

  2. take up a musical instrument. (always fun, and inscreases brain activity, musicians are just smarter people...)

  3. grandia. (of course)

  4. don't watch television. (ack!)

  5. listen to Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins.

...and that's all I can think of now. Oh yeah, finish ff8 already! bye.


Hey, thanks for the tips. I do about all five of those already, with the exception of playing Grandia... and reading... and playing an instrument... Okay, so I should take your advice. :)

NO~~~~~~~!!! Well, you have your reasons to go. ;_; But could you maybe thwap some jerk who wants you to leave? For old times sake. With the blue letters and everything? Pleeeeeaaaaaase? You're like, my favorite Q&A host since Thor (Not trying to suck up, and not trying to suck up by saying I'm not sucking up, and not sucking about by not saying I'm sucking up about sucking up X_x ). It was a lot of fun to read your columns *sniffle* Well, In honor of your departure, I offer this plush Shinji Ikari doll *Magically teleports doll with super powers*


A Shinji dollie!?! *huggle!* Thank you for your kind words. :)
*takes Shinji dollie and smothers her Asuka dollie*

I dub thee... Veronica Taylor.
Dear "Final Somber" Ver,
Notice in FF8 how Rinoa's theme is similar to Eyes On Me without the words and different instruments? Also, why include Hero drinks and holy wars? The game's already too easy (IMO), so...why?
What would you like your name to be in an RPG in medieval style? (Something like Mallin Corserran or Endarire Elward)

-EE "Greeter of the Fallen"

Honestly, I just posted this letter to answer the question about my fantasy name. No it is not Dirk Diggler! I'd have to go with the one I picked for an RPG my friends and I played about a year ago. "Aki Miyato Daravorn". Sue me, I'm partial to Japanese names.

...okay, I also like Oredalia Pharis. :)

*Princess Toadstool casts "Come Back"*
Hello last day RPGamera Q&A lady,

How could you people do this to me? First, It was Brad. I only started reading the column when he started writing it. But, alas, he is a thing of the past........until now. Weekends? But, Veronica, where are you going? May good fortune follow you in any path you choose to take.

Dragon T

I'll be put into cryogenic freezing like all of the other past Q & A staffers. I'm not looking forward to having to go through the warm liquid goo phase if I wake up, though. :/

But you know what? You can still e-mail and chat with me in my cryogenic freezing state!

  • ICQ#: 39819622 (I do not authorize without talking first.)
  • mIRC Nicknames: Ikari_Yui (on, Ronnie_Bell, RPGamera, and Alita_Bell
  • E-mail:

Share Clean Fix Visit Care Give Do!
Do any of you at RPGamer do volunteer work? Or do you sit around playing video games and doing homework all day? If it's the latter, then I suggest you head on over to the closest United Way, Big Bros Big Sisters, Family Center, or homeless shelter and give a few hours to the community. It'll make you feel good about yourself.

Then you can go back home and play RPGs to your heart's content knowing that you are a proud volunteer. =)

Blah, now how do I explain to my mommy that a PSAT selection index of 224 isn't terrible?


Actually, I do neither! Yes, I play games and I do do homework *looks at book report on 2001: A Space Odyssey due Tuesday and sighs* but not to the extreme. Every staffer is different though, and nothing's wrong with volunteer work at all! Heck, I planted a tree once and now it's slowly growing into a nice young tree. Seeing it made me feel all warm and tingly inside... kind of like... okay, I've gone way too far.

Incest is the Best!

*Final Fantasy 8 spoilers off the port bow.... sort of... O.O *

Hey foxy lady,

Have you noticed how much the Zell and Seifer cards look alike? If it wasn't for the hair, they'd be twins. Twin brothers.

Going by the "every card is held by the parents of the character"rule, that means that since Seifer's card is with Cid, that Zell must be Cid's son, too. Seifer and Zell being twins and having to fight for their father's attention explains their rivalry.

Of course, then you get the Squall card and realize "Hey! He's the third kid!" That means that Laguna is NOT Squall's father, but Raine was sleeping around with Cid, the hussie. And Cid, cheating on Edea like that! Ugh! The scumbag must be stopped!

This one's a little more far fetched, but Rinoa and Cid do look strangely similar. Plus, why else would he help her out for such little money unless she was his daughter? That means that Julie was sleeping with Cid, too. Don't even get me started on the incestuous relationship between Squall and Rinoa... not to mention Irvine and Selphie!

I believe that Cid was the father of all the people in the world of FF8. It's just common sense.

Are you sure you're not talking about Wilt Chamberlain?

I wish the Real World.... would just stop having idiots on the show.
Dear Veronica, i wanna know where did you come from? there don't seem to be many rpgirls , so i am asking you where is a good place to get in contact with some rpgirls. I swear if i find one, i am just going to have to marry her. Does my Rinoa exist?.... or is my princess in anothercastle.

Cecil da Lonely

Babbages, Software Etc., or Electronics Boutique. Seriously. I go to Babbages all of the time to look for games and once met someone who I still keep in touch with every so often. If you're hellbent on never leaving your computer, look for an IRC chatroom with RPGs as the topic or search around on ICQ for that special someone. There are many ways to meet that "girl of your dreams". You just have to take the initiative.


Hey there sweet thang'

Damn it, it's "Hey there, sweet thing!!" No apostrophe! No "a".

Oh and "Hey there boi! Sup?"

i couldn't find my candycane and then i found it!

- sorbie

I told you that it was between the orange card and the double purple card, but no! Don't listen to me. :P

hey! can i be in your last quickie section as the regular weekend Q&A staffer? ill say lots of funny words. quijibo! woohoo! chipui! please!


*sigh* Oh, fine....

Diamonds are nice and shiny, but actually, size being equal, an unflawed emerald is worth more. Besides, green is pretty!

~NaOH + bromocresol green

What ever happened to diamonds being my best friends? ;_;

Hi Veronica
What I do with the Sneak Attack materia in FF7?


Just what the name implies: "sneak attack". This materia gives you the first opportunity to strike in a battle.

hey hey. veronica. look out for wacky fanfics and the such still to come from Hall of Fame Announcer Harry Carey!

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

Goodie goodie! Story time!!! Yaaaay! I wanna hear about Lohrstiltskin! :D

Thor's not coming back! WooOoOoOooOooOooOo!

~Vigilante Thor-Hater

Before you guys send me 100 e-mails asking for this guy's address, here it is.
Gamera is good! He saves children!

DJ "More Soup'n" Johnson

Yes, and this Gamera plays games and pays homage to A.D.V.(so I can keep my name) and animŽ. I guess I can save a child here and there.
I like to call the Crissagram the "Shmoo Sword"

-Fidel Castro

What, and you use it to keep all of the citizens of Cuba under check? You jerk! Keeping good baseball players and children in the confines of communism!! *thwap!*
I have a nuclear warhead, and i am not afraid to use it, so post this letter, hahahahaha.

-the Grinch

If you even think about bombing Whoville, I'm paying you a visit with a sharp halberd and some duct tape in hand. >:|
i'm at the bottom of the quickies. i hate my life.


Yeah, sucks, doesn't it?

Thank You's:

I do owe several people a "thank you", so here they are.
  • Brad Lohr - You set me on the path to destruction and absolute craziness (and also brought over that very nice meatloaf. I still think it was super-yummy. ^^) You made the transition into Q & A (and RPGamer for that matter) much easier. Have fun with the Lambs and good luck with Saturday columns... they're the toughest.

  • Jeff Davis, Hunter Wilcox and the rest of the Staff - If I ever needed an answer, 8 times out of 10 you knew it. If I was ever bummed or completely confused, you answered... sometimes. ^_^ Thanks for watching my back.

  • Mike Tidwell - Thank you for not firing me yet. ^_^

  • Saki Wright - Please remember to stop by My Blue Heaven.

  • Curtis Harmon - Your Japanese translation skills are very much appreciated.

  • Erik Bray - Thanks for not getting upset when I could only call you at 2 a.m. because of work. Your moral support, council, advice and love I hold very dear. Aishiteru.

  • To those of you who read my column - I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed reading the Weekend column. It's been fun. Take care and thank you very much.

Closing time... every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

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