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Heyas guys. Today was my Slack-off 75% of the Day Day, so I'm getting Q & A up a bit late tonight. Hey, sometimes it's nice just to wake up at 2:30pm, click on the T.V. and watch AL T.V. on MTV until you turn into a clay-mated or polkafied nutcase.

On to Q & A Mayhem!

Crimes of Carelessness should win an Oscar, darn it! It moved my soul! ;_;

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~All I want for Christmas is a PuPu Card, a PuPu Card, yes, a PuPu Card~
....oops. ^_^;
I was reading the ask column as I do everyday...and to my annoyance and dismay I find you writing a poem saying Hanabishi Recca is a girl! Hanabishi Recca, star of the anime Flame of Recca, is a guy and he happens to be one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite animes. I'm just a little offended by you calling Recca a girl and felt I had to say something.

Yes, I should be shot for making that mistake. ^^ I apologize. Remember, although I love RPGs and animŽ to death, I am a job-less high school student. My budget to buy material possessions is extremely small, and I have to pick and choose what I see and what I don't. I can only play so many games or see so many OAVs. Gomen!

Pu! Pu!
I'd just like to know what the hell mokona is? I've never heard of it.... could you just tel me.?


Mokona is a little, white, rabbit-ish creature from the animŽ and manga series Magic Knight Rayearth. It looks like this.

Mean Mr. Mustard Monkey
I was wondering if you have finished ff8 yet and if so,(eventhough it doesn't matter) have you been to Obel lake (on the world map)near Timber and talked to the shadow in it??? It says something like "please find my little monkey he should be in a forest, and if he's not there he might have taken a train to Dollet. You have to whispher twice and don't throw a rock. Do you know what to do or where to find the monkey???

There's a lot more to this quest after you find Mr. Monkey... but I'll let you handle that on your own. ^_^ To get you started, Mr. Monkey is right where the shadowy creatrue implies: the forest off to the side of Dollet. Look in there long enough and you should find him.

Liberi Fa-whattie?!

You are my only hope for the answer to this question, you expert RPGamera, you. Liberi Fatali: What in the world are those people singing? I'd like to know what it is in both Latin and English if you can find out. Thanks!

Matt Millsap

Liberi Fatali is indeed sung in Latin. A lyric list and translation can be found here on RPGamer.

...oops. Again.
Now Ronnie, you know I love ya and all, but I must say something about your comment to the wife asking for a game to buy for her husband.

Now, I'm one of the biggest Suikoden fanboys out there (Luc I love you!!!) but even I can admit Suikoden doesn't have 108 developed characters - in fact, a great majority of characters are just there - I would say at the max 20 characters have significant story development. Not that this stops it from being a great game, it's just high disillusioning to say all 108 have developement.

Ooh, and an added comment to the wife... Suikoden takes 25 hours to beat about the first time through... FFA, FF8, and Lunar take around 40-50... just something else Ronnie didn't really mention that I thought should come to light.


Yes, I made a grammatical error. Perhaps I should have said that all 108 characters of Suikoden have very distinct personalities. You're right... Gremio and Cleo are a hell of a lot more developed than Sansuke and Qlan. You're also right that Suikoden doesn't take much time to beat, but I don't think that matters too much when buying an RPG. (Parasite Eve is an exception.) Suikoden is a wonderful game, despite its swift walkthrough rate. ^_^

Magical Mana Mystery Tour
(Editor's Note: The letter in question is referring to Legend of Mana.)

I heard and read about the release date in Japan, July 15th I believe. I checked out all the great pictures and artwork from the game. And I seemed to recall there being a confirmation on its release to the US. Am I wrong? Or was there such a confirmation and later everyone at Square of Japan decided, "No. Let's just screw the Americans again." Come on, I checked your site's different sections and I found a couple pictures, a movie, some artwork, and mention of the Japanese release date. I also read an article by PSX-IGN covering Dew Prism and they flashed all the other games Square is bring to the US (Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve II, and Chrono Cross) but Legend of Mana is not included, nor PSX-IGN list it in the "releases" section. After reading the formentioned article, I sent a letter asking what was the fate of LOM....I sent it three different times. Now, after being rudely ignored...even after simply asking for a response by email (I don't care about being posted).

So. Now I turn to my favorite site for news about RPG's. Is the game out? Is it never coming to the US? I need to know, because I might be the only fan who still cares....and you might be the only person who cares enough to give me an answer.

Sorry to rant and rave,

Ouch. Confuse has been cast on you three times, it seems. ^_^ Well, Legend of Mana is already out in Japan, obviously. I'm almost sure that it is slated for a stateside release next year, supposedly in the Summer of 2000.

Aztec Anarchy
Dear Rpgamera,
Does Anyone other than me notice that Quezacotl looks just like the last boss from Parasite Eve. What, do you thing Square is to cheap to make new monsters?

Square's definitely not cheap. Quetzalcoatl is by no means a "recycled" character. The form he is depicted in ties directly in with the Aztec legend of Quetzalcoatl. Supposedly, he ascended to heaven in the form of a bird. (I'd pull out my term paper about him... but I won't.)


How many of those plush dolls do you have seems like yer always asking for a new one :P

-Crash Banderhoot

A Gendo Ikari doll, a Mokona plushie, a Vulpix plushie, a white teddy-bear (named Barret), a penguin plushie (named Pen-Pen) and a Yoshi plushie.

how much would you sell the mokona doll for?

Fithos Spaghetti...what does it mean?

Fated Long-Stringy Italian Noodles Usually Served With A Type Of Tomato Sauce

Perhaps I have misconstrued the meaning of "RPGamera." I thought it a synonym for the older term, "RPGirl." I should rephrase my question,then.
Seeing as I haven't met a single one offline, where exactly do you meet RPGirls, anyway?


You know where the headquarters of the Ex-Presidents is located? We hang out 5 floors down from them, past the in-house Starbucks.
I used to think that the day would never come... That my life would depend on the morning sun...

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