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Heyas guys. I hope the holiday season is treating you well, and that our Pokémaniac readers haven't killed anyone (yet) in the process of finding that coveted plush Pikachu. Always remember: if all else fails, Mokona is twice as cute as Pikachu and slightly easier to find. :)

I also want to apologize, because it looks like it'll be another animé/rpg day. Many of the letters I received were still pertaining to animé from yesterday's column, and there were very few *questions*. My apologies to the non-animé readers! ^^;

On to Q & A mayhem!

Need a plush Mokona doll?

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O' Terranigma, My Terranigma!
Hello Ms. V,
     I was just cruising along in my favorite place of RPGamer, the Music Box, and I happened to download music from a game called Terranigma. Frankley, I loved it. But much to my dismay, I could not find any information about it. Soooo:

1) Is it a Japanese RPG that hasn't came over here?
2) If you have music for the game, why haven't you covered the game anywhere?
3) What system is the game on?
4) Any chance it will be translated(if Japanese)/ any sequels?
5) How would you pronounce Terranigma?

Sorry to bombard you with all these questions, but I generally love any game that has good music, even if I've never played the game.

Oh, I think you and Go-Go are the best letter columnists that I've seen. You guys just add the right amount of wackyness that keeps you from seeming like doing the column is some big chore. And a big thanks to you for updating the Music Box. Nowhere else can I download good, video game music(all of RPG Fan's music is streaming...*grumble*, *grumble*).


1)Terranigma was the Super Famicon sequel to Illusion of Gaia, and has its own small following of fans. It was released in Japan and Europe (but not in the United States) in 1996.

2) As I said, Terranigma has its own faithful fan following. Because it was released in Europe, it is a bit easier to understand and play (One doesn't have to struggle through kanji and hiragana to play. The emulation crowd also has an easier time playing because of this).

3) The Super Famicon (that's the Super Nintendo in the States)

4) Considering it was released in 1996 on the SNES, I wouldn't hold my breath. ^^;

5) Tear (as in "to tear a piece of paper") - eh-nihgh-mah

..and thanks for your kind words. :-)

Anime characters never get wrinkles... don't you hate that?
Does anyone like Macross and Gatchaman anymore or must I be destined to converse on these topics with friends who are no less than twice my age?


^^ Absolutely. I've not seen Macross or Gatchaman (which I should be shot for. ^^;) but I have many friends that are Macross-oholics. Don't feel alone.

Ronnie's Wish List
Dear Veronica-

My husband has recently purchased a "Play Station"ķ Console Game Machine. From what I have heard him speak of his video screen games, he prefers role playing games above all else. What games to you suggest I buy for him for the coming holiday season?

-Jennifer Randolf

Well, this holiday season there are a great variety of console RPGs out, and deciding which one to buy with your hard-earned money can be a challenge. I personally reccomend the following:

Final Fantasy Anthology - The slowdown on Final Fantasy VI can be a tad annoying at times, but it's not intolerable. With FFA, you get two classic RPGs for about 40 dollars. Although they may not have the graphics of a standard PSX game, they pack a great punch in the gameplay and storyline department. (Final Fantasy V's job system was a heavy influence for Final Fantasy Tactics.) FFA is a great value for your money.

Final Fantasy VIII - No RPG fan should be without FF VIII this Christmas. It's the latest edition to the Final Fantasy series, and my favorite FF game with the exception of Final Fantasy VI. The storyline unfolds like a movie, there are great songs (Liberi Fatali ^_^) and astounding FMV movies that blend in almost seamlessly with the gameplay.

Suikoden - This Konami classic is a slightly older title, but don't let that stop you! Suikoden is packed with 108 developed characters and the best mix of linearity and non-linearity that I've seen (One can actually end up killing their own characters in a massive battle, and I don't mean a simple KO). There's a great deal of strategy involved, and the game itself is not exactly easy.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Lunar doesn't run cheap with all of its extras packed in, but it's worth getting now. Working Designs will stop selling Lunar after December of this year, so the game will be very hard to find. The game itself is very good and comes with some nice extras, such as a "Making of Lunar" CD that chronicals the production of the U.S. version and a music CD.

Thorin pushes for Dwarven Rights
Dear Veronica,
It has come to my attention recently that there has been a running predjudice at work against my people in the Suikoden series. We, the mighty Dwarven race, is represented as a group of outcast fools who are so hard-headed they send people into vaults of death and wait to see if they make it out alive before agreeing to help them. And what then? Why, we make them a bunch of fire-spouting weapons to use against their leader's father... but not a single one of us is allowed to join the damned army! They get four pansy little elves on their side, but a good hearty Dwarf? Pshah!

And what about Suikoden 2? My hard-working, dedicated, and patriotic people aren't even given air time; we're mentioned in passing, and our fire-thingummies are malfunctioning, to boot! As if it were out fault that those stupid humans couldn't keep them in working order after a few years. Hmph!

I hope you, Veronica, will help us to put an end to this discrimination, and allow we Dwarves to get our fair dues when it comes to saving the world from cold-hearted evil men with God complexes. We thank you.

~King Giott
Leader of DRFANM (Dwarven Rights For A New Millenium)

^^ Well said! I'm a fan of dwarves myself. Maybe the Japanese are bitter toward your slightly shorter, well-built ways... *shrug* Oh, and thanks for that ham you left on my doorstep... but just tell whoever sent it to wrap it next time. I'm still fighting off the flies in my house with a newspaper and an iron will. :/

Yes...more animé...
Hi Veronica,
I just want to know what kind of anime do you like better, funny anime like Tenchi and Ranma or more serious ones like Ninja Scroll and Dragonball Z?

I like a mix of both so I don't turn into a Gendo Ikari-esque character, but I have a great love for drama in general. I prefer series such as Queen Emeraldas, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Record of Lodoss War. Of course I have to have my monthly fix of The Slayers and Golden Boy. ^_^


Veronica, I'm your fathers, sisters, uncles, brothers, cousins roommate.


That would make you *very* old...

So, seeing as I haven't found a single one offline, where do you go to meet RPGameras, anyway?


You can not "meet" a RPGamera. We are a rare species created by the Three Gods:
If you catch all of the references... I'll be impressed. Shusuke Kaneko, Matt Greenfield, and Mike Tidwell.

Uhh...what is your gender?


With a name like Veronica, is it *really* that hard to guess? :P

EVA on DVD in January!!
hey that rhymes!!!!
Hanabishi Recca

...Uhm... sort of... but this rhymes:

There once was a girl named Recca
She had a great love for mecha
Eva is her fave
But don't let her rave
Or else someone might have to whack-hah.

I love Egg nog, do you? I've already drank 25lbs of it so far and will keep on drinking Egg nog until the day I die


If you keep drinking Egg Nog like that, the day you die won't be very far away... ¬_¬
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