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Yeah, it's that time: Quickie time, and I don't mean that malfunction-prone piece o' crap I have to use to watch anim music videos. Well, there are a lot of quickies today, so I'll keep the introduction for today short and sweet.

Well... I will. ^_^ With me today is one of my close friends and fellow RPGamera Guru, Saki Wright. She'll be interjecting her wit and wisdom today. Why you may ask? Well, don't ask. :P Okay, so the truth is she's spending the night tonight and I didn't want her eating all of the Doritos without me.
Take it away, Saki!

I am Saki. This is evident. I shall crush you under my blazing heel of glory. The world shall be awash with the pain and destruction of a thousand cans of liquid death. This is to be your baptizm of fire. You cannot run. You cannot hide. Salvation is only a dream.

Oh, and while you're at it, visit The Blue Soprano where Xellie and I heartlessly butcher RPG songs and inflict upon you the crow-like quality of our voices. Enjoy.

On to Q & A Mayhem Quickie Funny farm-ness!! And if my English teacher dares to correct me, she shall be subjected to 255 lashes with a wet noodle!

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Got Leeks?

~NaOH the Somewhat Welsh

Got Eggplants?

Do not pleasure the cow, for a cow that can pleasure itself...wait, I like the voice acting in Zelda!

- sorbie

Can you honestly say you liked Navi's "HEEEY!!" o_O

STAAARRRRSSS...I hear that and my synapses go berserk! Resident Evil 3 (AKA: RE 2.5) is a freaky as hadesgame. Don't play it alone. STAAARRRRSSS...AHHH!

- Nichabod Potter

...yet another reason why you shouldn't drink the water in Racoon City...

It's 3:13 AM and I just got slaughtered by Ultimicia when I just charged in without unlocking anything but magic. Mind sending me some moral support?

Hey, I got an e-mail today. The village is looking for their idiot. _

otidnab otirf -


sdrawkcab gnitrw ma i


myg ni ados on si ereht rebmemer syawla

erauqs si dlrow eht taht wonk uoy did

sdnah ruoy no emit eerf hcum oot evah uoy

taht ees nac i

I had a good feeling!

Yeah, this job is a gift from God.

When, and on what platform, is Lufia 3 being released?


I haven't heard anything about Lufia 3 except that it was supposedly to be released on the Playstation.

what's a matter, sis? you don't wuv me anymore?

- Hall of Fame Announcer, Harry Carey.

*sigh* Yes, Squall, I still love you...


- Ike

Why not? They're high in fiber, calcium and cuteness!

HI, you foxy lady!!! A fellow friend (RPGgirl) of mine don't have a playstation, but she likes the final fantasies series really much. When she ask me which are my favorite final fantasy 8 character (she read stuff of ff8 from websites), I told her it was Elone, but she doesn't know who she is. So my quest is to find a picture of Elone, best if the pic come from the ending CG!!! Can anyone help??

Please print this letter!!

Why don't you visit Google's Webpage?

CROAK! The soup spoon! Tis aflame!
-- Glen the Frog

*beats with flaming stick*

Tis ashes.

Are you a Democrat, Republican, Independant, or Other? (if other please specify)

I'm not stupid enough to share my political beliefs with the net. Doing that would be just asking for flames.
Well, I might be Republican if you strung me up by my toes, gouged out my eyes and cleaved me in half with a spoon. Safe to say, I'm a Donkey.

I just wanna know is it just me or is anyone else in on the rabite conspiracy, they look cute now but what next. them and the moogles(not mogs gersh dern it) they are going to take over the world oh yeah. today square soft tomarrow the world

-bud the spud, EH?

I know for a fact that the Cadbury bunny is on it, too. I mean, just *look* at the thing! O.O


Guess what?! I'm the green Power Ranger! Dragonzord! Go! ...huh? Medication? What's that?


Well... your name is Ramsus. You're probably all three of the male Power Rangers, but don't even think your the Pink Ranger. That's me, and you better fear my pink mini-skirt covered ass.

Wouldn't it be cool if Thousand Arms 2 was about homosexual dating? Well I think it would at least ^_^

Heh, wouldn't it be cool if I pushed you outta wind- WHOOPS ;)

How about if we compare you to the Veronica in the Archie Comics?


How about you compare me to Veronica Lake?

How do you pronounce Xenogears?


Okay, kiddie. Say it with me. "Crack-high."

We are the knights who say "Nee!"

-Knights who say "Nee!"

I am the cheese. I am better than both the bologna and the salami combined.

Foolish mortal! You can not defeat I, since I am composed almost entirely out of Neosprin! Any attempts to destroy me will prove futile and cause your friends to call you names like "Orson". My army is the largest in the world, being that I control the mind of every single blade of grass in existance (yes, that includes the dark green bermuda and the ugly in appearance crab varieties)! Now, who do you think is the Great One?!

Oh, and I meant to ask you this question: Wanna tangerine?

~The Sack~

Let's get a few things straight.

  1. Your Neosporin can't stop the masses killing for a plush Pikachu.
  2. My lawnmower can take out your puny little varieties of grass faster than you can say "doink".


  3. Any idiot worth his hide know that Steve Buscemi is the Great One. You bettah recognize!!

Shinji, you suck. Get in the robot.


Father! How could you! Waaaah!

I haven't seen you thwap anyone in a while,

Considering that I'm not Vro, that's a good thing. Besides, I never thwap anybody. I just beat them into submission.

Here is a quickie.
It's written as a haiku
Hope you enjoyed it

Hey, I'm a poet too! *ahem*

There once was a woman from Venus,
Who's body was shaped like a-

Veronica! What in Sam Houston are you saying??!
Star Trek:TNG fans we are, trying to smoke a...let's leave it at that.

I'm hungry, I need food now. How about a nice big Quarter pounder with cheese. Yummy!


*blink* I don't get it.

*blink* I don't get it.

......................< NOD >..........

------ Crono Trev

*rolling cart passes* Bring out your mutes!!!

Why is Kefka soooooo cool?

-Ted Trev

For the same reason Richard Simmons is so popular.

Dear Veronica,

If I told you like anime and RPGs and classical music, and it was true, would you be my friend???


*sneezes in hand and holds it out*

Would you shake my hand?

"Bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer
Went down on his head
Bang bang Maxwell's silver hammer
Something something something something"

- I am the walrus. (Or maybe a puppet. I'm so confused... HEADACHE!)

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
And when she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one

A few ways to get more fun out of FF8: get only shiva, ifrit, and quatzecotl, never upgrade weapons, and have everyone except squall be just barely at level 30 before fighting adel. You can also junction to absorb fire with tiamat, draw eden from him and 100 flares for each person, and then make him your 101st pokemon!

That sounds about as fun as locking yourself in a padded room with nothing but John Tesh CDs...

..or at least eating razorblades.

Yes invisible girl, we can, and if you would like to keep your job at RPGamer, you should become un-naked.

Seer of naked invisible girl

Hey... I was wearing three fig leaves! ;_;

Is the Imp of the Perverse and Imp or just perverse....or is it neither? FREE ADEL! FREE ULTIMECIA! ENSLAVE EDEA! Damn i love that word, "imp"....imp imp imp imp imp. Reminds me of my FAVORITE WORD IN THE YOLE YIDE YORLD! GIMP! Gimp gimp gimp gimp, gimp gimp gimp gimp, gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp gimp!


*blink* I don't get it.

*blink* I don't get it.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

O.K., sir, that's one jello with mayonnaise, one Chicken Monterey - no pickle, mustard or pepper, and two Diet Cokes. Will that be all?

The Training Center in FF8 looks like Jurassic Park!!!

The Evil Clone of Ian Malcolm

God creates dinosaurs,
God destroys dinosaurs,
God creates Man,
Man destroys God,
Man creates dinosaurs...

Dinosaurs eat man...
Woman inherits the Earth. :)

Is it wrong to fantasize about Samus Aran?


Okay, answer my question first. Is it wrong to stick pencils in places they shouldn't go?

::sings:: Quickies Quickies, I love quickies

--Zarvok fiend.

Please put up this anoying and pointless quickie along with all the others that I have sent you.



um... HI!
k, bye


How did you find the transcript of my conversation with Hironobu Sakaguchi?
I used to think that the day would never come... I'd see delight in the shade of the morning sun...

There's something on the wing...some...thing!

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