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Heyas guys. Nice to finally be able to keep food down long enough to write Q & A. I'd like to apologize for all of the mass hysteria and guru-swapping this past week. It has been rather hectic with all of the staff changes, but things will return to the order that they *must* be in soon enough. :-)

On to Q & A Mayhem
(Sorry if it's not as long as it could be, but I can only stay seated for so long.)

P.S. - The Googmeister supposedly has little mail in his box. Now, it wouldn't be courteous to leave a Q & A hungry little critter like Goog hanging, so send him your thoughts, comments, *legitimate* questions, etc. He'll love you for it. :-)

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Final Fantasy 8 come I just *got* the Ragnarok without any resistance? O.O

Thousand Arms
Well, I only played 30 minutes... but 30 minutes was plenty...

Heh...and you thought no one played Brave Fencer Musashi. :)
Oh great wise Goddess,
(I was told kissing up helps your letter to get printed)

I've been playing Brave Fencer Music and I have encountered a major problem. I am trying to obtain the Gondola Gizmo. I've already talked to the carpenters and Wid, however when I go into the mine and make the right after the fan drop the screen fades to black but just stays there. The game freezes at the fade to black. Please help because I can't continue the game until the Gizmo is returned.

Your loyal priest,


"Kissing up" rarely gets a letter published. In fact, a plea such as " Please print this", causes me to delete a letter most of the time. Now that that's settled...

You have a very interesting problem. You're, as you know, doing everything that you should be. I never encountered a freezing problem with my game of BFM. (Yes, I played it and liked it. Nyah. ^^). This sounds very silly, but maybe you should try to clean your game disc and play through that part again. While playing through Final Fantasy 7, my game froze up at Icicle Inn while I was snowboarding down the mountain. I cleaned the disc off and it worked fine the next time I played. If that doesn't solve your problem... well, I hope you still have your receipt. ^_^

Nightmares of Bach and that Gosh Darn Organ

*We be FF8 Spoiling, boi!*

I'm goin krazi here, no one will help me. I need to know what in the frag the piano in Ultimacea's castle is for! It's haunting me in my sleep! I asked the google, but the google didn't answer. Help me, oh dear and wonderful person!

-Nin Shurik-

The organ is used to lower the gate of spears in a hall that is to the right of the fountain in front of the Chapel. To lower all of the spears, you must hit all 8 keys at one time.

More 3x Triad follies. You knew they had to come with my column, didn't you?

*FF8 Spoilers are here! Plenty in stock! Dirt cheap!*

Hey Veronica,
I got a question for you about FF8. Could you please explain the deal with the rules of the card game? How are they carried from one region to another, and how can I avoid spreading unwanted rules?

Also, someone e-mailed you inquiring about abolishing a rule from a region where that rule already was. I was hoping maybe you went and tried it and found a way. :^) < SPOILER > I ask because I have yet to get the Seifer card from Cid, and I'm right after the point on the 3rd disk where you have to find the white SeeD ship, but to do that you have to get the letter from Edea. Cid's there, but there's this dang random rule, which I despise with a passion and fury that would make the devil himself jealous, and it's keeping me from using any GOOD cards to beat him, and I'm not too fond of the idea of playing him, losing, resetting the PSX (which takes too long), and trying again. I just want to use my good cards! Is that too much to ask?? :^) < /SPOILER >

Thanks, and oh yeah! < blatant sucking up >Don't feel bad, I think you're right up there with JD and Thor. :^) < /blatant sucking up > Aaanyway, thank ya.


Triple Triad rules are spread when you play a game in one region in the world, then play a game in a different region of the world. Because rules differ from region to region, the result is an easier or harder card game than one is used to. (This is just using the basic rules in Balamb Garden as a starting reference.)
As you go around the world and play in different regions, you will encounter someone who suggests playing a game with a combination of their rules and the rules of the region you were last in. By agreeing to this joint game, you can spread rules around. (Ex: Playing in Dollet and then playing in Balamb Garden will most likely mix the Open and Random rules together. After the game, sometimes the Random rule will become a part of the Garden region because Dollet was the place you last visited. This will then spread around to other places in a chain reaction.) To prevent "unwanted rules" from being spread, simply refuse these "joint games" altogether. Keep challenging the person and refusing the joint game until they stop asking. It takes a while, but it saves a lot of stress in the long run.

In regards to my suggestion, I know that this won't help my image any, but I did not try that trick myself. ^^ I have been in your shoes before (winning the Edea Card from Edea) and all I did was reset over and over until I got the card, which is what you *don't* wish to do. If resetting is not an option, you can try one of 2 things:

  1. Playing until you receive the Seifer Card, saving and then battling until you win all of your lost cards back. I don't reccomend this, because it gets tedious and I had to do it while playing for the Alexander and Laguna cards in space.
  2. Card Modding. Not a very desirable choice, either, but it is without a doubt the easiest way out.

Best of luck!


Have you seen The Fifth Element?


Yeah. Semi-okay movie. God-awful video game.

Too bad your a lot more uglier than that picture!

It's a shame you can't insult well and even a bigger shame you can't in proper English.

"Too bad you're a lot more ugly than that picture!"

::shudder:: wh...who are all th.. these n.. new guys? where's B...Brad? ::sniff:: i'm scared ::shudder::

- Jesse

Oh, these men in white uniforms? They're just here to give you a nice new coat.

The Rabbits is coming!!


Yeah, and so is that damn Y2K TV Movie. *shudder* Talk about an abomination to mankind...
I don't care cause I'm not there... And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow...

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