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Ask Veronica, The Very Worn Out White Wizard Who Is Not Gandalf, November '99 - *wee* hours of the morning

Heyas, guys. Yes, yes I know you're upset about Brad the Rad leaving and you wish to lock yourselves in ye olde Rumpus Room, but hey! I'm still here. Sure, that's not much consolidation as of this moment, but you will love me.

< gameramindtrick > You will love me... you will love me as much as Thor and JD...
< /gameramindtrick >

Wait...perhaps I shouldn't ask for miracles... -_-

Well, because I'm such a *nice* person most of the Q & A doesn't consist of Q & A but lamentations of Brad's departure. (Mainly because that was all I received and I'm doing research on one letter for tomorrow. ^-^)

In regards to the winner of the Q & A Triple Triad Design Contest: the winner of the contest was scheduled to make an appearance today, but I figured he wouldn't have much fun commenting on how much it sucks that Brad has run off with Thor's anime chicks... I mean left Q & A... The point is: Send me stuff we can work with for tomorrow! Val'd love to be of assistance, I'm sure! (..sort of.)
Help me help you!!

*glare at Cuba Gooding Jr.* Quit laughing, 'foo!

On to Q & A mayhem!

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Ding dong, the... wait, I'm not supposed to be happy!

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Star Ocean 2
I love it to death... but...

Xenogears distracting me. I can finally play it because I completed Tales of Destiny.

(The ending wasn't worth the paper the packaging box for Quest 64 was printed on.)

Enigma... how nice to be able to use them as an appropriate title. :)
Hi Veronica,
I'm glad you'll still be the weekend person so at least we know they'll be 2 good Q&A columns a week ^_^. As for the rest of the week i was wondering... Are you gonna say who the new Q&A guy is gonna be? I don't know why Brad was tryin to make it a secret. He has hinted at Thor several times over the past few monthes, and thats what i'm assuming. I even went to the trouble of making a Thor hack as a present to him on his return, hope it wasn't for nothing. So really i'm just lookin for conformation on who it is gonna be. Ok maybe i'm impatient and should wait but damnit this is Thor the coolest Q&A there ever was (No offense).

Well that's all, hope you can help, if not i just hope i don't get *thwaped*

I certainly do know who the new Q & A guy (or gal) is, and I'll be glad to tell who it is...for a fee. Send me the End of Evangelion movie on DVD with a plush Shinji Ikari doll and I will tell you the answer. Too steep a price? Okay, I'm feeling gracious, so here's what you must do.
If you can translate the following...

Sore wa himitsu desu. will find the answer.

Pitiful Cry of Desperation and Desire for Brad Award goes to...
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I miss my braddy pooh! *SOB* Is he leaving because of me!? Was he overcome by jealousy for THE MASTER OF EVIL!? *sniff sniff* I dont care man THE MASTER OF EVIL means nothing to me you can have THE MASTER OF EVIL if you want Brad JUST COME BACK *SOB SOB*
(insert THWAP here)
Thanks I needed that

Oh hi Veronica hope the evening treats you well.

The Infamous Westward Stabber soul survivor of the Van Braun/Rikenbaker Incident and Hero of Vault 13

PS: NOW Veronicacarot (cacarot... get it?) Lets see what you've got! GALLAT GUN..... FIYAAAAAH (he he whats happening to me!?)

...take your award and get the hell away from me... a Bard...of Daily Q & A! ....or am I?
Is the rumor I'm hearing true?
I heard Brad's replacement is a distant cousin of Edward from FF4. He sings and plays the harp.

I don't know about that, although I hear that the new guy (gal) is capable of the following:

  • Getting prime discounts at Wal-Mart
  • Making a damn fine bowl of Count Chocula
  • Dancing with Janet Reno (Hey, that's not easy! I know from perso- ..moving right along)
  • Milking a cow
  • Shootin' up a deer.... hyuk, hyuk.
  • Making clay pigeons and throwing them at lame flamers
  • Cross-stitching
  • Training New York City alley cats to do the Hokey-Pokey for a nickel
  • ..and finally, answering video game questions

I think Brad really went for the cow shtick...

Much Ado About Thor
I was wondering. Back in like June they said Thor would be coming back around October. The keep on insisting that he will be back "soon". It's really starting to get on my nerves, because they don't give a very definite response whenever someone asks when he's coming back. He was one of the best Q&A dudes on RPGamer. He was funny too.

When IS he coming back?


Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but I think Thor's probably in with the Jimmy Hoffa crowd.

Moogles to the East, Moogles to the West, Moogles are the creatures that I love best.

*Here's your dern FF8 question. Petty spoilers off the starboard bow!*

Hey I'm in a bit of a pickle.
*help!* I've gotten the Queen of Cards into Dollet, but problem is now that I can't give the MiniMog card to her because she's using Random rules. I need to abolish the Random rule from Dollet, and there are only three other places in the world that don't use it, Timber, Winhill, and Balamb Garden. How do I change these rules? Is there somebody I need to talk to? Keep in mind that I've conversed with the Queen of Cards, and I've *thoroughly* read the card tutorial section.

Michael Cheng
Your Bubbly Buddy

I've not approached the Queen of Cards quest, and if I remember correctly the Random Rule is already in Dollet when you first card battle there. I've never tried abolishing a rule from a region that was there in the first place, and I don't know if it's possible. If you want to try, here is how you abolish unwanted rules from a region:

Go play a card battle in a region that does not contain the rule you wish to get rid of. It'd be in your best interests to play in an area that has only one rule, but if you can't find an area that does, just go with what will work best for you.

Next, travel back to the area and battle with the person you were having a difficult time with. (I'd save before you start battling again.) When they ask you to play a combination of rules from both regions say "Yes", but when the screen comes up and you're presented with the "Play" or "Quit" option, select "Quit." This should abolish the rule that you're having trouble with. If it doesn't, just go back and reset until it does.

If nothing seems to be working in getting rid of the Random rule from Dollet, then you might just have to hope you get very lucky with the Random rule or do a bit of Card Modding to suit your needs.

From Q & A into the hellfire...
You must be JD too! You threw me off with the gender thing, but with my superior detective skills I deduced the truth! Stop changing names and saying you're leaving JD! It must be all part of your evil plan to conquer RPGamer with your army of aliases and arctic monkeys.

Do I really remind you of Margaret Hamilton that much? The monkey shtick is a bit old... in with the Gameras and out with the Monkeys, I say. OUT!
Besides, JD would've had a nervous breakdown by now. If I was JD, I'd be doing Perspectives, Q & A, and Music.

< selphie > Heeey! < /selphie > It's quickie time!

*sniff* *sniff* ... Brad's gone...*sniff*...Hold me ... *sniff*

< whisper > *wink-wink* I told you she'd fall for it!
< /whisper >


*glare*   Pah! And you thought I'd pull out ye olde *thwap!*? : )

hey gal you got ICQ or somethin of the sorts?

...only if you have that plush Shinji doll.

RPGamera! RPGamera!

RPGamera is really neat, RPGamera is full of meat, we all love you RPGa-mer-aaa!


^_^ I might have to make that into a theme song.
I feel so extrordinary..something's got a hold on me..
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