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Ask Veronica, The Allmighty Triple Triad Addict - November 6th- 01:00 PDT

Survived another week of absolute mayhem! Allright, perhaps not "mayhem", but definately a sprinkle of chaos in school life. It's the second week without a Geometry teacher (both a blessing and a curse...), PLAN (Pre-ACT tests) are Tuesday, class rings come in next week, and oh yes! The Music Box is definately due for an update. (I need motivation... I mean positive motivation, people!) --;

Well, the turn out for the "Q & A Triple Triad Contest" wasn't exactly a success... although I really appreciated all of the entries I received. Thanks for entering. ...all five of you...

Here are the results:

  • 1st Place: Val Shrum. I really like his style of artwork. It reminds me slightly of preliminary sketches of an independent comic I once read. Very nice job. ^_^
    Click here
  • 2nd Place: Saki Wright. Absolutely adorable SD cards. Brad is depicted as an oracle, of course, and I'm depicted as a member of the Turks! How awesome is that? Of course, if I was pictured with the motley crew I'd look like Posh Spice... but I'd still have a great hat.
    Brad's Card - Veronica's Card
  • 3rd Place: Xellos Rogue. I'm simply enchanted by the card designs on the front. This is a perfect example of what I meant by "being creative". Using a little bit of image editing could've helped these cards...
    ..but Brad's card had me laughing. ^_^ (Monkey Boy is trying to come out of the poor lad.)
    Brad's Card - Veronica's Card

  • Honorable Mention: Leland Aldridge. This was the very first entry I received. Nice job for image editing in a jiffy... and a superb job sucking up to me with the card values. ^_^
    Brad's Card - Veronica's Card

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Final Fantasy 8
Esthar has to be the coolest Final Fantasy city since Narshe. : )

Star Ocean 2
At long last there is diversity in my games. Blasphemy? I think not.

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*Final Fantasy 6 (3 U.S.) Spoilers*

Dear Veronica,
I'm playing FF3 and I'm in Kefka tower. I've heard that in many faq and walkthrough pages, that I can steal a Ragnarok sword from doom (one of the statues). I have tried to steal it but I only got a damn safety bit.I have tried 3 times and it's always a safety bit.

What should Ido?
I need a reponse!!!

Amy "Help me please" Lee

A damn Safety Bit? Hehe.. I always liked those. My problem was finding those darn Economizers from Brachosaurs... but that story could involve a lot of censoring and ranting, so I'll pass on that.

I was never much of a stealing or mugging fan in Final Fantasy 6, so I never attempted to steal from Doom in Kefka's Tower. The only way of acquiring a Ragnarok sword that I was aware of was to choose it over the Ragnarok esper when you're offered the choice in Narshe. I took the sword over the esper in my game, and deeply regret it. (I learned 3 days later that the Ragnarok esper teaches you the "Ultima" spell. ;_;) Although through battles at the Colosseum I was able to upgrade the Ragnarok to an Illumina sword, (it's a nice sword!) it wasn't nearly as efficent as the Esper would have been.

My only advice to you is to keep trying and to stick it out. If anyone can help further, please drop me a line. :)

New Ren & Stimpy Episode: "FMV Madness"
Hi Ronnie!

Wasup? Listen I have a question..I bought Final Fantasy Anthology and in the beginning of FF6 it shows a really whacked FMV before the real opener. You know the one with all the different glimpses of different scenes... What is that/? Are they just different clips of FMVs to come in the game or what?
Please clear this up for me

I've decided to pass on playing Final Fantasy 6 included in FFA until I get a hefty amount of freetime. (which equates to probably never) From what I understand, the FMV in question is just lots of snipits from events that occur within the story. (Those of you who played the SNES version were probably able to identify most of them, like I was. ^_^)

There are three main FMV movies: The Intro, The Ending, and the Opera movie. The Opera movie is a movie that you can view via the Bonus Menu that is a recombination of the Beginning and End with the Opera music.

If you're still having a hard time understanding all of the flashes in the introduction, don't fret. You should be able to identify them by the time you complete the game.

Give me my pixilated Chocobo now, or else...
My question is about the PocketStation. Does the pocketstation have a territorial lockout annoyance? In other words, will I be able to play the FF8 mini game with a pocketstation bought in Japan?.



You certainly will. The PocketStation is compatible with North American PlayStations, but simply isn't sold here in the States. If you can import one, you shouldn't run into any lockout problems. Nice, huh? ^_^


Ya know, all those people on the net who call themselves Dekar? I'll bet that they don't even know who this kick ass hero really is. Things like that bother me.

-the impenetrable Mr.G

You're absolutely right. No one would ever be able to guess that Dekar is from Lufia 2. Nobody. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Cero. Rei.

Vagrant Story looks like a sequel to Final Fantasy Tacitcs. Could this be true?

Yes, and it could also be true that the real Bill Gates is a poor shmuck living in a cardboard box, and that it is truly his evil twin brother, Bob, who runs Microsoft. He may even be stuffed in a very low level parking lot of Microsoft's headquarters, with his head encased in a giant monitor so none could see him. It could be true that three members of the Secret Service might come and rescue him from the parking lot and arrest his evil brother for making Microsoft the monopoly that it is and reinstate Bill as the true C.E.O.

But it will never be true for either to get a decent haircut.

We be singin' in da hood we be singin' in da hood. Did yo mamma ever tell ya that cheddar cheese is good?

-Cheez Puff Daddy

...okay, now you have 3 letters and 3 quickies. It's even. Both numbers can be distorted around in tricky mathematical ways... have fun.

And oh yeah... Puff... did you ever consider a career with Frito-Lay, Inc.?


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