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Scarmiglion - October 21 '00- 4:46 Eastern Daylight Time

Whoa. I'm here again. What the heck happened? One minute, I'm sitting in my little Editorials corner, and the next, Gin-Irochi appears asking who can fill in for him...go figure. So anyway, here I am :)

I swear, every time I do this, I love it more and more. Oh well. Here are today's letters. Some deal with Final Fantasy IX, so you might want to just skim if you're... scared? Hee hee. <|8 Anyway, letter time. I'm pretty sure Gin-Irochi WILL be back tomorrow for your enjoyment, so send your letters to Gin-Irochi.

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We all scream for multipart questions!
It's me again!

1.  Did I miss the review for RPGMaker?

2.  In Chrono Cross, why do Serge's and Glenn's basic attacks do more damage than their X-Slash? (The real question here is why do I suck at this game?)

3.  What artificcially flavored cheese snack is your favorite?  Mine's Doritos.  I dont care if they say its made with real chees.  They're not.

4.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!   Pick Zoah!!!!!  For the love of God!!!!!!  It DOES matter!!!!  When you go back to Viper Mansion, go into his room.  You can now open the chest he wouldn't let you open before.

5.  We all know Goog's opinion.  What RPG are you most anticipating the release of?  And which one should I buy?

6.  Where is the Air Anchor in FF6?

So, in conclusion, I like pie.

Dean Graestone
Keeping the King of England out of you face since 1976.

1) RPGamer's RPG Maker review is currently on my hard drive, being finished : )

2) I've had this happen to me also. The only reason I use X-Strike is if I'm fighting a blue innate creature....then it does about 1100 damage right now (near the end of the game, that is). You don't suck at the game, you've just built your power up :)

3) Cool Ranch Doritos are the winner in my book. As long as they are accompanied by Coke.


5) Most defininately, at the top of my list, is Final Fantasy IX. I've beaten the Japanese version a few times (5 or 6...I forget), and I really want to see how well it was localized. *crosses fingers*   Buy it :)

6) In the first treasure room in the Fanatics' Tower, press the top wall to the right of the treasure chest. A new room below the one you're in will appear. It's in there. ;)

I love a good pie...gotta be apple though.

European Concerns, of course!
Dear Mr. Thing-that-comes-when-your-wounds-close-up-and-MIG-plane+a-lion
Why is Square making us Europeans Suffer?! Me Want FF9 Christmas!!! Any help? An Idea? Help!!! BTW, How do you think the games on the old PS will improve in graphics? I think It will be minimal, but if there will be games designed for both, they'll just have what was designed... Like Perfect Dark.
- Mabatsekker "Why, God?, WHY??? I WANT FF9!!!"

Why? One word. "Big Company". Okay, it's two words, but it's still why.  It's common knowledge that big companies have no clue what the public wants and needs (and we all NEED FF IX, I tell you...NEED !). 
If you want to make sure you're going to have it, you can always import....or you can just wait for it... Personally, I'd just wait it out.

Games that are still being made for the original PlayStation can still have improved graphics!  They can always squeeze out a bit more's always possible. ;)

Mmmmm...Final Fantasy IX...... *drool*

So close...but so far.....( Final Fantasy IX Quasi-Spoiler)

So, someone asked who the main character in FFIX will be, and I don't think it will be any of those charcters!  I think it has to be that Salamander guy!  He has to complete the elements!  Why else would they bring the crystals back?  Because the elements have been completed! 

Terra/Earth -FFVI
Cloud/Wind -FFVII
Squall/Water -FFVIII
Salamander/Fire -FFIX

It is my firm belief in Final Fantasy X, the four will all meet up to beat the crap out of Nocturnal and Lux, the two left out elements, Light and Dark..
-The Shep‹

Personally....I think you're partly right!  I would agree on the previous three main characters (mostly), but I'd have to say that well...Zidane IS the main character....but how could he be fire?

Pretty simple, really.  Almost all his Trance abilities (his Limit attacks, basically), all look like a fire element (although they aren't really....they just look like it).

I'm still waiting for a good RPG where YOU are the bad's the stuff....

I need more money
Hey Scar,
    Are you anticipating Persona 2 as much as I am. The first game kicked major arse, and hopefully the second will live up to my expectations. Do you have any information as to when this game will be released, or any other in formation. Plus, do you know if Atlus will bring Soul Hackers to America. If not, do you know where i can find the script for it? Thanx!!!

 Sorry to disappoint you, but since I never had a chance to play the original Persona, I'm not too eager for the second.

As for a release date, it's in the big release party around mid November. Tentatively, it's slated for November 15th. As for Soul Hackers, I have no clue. Same for the script. Maybe I should get out of my programming books for once ;)

Woohoo! FF IX multiparter! (Encrypted Spoiler Contained...)

Heya Scarmy

I was just sitting here admiring my new FF IX wallscroll, when some things came to mind.

1) I know Zidane is a thief, Vivi is a black mage, etc.....but what is Salamander?

2) Um....what is up with Eiko's clothes!? Those pants are....different.

3) I'm looking at this dark guy on the 3rd CD that the game isn't naming....who is that?

4) What's with Square and swallows? I mean, first Serge...and now Zidane...

5) Is it just me, or is Steiner's clinking annoying as hell?

Thanks for your time.

 Yeehaw. My kind of questions!

First of all, Salamander is the equivalent of FF Tactics' Monk Class, crossed with a Ninja. He can throw weapons for damage, he attacks with claws, and he has skills like Revive and Chakra like the Monks do. He rocks...but he sucks too.

Woohoo...someone noticed Eiko's Look at them yourself ....see anything missing?  Don't ask me. I just play the games!

Hehe...the "Mysterious" man in the cloak....well duh. He's Tneynaq. Surprised?

I don't see what's wrong with swallows. They're great weapons, if you know how to use them. Besides, Zidane can also use plain he's not a copy ;)

Oh...and yes...Steiner's armor clinking every step you take is ANNOYING. Luckily, you don't have to take much of it, since you don't have him in the lead too often.

You're welcome, Matt ;)

The Last Laugh:

Yet again, that was incredibly fun.  I'm going to wander back to the figurative Editorials room again. Hopefully I'll wander back this way again sometime...I always seem to. Laters!  <|8 

Scar "Vivi the love sponge"
Look, I just like Black Mages, okay? Leave me alone! <|8