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Scarmiglion - September 4 '00- 2:00 Eastern Daylight Time

It's that time again. I've been lucky enough to get a spot today for Q&A. Go figure. As of this writing, Gin'Irochi's net connection is still in limbo. Luckily though, Google will be back tomorrow for his usual dose of slimeyness ;)

So, for one day only, you get me. RPGamer's resident demon. Yay! But don't worry, I'm not that bad....and I don't bite either ;)  That being said, let's get a move on!

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I've been thinking about this for awhile and have come to some reasonable conclusions, but I wanted a professional (professional?) opinion. How do you pronounce "Harle" from Chrono Cross? "Harl" makes some sense, like "Marle",  but so does "Harley". Hell, maybe it's something completely different. What do you think?

-Magus Darkstar-

Well, I find it pretty simple, really. I pronounce it "Har Lee". Of course, it's nice having a constant pronunction, so I asked Paws, our happy little RPGamer kitty, and DragoonRaven, the person who was supposed to guest host with Gin today.

Harl - no "e" sound.

Hahr - Lee. ;)

Looks like two out of three agree, you say it Har-Lee ;)

Lacking in Quantity!
I've been to 7 shops to get this ***** chrono cross game.  Everywhere i went had already sold everything.  Or they simply never got it.  I went to gamezone 4 days after the release date, but they had sold everything.  I went to days later and they had reveived and sold all new chrono cross

so is crono cross a myth, a lefend or a fairy tale?

I know how you feel. I had to wait a week while the stores in Windsor got more copies. They went like hotcakes. So yes, Chrono Cross does exist....but for some saves keep failing. GRAR! :(

Mmmm....Cube goodness....


What do you think of the gamecube?  The graphics are great, and the fact that there is a metroid game makes it all worth it.  But what about RPGs.  Do you have any idea what RPGs wiil come out on the system.  I think i heard somewhere that square had expressed interest in Nintendo's next-gen system.  Can you confirm this?


Hmm...GameCube....a cube that lets you play games....
In all seriousness though, after a bit of looking and reading, I can't wait!  If there IS a Metroid for the GameCube (the movie is just a hardware demo, not a software one), then bring it ON!  I've been waiting for this for quite a while....

As for Square on GameCube...who knows.  I don't like following rumor, so things like that I ignore. Only time will tell. Square's happy where they are, it seems, but the hardware looks darn good.....

Let's face it...all FFs are easy.

I just checked out the latest RPGamer poll , and I must say , the over 300 people who think that FF7 without materia is harder than any of those other choices , are insane. I mean , c'mon , it would be easy to beat the final boss with nothing but basic attacks and healing items. What were you people thinking?!??!?!?!
Oh , I should probably incoperate you into this e-mail somehow , right?
Umm.....what do you think of this , Scar?


Well, I personally have done FFVI without Espers...and I found it a challenge...but definately NOT hard. Of all of them, I would have to agree with those 300 people. It's just pretty darn hard to beat a game with just "Attack" and "Item"...but that's just me. Oh...and 398 other people too, as of typing this.

My name is Rob...and I'm an RPG Addict.
This isn't really a game help question, but maybe you can help me. I've been playing Xnogears for the past four weeks, and that damn game has too deep a story. Seriously. It's taking its toll on my mental health! It's just so involved, like a book that swallows you up, man! I actually think I'm developing my own pesonal Id from it. Only with out the town destroying, but plenty of smart remarks. Can ya help me? No, I'm not crazy. I'm just a man with a man's courage, who is in over his head.

"Mazin Go, Mazin Go, Mazingaaaaa Z!"

I can see two solutions to your problem.

1) Put the game down!  Give it to your parents, friend, or SOMETHING! Just RUN AWAY!

2) Finish the darn thing. Then it's all over, and you can forget about it....for a day or two.....

Scar's ID:
Play it forever! Never put it down! BOW DOWN TO ME!

Uh...ignore that...

Warning! Buying too many games can cause bankruptcy!

Greetings Scar. I see you got  Valkyrie Profile. It's a sweet game is'nt it? I got it on Wednesday and am already on Chapter six with over thirty hours. Are you serious about actually playing both CC and VP at the same time? How can you concentrate on both stories?


Yup...I'm playing both...and it's very hard. Could be worse though. I could have a 3rd PSX, and be playing the FFIX import too...that'd be nastier than a chicken on Exlax.  As for both stories...they're not exactly alike ;)


Will Diablo 2 play on a Pentium 233?

I can't be sure. I use a Celeron 450 or so for mine, and I see nadda problem. Remember Minimum Requirements are suggested, so you should be able to make due with what you have. More memory and a good video card don't hurt either ;)

That quote is easy!  It's from the beginning of Suikoden 2!  Nanami says it to freak out some guards in the beginning!


Congrats! However, I don't give out ~s. Instead, I give out Black Mage heads.

Here ya go!  <|8

Who are you? I've never heard of you before. Can I really trust you with all of my RPG questions? What did you do with Google? I'm done.

I am me. I am recluse. I am wise. I killed it. So am I. <|8

Hi Scarmiglion. Is it true that you can play a blackjack game in FF9 by pressing R2, L1, R2, R2, up, X, right, ball, down, triangle, L2, R1, R2,L1, square and square in the The End screen? My friend told me that, but I don't own the game.

Yes. And it's completely pointless...go fig.
But...I really wish I could get a deck of cards like that.

How is FFIX is it good huh is it good huh comon tell me

Yes. It's nummerific. Godlike. The Stuff. etc.

Isn't THAT cool?

Like you wouldn't believe. Of course....THAT over THERE is cooler still.

Is Gin's house being hit by lighting a sign that Thor is coming back?

Dunno. I'm just a little old hellspawn. But no, Thor's not coming back. It was just nature's way of telling Gin that he's on the net too much ;)

The Last Laugh:

Wow. That was incredibly fun.  Maybe I'll do it again some time...or maybe not.  Well, remember to send your letters in to Googleshng for tomorrow! Until next time...laters!

Rob "FAIA!" Parton

Oh yeah. Paws and I ARE an item. So there. NYAH! ;)

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