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Hunter - November 19 '99- 2:44AM Pacific Standard Time

P eople worry me. I hear all this talk about over-exposure to the media, and being unable to avoid any sort of intrusion into your life. Yet, even in this over-hyped society some people still manage to display a lack of knowledge in what some might consider fairly obvious areas. An example:

Earlier this evening I was watching So You Want To Be A Millionaire and a contestant was being provided with their $500,000 question, which read something along the lines of "Which is not considered a Pokemon?". Alright. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and considered that they may not be very Pokemon knowledgeable. But then the choices were read off: A) Jigglypuff, B) Frodo, C) Squirtle, D) Pikachu.

They opted to use their 50/50 ability, which I found slightly humorous in and of itself, but I could still understand. The choices got narrowed down to Jigglypuff or Frodo. Then they walked. They took their $250k and called it good. Needless to say, once I got done choking I laughed for a few minutes.

The moral of this story? Got me. I just thought it was rather humorous and went against everything that we're being told about being over-exposed to the media these days. Either that or it just goes to prove that they can manage anything on television. Good for a chuckle if nothing else.

That aside, let's get on with the show. I'm Hunter, resident newsie and general webworker. I do a bit of this, bit of that and for this evening I'm taking care of this column. Don't fret, Veronica will be here for the weekend and if all goes well, Google will be back on Monday and everything will return to status quo. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

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Castlevania: SotN
It still rules.
In the Gameboy:
I honestly forgot how much I enjoyed this one.
In the PC:
Quake 1
TeamFortress. It's about all I still play on the PC.
Fate is good to me.
Won't someone help a fella' new to the big, bad, scary import scene? I know that no official announcement has been made regarding a release of Chrono Trigger for PSX here in America, and I can't wait any longer. I know that it only makes sense for Square to release a guarenteed money-maker over here, but when do you think the earliest it could show up here would be, because I am very seriously considering importing it. I need to see those cinemas on my PSX, and if it is going to be a while for it to come out here (if ever), then I'll just play through it in Japanese. On a side note, can anyone suggest any other must-buy imports other than the soon-to-be released Vampire Hunter D game?


You're going to hate me for this. I really wish I could give out specific answers here, but as far as Chrono Trigger goes we're being left in a 'best guess' situation. Reaching out a bit, Miyu and I figure that Chrono Cross will show up around next Fall if Square really moves on it. Given the other projects on Square's plate, I'd put CT (if they even have plans on it showing in the states) at around the same date. Perhaps before to increase CC awareness, or maybe after much like FFA and FF8.

Now, as far as imports go, I was going to suggest Front Mission 3, but the tides have turned reguarding that situation...

Like mech combat? Sure you do!
Someone recently wrote you about a question of a online/multiplayer FFT. You responded saying you don't trust Square to get it right on their first try. I am hear to tell you, they have made a multiplayer FFT-like game, and it rocks!!! It was not designed to solely be a multiplayer game, but it is still in the game. I am talking about Front Mission Second. Much of what FFT is, was taken from the Front Mission series (I do not include Gun Hazard or Alternative). FFT resembles so closely the first Front Mission for the SNES (Find the game; ebay!). What FFT is, is a hybrid of Front Mission (1st, 2nd, 3rd) gameplay, with the characters of Final Fantasy, and the job class of FF5. The whole Front Mission series rocks, it is much better than Tactics (although I love that game too). Specifically the multiplayer option of FMSecond. Try to imagine sending your customized battalion of Mechs (you can have up to 12) up against your friend, who consequently also has a customized battalion of mechs. The customization of the FM series is mind boggling. First you have the option of building your mech from the ground up! Everything is customizable (body, arms, legs, weapons, armor, booster packs) on the mech. You can even re paint them. Ok, each character who pilots the mechs are customizable, each with their own personality quirks and skills. Gameplay rocks too. Combat is handled exactly like FFT, except instead of a fantasy setting, it's a future setting with giant walking robots! The maps are more detailed, and larger (some I have seen are 120x120 squares instead of 16x16), and all have the heights and obstacles as found in Tactics. The only one problem with the series, it is Japanese. The text is all in Japanese (except menus and battle menus; which are in English). But if you can read Japanese (I can read a little), then pic the games up now! Especially Front Mission Second and Third. Second for the multiplayer option, and Third because it really shows squares gaming muscle! I did not intend for this to be posted, but you can if you wish. Just an informative letter to you.

Thanks, Leiji Matsumoto

Oh but I do wish for it to be printed. Truth is, we've been missing out for years on the Front Mission series. I've had the opportunity to play the first and second for quite some time, and enjoyed them immensely. Come to find out today, though, that it seems Square is planning on bringing Front Mission 3 to the US this summer. :) I'm thrilled to say the least, considering I'm near Japanese illiterate. This is a true windfall.

To each their own...
Okay dude,

This whole "Hard Type" thing kinda pisses me off. Just because it's Japanese and everything form Japan is sooo great, they're unedited version MUST be harder. HA! Yeah right. The American version was much more limited. By taking out extra special skills and abilities, things can only be made harder. So let's just call it FF 4j and FFII.


... heh, okay. Now that I've regained my composure I realize that there's some merit to what you say. Although, back in the day when FF4j was released on the SNES as FF2, the distinction between the two very well may have been enough to earn the Japanese version the label of "Hard Type". Personally, I don't see it as erroneous. I'm very much against the 'dumbing down' of any new RPGs though. We're more than competent enough to figure it out on our own, now. Well... some of us are. ;)

*sigh* 'tis a hard knock life
Hey you! Yeah, you! Quit juggling the RPGamer Q&A staff, or you'll drop one of them eventually! that I think about it...your ranks could use a bit of thinning out...<grins evilly>


I've never, ever been able to juggle more than 3 objects at once... which is probably a bad thing considering we're going into our 4th host for the week tomorrow. :o

I kan't believe you haven't heard my akzent before ** FF8 Spoilers **
Greetings oh high and mighty (temporary Guru)

First things first ... have you gotten to Ultimecia yet?

yep. (what's with this high and mighty stuff?)

Second thing ... why is it that during the brief conversation that the party actually has with her, all of the hard "c's" are replaced by "k's"? for instance, the phrase: "Time kompression WiLL happen ... " Were the writers trying to give her an accent, or did something get lost in the translation?

I was curious as to what the heck was going on with that scene. Thanks for your time!

-Sarisa Antron The Mechanized Panda

I zink zee idea waz to give it a Russian zort of akzent. At least that's how I pronounced it. Stronger ks, etc. If they had gone all out it'd have been downright comical, but instead it came across as mildly humorous and mostly silly. As far as time compression goes ... in essence, she was taking the past, present and future and mushing them all together into one big reality so she could rule all time periods at once. Talk about greedy.

** Spoilers ** FF8 and FF3 this time...
Hooray for Ultimecia!
First Female Final Boss in Final Fantasy!
Take that male oppressors!

The Sailor Suited Pretty Soldier of Love and Justice,
Bob Dole

er, actually... there was the Cloud of Darkness in FF3j which was rather female as well. Ultimecia gets points for being the first with a throat to waist neckline though.

I think this letter would be ideal for the Quickies
section. Because it's only two lines, you see?
-Calculus FunBot

Does it get any better than this?

How come the first two topics on last column were stolen from the day before?
You're not gonna do that too are you?

Yes! er, no! I will not bow down to The Man. I'm going to fight the system.

Bring Brad back or I'll cancel all of your credit card debts!

... promise?

May I see your hunting license?

Mexican Dave

I haven't heard that since like first grade. Oh, the memories...

Print this as a QUICKIE or i shall eat the Gingerbread Man, mwa ha ha.
-Cookie Monster


And I'm spent:

It's been a blast, if a bit quiet. If you haven't played it yet and have some fondness for silly anime, take a look at Thousand Arms. Even if you're not an anime fan it's worth a rental. Hilarious game, wonderful characters, and damn fun all in all. A breath of fresh air in the sea of RPGs available these days.

Take it easy everyone.

Hunter peregrine Wilcox
As in the falcon, not the hobbit.

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