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The amazing anthromorph - August 14 '00- 2:00am Eastern Daylight Time

Today I do my 11th column. Sometime in the next week I'll be doing the 11th PsoV update. Life is good. Now, onto the questions.

I need to call the doctor to get my stitches out. Yech.

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Now back to our regularly scheduled slime.
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Pfah, American Politics!
Hey Paws
Lieberman is like the censorship guy and dislikes violent games and movies. Him being the president might be a bad thing, so I'll tell you this. Every 20 years since 1840 the president elected in that year has died in office leaving his VP in charge. This could be a bad thing. Look at the evidence!

Harrison, 1840
Lincoln, 1860
Garfield, 1880
McKinley, 1900
Harding, 1920
Roosevelt, 1940
Kennedy, 1960
Reagan (attempted assassination), 1980.
Now, I don't think that Lieberman guy is necessarily bad, but I think it's interesting.


Paws says:
*EFG* I'm betting the standard American answer to this would be "It's a governmental conspiracy!" (which they seem very good at), but I'll nust nod my head sagely and be glad Canadian politics can be ignored.

Hello Antromorphic Kitty-cat type person.
Are you really dating that meowth on pokemon or is it Mr. Bigglesworth.
And are you related to Leon of Star Ocean 2. Sorry if my English is bad because I'm always around people who speaks Daravonese and think RPG is a disease.


Paws says:
No, I'm dating the big demidemon thing in the corner. Leon is my 6th cousin 3 times removed, but since I haven't played SO2 yet, I can't really confirm that. As for the disease part, it is a disease. Highly contagious, and it's incureable. Even better, when people don't know what it is, they treat it like a disease. Woo!

Remakes and Ports
Hey there!
Before I begin, I'll tell you now I love cats! LOVE EM LOVE EM LOVE EM!!!! But not as much as a friend of mine ^_~.

Aaaaanyway, back to my question, Do you, or anyone know if the Chrono Trigger PSX remake will come out in the states? I love chrono trigger, and I loved crono's cat too ( *smile* ). I played that game so much it actually burned out. I mean, I just couldn't play it anymore (strangely the same thing happened to my copy of FF3a.

Sooooo, do you or someone you know, KNOW if it's going to be released? I must KNOW! (I say know a lot don't I ~_^)


Paws says:
Geenral rule of thumb: remakes only show up in one coutry. That means we're not getting CT, as much as we may want it. I think it's a dumb move personally since Iwould even buy it, but I can't tell the company what to do ;). While I'm on the subject of rules of thumb, I've been getting Qs as to wheteher or not CC will be ported to the PC. My consensus: don't hold your breath. Ports to another game system are rare, to the PC is even more rare. I can think of only 3 (those being FFVII, FFVIII, and Lunar:SSSC). So expect a no and be pleasantly surpised for the yes'es. You can always check our news files and games pages for PC releases.

Evolution 2
so, have you gotten to play Evolution 2 yet? :)

If so, what's it like? Any major improvements/differences from the first one that you've noticed? Is the combat systemr relatively the same? Any familiar characters from the first one?

Paws says:
Hi Ben. Yeah, I got to play a couple of hours finally :) It's a lot like the original game so far. Of course since you've moved to a new continent the dungeons are different , but the combat system is teh same, and it's a good thing because it's a neat system. I'm learning the new color coding system and some new items, and I'm currently training in a, wow, training dungeon. All the characters from the first game are included in this one with a few new ones as well. The best part is, I don't know who the bad guy is ;) Unlike the last one, when you could guess just from the lecherous looks he gave Linear o.O

How to kick butt in FFT
Okay, kitty... Both Goog and Brad have heard me whine and moan about this, it's your turn. :)

FFTactics is one hard frickin' game. I just recently restarted due to not having enough diversity in my party... so now I'm back at the Fort City... and those bastards keep killing off my Priest! Yeah, the good idea would be to have someone else with item in my party... but how would I be able to pull that off and still have people able to do the damage I need them to? What sort of party do you suggest?

-Fake "Bolt3?! Sheeeot!" Out

Paws says:
Ooh, something I can really get my teeth into! Okay, lots of stuff to cover here.
-My first suggrestion is to go away from the main plot battles and fight some random ones to raise your levels and skills. It sounds like you need to diversify and gaining some extra levels will help your overall oomph. I find I spend as much time fighting non plot battles as I do significant ones, just to keeop up. It's similar to training oin TO or the Museville dungeon in Evo2.
-Keep the ratio of warriors to non warriors to about 3:2. That way you won't have 5 wussy class guys trying to take on big clased guys.
-Make sure you swap around the chemist job frequently. You don't want to be stuck with one guy that knows everything but other guys who can't even use hi-potion. As a general rule I myself tend to keep at least 3 people who have itme as their primary or secondary skill. I con't often use white magic because I find since I fight so many random fights I can afford 99 of everything ;)

My suggested party goes as follows: First, a geomancdr. Preferably with equip armor, and a secondary skill item. He'll be your hang back guy who can deal some nasty long distance efects and heal too. Secondly, a knight with equip crossbow and something like throw. Again, long distance is the key here. Thirdly, a lancer with squire skills. Accumulate to your heart's content. Fourthly, the pirest. Swap off his iitem if you want, but it's good to stay. If you change it, make it something like time magic for haste and slow. Finally, Ramza can be anything you want, but he should have items. Try making him a samurai, they're good for group damage.

Have fun, and good luck :)

Import Reviews
Oh Feline Master of Pronunciation

Just a quick question about your review policy. I was reading PsoV went through your guidelines and the games you wanted reviews for, and I noticed something. You clearly state that you don't want reviews based on emus, but then how will people be able to review games that were never released in English? Games such as Seiken Densetsu 3, Final Fantasy 2 and 3, and Terranigma. Especially since you have at least two of those games on your wantd list.

The Scapegoat from da Bay (English Bay at least)

Paws says:
GTyler! I'll have to tell Cookie you wrote in to me ;) Anyway, you're right, there's no way to get an English copy of certain games. However, that doesn't mean it's imnpossible to get a Japanese copy in North America or for someon in Japan to review it. If course some things like localization won't apply but the revciew basically stays the same and it's filed under an import review. I'm sure if you really wanted a copy of a Japanese only game you could find it on Ebay or at an import store.
Unfortunately, even though I want a review for every gae on the site, I have to admit there are a couple I don't excpect one for, such as the 2 hanjuko hero games which aren't well known. I feel bad I have to turn away emu reviews, but it was a decision that had to be made.

Inside Info...all mine!
Meow meow me-ow (cat for 'hi paws'),

Wow, someone else who's played Evolution 2! I thought I was the only one. And lucky you, I want inside info on Mythri too! *must buy GBC to play Mythri...*


*hoping Evolution 3 is more then dungeon crawling...*

Paws says:
But, but, I like Evolution's dungeon crawl type dungeons. That's why I like Time Stalkers and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 (and I think I'm the only person on staff insane enough to say I do like it so nyah :P) I'm actually playing Evo2 as I write teh column, and I came up to the first boss. yay! As for inside info, no can do, it's all top secret. Trust me when I say I feel *incredibly* lucky to be in on this project! But now everyone will have to beat the game to see my name at the end of the credits...I think I'm in there :)

Beer? Ugh.
Yo, I got a some Qs for you to A, or something like that

1)What's wrong with your foot?
2)Do you have any cheese?...I like cheese
3)Have you ever played Legend of Mana? If so do you know if there's a difference between playing as a guy and playing as a girl
4)Why is it that when Ryan Amos stopped doing Q&A we no longer had arguments over which beer was better: American or Canadian?Which the answer to is obviously Canadian

P.S I hope your foot feels better(will my sympathy help get my letter in the column?)

Paws says:
1. I had surgery on my toe, because it was ingrown. It was supposedly totally cleared out in December when I had the original surgery, but it started growing back. Yummy, eh? I went back to the doctor and he decided he'd do it again because he missed the very edges. Unfortunately, I did not know he was going to do this so I ended up cancelling 3 of my shifts at my RL job and having to dump a half-done update on poor Google. It's taking longer to recover this time because the stitches have to stay in longer becauset the cuts were deeper. The stitches make the toe stiff which means I have problems walking/croching/moving the foot and standing for large periods of time, but they're out soon so no sympathy letters please :P
2. I have marble cheese, but there's only enough left for my next pasta dish!
3. I did get to play about 6 hours of LoM while I was visiting a fellow staffer last week. It was cool so far. I'm not quite sure what your sex entails differently in the game except for stats perhaps. Maybe weapon proficiencies vary from sex to sex? Or how people react to you? Experiemnt ;)
Beer != Paws. Vodka much better. I'm legally abler to drink it now too, yay.

Fast Questions

About the Squaresoft Series. They do seem happy to make sequels.Everyone seems to forget that Squaresoft has three main series. Final Fantasy,Seiken Densetsu, and SaGa. The only reason why we might not see them as seriesso much is because we only got the other two under their real namesrecently (and we missed out on one Seiken game and three SaGa games). Hopefully Squaresoft will make Chrono their third.

See, there is hope to those who want series'. Oh, I also got an unconfirmed tip that VS was publicised as the first in a trilogy. Can't confirm it though.
Google: Ahem! You forgot Front Mission! A few others too.

I hate Geico commercials!

But Geckos are so cool!

Regarding the sequels from square and wanting to see some of your favorite characters in another game, square could feasably create a prequel for one of my favorite characters. I mean really, am I the only person who has wished for a Sephiroth prequel?? Seriously, it could be done. They could have him fighting the war in Wutai or something....of course we would all know how it would end...

I think, from everything I've heard, a Xenogears prequel would be cool too. Should I wait to play XG for the prequel? ;)

What youre favorite class is final fantasy tactics? (if you've played)

Hmm...tough choice. I'll have to go with Time Mage and Dancer as my top 2 picks. Squire's pretty cool too, and very useful. I still use basic skill on some of my guys in the final boss fight. Chuck rocks at em!

Did you like your visit to the middle of nowhere?

Yes, I did! Irt was very cool spending time with Scar and I got to see Lots of FFIX and LoM and TO for the first time! He burned tme the FFIX CD I was listening to ea couple days agop. But I'm still mad the cat had her kittens after I left.

The Last Laugh:

Well, time for me to sing my swan song. How can I do that, you say, when I am a cat? Siple! I'll jusdt eat the swan! Mmm, bird...*licks lips*. Anyway, it was nice to be back at Q&A for a bit. Now I have to run off and do reviews. Look for another Points of View update in the next few days!
Google: Just popping in real quick to ask everyone for two favors before this goes up. Please don't send me a bunch of political stuff, and please don't send me a bunch of FFT stuff. 8)

Paws "Equal Q&A and PsoV updates!"
Email me anytime! =^^=

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