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The amazing anthromorph - August 13 '00- 12:00am Eastern Daylight Time

I Feel slightly yicky, but I've been on the go for 8 days straight so I'm blaimng it on the constant action ;)

Owie, my foot hurts. I kicked the toe I had sugery on into my desk and the stitches are still in and they hurt :P Amazing how, whenver there's an object near my foot, I invariably kick it. I'll never quite understand that phenomenon.

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Linear speaks! :o
Slime's Denfense Rating: -1
About 30 people corrected me about that PSX2 thing. Where were you all when I was double checking that one? I asked everyone I could find if I'd missed an announcement about the PSX2 emulating the PSX, and every person I asked said it made no improvements. Bad them. So, everyone quit telling me I'm wrong already! 8)

- Googleshng

Paws says:
Sometimes trying to get info from the other staffers is like pulling teeth ;) Seriously, don't forget, readers, we Q&A hosts don't always have time to check back through our huge news archives and instead rely on memory or staff tips. We're only human...or reasonable facsimilies thereof! :)

First off, cool to see another fan of Brigandine! Great game, with a battle system highly remeniscend of Dark Wizard for the SCD (Yeah, the dead system.) Maybe you can answer a question I tried asking its Googness the other day:

Any way to not have my classed-up killing machines offed so often in battles? Especially when facing insanely strong opponents like the death knight Cador (I think that's the name.... Zemeckis's second). I do NOT want to lose some of these people, er, mosnters.

As for the Town of Paws in Ultima 5 (also in 4 and 6 and 7, at its best in U6), see if you can manage to find something called the "Ultima Collection" for the PC (this isn't a console game... well, some of them were ported over to the (S)NES...) You get the entire series in one package, except for a few side games (Ultima Underworld, 1 and 2; Worlds of Ultima, 1 and 2). Put simply: Ultima is to the PC what Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior are to consoles... a great RPG series.

By the way, you did a great job yesterday, and Goog should pick you as the new weekend columnist. (I'd put myself forward for my (far too) great RPG knowledge, but I only know basic HTML, so would be disqualified on that point.)

-Kenneth Whitten, RPG freak!

Paws says:
Your best tactic may be not to get attacked by them in the first place. It find I do a lot of stand offing while the others pick away at each other. I know when I play the country in the east, since they're only monks and priests, I invariably spread around the entire edges of the map and wait for them to fight amonst themselves in the middle until they can't withstand me and then swamp them. Try using more green and healing magic (Pixies good. Unicorns good.) and more long distance units like centaurs. Invariably I expect to have up to 3 of my units killed in each battle. That's why I have sacc units like ghouls or a wall of dragons to soak it up while my magic users and long distance fighters clean up. Kudos for getting the units to higher levels in the first place, most of mine don't make it past level 15 :P

Ultima collection *scribbles it down*. I'll check the local EB and see if that rings a bell to em. Oh, cool, I'm getting a free copy from a reader :)

As for your final comment, I'll only touch the important part. While HTML skills are good to have, skills alone don't get you a job. In my RL job, I'd had good experience with retail and customer service but since it was volunteer no employer would take me seriously. What landed me my job was my personality. Same thing with RPGamer - I had very rudimentary HTML skills (read: next to none), and yet I still got the job, and ended up coding my own section which is, to my pride, a booming success. My willingness to learn and do lots and lots of work, ability to function in groups, etc, etc, got me where I am. So don't think skills get you everywhere, because who you are is just as important :)

Having played an import PS2, I can clear this up. When playing PSX games, you have the option to clean up textures/graphics OR to speed up load times, or to play them normal. That's an option you can adjust (explaining why people who can't read Japanese might not realize it's there). Also, Goog said that it doesn't work with some games. The only one of these games that actually reached America is the original Monster Rancher, so every other game will work (unless they import, which wouldn't work anyway on an American machine.) Laterz -Tomm

Paws says:
This actually does explain why people may have been getting confused. Oh, and just so the readers know, Mr. Hulett is part of Team XKalibur, the guys making the GBC RPG Mythri. I hope you guys are doing good finding a publishser (or was it developer? ^^;)! :) I've been lucky enough to be able to peep at the production and so far everything looks awesome. But I won't say any more ;)

Canadian Q&A!
Dear Paws

I hope you manage to get the weekend spot, It'd be awesome to have the weekend Q&A person be Canadain. I also have a few other questions?

1) Have you beaten legend of dragoon?

2) Have you ever been asked if you live in an igloo?

3) Have you played Castlevania: SOTN? If so, what did you think of it?

Thanks, I really hope you get the weekend job

-NatanaX (Canadain and proud of it)

Paws says:
1. I'm on the 4th CD but I got stuck on the optional spirit bosses in the city of the dead (yeah, I made that as spoiler free as I could, trust me if you haven't played it, that won't affect the gamr a bit). I get to the third one and I hit a frickin brick wall! But, I have my strategy all worked out. I use Dart to dragoon, since he has the strongest magic, the wind dragoon to use Rose Storm, and the lightning dragoon to use items and his magic sometimes. I have several repeat items that I can throw in too, especially that one that meakes the enemy weak for 3 turns!
2. Several times, actually, and I always fall over laughing because it's too funny to get mad at. I was the first Canadian on staff; now we have 3. Ironically, considering how big Canada is, when we're all at home, we're within 5 hours of each other. Go fig.
3. I have yet to play SotN, but I'm seriously thinking of picking up that used copy at the EB, since it's only 15 bucks. Now I just gotta find the 15$ :P

Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer?
Howdy Paws,
Nice to uh, meet ya. I have a very serious question... Why is it that Working DESIGNS market seems to be the recreation of older games. Yea, so LuNaR was dubbed a masterpiece[yet was far from it, it couldn't hold my interest passed the Blob Monster on the pirate ship]. The whole Arc the Lad thing is way blown out of propotion, and the only thing they really have going is the PS2 Launch title. Why can't they use their talents on fresh and interesting ideas? Not old school RPG's, which by now are cliched beyoned cliched!?

Mephtik-X : who thinks that Four Hereos gather, defeat a great enemy and have children that do the same is purdy damn stupid. Oh, and so is Saturday football practice :(!

Paws says:
Uh, I found this to be a pretty silly question, but considering I got more than one I figured I should at least touch on it. Simply put, there are TONS of RPGamers who like the old games, who are old school. They buy those games and love em to death. Just because you don't doesn't mean Joe Slob down the street doesn't. Don't like it? Don't buy em. Easy nuff, no? When you don't put your dollar towards a certain kind of game, others will be produced that you do like. Personal preference for new style games doesn't mean you can totally ignore the people who don't share the same feelings :P

Mini rant.
Bonjour, ma cherie Paws!
        Comment-allez vous au'jourdhui? Pardon moi
if my spelling is a bit rusty. Anyway, this was just to comment on Navahl's letter about why Square doesn't make sequels. My theory is that Square would be happy to make sequels; they keep making "Final Fantasy" games, and don't forget Chrono Cross. The problem is, most of their stories are so epic in scope that there's almost nothing left for a sequel; or if there is, it just wouldn't measure up to the original. That's why Square closes the door on each FF and moves on to the next story, as well as why Chrono Cross has as fews ties as possible to Chrono Trigger. You can see the same thing with movies; with the few exceptions Jim Cameron has blessed us with, sequels are in general a disappointment. So from this point of view, I can't blame Square for being so adamant about moving on to the next thing; they're afraid of getting stuck into one particular rut and not being able to get out.
        So, we gamers can look at it one of two ways. Either 1.) Square won't do sequels, which means we'll never get to see our favorite characters in action again except through replay, or 2.) Square won't do sequels, which means we'll constantly be seeing new and imaginative twists in our games. Personally, I'm kinda straddling the fence; while I would kill to see a sequel to FF6 that was as good as the first, I still love how Parasite Eve and Vagrant Story have taken "RPGs" to a new level.
        Anyway, that's my two denarai. Thanks for giving Goog a break. IT sounded like IT was going to have a nervous breakdown (slimedown?). Here's hoping the job's yours permanently. ;)

Ashley Riot, Riskbreaker Extraordinaire

Paws says:
Good arguments, and thoughts to ponder. Oh, and don't mind the slime in the corner, it always sounds like it's stressed because it works nonstop on the site ;)

Hi Paws! :D

::Scratches Paws behind the ears::

I think you're doing a good job with Q&A, AND Points of View. There's a site called that's recently let people send in mini-reviews, and frankly, their "Preview the review" system stinks.
You know, if you say "review" over and over again, it starts to sound really strange.
Well, it's not so much my problem that the system stinks, my problem is that there IS no system.

You see, when you type out a review, they TELL you "blah blah comment on every part of the game blah blah compare it to rival products blah blah" and basicly everything you tell people about sending in a review, and yet all the reviews say the same thing:

  1. THIS GAM RULES!!!!!!11

  2. it sux dontg download

  3. This crashed my computer when I tried to play it, so I'm giving it a "1" in each category. (features, graphics & sound, etc.)

  4. It's a cool game, but I can't find the key to the 2nd cave. If anybody finds it, e-mail me at
    Note: That is NOT a real e-mail address, as far as I know. Do not attempt to e-mail this person.
And then there's the sort-of-rare Good Review, a review which will praise the good parts of the game and make fun of the bad parts, a review which will make people think about whether the game's worth a download or not, a review which will make use of the space it takes up. These reviews are written by me. (What? Go to yourself if you don't believe me!)

Okay, I'm done making fun of another site.

Hey Radrisol, how about making Alanna a worm? You know, like a book worm. Get it? Har har! (Yes, I am aware that I need a life.)

Bein' feline an' feelin' fine,

Sabin "Say THAT five times fast!" XIII Come... Join us... Don't be afraid...

Paws says:
Yeah, so submit reviews to Points of View!! Erm...yeah. I'll go back to my nice Q&A column now and enjoy the free pat on the back and ear scritches...teehee. Seriously, If you haven't gone over to PsoV at least once yet go now ;)

Hey Paws!

Sice you're doing such a good job in Q&A, I thought maybe I could ask you to do a little favor.

Repeat after me: "I will be the new Q&A weekend staffer. I will be the new Q&A weekend staffer. I will be the new Q&A weekend staffer..."

That's a good kitty...*rubs behind Paws' ears* MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Paws says:
I feel like that gecko in the Geico commercial. Please, please, stop asking me this! I'm very happy doing Points of View and I wouldn't give it up to do Q&A. I think the new replacement should be able to devote their time fully to the column and I simply can't do that. Sorry guys ;)

Brigandine: GE
Hey Paws,
Some answers for the guy who asked about Brigandine GE. Brigandine GE was release on 5/18/00 in Japan and currently has not been announced for release stateside. Brig GE had a whole bunch of new feature including new monsters, class skills, and anime sequences. There is a bunch of other stuff, but Mieu Sedai has a decent page for it at so no real need to mention it here. The last thing it has though is an extra boss, the Snake of Chaos, which brings me to my other point.
There was a final boss in the US version of Brigandine. It was Bulnoil. The only thing was that you could only fight him on hard and he had a somewhat erratic pattern of appearing. I've played through hard with all the characters and only fought him a couple times-not sure what's up with that.Oh well, hope that clears up any questions you had.Araes

Paws says:
Ah, that could be why..I've played it through about 5 times but only on easy and normal. Hard just seemd so...daunting! =^^;= I wonder if the game will be brought over...

Fast Questions

No Time for quickies. Darn, I had good ones too!

Yeah, but I got an extra 3 letters in, so this way it's a tradeoff ;)

The Last Laugh:

I'll cut the witty comments short in order to get this up faster. See ya all tomorrow ;)

Paws "Equal Q&A and PsoV updates!"
I need to read those 6 reviews in the box! =^^;=

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