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The amazing anthromorph - August 12 '00- 1:00am Eastern Daylight Time

I have retuned! Man, does it feel goooood! I have to say I missed doing Q&A even though I only did it temprorarily. I was going to try to talk Google into giving me a guest spot ;) Mind you, I would never give up reviews, but Q&A was the first things I did for RPGamer :) It's almost hard to believe I've been working for the site for almost 7 months now and that I have already done 10 updates for PsoV!

Hmm, onto some more interesting stuff. I had a lot of email to slog through before I even got to column stuff because I had been away since Tuesday visintg another staff - Scarmilgion, actually. You may know him from the new media updates he doeas and he just did Information Station. We had lots of fun. I'm hoping to see another staff within 6 months, but I'm not sure who yet. Maybe I should make a random draw ;) Sorry if this is up a bit late, there was a lot to do to preapre for it :)

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Might as well get the rant over with....
Hi! :)
I was thinking about all the Square games that have come out or in the process of doing so and a simple question has come to mind. Now, I know that the Final Fantasy series is their big cash crop and I love those games just as much as the next adoring fans, but I was wondering why Square can't make a series from another great game (i.e. Xenogears, Vagrant Story). I know it all comes down to the all might dollar and Square is subject to produce what's going to make them the most money, but down the road isn't it going to be more beneficial to please the customers? Are there any plans whatsoever to produce sequels to games such as Vagrant Story, Xenogears, or even Final Fantasy Tactics? It seems to me lately that Square has tried focusing on innovations because a few of their recent rpgs have lacked story and character development and taken away from the overall experience some of these games could have been. I guess I'm a little partial because I grew up with the earlier rpgs. Well, any information would be great appreciated and thanks for your time :)


Paws says:
I think Square's greatest problem is keeping the teams that made the awesome games in order to do the darn sequels. Your 2 examples of Xenogears and FFT (I'm not familiar with VS expect for reading a couple reviews, though I do plan on playing a couple hours soon), both teams broke away from Square for reasons unknown to me and created their own companies, both of which are currently working on games which may end up becoming unofficial or official sequels (Running Blue, made by the FFT team, is basically the sequel to FFT, though I'm doubting a NA release currently).

As to why FF has so many sequels, it's easy: it's already a series. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I suppose.

IMHO, it all boils down to Square is a company, and though companies are made of people who care about the games, compaines are out to make the almighty capital dollar. I think Tommy Lee Jones' comment in MiB "One person is smart; people are stupid" fits under the circumstance - Square knows it's name has become a household one and people follow it with slavish devotion. People have bought such games and raved (or complained, as the case may be), but they *bought* it.

As for the older 'innovation vs character development', it really comes down to the regular old school/new school. If you like character development better, go for the generic games like LoD and FFs. If you're into something new try VS, VB, L2. Looking for what you want in a game is pretty easy to do with sites like RPGamer around. Feel around a (p)review or demo impressions, ask your friends, rent! rent! rent! Square listens when it's getting a better or worse dollar, and spending money on a game you end up not liking is sending the wrong signal.

Even better, how about trying a new company? There are plenty of awesome ones out there besides Square! My personal fave probably is Working Designs, as the games I've played by them are of austere quality. I also hold a fondness for Atlus as they've made some incredibly games like Kartia.

Being partial to old games is no fault, though some may argue ;P~ If you like the older style, why not start looking at game remakes? Grandia was originally for the Saturn, as was Lunar, and let's not forget FFA and the Arc Collection. You can get your old style fix and encourage the companies to release more old gems :)

Phew, that droned on. I'm done, really.

RPGamer Staff 101
Alright, I don't have any RPG questions... just some RPGamer questions!

1.) How many people actually technically do stuff for RPGamer? You know,like news, the different sections (Q & A, Fanfiction, etc.), etc.
2.) Why does there seem to be such a high turnover rate of RPGamer staffmembers?
3.) Who's been with RPGamer the longest, staff-wise?
4.) Why do some staff members have e-mail addresses, yetothers don't? Personal choice, or otherwise?
5.) How many people did you have to ask to answer these questions?

Thanks for not immediately deleting this e-mail!

Sincerely, Insanerest of AOL
Servant of Darkness and D.D.S.

Paws says:
1. There are currently 19 members of the RPGamer staff, spread out as follows:
News: 4, including the head;
New Media: 5, including the head;
Interaction: 8, including the head;
Others: 4.
There's also the president, Mikel Tidwell, who does just about everything and code, and a volunteer contributor, Ryan Mance (aka HyugaNet). I should probably save the trouble and write out a 'who's who', but someone's bound to ask me for tomorrow ;P
2. Like all internet jobs people don;t stay for very long. I remember hearng a stat about 3 years ago that most people go though something like 5 jobs in their life. Most people leave because they have time requirements elsewhere they have to think of first.
3. The longest lasting staffer is probably Mikel, our boss, since he was around when things were still called Unofficial Squarewhatchamacallit ;)
4. Like any job people must go through a probationary period. Sometimes their email address doesn't get setup right away (since it does require paperwork and stuff like that), and some people, while they work for the site, aren't official staffers, such as the helpers in Fan Fics
5. One, and it was more of a 'Who's doing it?" "you if the replacement doesn't show" than asking, because Google knew I would ask ;)

Squabbles and Paws
Hello paws Its me haha me and my friend are havin AN ARGUMENT i said you have a french accent but before you sounded japenese to me i didnt know you were french until google told everyone so i told my friend william that yesterday and he didnt believe me so please tell him the truth so i can laugh in his stubborn face post this please and you can e mail him and tell him at and tell him Lee sent you.And also could you tell him im no chicken wuss.

Zell2000,or Moogleshng
Im no chicken wuss

Paws says:
I can do even better; I can write your letter into the column. Just to fill in everyone else, this is the third fight at least I've sat through between these two guys. They get quite interesting ;) Anyway, yes, I am French; for those interested in lineage, I am half english, half metis. I actually knew french before I knew english, but due to the fact hat I moved to a totally english town, I lost a lot of the expression (speaking/writing), though I can understand it written and orally in near perfect fluentity (I think that's the word for it). So, you can actually write to me in French and I'll understand it...I just can't answer back most times ;)


Am I the only one that's noticed this, or is everyone else just plain stupid? Google is a MAN! For God's sake, are the clues that hard to see? There's been clues ever since he came on. Brad even clearly stated that he was male. I have honestly never seen a stupider group of people. So stop addressing him as he/she/it etc. etc. you morons.


Paws says:
First off, you get a swat for calling me a moron *swats as threatened*. Then, you get an admonishment. Silly, I don't think anybody cares if Goog is a male or female,. I know I don't. Goog is an awesome person who does tons of hard work and if Goog is an IT than so be it. Heck, the only reason I know ITs sex is because I had to call IT right after a small change of address, and I will keep calling the slime an IT forever even if IT chooses to reveals ITs sex. Sorry, but too bad :P
Also, I don't think people are morons. It's just part of who Goog is. Deal. They do.

Deep thoughts on Final Bosses
Hey Paws! (Mmmmm.......Paws. Best town in Ultima 5. I spent too much time there.) Google's pictures yesterday where his true form was Pikachu brought to mind my brother's theory of old RPG bosses. And now, without further ado, the True Form Theory, by Brian. It goes like this. Most every boss has a first form, which is what he looks like before the very end (Garland, FF1; Zemus, FF4; Exdeath, FF5; Andross from Star Fox 64 but that's not really an RPG). And then, they pop a speech and transform into their -True Form- (Chaos, Zeromus, Exdeath as a freak tree, and Ugly Brain Andross.) There's a buttload more examples I can't think of right offhand, but it's running rampant out there. Kinda scary. Hmm...maybe I have a true form too. --Moppy

Paws says:
Hmm, I;ve heard all about the town named after me, but I';ve never been able to see it. Someone wanna give me a screen or something? Heck, I don't even know what system it is for, else I'd try to pick up my own copy (yeah, right, like I have money!) Anyway, onto the theory. It does sound interesting and makes a lot of sense. Anyone have games that have final bosses that don't change forms? I know Ogre Battle's didn't, and Brigandine doesn't have a final boss per se so it doesn't count. Hmmmmmm.....

Weel not break! Weel not...! Eet broke.

My friends is having some trouble with his Dreamcast. For some reson, he can't play any games at all. We tried 3 different games, one almost brand-new, and none of them worked. On a whim, we popped in a music CD and it worked perfectly. What's up?


Paws says:
Uh, my extent of dreamcast knowledge is that I can borrow it from my friend when I want to, and nobody in staff who owns a DC seems to be answering, so I'[ll go out on a limb and guess a couple things: One, it's gotten animal hair and/or dust in it, so clean it out with a soft cloth, like the kind you get to clean glasses. Two, try flipping it sideways, or make sure it's flat. Next, check the temperature of the machine. If it's warm, it may not run as nice so keep it in the shade and don't put it in top of the TV or VCR. Another alternative is that the DC has a seperate engine for running music CDs and game CDs and that the game one is busted. Not quite sure what else to suggest....possibly trying to call sega support might be your best bet, since it's a 1-888 #. I know they helped me with my game gear years back :)

Oh, I just got some news: It sounds like the BIOS chip isn't working and that the unit will likely have to be returned. But I say try my stuff first ;)

Goog's correction
Hi Paws :)

Well, as much as I dislike the PS2 I still gotta correct Goog. The PS2 DOES have some nice features for playing PSX games. The PS2 will anti-alias the Playstation game a bit and that's about it. I don't know about load times though. Hopefully someone who imported a PS2 could answer that. The PSX for DC emulator bleem! or bleemcast! does a far superior job then the PSX. bleemcast! anti-aliases, resizes, and buffers (don't know about loading times though.) This site has a very thorough examination of bleemcast! up so for anyone who is curious of confused you can go there and check it out. There are comparison screenshots and all I have to say is I REALLY hope FF7, FF8, Grandia, and Xenogears are in the first bleempack because that would just blow out a few strands in the optic nerve.

Oh, and for that one person who wanted to know if I would do Alanna in a comic. If ANY staffer e-mails me with their preferable alter-ego I'll fit them in some how.


*I can't believe Goog thought my public service-esque announcement dampened yesterday's comic :( *

Paws says:
Hi Rad! I dunno if Google was really wrong about that stuff (I dont have tim to check(, but as far as I remember from writing a story on the Bleem! for Dreamcast (way back during E3), the packs of games will be MIXED! That means you may have to buy some crap other game to get a decent RPG. Oh, well, at least the packsd are supposed to be cheap! As for staff alter egos, they can ask me for your email if they want them. Then it can be the misdventures of everyone and I can take oveer the world again or something fun like that ;) Oh, and your warnings are cute, I like em even if Goog doesn't :P Plus it went with the theme

Fast Questions

I was recently browsing through when I came across game data for a game called Brigandine: Grand Edition. I love Brigandine and it is one of my favorite games. I would love to get ahold of a copy of Brigandine: G.E. if there is one out there. I checked the Atlus home page and I didn't see anything on it. But the game data at said that it was released on 5/28/2000. Any help would be great. Thanks alot.

Oooh, another Brigandine game?? Can it be?? I'm going to drool if there is. Anyone ever hear of the title? :)

I just want some closure to the rumors about you and yaoi. You know. Is it true?
Now, about those yuri rumors....

My first question is, should I strangle you or point and laugh, My next question is, do I want to be reminded what yuri is.

My very own walrus!

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

I want a walrus who plays a significant role in an RPG *sage nod*.

4 to 5 days until Chrono Cross comes out! Hope you reserved one! ^_^

No money for it :( Plus I got to see the entire first CD and half the second one of FFIX, so I'm saving up for it because it looks awesome. That, and I want to know more of what happened!

Hey hey hey Paws!!!! Great having you guest host! ***Goog, make her the weekend staffer, PUH-LEEZE***

I got a few of these. I'm incredibly flattered and a tad miffed over them.

::purrs lightly::


*purrs back*. Scarmiglion's cat had her kittens /after/ I left. I was disappointed.

What do you like in your omelets?
Funny how I was eating leftover chicken wings when I thought of this question. Maybe I want an omelet? One with lots of cheese, shredded hash browns and bits of sausage links would be nice...

- JooJooFlop

JooJoo! Mmm, that sounds yummy, except for the sausage. I'll pass. Maybe add some mushrooms to the omelette, and you've got a deal. So, when do ya wanna cook it for me? O:>

The Last Laugh:

Gotta go to work today, so I'd better not linger on this. Send me lots of stuff to read by the time I get home! :)

Paws "Feline and Lovin It"
Q&A was fun to do again.

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