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I'm BaaAAAaaack! =^^=
Paws - February 19 '00- 1:30 Eastern Standard Time

I'm happy to fill in for Brac occassionally, but I feel bad that he has to miss like this, since I think he enjoys doing this just like I do. :/ Everyone think of Brad for a sec :) Okay, Brad'll be back. Yay! =^^= Now, on to the column. I apologize that there was no temp column up till later yesterday, giving many a very small window to send me letters. Worry not, I will get to as many as my poor typing fingers can. Hmmm, what else to say? Oh, it's 4 weeks today that I've worked at RPGamer. A whole month. Wow, that's longer than my last job lasted; I was hired for Xmas help at a temp Toys 'R' Us Express store and they only kept me for 27 days (I just got my T4 back today, which is why I know.) Hmm, that reminds me, tax season is coming up. Yes! A nice, juicy refund is coming my way! Now that I've jumped from every potential topic to another, I'll move onto RPGs. I got to Chapter 12 in Kartia (Toxa), got a copy of Brigadine (thanks, Christian!), and I'll be picking up Tactics Ogre, if I remember correctly, some time next week. Plus, I got SaGa II yesterday (which rocks). So I'm happy and sated. 'Cept for that darn Calc class. Oh, and if you wanna draw me some more, I'm keeping them all for the day they just might come in handy...anyway, on to the column =^^=

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How do you pronounce...?
In the PSX:
SaGa Frontier II
4 Hours. Had to restart!
In the Gameboy:
I need an Abra!
In the SNES:
Put it away for now.
In the N64:
Diddy Kong Racing
Lousy Cheatin' Dragon.



PAWS SAYS:ENOUGH WITH THE CAPS ALREADY! I've gotten several letters like this; know I usually go straight for the delete button when I see complete caps. You respect my eyes, I respect your leters. Good deal. Now, as for the questions:
1. Yes, I am. I had 10$ put onto a PSX2 for preorder. I'll get some more paid later. I just wanna see the new sys to get more RPGs, basically.
2. No, I did not have the luck of playing Star Ocean 2. I just never got around to it, really. However, you did mention something about a free game... =^^=
3. I don not have Tang. However, I am pretty heal nuttish about certain things, and one is to have 8 glasses of water a day. I do this simply by drinking 2 litres of Kool Aid or Crystal Lite per Day. Not that hard, really. When I'm in school the only thing you can drink in class is water, so it helps, too.
Lastly, I have seen Evangelion (freaky translated eps at the end bite!) and I think my sig's rather different from her. For one, my signature is much more cheery than Asuka. She was basiclly hiding her insecurities under being a bossy bitch =^^=

"Please post this an' I'll rub your tummy! I swear!"
Greetings Paws,
I got a few questions:
1) How's Saga Frontier 2?
2) Do you like pen and paper RPGs, or stuff like MUDs?
3) Are you going to get a PSX2? If so, what'll be your first game? (say FF IX! say it! SAY IT!)
4) Am I the only one who can beat Diablos in FFVIII with Laguna and Kiros? My friends have trouble with it...Oh! Am I the only one who thinks Zell kicks ass?
5) Amano (the art guy for FFs IV-VI) or the 'other guy' (the one for FFs VII and VIII)

PS: Please post this and I'll get you every anime in the world, rub your tummy, kiss you lots, give you cookies, and admire you even more!

Chrono Cricket

Paws Says:1. SaGa Frontier II is a very good game so far. While the combat system is like nothing I've ever seen before, it's definitely enjoyable. It'll take me a few more hours to get into it. As a rule I get the strategy guide with the game (I get it cheap and I love game posters) then basically it gathers dust in a pile of similar books until I beat the game then I see how much I missed. If the combat system is complicated or the game is extremely dificult (Brigadine, for example), I'd more likely read a FAQ than a Walkthru. Too much hand holding.
2. I enjoy both-well, sort of. It's been a while since I've played D&D, however I play many games out of the Palladium Universe (my fave being RIFTS). I do not play on MUDs anymore, but I do RP on MUSHes. Trust me, they're very different. I've playes several themes including G1 Transformers, Beast Wars, Pokemon, and FFVIII. I also admin (help run) 3 different MUSHes. One I charstaff at (meaning I read over applications for characters for RP), one I buildstaff (I use the code in the core program to build objects and rooms and everything around you. At a third place I'd do both as soon as I could....but I prolly won't ever get to. It'll break up before then.
4. I suppose that's possible if you are somehow extremely low level yet have good stats (cough), or just damn lucky. I do it with 3 people simply because I build up beforehand and 2 people usually die.
5. Amano. I like his style, and he did Kartia and Brigandine as well.
Tummy rub, please! =^^=

This is what friends are for! =^^=
Okay! Well, since you asked us to send in questions I'll just send in utter nonsence:
1) Why is the sky blue? Why isn't red? Red would be a much better color.
2) Am I god?
3) Have you ever seen the 'Who wants to marry a millionare' show?
4) Would you of married him? ;)
5) I would, even though I'm straight. Just for the money.
6) Who is your favorite RPG mascot?
7) Am I scaring you?
8) Good. Thats my goal.
9) Uhm...Any idea if Square has plans to release the PSX Chrono Trigger over here?
10) How useless are these questions? Really...? Thought so.

- Megs

Paws says:*giggles* This is one of my friends from above-mentioned MUSHes. He plays Megatron (the Beast Wars one, the guy who's the dragon) and he was nice enough to fill my column. I'll be polite enough to ignore the nonsense and get to the important part (@boot *Megatron): Chrono Trigger remake. No, as far as I know Square has no plans at all to bring it over. Silly people, it would *kill* over here in North America! Now, I've seen several petitions wander their way into my mailbox, so if you see one give it some serious consideration.
Oh, and I never consider a guy for his looks, why would I marry for money? :P P.S. Thanks Barney! =^^=

History's my major; Accounting's my minor.
Hey Paws,

Don't be mean to me like the evil Google. I sent two letters and she didn't post them. Anyway I was looking for information to see if Alexander was a god in some culture. I found this article on The Cid. It is all based on a poem called the Lay of Cid. It was written in the mid-twelfth century and talked about the Castilian Hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar. it told events from The Cid's life such as his exile from Castile in 1081 until shortly before his death in 1099. The Cid also accomplished the remarkable feat of capturing the Muslim kingdom of Valencia and holding it as his stronghold. He was also the first Christian leader to defeat the Almoravides, a warlike band of zealots from North Africa. The poem concentrates upon his relationship with King Alfonso VI of Leon-Castile. The Lay of the Cid portrays the breakdown of the vassal-lord relationship due to some shortcoming of the lord, the manner in which the vassal attempts to deal with this situation, and reaches a climax and resolution in a detailed account of a formal trial. The Cid became a universal hero to the Spanish, and his history was elaborated by numerous ballads, legends, and other tales until the historical figure was completely obscured by this fanciful literature. The Cid was rescued from fiction by the Spanish Scholar Ramon Menendez Pidal, who devoted the entirety of his long life to uncovering the historical Cid and in portraying the Spain in which he lived.

So now that you have heard this information I have two questions:
1)Do you think that this is where Square got Cid from?
2) Do you like Evolution and Do you think the DC is worth buying?

Leon Geeste

Paws says:Square takes their character motivation from several sources. As I didn't have to prove this or not, it sounds okay. My final answer on this one's 'perhaps'.
Next, Evolution. I enjoyed it. It's basically dungeon exploring with set enemies. (but not that icky first person view and you have a map and good stuff like that. But there's a plot going on which makes you want to beat those 'dungeons' (ruins) as fast as you can. Warning: Bosses are freaking HARD! =^^= Took me 5 tries to beat the mechanic boss; I got lucky, to boot. As always, if you have the 15$ to spare, rent the system and game for one day and testdrive it.

Eeeeverybody wants to be a cat! ~\o
Hey Paws!
Here's a question from one cat personality to another. What's YOUR favorite skill combo for Ramza in FFT? I happen to like Monk skills combined with Guts.
Isn't Lodoss war awesome?

Cheshire Catalyst

Paws says:To be truthful, I never stuck with one for longer than an hour of gameplay. I liked experiementing so much I was constantly switching all my members around to different combos. I think Ramza stayed the longest on Summoner/Geomancer with Half MP and Counter Flood and Move+3
Lodoss Wars rocked. I'm trying to pick up more of the second series (Knight Cronicles or something along that vein)...I've seen the first one. I recgonized everyone! =^^=

Poxemon. Gotta scratch 'em all.
Hi, Paws! I was idly wondering.. Since you seem to be one of the few people around here that like Pokemon, what's your favorite of all 151? Or 251 if you've played the japenese Gold/Silver games.. How about your least favorite? What do ya think of the anime? And are there any other things you could say about the game and stuff? Talk, darn you!! Er.. Inquiring Poke'Trainers want to know! ^_^;


Paws says:TCG: Lickitung all the way. And Tangela. In Blue, Blastoise. In Yellow, Pikachu. I like Lickitung and Tangela for their

Hi Paws! :)

Here's to my loyal fans on this sight that appreciate me no matter how stupid, corny, lame, or sick my jokes and stories get. My e-mail address is:

Creative, huh? ...Not really...I was gonna send this to Brad, but I guess he's out? I would especially like to hear from Xenogears fanatics and people that dream of becomming sci-fi writers, like myself! I tell you, the world will at first come to love me as the best writer to ever walk the face of the Earth... then, when my floating country is constructed, they will come to worship me as their Goddess... and then, when my doomsday module is complte... Bwahahahahaha!


Paws says:TJust doing a friend a favor =^^=

Small Questions

Alright! PAWS!
Have you played SD3? If so do you like it? and what are your favourite character classes?
Gram "Dragoon"

Yeah, I played the ROM a while back, I'm left with a positive feeling yet absolutely no knowledge. =^^=

You did it again. You're double-printing things. Again. used =^^= three times, once each in the double printed picture and once in the text. Have fun with SaGa Frontier II.


okay, stop bugging me about this; I know what's causing it and there's nothing I can do to fix it currently. Heck, I'll probably happen again today and what I really don't want is everyone telling me I fooked up. I know, already =^^=

Hi, Paws:
You said you got Saga Frontier II. What's it like? I played the first one, and beat 6 out of the 7 quests. Is it a lot like the original? I read something about this game having 1 "main character", but still don't understand it. Also, am I the only one who finds Riki's quest in the first Saga Frontier impossible to beat?

-Dark Paladin

I've never played the original yet, so I cannot give any comparison. However, there are two heroes. I won't get into any great =^^=

As a Canadian do you speak French as well as English? Yes, it's a totally useless fact but at least it'll be known.

My entire mother's side is French. I actually spoke no English until I was 6; however, since I moved cities I basically never spoke French again and sometimes now I struggle with it. I can understand 99.9% reading and listening, but have trouble writing and speaking in the correct tense; however, most people born into French have the same problem, so I'm not that concerned.

is brad like a super christian or Jew that is so compressed in real life so much so that he uses this collumn to vent his wierdness and homoeroticness? or is it just Thor with another name trying to act stupid and fool us?

-Ross Levine

I was tempted to publish this guy's email and invite spam but calmed down. I know I'm asking for letters but frankly I don't need garbage like this. Go spam or something. This is a very simple request: respect me and I'll respect you. Please, don't send me crap :)

Sir Gus is awesome because he's a manipulative bastard! Eehehe

This, along with many other reasons, is why I recommend sticking with Gustave's levels for a while. They are plot heavy/action lite and since Gustave cannot use any form of the game's magic it makes figuring out the combat sys a little easier. Plus, Kelvin's first mission is tough when you don't know what you're doing =^^=

i see that you just got saga frontier 2 and i got it too, what do you think about the story line? i think that the concept is good , with it being non-linear, and of coarse you have to be happy that its no like sara frontier 1 ( BLAH ). but i DO think that it is a tad bit confusing. it skips through too many years and then its hard to remember who is married to who and who killed this person and such.

This, I'm sure, is my first non-linear RPG. I usually like the orderliness of the streamline, but this is nice. A break from the ordinary, I guess. Anyway, I haven't had any problems keeping track of it all yet. Maybe you should write it down? I do that often when I play other games (such as what box has what Pokemon/pokemon theme) =^^=

The Last Word:

I know it's shorter than what I would have liked. Talk to me, fans. I wanna hear you roar (or at least meekly make a squeak?) Hope to see plenty of questions in my mailbox for the next column =^^= Now, I am very tired and am going to bed. I'll take the 4 foot snowy white bear with he so I have something to snuggle that doesn't make my skin itch (long story, childhood toy, etc.) *falls over, drooling on the keyboard until it shorts out and zaps her awake* "Mumble, muur?"
Secret messages are hard to think up some times =^^=

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