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I got better!
The Oracle, Brad Lohr - December '99- 00:00 PST

Dude. What's up, or something. Had a week. Doing the work thing.. out of school finally. Don't have to go back until like the 3rd week in January.. which is cool.

Anyhow, I just don't feel all that talkative or something. Maybe I'm tired. Yeah.. probably tired. Not like sleep-deprived barbie-style tired, just like "eh, that bed's looking damn good kinda tired. Y'know? Oh well, I won't speak of it anymore tonight... 'sides, tomorrow's the big par-tee or something. I get to do linux installs at work! .. oh yeah and there's some weird thing around midnight I guess. I GUESS.

Although there really wasn't a whole lot in the box, I give you what was there. See you tomorrow or the next day, depending upon the whims of the mailbox, and well, my aggregate sleeping curve.

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Martinelli's Apple Cider tomorrow.
Heather got me a new beanie baby monkey. With bright flourescent BUTTOCKS.
...looks like someone spanked that monkey too many times. :(
Star Ocean 2 stuff. Very good.

*** Star Ocean 2 Spoilers and stuff in the head monkey cheese okay bye ***


In Star Ocean 2, I'm at Indaelico, but I can't beat him. I'm at level 172, but he still pounds me into a bloody pulp. Any suggestions?


Well, this guy is mean. I mean, mean. Really mean. And I mean it. What I did to beat him was play around with Jewelry making until I got some neat little bracelets that absorb magic. OoOoooh, magic absorption is goooood. Then I beat the snot outta him. Because now instead of smashing you with nasty spells, he is healing you with them. I believe Claude is the one who can make the nice Jewelry, though other people more than likely can as well.. well, heck, let me go find the name of it.. alright, here's the scoop. Reflection ring. Claude, Ashton, Opera, Dias, Bowman, Noel, Leon, Ernest can all make them, with Crystal. Make sure to have orchestra playing, though, it's not the MOST common item. Though it didn't take me too long to make 4 of them and equip 'em around.

On a side note, if you took off his limiter.. well, gain another 80 levels, then try again. He's about 1000 times harder after the limiter is removed, and well, the Reflection Ring will definitely help, but you're in serious trouble, man.

Star Ocean stuff part 2... bad spanish part 1... million!
Dear Mr. Oracle,

I have some questions to ask you about the Star Ocean series. I believe you are the one who played SO2 right? Theres not much here but it's the best I could come up with. First off, I heard that the first Star Ocean will be transferred to the Game Boy Color and possibly it will be shipped to the U.S. Do you think I should buy the game boy color version if it is shipped to the U.S.? Or is it better to import the Super Famicon version of it?

Second, do you think the game boy color version will come with voices? Believe me I can tolerate them pretty well. I think the battles feel more alive with them. Sometimes more annoying.

Lastly, I heard from a number of places that Claude's mother is Iria from the first Star Ocean. (I know these facts are useless but hey they're interesting) They do look very much alike but something else bothers me. Ronixis was 38 in SO1 and Iria was 23. They were required in the game so it's possible that they got hitched, right? What do you think?

Thank You.
Angelica Lopez
PS. Sorry about the grammer
English isn't my real language

Hola mi taco! Muy grande es mi gato! Mi madre es muy burrito! Biblioteca con carne! Si senor! Oy! Me gusta! Espanol es no mi idioma veridad! To answer your questions, to import the Super Famicon version.. if you mean as a PSX game.. well, we've seen how poorly the SNES games translate to PSX CDs.. or if you mean to sell it as a SNES cart.. well, some of our SNES' don't work very well any longer (very sad am I.. but I'm going to get a new one sometime, I swear) .. but I'd just love to see the game come over. I haven't heard any like 100% confirmed stories on this, but keep looking for it, it could be happening. As for the voices, I liked the voices in SO2.. not that they were good.. they were just dopey in a way I really COULD appreciate. Not only that, but they make for some really perverse perverse wave files when mixed incorrectly... er... not that I've done such a thing. As for the love story of SO1.. well, I never actually played the game. :o But in Claude's quest you do find some information out about his mother, though I'm not sure if it mentions names or circumstances.. and it has been a while since I played.

PSX game storage.. hep me plez!
i need help, i have toooo many Double cased CD covers for RPGs, like FF7, FF8, FF Anthology, Grandia, Thousand Arms, PE, Star Ocean 2 etc. i am already out of space for those kind of games, is there a holder that only holds doubled cases?

I have this problem as well, and the only solution that I've run across is that I actually found a CD holder tower (a short one, but still functional) that Playstation itself makes, that has all of its slots double-width apart. It holds like 8 of the double sized games. Too bad I have 22 PSX games that are double width. Wah.

Doesth thouth do.. bphtbtbhth sorry, had something in my mouth
Oh Wise One. Please answer my queries. 1. Doth thou knoweth when the translated Wild Arms 2nd Ignition is coming out?

I've actually seen the game in a Japanese shop.. so it really shouldn't be too much longer now..

2. And for that matter, is it just me or did the first one's ending suck?

Eh, it was alright. The music rocked, though. I dug the music in Wild ARMs quite a bit, really. I hope they really do it right in part 2.

3. I watch Reboot too. And season III rocks!!! Oh yeah.... love that sexy body of AndrAI's....

... Edge, I think we found you a friend :P

5. You play Tokimeki Memorial 2?

.. uhhh.. no? :)

6. With a one handed controller perhaps?

.. that just sounds like the opening to a dirty joke >:(

7. Please print this mail. The fate of the Earth (and the Wild Arms lovin' community) depends on it.


Dreamweaver -- Light Forgist and Weaver of Dreams

Random Rambling of FF5 stuff that may come in handy some day...
Well, someone asked about the Might Guard from my knowledge, there are 2 places to get it....I've nevr tried the movers, but you encounter them more often than the String Ray only appears like the WarMech in FF1 <ah...back in the day you had to choose a class and... > rambling :P anyhow, I always got mine from the sting ray dude, but accordng to what I've heard from several pople, Apocalypse (is that still his name in FFA?) anyhow, Apocalypse is supposed to have EVERY Blue magic from Frog Song to Exploder...oh...and just a note....for a Galura quick-kill, have a Blue Mage and White Mage...cast Mute and Frog Song, and renw the Mute ever few turns...casting ice speeds it up too.

mumble rumble .. robble robble robble.. haha... the hamburgler. Right, anyway, here's some info on FF5 for you all, though like the title says, it's a bit of ramble. mumble, robble robble.

This really is scary.
Help me, Brad! Over Christmas break, I spend a lot of time on my Playstation (specifically FFA, FF8, Xenogears, MGS, Jade Cocoon, Star Ocean, etc.). It was scary! My mom would walk out in the morning with breakfast and SIT DOWN and WATCH ME PLAY. My uncle, who was visiting at the time, demanded to know why Kefka would do such a stupid thing as try to reinact the War of the Magi. My parents would dance to Xenogears music, my dad would make comments on what Levant in Jade Cocoon should be doing, and my mom screamed in shock when I played the end of disc 1 (again) in Final Fantasy 8 and Edea sent the ice pick through Squall's chest. Oh, and my entire family sings Eyes on Me. I'm not joking! This is a serious matter. I think it's part of a BIGGER conspiracy, a conspiracy where parents get into role-playing games to keep their kids away from them, to try to rid them from the world! We must fight back, before it's too late!


Heh.. this is why I advocate against dating RPGirls.. it just gets scary when people you know and love get into RPGs as much or more than you do. I mean, I realize how sick I am by spending time with them.. but when someone else starts getting into it in a way that is sick like my own.. watch out! .. well, maybe a partner in the insanity wouldn't be too bad.. dunno. Case study at 11.

End of Year/Decade Quickies

Brad, if someone asks you if you're a God, you say YES!

It's kinda hard to be agnostic with a god complex...

it is almost Y2K,i can't find my teddy bear,i'm scared.
-the Grinch

It's pretty sad when your teddy bear isn't Y2k compliant. Poor teddy... maybe Tadrith has it.

Exactly how many people have you turned into "Steves?"

"Turned into" as if they weren't really Steve to begin with. As if you weren't. Stop trying to fool people, Steve. It's just getting old.

I wanna be the very last quicky of the year/decade/century/millenium!! Only YOU can make it happen!

I told you to wear the ORANGE mini skirt. Because of your failure.. you are NOT the last quickie of this year/decade. Try again next year for century/millenium.

Whatchamazog? Four-Yaks-and-a-Dog? Sapsucker Frog? Laxative Log? No, waitwaitwait....umm...."Suzan"?
-Dinosaur Cha

... are you wearing monkey pants too?

Brad, you're so me! You're so.. like me! I see you in the mirror!
- Brad Lohr

Heh, I am the last quicky of the year!

Words from the Wise One:

Heh. Well, that was interesting. I guess. So this is it. This is the last RPGamer Q&A of the year 1999. Not of the millenium, of course, because centuries and milliniums .. milliniiii? (shrug).. start on the 01 of whatever they are. We're in the 20th century right now, which will end one year from today. Not that all the ad people are going to try and take back all their "end of millenium sales" or whatnot, but hey.. it just goes to show you that anything can become a 'fact' when enough people believe it to be so. Anyhow, you all take care, have fun. I may or may not end up putting up a Jan 1, 2000 column, because well, I write them the night before, and .. well, it's New Year's Eve. It's like a legal holiday or something. Then again, if I have enough material to do something early enough in the day, well, we'll see what happens. If the whole world ends on Jan 1, well, the only thing that that means is you'll never ever ever ever ever see another ASK THOR again ..tee hee. Have fun, and don't do drunken stupid things, okay?

Brad "Heyyy dad! What do you think of your son now?" Lohr

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