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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - November '99- 01:00 PST

No, this isn't a nutcase. I'm just feeling kinda out of it. (yawn).. tired.. back in my sleep deprivation groove. 12 hours at work today, and still more to do, whee.. dude. I'm at 22 hours of a 40 hour week. And it's Tuesday night. At least I'll (hopefully) have a really long weekend. Should be fun. Going to Santa Barbara to compete in the ACM programming contest, whee... and of course,

Anyhow, it's really late.. and I didn't receive much in the ol' box today.. soo.. er.. here's a part of today's column. The other part got lost in the mail. Sorry.

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Hello Mighty Oracle, I have come seeking your exhaulted and infinite wisdom regarding something other than RPGs (which probably means you don't know... eh, well, I'll ask anyway). I have a riddle that you or one of your fans could perhaps answer.

I have been charged with finding the third word. You see, there are three words that end with 'gry.' I've found two, that much was easy. They were "Angry" and "Hungry", but i haven't the slightest clue what the third is! Please help, oh high and mighty one! With your answer, I hope to one day be even a fraction as cool as you are!
*wipes off nose*


Your answer is simply the word "gry". Click here to see the truth. stump(*this);

Here's a story about a boy with a Final Fantasy Tactics obsession...
Hey Brad,

I have a few questions.

Yes, yes you do.

1. What is your favorite rpg?

Er, Tactics Ogre is up there. Star Ocean 2 is up there.. I really like the Suikoden series. Yeah.

2. Which one do you like better, FFT or Kartia? I still don't understand why PSM said Kartia was better than FFT cause I returned Kartia the second day I brought it. I couldn't stand those long conversation after just one battle. Damn SQUARE for not making a FFT sequel yet!!

I've gotta go with FFT over Kartia.. even though Kartia's story is much more interesting. The gameplay in FFT is just superior, though actually, I've yet to get all the way through Kartia, (though I mean to do so someday.. someday..!)

3. Do you prefer FFT, FFIV, FFV, or FFVI?

I'll go with FFVI on this one. I love that game.

4. Do you know any other rpgs that are better than FFT, besides Xenogears and the FF series?

Star Ocean 2 is a great game, Suikoden Series, Tactics Ogre (you seem to like the strat rpg).. if you're looking for something a little more strategy, and a little less RPG-ish, go with Warhammer:Shadow of the Horned Rat. That game will kick your butt and take your name. Hardest game I've ever played.

5. I know that Star Ocean is good, but it a pain in the ass to play, because it has multi-ending? I hate multi-ending because once I beat a game like three times already, I get really sick of replaying it to get the other endings.

I loved Star Ocean 2.. I'd love to get back into it.. I've got most of the voices unlocked.. so I'd love to finish that off.. (I have some evil plots for what to do with the voices.. not only that, but some of them make neat windows sounds, at times...)

Thanx, Rok

Woo, more off topic babble!

A few questions :)

1. I'm getting worried about Mark...... there hasn't been an update by him in around 2 months. Is he dead?

He's on extended leave right now, though Veronica is doing her part by helping out with the music box.. or so I hear. :)

2. The Brad clone lays slain. I WANT MY REWARD!!!

That's not a Brad Clone.. we're over HERE.

3. Is Windows 95 bad with USB ports/drivers or something? I cannot get my video cam to work gad shmagit

You have to install the USB supplement to Windows 95.. on my install CD it's in it's own little subdirectory... I'd go look it up, but a) I'm in linux right now, b) It's 2:30am and I'm tired, and c) It's not that hard to find, you lazy bum. :)
The sick part about this is that I answer questions like this all the time, due to the fact that I work at a place that writes the world's leading webcam software, woo. :P

4. Doth wock thou thee hath mack ::spit sounds:: pook din shod lammey!! (or however the damn rammstein song goes)

Du hast mich gefragt, und ich hast du nichts sagt!

- Jesse

Catch this reference -->Kappah, kappah, kappah!<-- and you win a cookie.
Kappas are the little turtle looking demons who come out of rivers and drag kids to their deaths. (They appeared in FF6 too..) But I don't think they have any direct linkage to the Tonberrys..

Not like Cactaurs do.. o_-

Heh, I got a lot of letters regarding this. Now the Arctic monkeys are begging me to steal little children for them .. sheesh, you think they'd want to just eat bananas.. but NOoOooooo...

Limping to bed Quickies


I am no longer infected.

Whew.. good thing, too, I was worried about child support payments...
Oh dear.. am I going to get away with that..?

Dear.. uhm.. Brad...

So, uhm.. you, like, wanna go to the dance, like, this, uhm, this friday?
-Insecure Middleschooler

You know, this email was from a guy named Matt... and anyway, I already have a date this Friday night.

Words from the Wise One:

Alright.. well, I'm tired. I'm going to bed. You go to bed too. But not my bed. Well, one of you can. ;P And if you're wondering if it's you... then it's not.

Take that, Evil Gonzo!

Brad "*Frumple* is *lumpy*." Lohr

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