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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - November '99- 01:00 PST

Hey. So last time I talked with you, I was on this train. It started getting cold. That sucked. Then it started getting really cold. Finally the door pops open, and I'm thrown out into the snow. THE SNOW. I don't like the snow. Snow is for looking at, playing in, then going home. But anyway, some nice penguins have welcomed me to the south pole.. and I guess I'm having a good time. Penguins rock.

The only real bad thing is that monkeys generally don't deal too well with sub-zero temperatures.. but that's okay. Bongo doesn't mind. Right, Bongo? Bongo? .. stupid monkey.

Anyhow, here I am at the south pole.. and well.. I guess I'll answer some questions. I snuck the laptop out with me while pink freud was distracted by other things. Probably some big interior decorating chain store or something. What a freak.

Anyhow, really short column today, due to a few factors, most of them being me shipping off half of today's questions to Google for the tomorrow answerin'. Sorry. :P

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The great Andrew Vestal Speaks


- Andrew Vestal

... I prefer 7, myself.

Pocketstation Answers to the chix0rcobo question..
Brad, I read the question about the pocketstation game on FF8. There is one more events after you kill the boss (the guy with 99HP) you have to win 100 battles then set the movement to 1 and you will get a kiss from koko giving you the third power up to your chocbo in the main game. What you do then is play the game through another 7 times, doing this will greatly improve your chances of obtaining class A items, also the more you complete the game the more HP you receive upon leveling up.


Not that it makes much sense to someone up too late, and also who doesn't own a pocketstation.. but the rest of you, have at it.

Hola Brad!!

Thanks for the advice on FFT. Haven't had time to try though... ah well. I've got another tip on getting energy crystals from those Elnoyles... assuming no one's said this yet. Heh!

Anyway, I think I came across the Elnoyles randomly *once* in Esthar, and I spent a LOT of time there leveling up my other characters to Squall's level. It's great, just petrify him and he'll get no EXP, though his GFs will get AP I think... they get something anyhow. You can always keep him dead, but petrified is better because monsters often waste turns attacking him and he gets no damage. (Have to watch out in Esthar, if you run through that green light and hear the dinging noise, you're all healed, including Squall's petrifications. I went so out of my way to avoid that thing...)

Well, anyway, back to the Elnoyles. In Esthar you'll see something sitting on the ledge, not sure quite where but it's close to the airstation. Talk to it, it'll laugh, and you'll fight an Elnoyle. Don't mug or you won't get an energy crystal! Leave and run around, or go outside and run around, then come back and it'll be back. Repeat until you have your crystals. ^_^


Hola, y donde esta mis llamas? Right. This is cool. I wish I'd known about this when I went out to go kick the snot out of Elnoyles in my spare time. Which reminds me.. I bought a little packet of Triple Triad cards, and got an Elnoyle card. And a Quistis card, and not the cutscene ones.. the actual player playing card. :)

Don't Ask JD
JD- In FF8 you need to obtain Adamatine to make Zell and Squall's Ultimate weapon. Where can you get Adamantine??

Hi Liu. Have you been in Venus for the past two months? I, the one known as JD no longer answer these questions. They don't pay me to do this sort of thing anymore....So Brad over here will.....


Heh. Beat up on Adamantoises north of Dollet. They're on the beach of an island. It's like south of the Tomb thing maze-ma-bob.

Just to clear up stuff.. yes, JD did answer that question. I did not fake that.
Not altogether too many Quickies

I might be insane, but I could swear that you don't get items after battle from a creature you mugged from. I never really tested it, but I think it might be true :)

Isn't that what I said?

Here's to us! Who's like us? Damned few. And they're all dead.

Dude! Jase-dawg! When'd you get out of county?

Wow! My chicken soup talks to me too! It tells me to... oh, wait, it told me not to tell you what it told me. That would ruin the plan... I love my chicken soup lalalalala.

Yeah, I loved your chicken soup... back when it was cool! ha ha.. okay nevermind.

What did the monkeys in Egypt do that made you CRAZY?

"Make" .. as if I weren't already to start out with. :)

Words from the Wise One:

Yeah, like I said. Short. Not a lot of mail came in.. probably because I'm in a van.. down by the glacier! Anyhow, we'll do this again tomorrow.. this time with Google.. it'll be fun.

Hey.. do you guys know the way to the Linux Expo?

Brad "$petname = $dbh->do($query); print $petname;" Lohr oh the perl makes you want to nut!

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