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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - August 7 '00

Heh. I think I've done this before. (sigh). Where to start. I guess the formal annoucement. This is the last offering of mine I'll be tossing to the RPGamer community.

I guess the next question on everyone's mind is "Why?".

Lots of reasons.. this has been building up for a while.. where should I start. Well, first and most importantly, the fun density dropped below 1.0 .. and that's not really anyone's fault.. everyone eventually burns out of something like this.. it's just how long it takes, I guess. I've been doing Q&A for RPGamer for more time than anyone in the past, (though soon Goog will overcome that mark), and while it's been a blast of a ride.. I'm just not up to it anymore.

I don't have the time, either.. I love to play games.. but as the newer ones come out, and I get questions on them, I know less and less. I'm a great Q&A guy if you want to ask FF4 or FF6, Chrono Trigger, even Suikoden questions.. but Vagrant Story? I don't have the time to be playing these games. I'm playing more than I have in months, and that's really only because of Asheron's Call getting a little dull, and the fact that I don't have school.

Oh yeah. School. Another big time drain, and it's coming up shortly. And probably the largest reason why this comes "now" instead of in a month or two (when I wanted to go, try to round out a full year).. It's going to be a rough year as it is, and well, I don't need another responsibility to neglect. When I say I'm doing something weekly, it really digs at me when I miss a day, or do a bad job at it... it's just how it is.

Anyhow.. I'll leave the good-byes to the conclusion..

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Wrapping it up... for the last time.

Alright.. here's the list of people whom I would like to say a special goodbye to, thank, everything.. in no particular order:

  • Ben, my #1 fan - Ben's .. been .. with me since my first days at RPGamer, reading the editorials column, and well, I still get email from him. He deserves the title #1 Fan, and has held it for a long time. Thanks Ben.

  • Hunter "Pear" Wilcox - Haha, your Protoss is mighty, young jedi. You've been there since my first days, a good friend.. we talked about E3 .. we did E3. It's never been the same since you left... of course, which leads me to...

  • George "Hey-said-WHAT!?" Velez - 'sup, cheese. Muffin man says "Hey." .. (laugh) .. I remember the late nights, and you trying to grope me at E3, with my g/f in the same room! Okay, not really.. but anyhow, catch you on the flip side, Mr. Big. And watch out for Cot-Lady.

  • Shade - For the graphics, (yes, the blinkey ones) .. thanks a lot. You even did one on demand, and impressive work. I wish you tons of success in whatever you do.

  • Andrew "Hey, look at those buildings!" Bilyk - You're an awesome guy, I never knew ya much on IRC before E3, but you're just a cool guy. Any time you're headed to Cali, drop me a line. :) We'll go take pictures of tall buildings, or somethin'.

  • Adam "Mr. Oral Guilt Trip Himself" Weinstein - 'sup Edge. I know you're reading this. Come eat some cl-- er, that sounds nasty. Come visit.. you don't hafta sleep on the floor this time, I've got a couch! :P

  • The ScrubClub - You guys have made Asheron's Call into the addiction that's kept me away from console games for these last months, and I still don't hate you for it. As for Scrub, dude, honestly, you make a fun game thirty times better.. I've never regretted hanging out with you and the crew. Remember, "When you win, laugh. When you lose, 'no u'".

  • Heather Sinclair - Thanks for everything. I love you, dear.. you make life that much worth living. I couldn't have a big group thankyou without you being right in the list, because as good as my life is, you still make it better. You rock my world, bay-bee.

With that said, my email address at rpgamer: will continue to work, and eventually will forward to wherever I move on to... I currently don't have any other projects going on, though I might help TOF out a bit more than I have been. I have a domain for a website, but due to the lack of time I've suffered for the last 6 years of my life, no real work has been put into it. I'll try to drop a line to whomever is doing Q&A (no, I don't know who will be doing weekends) when it's up, so ya'll can come bug me on my home turf.

Yikes. This is scary.

.. back into obscurity, I've waaaaay overdone my own 15 minutes of fame. Thanks to you all for making it a great trip.

Brad "Critical Hit: Brad Lohr, shutting down." Lohr