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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - August 5 '00

Maybe I'm just not in the mood, or maybe it's just that Google posted his column too late yesterday, but I have plenty of email, and hardly anything worthwhile to post. I'm leaning more towards my mood, but of course, over half of that stuff is just people talking about Xenogears from last weekend, and I .. really .. don't want to have huge Xenogears discussions... go to the message boards if you wanna do that.

What else.. I dunno. Bleh. That's it. I'm bleh today.

This column is short, and has very little quality.

Deal. :P

I'm a cucumber.

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An FF9 Mini-review, spoiler-less.
This letter is in response to the letter that you titled "All I gotta say is, chill out, hombre." As is already the case, it seems that gamers who have only seen a small piece of a game, maybe a short review or a couple screenshots, are already criticizing it. Since the Final Fantasy series is so popular and well known it isn't that surprising people are rushing to judgement about it, but I do want to stand up in defense of it.

Just a few days ago, I beat Final Fantasy 9 (and yes, i know Japanese). The first thing I have to say in defense of the game is that the storyline is definitely not "cartoony." While Square has returned to more old-fashioned, unrealistic characters, this really had no impact on how I, at least, felt about them. The character development is definitely some of the best since the days of Final Fantasy 4 with Cecil and his crew. The story itself actually puts the characters through some of the most anguishing events and conflicts in Final Fantasy's history. The storyline is very mature and and is not made "childish" or "cartoony" because of the more fantasy-oriented character designs.

So I just wanted to let everyone know to definitely try out Final Fantasy 9 when it is released in America this November. The game does a fantastic job of joining together the best of "old-school" RPG characterization and story with the best graphics and sound the Playstation can produce.

Thanks for reading.



Can I guest host? I'd like my fifteen minutes of fame as promised by Andy Warhol.

This message was brought to you by someone who hasn't slept in approximately 45 hours.

Brad: If enough people stop to laugh at this, you will get your 15 minutes of fame. :)

What Time Zone are you in?

Brad: Pacific. :) I live in California, sheesh. :P

Trust me - You will laugh.

- Jinusean

Brad: It is the truth.. I laughed. :)

Wrapping it up...

Eh.. we'll try again tomorrow, perhaps.. I'm sorry about being a lop about this.. just wasn't put in any better mood by all the stuff in my box... I'll try to think up something interesting for tomorrow, maybe. :P

Brad "bleh. (as if you expected any better)" Lohr