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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 29 '00

I'm just woek up muemrbla what do you wannnnnnnt from me!? .. hrm? wha? .. argh.. Q&A? .. GAH YIKES.


"English processor, online"

How's everyone today?

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Heee, heee, what's up, Steve?

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Silly English donkey-bottom wipers!

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Legend of Dragoon
Gonna try and finish it off, today.
In Brad's Head:
Wha? who?
hmmmm.. Heather comes home on Tuesday...
Just for the record the "ex" I talked to last weekend was the g/f BEFORE Heather, which is probably why people thought I'd broken up WITH Heather.. which isn't the case.
Question and Answer
Dear Mr. LetterAnsweringGuy,

I am playing The Legend Of Dragoon, and I am wondering about a monster I've encountered in the valley northest of Hellena Prison. This particular monster, called "OOPARTS", seems to have a metal slime complex going on. He's hard to hit, and when you do hit him, he takes 1 damage, then he kills one of your characters instantly & runs away. Whats the deal? If I kill one (I've tried for hours) will I get a ton of experience or something?

By the way, a few days ago someone asked if anyone wanted to trade a another game for his copy of FFT. I just hope this person is aware that FFT is now OUT OF PRINT, and is becoming harder to find *read- rare and steadly increasing in value*. I've seen new copies of FFT nearing triple digits at ebay, and that can only increase.

"Mother loves Son; sweet romance. Poor old father, has no pants."

Well, lots of people are picking up FFT outta used games bins for like $25-$30, so if you can get it that way, be my guest. As for 00 Parts, here's your best bet: Get the Magic Signet Stone, and a Sachet. The Magic Signet Stone is found sometime not too late in the game, and is a repeat item that stops an enemy in his tracks for 3 turns. Repeat means if you use it.. it doesn't disappear. You can only use these items once per battle, however. Anyhow, the Sachet is found in a treasure box right before you fight that big ugly thing in the bottom of Hellana prison. You can also win more as a random drop item from these piggie guys in the Home of Gigantos (if you haven't gotten there yet, remember that, you'll be able to go back to Hellana still, so don't worry). The Sachet puts things to sleep (and does damage as well, for some reason.. ) and the Signet Stone just makes them immobile. Between those two items, you should be able to whack 00Parts.

Tifa + Pilot = World Saving!

I was playing FF7 the other day and in the flashback scene where young Tifa was hanging with the 3 kids she always hung with, I noticed they look a lot like a young Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. Has anyone else noticed this?

Then I talked to the pilot of the Highwind and he was at "level 14Limit Break!"! Is that normal? Btw the Limit Break! part was flashing different colors.


Well, this isn't well known, but the Pilot for the Highwind is actually the ultimate destructive force in the universe. He can get up to level 40 limit breaks which involve graphical FMVs in battle that even Square didn't have room to fit on a CD. They put Supernova to shame! As for Tifa.. she's always had a lot of .. er, personality, so there's always been a large er, group, hanging around to check out her.. er, daily life. Jesse's actually a lesbian.

Azi-modo and the freakish Disney Movie that insued.
Dear Braddo the Oracle-o,

Ok! I have a question on Suikoden 2. In the players guide (yeah I know I shouldn't be using one, sorry) It claims that there is an animal that is one of the 108 stars, and it's name is Abizboah. I have all 108 stars, and Abizboah isn't one of them. It also says you need a listening crystal to recruit it, but there are only two in the game, and they are used for Sigfried and Feather, sooo....what's up with this? There are also two monster characters similar to Abizboah that are supposedly in the game, that count as extra characters. Were they all taken out of the final game? What happened?

Love, Peace, and Monkey Grease,

Nyoro "POOPY!" Frog of Darkness

Well, Abizobabaor might be a star.. and if he is, he replaces Sigfried on the list. You use a listening crystal with him instead.. I didn't try this because I didn't know if Abizozrrabarhoar was actually a Star or not, and well, I'd already gotten Sigfried. (shrug) It's still in the US version of the game, you just gotta take a risk on not gettin' a unicorn (that I never used anyway), and see what's up with baby octopii and stuff like that. Have fun!

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Well, everyone has their opinions.
This isnt really a question but i thought it might fit in your unanswered questions and comments section.

Why is everyone so excited about Rpg's becoming popular? I realize that this means more Rpgs will make to the states, it doesnt excite me. Just in the last few years a lot more games have been brought over, but the number of games that are actually worth playing hasnt really changed. I remember when i had my sega cd every game that came out was amazing, lunar, vay, lunar 2. Look at whats happened to anime, they become popular but theyre all horrible over edited versions of the originals. I personally hope rpgs stay underground so there is still some posiblitly of originality. I just dont want to see Rpgs go down hill like Limp Bizkit. I know thats completly unrelated but it ticks me off how theyve completly changed.

GrnJello74 (I was actually concerned my letter might be too short)

Wah. I want a copy of DW4.
Greetings Lord Brad.Just recently me and one of my friends decided to have and RPG DUEL. We both have one week to beat FF7.Here is what's at stake. I am wagering my Rare mint complete copy of Dragon Warrior 4 and he is wagering his rare mint copy of Chrono Trigger.It will be tough, but I feel I can win this.


Hey, where's my g/f? .. garrr...
I read this letter yesterday (000728), where someone asked why he couldn't get a girlfriend, and didn't think much about it at first... but then something struck me. No, it wasn't a large Anime-style mallet. It was a thought, damn it! *Ehm* Anyway, perhaps the reason why you're not making any progress it, that you're too eager to have a girlfriend? I mean, if you give off "I'm desperate to have a g/f" signals, that might just put the ladies off... Personally, I think it's better to have "female friends" than "girlfriends", so I just try to be a nice guy and, well, make friends. Sometimes, we've both felt we want to make more of it, and that's fine - but I've never actually TRIED to make more of it; when or if it happens, it happens on its own, in its own time. Even though I'm not particularly good-looking, I still have female friends (it seems a girl would rather be friends with an ugly guy than datre him... I wonder why? ;) and I still fall in love sometimes (and have people fall in love with me :). Look at it this way: it's a lot easier to be friends with someone than it is to fall in love (and that's what a "girlfriend" is; someone you're in love with - is she really a "girlfriend" if you AREN'T in love with her?). However, once you get to know someone, it's a lot easier to fall in love with him/her.

To wrap this up: don't be desperate. Just be patient, and chances are you'll find someone you like - and hopefully, once SHE gets to know YOU, she'll like you too.

Most importantly, though: don't get angry or disappointed if this lady in particular doesn't fall in love with you! And if what you're looking for is just a one night stand, I'm the wrong person to talk to. Still, if you want a RELATIONSHIP, the way to go is usually to be friends first, and then move on to lovers, if you both feel like it. Just don't do something you'll regret. As long as you act _decent_ and _honest_ (that's IMPORTANT! No one likes a sleezy liar), and make sure you're really satisfied to be "just friends" if that is how it turns out, you should be OK. Hope I've been of some help! Best of luck... >;)


[ Love is a silly way to put the feelings you feel for your first g/f or b/f or whatever.. he's right about the "desperation" signals".. that really turns women off. You treat this whole "falling in love" thing a bit lightly, I think.. I'm guessing you've just had a few g/f's you feel strongly about, but .. just to throw it around casually is kinda .. I dunno. I'm glad you're a pro at this, I guess. ;) Anyhow, you want a real clue on how to get women keyed into you? Confidence. TRUE confidence. None of this "I'm pathetic, wahh" attitude. Sharpen up! If you know who you are and what you want outta life, women key into that as you being "secure". Women like security. You are also often seen as being "egotistical", but for some reason, women like that too. If you're just looking to get laid a lot, start hanging out with strippers. Befriend one, and you'll be nailing all of them in a matter of weeks. I have this on good faith from one of my friends.. they're a competitive bunch. :) ]


Nice Dilbert references in your response to Rinoa The Resistance fighter's letter.


Brad: See? I told you anyone under the age of 20 would routinely disbelieve that anyone actually talks this way. That sentence is taken right out of marketing meetings at my job. :)

hows it going

Brad: I just woke up, you?


Brad: not^much!!!

Hey Brad,

If Thor wears sexypants, do you wear shiny pants or is that Google?

Jne "Why, Brain? What are we going to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky..."

Brad: I wear pants!?

Hi Brad,

I need you to tell me that everything is alright.I was hesitating on buying either Legend of Mana or Threads of Fate(see?you can right it all!) but I finally ended this dilemma with a coin toss which was in favor of Legend of Mana.Was that a good "choice"?


Brad: Sure, why not. I'd prolly go LoM over ToF, myself.

Wrapping it up...

Ack.. it's already late.. I gotta get in gear.. busy day today. Ya'll have fun, and we'll talk to you tomorrow.

Brad "Blew out my pilot light.. and maade a wish!" Lohr