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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 24 '00

I's Monday... back to the weekday grind, or something. I really need to get registered for next semester's classes... hrm...

So I played Starcraft last night for the first time in a long while... man, that's a fun game. Heh. Maybe I'll put a game or two of Starcraft in every evening... hrmmm...

We'll see.

Anyhow.. here's my final offering for the week. Looks to be a good bit of mail, though the quality.. well, as always, we never know till we look.


Meganuke to the rescue!

I can't hear you!

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Oh noooo.. too many games.. X_x
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Monday, monday....
For some reason, I have weird songs stuck in my head..
Kevin's a punk! I saw him with a mohawk.
Question and Answer
Oh dear... quite a bit load
Hey Steve-Dave. I have a couple of questions and comments....answer them for me and I'll send you a lifetime supply of astronaut ice cream. :)

Hrm.. astronauts don't taste that good.. but ok.

1) Why are the release dates of so many RPGs being pushed back as of recently!? (RPG Maker, Harvest Moon PSX for example)

It's called "marketing" .. they "strategize" their "synergy" so they can "proactively leverage" their "core competencies" and achieve an "action matrix". The best part of this joke is that you all think that I'm being silly, and that nobody talks this way. :)

2) Do you think this line would have changed FFVII at all? Cloud: "Quick! To the 7-11 of the Ancients! Sephiroth is there buying cheap beer and Ho-Ho's!"

.. not really. Cloud would have followed Sephiroth into a Victoria's secret. That cross-dressing thing at the beginning? They were trying to say something there.

3) Someone still needs to feed the babysitter....

Did she get out of her cage again? Damn wiry teenage girls.

4) Threads of Fate? Saw at EB. Looked sucky. Looked sorta Brave Fencer Musashi. Liked Brave Fencer Musashi alot. Buy Threads of Fate???

Hrm.. it wasn't too bad..the play control was fairly nice, and the graphics were pretty cool (from the Demo I played at E3).. but it's not an RPG. Buyers buy with caution.

5) Mexican orange soda is way better than ours. They call it "Naranja Fanta." I was drinking it the entire time I was in Mexico while on scuba excursions. I made me belch through my regulator, though..... =P

I'm sure that must have sounded interesting to all the fishes in the deep blue sea.

6) That British dude at the dive center scares me. He reminds me of a pirate. He told me my limit was 70 feet because I'm only Junior Open Water certified. Should I offer him some Ex-lax brownies?

... I'm sure that would sound interesting. But the deep blue sea wouldn't be so blue afterwards. :(

7) Judfna isadada leidkopp chupo chupo lahhh metwifdussomoomoo dagadiuiii?????

no me gusta.



9) What is Vanguard Bandits like. Do you think I'd like it? (Some of my favorite games are SO2, Suikoden 2, FFVI-FFVIII, Xenogears, and LoM)

Ask Googleshng

10) What's all the fuss about Legend of Dragoon? I like it, but there doesn't seem to be anything special about it to me. It's a huge FFVII wanna-be, but......I guess it's alright. What's your favorite thing about it?

The battle system is fairly neat, but my favorite part is that it's a TOUGH game. It's not pansy like a lot of recent games were, including FF7.

11) I found an earring, two dollars in assorted change, a brick of gold, an autographed picture of Tony Danza, a spacesuit, and a copy of Granstream Saga in the lazy river at a local water park. I stumble upon some of the strangest things.

Did you hold each item up over your head Zelda-style, when you found it? It makes the whole process more fun, and it makes it last longer too!

12) Plumbers everywhere are starting to complain about the mass amount of SaGa Frontier CDs lodged in toilet piping, you know.

Yeah, well, some people just can't handle non-linearity.

13) When does RPG Maker come out as of right now? I've heard tons of different release dates.

On my birthday. I don't know, they change it way too often for me to keep track. :)

14) Should I get RPG Maker for PSX and slave with the carpal tunnel-inducing text entering and clunky menus when it finally does come out or just go ahead and download it for my PC? Which is better, the PC or PSX version?

... monkeys.

Thanks, Steve-Dave. Just remember.......hotdog companies sell hotdogs in packs of eight and hotdogs buns in packs of numbers higher than that so they can make more money. It's communism, I tell ya!!!!!

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Mmmm.. marching band....
Hey O' Mighty Oracleish One,

I just got back from the DCI competition in Houston (anyone else know what DCI is? <rambling tangent>It's drum and bugle corps; like competitive marching band, only without the woodwinds. Only percussion, brass, and drill team. Very loud, very energetic, very sweet. Yo. </rambling tangent>). Anywho, one of the corps tonight played music from FF8. How sweet is that?!? The drill members where dressed like Seifer, and they even changed into darker costumes later in the show. Very cool. My point, though, is that this show exactly how much more popular RPGs have become, that a nationally (and maybe internationally, depending on how the season goes) touring drum corps is playing arrangements of FF. music. The only disappointing thing was a lack of Nobuo Uematsu's mention in the program. Baaaaaad drummers! Well, just thought everyone might appreciate knowing that.

Anywho, uh, question..... Did anyone else get stuck at the end of Xenogears for lack of money to buy the best gear parts. And, if so, where/what the heck is a fast way to get money.

Ravin "Liberi Fatali played by 100 drummers and brass. WooHoo!!" Darkwynd

Well.. I got money from the damn angel thingies in the last dungeon.. I know what you mean.. I'm always runnin' outta cash in that damn place.. now if I could only find a way to make thousands of gold in Legend of Dragoon.. hmmmm.

Hot chicks, get yer hot chicks... you want mustard with that?

Okay it's clear that you know EVERYTHING.....anyhoo, i met this really hot girl on vacation....i wanna keep in touch, but i don't know how to do this!

I will tell you a secret, but this has worked for me.. it is scary, but if you brave the fearsome path, the riches of the ancients can be yours. The biggest guide to dealing with women is to just BE HONEST, and .. "go for it". The easiest way to keep in touch with the girl is to say, "I really wanna keep in touch with you, what's the best way?" ask her. It's a really keen technique. By the way, the best part is, if she doesn't want to be kept in contact with, you'll know from the beginning, and honestly, the pain of finding that out subsides quickly, and is 100x better than being a fool and finding out 3 years down the line :P Brad knows. Trust Brad.

K now my gaming question-

I just got a job so i have decent funding now. But i dont know if i want to get a P2(playstation 2) or a Dreamcast. I really want both, but i love rpg's, i read in some magazine that P2 might not put out as good games because of some stupid debate with square( this info. could be wrong, the magazine was in a store). But anyways, which one of the new systems is gonna have the best RPG's in your opinion. I know it's probably an impossible question to answer for most people, but remember, yer the oricle!

I tend to think I use the same criteria as you do, and I personally have chosen the PS2 as my next-gen console. That is all I can say.


Uhm.. didn't I correct someone on this earlier this weekend?
Hiya! Never mailed ya before..Always bugged goog..Well I bother him now, thats my new bother the Google and the Brad! Im the meru/selphie chick who is playing LoD right now..On the ghost ship, the chest thing, what the heck is the numbers you use??? Do ya know, it took me over 10 times to beat Mappi and ugly dude, but only 3 for Lenus and shes harder?? I'm sorry you and Heather broke up..girls are stupid! And so are guys for the record..DIEE..right? RIGHT! Well if ya dont post pleaseee mail me back!!! I need to make this mission completed somehow!! BYE!! *kiisssss*

45 Muahs at ya!!!


Just for the record, I did -not- break up with Heather... we're still together, she's on VACATION. :)

As for the chest... IN THE SHIP YOU PERV!

There's a shiny spot somewhere in the lower deck (on the right side) that when you hit it, 4 ghosts drop down and give you 4 numbers to try.. then you have 10 tries to put 3 of those 4 numbers in the right order into the combo.

If you succeed, you get an item.

Then the fun begins. You can go back, and do it again, this time with only 8 guesses, for a better item. The last item, when you have TWO guesses, is an Ultimate Wargod, which makes your additions successfull, all the time, w/o you having to hit the buttons. Very cool. Otherwise to get one you hafta spend 10,000 gold .. (which I did) .. but they're nice. Very nice.

If you fail (run out of guesses) at any point, 3 skeletons come and attack you. They're not too tough, though. :)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Here's yer Collector's CD answer.
Mr. Brad

I do believe Parisite Eve had Square Collectors Cd #1 and Brave Fencer Musashi had #2. I don't know what #1 has on it, but #2 is a FF8 demo.

I'm not a greek, you jerkhead!
Hey Brad!

I believe you about the Chrono thing, because that's how I say it too. ^.^ The best reference for pronunciation is the Greek titan Chronos, father of Zeus, Hera, ect...ect... god of Time, carries a scythe.

Tristan Adnade

[ Gee, see original comment where I said I'd go back to greek for the answer. :P Ya'll just don't trust me, or somethin' :) ]

You said on Saturday's column that Persona was being re-released- If this is true, do you know if they'll add the alternate storyline back in? (The original Japanese game let you play an alternate storyline where you get sealed into your possessed, radically-expanded high school for the whole game, and get to play through great scenarios like the Gym From Hell.) If they do, I swear I'll buy it (or at least rent it). Oh yeah...and do you know when it's supposed to come out?

[ I don't know for sure.. but I do hope they put that Ice Queen or somethin' story back in.. is that what you're talking about? I'd love to play that.. ]

Wow.. first ToF question.. !
Hey brad, in ToF, when Rue goes to that huge tower in the air after Doll Master used Prima Doll to unlock the seal of the [relic] in the lake ruins. After all those 4 arenas, Rue reaches a tower and sees 4 fire lamp thingies, where 2 are lit. In this puzzle you walk around the tower fixing the other 2 lamp thingies in each room and you get a shiny ball for each room... Problem is, I only get 3 out of 4 and I keep running my ass off and trying to look for the last one. Im sorry if you dont have ToF or arent up to that part, but please help me. No one made a good enough walkthrough for ToF. Thanks anyways dude..
More pronunciation stuff.
Heya, Brad...gotta' speak up here.

Marle is not pronounced "MAR-LEE". Anyone who has the Playstation CT and a small knowledge of Japanese could tell. The characters in her name are "Ma" "ru". Maru. Now back then Square was afraid of the Aeris/Aerith problems that would arise if they chose a specific use for the ru (Ru can become "R" or "L", it matters not) so they used both. Marl looks stupid, so they added an E. If it was pronounced Mar-lee, then the characters would be "Ma" "ru" and "ri", or at least "Ma" and "Ri"... now wake up!


PS. Brad, you're right about "Chrono". Even the Japanese purists who insist it's Zen-o-gears have to agree, since it's nyah to them too! Everyone believe Brad!


What does M.I.A. stand for?

Brad: Missing In Action.. it's a military term for someone who isn't present after a battle (or something), yet no discernable evidence of the person's death is found either. Basically it's the "we don't know if he's alive or not, ma'am." thing.

You should settle down with your family, join the PTA, buy some sensible shoes and a Chevrolet, then party 'til your broke and they drag you away. It's ok.

Brad: ... woo! Not enough Weird Al references this month.. I've been too lackadaisical with them.

Aloha Brad-

What's Heather doing in Scotland? Just vacationing? I want to go now!


Brad: Yeah, her family is Scottish, well, half Scottish, (her dad's side).. so they're vacationing there..

print this and i'll laugh.

Brad: Okay, this gets me in my "please the audience" spot. You're an evil witch and you never told us about it!??!

Brad: I'm not a witch, I'm not a witch!

Wait a minute I'll go check.

....guitar solo......


--The Geek


Wrapping it up...

Okay, Kev's gettin' all over me to get outta here... I'm coming, I'm coming! See ya'll next week. FROODS.

Brad "Where's my liquid paper, WHERE'S MY LIQUID PAPER!??!" Lohr