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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 23 '00

I am a chicken! ... nevermind. Old Tobal No.1 joke... heeeyuuu! Hey.. don't get mad at me.. I just woke up! .. I'm out of it, or something. :)

Alrighty, anyhow.. we've got today... and for some reason.. I just feel out of it.

We'll see how it goes.

One last chance!

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Woot! FF3(6)
Dear Brad

Boring question, but I'm playing FF6 and want to know how tough I should get my guys and girls to make battling kefka easy. Since it takes so blummin long to level all 12 of them up even with the experience egg i'm hoping they don't need to be in the nineties to stand a fighting chance.

Your help would be appreciated.

Tah Sophie

It's still a bit tough until you get into your 60's, though I've heard of people who've beaten the game in their early 40's (level wise) ... I'd say by the time you're 65, you won't have much of a problem, getting up to 99 is by no means necessary.. unless you're doing it with just the 3. ;)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Undead Party Members..!? know lots about Suikoden, right? Good.

You've said before, death happens. And it does. In Suikoden, at the Battle of the Northern Checkpoint, I made the mistake of NOT checking the enemy's plan. They used Bow, I used Magic. I was then informed that poor Luc had been killed in the battle. This didn't phase me because I already screwed up getting Gremio back, but when I later loaded the data to Suikoden II.....*poof* There's Luc, alive and well. Is he required or something? I mean, you don't exactly need his assistance to read a stone tablet. Oh, and in the McDohl sub-quest, Pahn showed up in Gregminster, and he too was dead.

Is Leknaat having a little too much fun with her Gate Rune or something? Those guys were dead! DEAD!!!!!!


[ I think Neclord just had a bit too much fun, and well, now you see it. As for Luc, he is a required one of the 108 stars in both games, so yes, he'll be alive in #2 regardless of what happens in #1. ]

Hahaha... #4.. hahaha...
Legend of Mana rocks. Have you played it? Anyway, here are some haikus.

Flying hippo man
Squished all of the hot dogs here
AH my eyes hurt now

Why are you sitting?
Someone break all of your legs?
I know you have 5

Get out of my home
That rock is looking at me
He stole my

That tree, standing there
He took my girlfriend from me
Shovels are usefull :)

Magical fishman
Threw an elephant at me
I have a big mouth

Argh, I am not creative anymore.

bLaMe "WHAT!? Tis' barely a scratch!" YoUrSeLf
Silver Trumpet Playin'!
Unless you have the right talents in SO2, playing the silver trumpet will *not* be enough to summon the Queen. But do you remember how to make talents emerge? Use the abilities (in this case, "Play Music") while the orchestra is playing.

It blows my mind that this works given that it would be completely friggin' impossible in the real world, but it does. I unlocked "Pitch" in Claude and was attacked the first time I tried it, and every time thereafter.


I don't keep Email Addresses around, sooo...
Dear Brad,

I just wanted you to forward my congratulations to the person that wrote that wonderful piece that you printed on July 22. It was truly a wonderful read, and the funniest thing I've read in days!


Joe Smoke

[ Just for the record, I agree. Very well done. :) (btw, I got a lot of email today saying the same thing) ]

Collector's CDs?
I went to Square's Homepage today and noticed that Vagrant Story contrains 'SquareSoft Collectors CD' number three. Agast and agape, I realized that there must be two previous ones. Not willing to let this distasteful status quo remains, I have begun a journey to find the other two. Oh Oracle, I beseech you! Where are the other two located?

--Corey Garriott

[ I looked in Tobal No.1 .. but that said "Interactive CD" ... so my thought that Tobal No.1 and Brave Fencer Musashi had them must be incorrect... someone else may have the answer... ]


You are second only to Thor, in my opinion, of simple kick-ass-ness. Err...yeah.


Brad: Heh.. I've had this said to me so many times in the last year.. (grin) I wish I could stay zany enough to be fresh all the time.. heh. Thor's a kook, by the way :P I've known him since before his or my RPGamer days, and well, I've got more IRC quotes that could be used as blackmail... er... oh no!

*throws candy at you three times and hops into your aura*

Brad: You just think that's my aura... but anyone close enough to me can tell that's not aura.. I just had some good helpin' of beans last night :P



Brad: Don't know what we're talking about? Click here. Careful, there's some strong language, and you need Flash4 to view the movies. But they're funnier than hell. :P

Just curious, but is the fact that Blinky Heather goes all pixelly when she blinks related to the fact that she's away? I've got IE 5, and when I right-click->Zoom In (really cool feature btw) she pixellates in a different way... Blinky Brad, on the other hand, doesn't pixellate at all, normal or zoomed in.

- Vaevictis

Brad: Naw, it's just the fact that I'm too lazy to get the animation timed perfectly right... I mean, it's just Heather, anyway.. er... (gets smacked all the way from Scotland)

Why do people rely on paws?! Half of her pronunciations are completely off! I'm glad she got the pokemon one right though! Marle from chrono trigger is MAR-LEE like that not MAR-L. Mathiu is pronounced Mathew so what is going on here?!

Brad: ... don't ask me. Prolly just the "girl's voice" thing. Again, "don't ask me".

Someone asked about the pronounciation of Chrono ..well..Chrono trigger has to do with time travel right? Hence, Chronological order. Everyone knows how to pronounce Chronological, it's "Kraw-no" of course!!

Brad: When the prefix "chrono" gets put onto a word, it becomes "kraw-no", but seperately, it is "kroh-no". Don't you guys believe me? :)

That's really sad...she's really cute in that pic too...

WELL, what are you waiting for!
Write a poem! Send some flowers!
Girls love flowers!!

oh well...good luck however you go.

Brad: Just as a note, the M.I.A. does not mean my g/f left me, she has just taken off for a 3 week vacation in Scotland. :P

Wrapping it up...

Well, I guess today ended up being mostly quickies.. oh well... I'm hungry... need to feeeeeeeed... Talk to you guys tomorrow.. then I'll hand the reins back over to Googleshng. :)

Brad "Feed me, Seymour!" Lohr