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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 17 '00

Well, it's Monday morning.. and I'm tired as all everything.. talk about a wild weekend of massive Legend of Dragoon playing... heh. It seems the more tired I get, the less likely I am to sleep a decent amount.

I think I like being tired. Not from a "hey this feels good" perspective, but a logical analysis of how I treat myself.

... that's just sick, and self destructive.

That's it, I'm going goth and writing poetry now. :(

I already said no!

Go ask your mother!
... ergh it's early. :|

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HEY!!... me!
HEY!!... brad!

I've been stuck on SO2 for so long now, that I think it's time to seek the help that I need. I'm at the second to last battle with the wise men people, with the guy who has the Spicule spell, and "that other guy." I have tried many a time to beat them, but it's just impossible!! Claude, Rena, Celine, and Dias in my party. Should I go back to the world map, and try to level up. Everyone in my party has at least 5300 hp. Is that not enough?? Thank you.... if you help!


I'm not aware of any real special trick to beating these guys.. of course, some magic avoiding (or absorbing, even better) items are always helpful, but I'd say the best strategy is to KEEP EVERYONE FOCUSED. Kill one of them first, don't try to be fancy and finish them both off within 5 seconds of one another.. you should probably be at least in your mid 80's (level-wise) I'd think, especially for what's ahead.

Another letter proving that overseas English teachers are much more stringent than their domestic counterparts...
Hi Brad!

I'll make this short and simple; Since the "Interdisciplinary gaming studies program" at UCI was a myth, where should I turn too if I want an education in making videogames?

and about the Orphan RPG hero question... IMO, It's really quite simple IMO. Everytime a hero is short of one or both parents, this leaves a mysterious trail, so that the hero, halfway through the game, can find out that he is *really* the only descendant to the emperror, the last in the bloodline of the ancient hero- clan or... You get the point. It's simply a method of making the hero a person that was born special without saying so from the beginning.

Thank you for your time and excuse my english...

Saint... From Sweden.

Heh.. I really think your english teacher is way too hard on you if you think your english is that bad. ;P I swear I think people who are nearly fluent in our language put that on the bottom as a joke after reading the 'r u chixx!?!?!?!?' AOL emails sent every day sent by supposedly educated Americans. :P Anyhow, about getting the 'proper' education. Here ya go: Learn Object Oriented Programming, (this is best done by learning a non-object oriented language first, then moving into the object model) .. be somewhat good at math. Most games need to be programmed with some sort of physics engine (hello shadowing? Ballistics? etc) and some math/physics is always nice for that. Then be prepared to be underpaid for what you like to do. :P Seriously, most gaming companies I know of are hiring like mad, and the only reason those roles aren't filled is due to the lower standard of pay, (as far as I can tell), and a lot of times, it's HARD work. It's not easy making these things. Once you have the skills, (and I wholeheartedly suggest checking out gaming sites to see what kinds of skills they're looking for).. you're on easy street. Most of them require a BS in Computer Science to start ya out.. so head that way.

Brad's Tightness, and a mini LoD review.
Hey Brad,

I think your work at RPGamer is tight, keep it up! Anyways, I just picked up Star Ocean, I think it pretty good, the battles are great! I just got Rena, and I need to goto the Cross Village or something. Anyways, I heard you've had some past experiences with it...but you may have forgotten because it seems like you are so engrossed in LoD!

But yea, can you tell me how you like the game? Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!


I was not aware of the tightness of my work! Here's my take on LoD:

  • Battle System - 7: Agreeing with JD, the battle system is new, innovative, and fun. For the first CD. It can get old pretty quickly thereafter, but honestly, the only real thing is make the game a bit more difficult, which, in my opinion, is a good thing. My skill determines whether or not I beat those bosses much more in LoD vs any 'normal' RPG, and each addition is different. I'm not far through yet, but it's not a bad system.. it just can be rough on you late at night ;)
  • Interface - 5: The armor equipping and item setups are .. ghastly at best. The towns can be hard to walk through, and other 'issues' crop up. However, certain things like the floaty arrows are put in to help with this, and eventually you get used to the rest of it, so it doesn't fail miserably.
  • Music/Sound - 7: There's some middle of the road tracks, but nearly every piece in this game is either "I love it!" or "ARgggh my ears!" .. more of the good than the bad. The voice acting is done superbly, (better than any game so far, that I've tried) and there are definitely some music pieces that you'll remember.
  • Originality - 7: A lot of new 'ideas' in this game. The plot is pretty standard, but what isn't these days? They don't do utterly clichˇd things to a degree that is sickening, and well, maybe I just haven't gotten far enough yet or something. I like it.
  • Plot - ??: Haven't gotten far enough to give a fair rating in this category.
  • Localization - 7: I disagree with JD on this point, the localization was nowhere near bad enough to detract from the game, and I didn't even notice it until after reading his review. Some of the jokes are funny, some of them are just so stupid that THAT is funny. It wasn't done poorly, and definitely shines above many games. Above average.
  • Replay Value - ??: Don't know yet.
  • Visuals - 10: By far some of THE best graphics you'll see your PSX put on the TV. Some of them are just astonishingly awesome looking. The spells are downright stunning. This is a looker's game, if there ever was one.
In the End, I come out with just over a 7, myself.. but I have a feeling that the game will probably get "better" rather than worse.. I'd say you're looking for a solid 7.5, possibly an 8, by the time I get to the end of the game. I'd definitely recommend this to people who are wondering "what next?" .. and who have a bit of spare cash before Chrono Cross. :)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Ahhh.. damn birds!
This has already probably been answered but I've been a way for a week, those annoying creatures that you can only do 1 damage to at a time, well to kill them use a sachet on them(haven't tested this on all the types but know it works on the blue bird). Quiet a bit of exp for doing it.

The one who goes kwijibo in the night.

WA2 Answer.
Greetings Lord Brad this is about Jenny's question for WA2. The monster that you get Status Lock from for Marivel, is located in the Ocean near Ptolomea's Diablo pillar.


Rant Mode.. activiated!
Hey, time to vent my frustration

Now, what the heck is so great about Square? Sure, their old games were great.. but now? No way are they the best, they're not the worst, but not the best. I'd Say Enix (with tri-Ace) is doing pretty good with Valkyrie Profile coming up and Star Ocean 2. But back to Square, you've got to admit their quality is declining, most of the old gamers think the same, ff7 was a very good game, not great, but good, but then came ff8..... i'm sure you know about ff8.. and now ff9, a game with a bunch of freaky looking puppet people running around. FF9 looks lame, to put it simply, and everyone i know agrees with m. Valkyrie Profile, WA2, Suikoden Gaiden, and many others look much more appealing . What's your take on why this is happening? Is it maybe because they're pumping out so many games a year now that they're skimping on the quality?

Also i need some help on LoD, i've beaten the game twice and i've done all the side quests and what not, but is it possibl eto beat the rainbow bird? I've beaten the Yellow and Red, and i know it's possible to beat 00PARTS, but i cant do any damage at all to the Rainbow Bird, and there is not a single thing out there to help me, i'm sure you dont know, but i'm hoping somebody who reads your column does.

Now, i know you'll put this up because i'm 100% right, and if you dont i'll send it to Goog and he will, bahahaha

- Zennousha

Just to give you a taste of some of the random babble that shows up in my mailbox daily...
Yo Oracle

I found out that when Heather is gone Konami asked if you and her are going to be two new characters in Suikoden III. Have you noticed that most RPG series numbers are in roman numerals while of other games it's in arabic numbers. If so could you bring a backstory to you two characters. Is it strange that while on the way to Florida from my home in St. Louis I just found out that while going to my college orientation at FGCU in Ft. Myers I'll be at Disney World for a day this week. Also if anyone in Ft. Myers reads this contact me because I'll need to make some friends. The scariest thing is teaching my mother to play Pokemon cards and the scariest part is she's actually good. I'd also love to see the RPGamer series of pokemon cards because I want to win a game playing the almighty oracle card.

Greg Etter

[ Note the lack of 'sorry for my horrible english' at the bottom of this... America's education system, baby! ]


They're dubbing Escaflowne and showing it on FOX... this is a horrible portent.

Brad: Hee hee, you guys asked for more anime in America.. now you got it.. be careful what you wish for :P

SpEEening CAne! 8-) The first time I heard that I laughed pop up my nose!

~Lady Nighttide

Brad: Yes, I am waiting for "Licorice Whip of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!" .. but.. *sigh*

If you don't click here, you're going to hell.

Brad: .. I mean that in the nicest way, of course. :)

Wrapping it up...

Anyhow.. that's my part of the week.. I'll play some more LoD, hopefully get all the way through the darn thing.. then I can look up on the INTRONET how to get all dem durn see-krit things I missed. :) It'll be a fun week, I hope. Need SOMETHING to pass the time away/spend money on... ma'womans be gone! .. mmm.. I think I'll pick up WA2 next. :)

Brad "solly 4 hollibre engrish lol" Lohr