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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 16 '00

Hi! .. HarpoOOOOoooooooooon! .. haha... sorry.

You'll love it at Lavitz!


I don't have anything much to say.. Legend of Dragoon is good. :) I don't have as much time to play it today, though.. wah.

oh well.

Oh, I'd like to be her Dragoon!

Er.. um..
Don't tell Heather!

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Legend of Dragoon
Wow. Just.. wow. I'm having an absolute blast with this game.
In Brad's Head:
Hi! I'm awake!
Heh.. up till 4:30am playing LoD. Yipes :D
Likin' that game, though.
Question and Answer
Aw man.. I hate it when that happens.
*** Suikoden 2 Spoilers ***

I've hit a problem on Suikoden II. Yes, I know you don't re-take the column until Saturday, but since you are the god of all things Suikoden, I figured to ask you instead of Goog, and hope that you read this and deign to reply.

Here's the problem: Saving Nanami. I got all 108, and got the Forgiver Sign from Leknaat. I answered "Nanami!" in time to jump up alongside in the scene with Gorudo...... but afterward, Huan didn't ask to speak with Shu, and when the game ended, she was listed as Dead.

What did I do wrong/miss???

Thanks in advance,

-Kenneth Whitten

Ergh.. I don't know for absolutely certain, but I do remember possibly hearing somewhere that if you aren't nice to her throughout the game, then it just botches your chances.. I don't know the specific events, or if they add up.. but maybe you were just too mean to your sister. You bad person you. :P

More Suikoden stuff..
How in holy hell do you make it so Gremio and Pahn don't die in Suikoden, i had pahn actully beat teo McDohl but then i never saw him again in the first Sui, he was in S2 when i loaded the data, unless he's there even if you don't load it, but i have no idea how to get gremio in the sequel, i heard a friend say that this little girl that is protecting McDohl in S2, was gremio if you saved him, (he saw a pic in a strat guide) so how do you do this?

To save Pahn: He's just gotta not die after Teo. I don't know why you never saw him again.. he's in the room with Cleo. To save Gremio: before the fight at Gregminister, you need to have all 108 stars joined in your caslte... then Leknaat will arrive and ressurrect Gremio.

Vangaurd Bandits.. I want it!
Heya Bradmeister,

I'd like to know if you, or anyone out there for that matter, knows whether the new WD game Vanguard Bandits has mod chip protection. Reason is, I'll probably be getting the game rather soon, but I need to know this before I can decide. Thanks for yer help.

-Jazan "The Man with ze Goldened PP7" Gamoz

The 'official' word from the crowd is, "I don't think WD does that kind of thing". So I'd say you're safe.. I'm pretty sure, at least. Ask the store clerk where you buy it if you can return it, should it not function properly with your configuration, though you'd probably be pretty lucky to find a place that did that.

... .... ...
Hey there Mr. Brad-Oracle-type person,

IF Konami announces for sure that Suikogaiden Vol. 1 will not be translated and released in North America, are you going to import it? Have you imported much in the past?


I've never actually imported any games, a soundtrack or two, but never games. And let's just say I've got a legion of my finest Death Monkeys that say that Konami will not even dream of not giving me all the Suikoden that I can handle.

Well, probably because people these things called opinions...
Hey Brad

I have a question for you. Why do people seem always say, regarding Final Fantasy 7 or 8, "It just wasn't very good compared to FF6." (Certainly you would have a good answer to this, considering that you do the column) Sure, I've played FF6, a lot, and it is an excellent game. But I really don't understand why it is seen as "the Final Fantasy by which all other Final Fantasies are measured." To me, Final Fantasy 7 is a much better game. It has superior music(not because of "cd quality sound" but because the music was more powerful...just listen to the Turk's Theme), it has a superior battle system, it has a stronger, more complex and involved storyline, and it has better characters (Come on, who doesn't love Reno and Rude more than anyone on FF6? Of course there are exceptions: Yuffie and Cait Sith, though when though of as Reeve, Cait Sith becomes a better character).

Of course, this is all opinion...and by the way, Final Fantasy 6 just wasn't very good compared to Chrono Trigger. Mwahaha!!!


Well, I personally liked FF6 better than 7 or 8, so I'm probably fairly biased. But here's the skinny.

Most people started their FF careers with FF6... so that's what most of them remember the most fondly. I like it the best after having played 1, 4, 6, 7, 5, and 8.. (shrug) Just the one I grew most attached to.. and I like the music on 6 far.. FAR better than most of the music on either 7 or 8. (shrug) Just personal preference. Everyone's got opinions, they're like ___holes, everyone's got one, everyone thinks that everyone else's stinks :P

*** FF7 Spoilers, of a sort ***


Alright, this has been bugging me for a while. In FF7 how can you get Aerith's ultimate limit break before she, well, goes "away"? To get the mirthil needed to trade for Great Gospel (I think that is its name) you need either the airship or a blue chocobo, both obtained in disc 2. Can you explain this?

Thorn Martin

All you need is the go-cart. :) Trust me.. it can be done. Just give it a try.. I've done it myself.. the Limit Break is definitely worth seeing once. :)

Ahh... death.. it happens.
Yo Brad,

I just got Suikoden (I know I'm a little late, but hey it was only $10), and while I was in a major battle, it said one of the characters died. I though it would be a temporary thing, not a Gremio thing. But then they weren't selectable for a fighter, and their name was in faded grey just like Gremios. My question is, when they die in a major battle are they dead dead like Gremio dead or just temporarily dead and I did something wrong?

Brotha Man Homie G Dogg Skillet

P.S. If my Playstation was alived it'd be badly brusied. Take that for killing one of my Suiko characters!

Yeah, if a team gets really whooped on the field, one of the members can be injured, or worse, they can die. As in, die-die. Dead-dead. Very bad. Use those thieves and ninjas!

Unanswered Questions and Comments
DirectX Programming for nutbars
Since everyone's talking about how to get started on game development, I'll throw in my 2cents worth. Probably the easiest way if you've never done it before is to write for Windows using DirectX and the Win32 API (you can use MFC, if you're insane). Its (relatively) easy, and its cheap. You obviously have a PC (or you wouldn't be reading this column) and all you have to buy is a C/C++ compiler (less than $200, for a basic package). And since the DC has a DirectX API built-in, you're on your way to game development stardom!

~todd (wannabe programming guru)

Cry Havoc! And loose the rants of war!
Ok, it's apparent to me that alot of people think Square is the only company that releases any good rpgs. I have a couple of friends that drool over FF9 but think blah when I mention DQ7. I think, "Dammit what is it about Square that attracts people so much." I'm looking forward to DQ7 more than FF9. Shoot, Arc the Lad Collection is higher on my list than FF9. Nobody ever remembers the little games that were excellent but never got any recognition either. I mean come on any hardcore rpgamer since the days of the SNES wouldn't forget a game like Brainlord or Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and it's prequel Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. All three of these games kicked ass plain and simple. I honestly would take Lufia II over FF6 anyday, fat chance over Chrono Trigger though. Any self-respecting rpgamer should at least play Lufia II if not Brainlord. Ok that's enough of my ranting

Shouta Shura

-When's the next *real* Lufia coming out? I'm not talking about any gameboy games either.-

I think I'll get WA2 after I'm done with Legend of Dragoon.. that, or Vangaurd Bandits.
I dont know if you know anything on Wild Arms 2 but I need help. I'm trying to find this enemy called a "Skid Lancer". Its a enemy you encounter using the hovercraft, I am trying to find it so I can get Marivel's red power "status lock". I've looked all around that games ocean and cant find it. If you can help me it would be much appreciated. :)



[ Okay guys, try to impress the little lady with your leet mad skillz in WA2.. or something :) ]

Dear Brad,

This isn't actually a question about RPGs, or games even at all. I recently learned that my father has cancer, and although the doctors think everything will be all right, I'd like you to post this (Or at least make mention of it) on your column, asking your readership to send out a prayer (Or whatever, if they're not religious)...I don't know if that's self-centered or what...but I think we could use all the help we could get... All my thanks go to you should you post it.


Brian Adamson,
Juneau, Alaska


Dear Brad. I got Final Fantasy 9 yesterday. You hate me already don't you?

-Delita Hyral, 4 hours into the game and loving it.

Brad: Not really.. to be honest.. I don't like not being able to read the games.. and I'm just not ambitious enough to want to learn Japanese to do so. :)

Shadow isn't Relm's father in FF6, she's Relm's mother. Shadow can be equipped with some item that only women can wear. Check it out.

Brad: Hrm... not only did "Clyde" from the dreams go into secrecy behind the cowl... he underwent surgery before becoming a ninja.. but the name Clydette didn't suit, her.. so "she" changed her name to SHADOW! :) Seriously, though I think you mean the Memento Ring, which only Relm and Shadow can wear, as it was a memento left by Relm's mother.. oh wait! ;)






Hey, how come in RPGs the characters usually either have no parents or just one who's usually a widow?

Brad: Two words: Union Demands.

I have a main squeeze, and her name is Jennifer Kirkland!

You Humble Servant,
Insanerest of AOL

Brad: Hey, I'm not the only one who can brag about my g/f in this column!

This is a test, to see if you'll do anything I say. Click here.

Brad: You know you're curious.... well, okay, it's a contest run by one of the guys here at RPGamer, and well, it's FREE STUFF. You like free stuff, don't you?

Wrapping it up...

Well, that's it for me today.. I'm not really in a chatty mood.. I gotta get ready to roll over to Mom's house.. dinner and laundry and noLoD oh my!

Brad "Sprinkles! GOOD!" Lohr