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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 10 '00

Hey. What's up. Well, she's gone. :( It wasn't fun, but oh well... it'll be an interesting couple weeks. Scratch that, it'll be a boring couple weeks. Bah. :| Anyhow.

Not too much mail today... I printed what I could, but .. well, here it is.

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Xenogears -- Even slower than usual? Doh.
Hey Brad i've had problems with 2nd disc on Xenogears. Whenever i get to A boss and they are going to do A magic type attack the game will freeze up for as little as 15 seconds to 5 minutes. then they finally hit me. This was espiacly annoying on the final battles of the game. It probaly took me around 2 hours just to beat the 4 guys before you fight Dues. I was wondering if you or anyone else had this problem.


I know that PSX games tend to do really badly at FMV and big magic sequences when they're running kinda hot. I'd suggest checking out the temperature of the darn thing, and consider giving it a day cool-down. (Unplug from the wall, put in a well vented place, and let it completely go untouched for about 24 hrs.) This happened to me right before I got FF7, (way back when), and after doing that, and then putting it in a not-so-hot location, it worked fine from that day forward.

This is obvious to me... but.
Which game do you think I should per order, Lunar 2 or Chrono Cross? Both had something for per order (music CD or puppet), yet I only had enough money for one. I play both Chrono Trigger and Lunar 1, and like Chrono Trigger a lot better Lunar 1, but Lunar had the better packing. What should I do? Should I per order CC and hope that Lunar is delay or buy Lunar first?

Chrono Chross. :) All the way. Sorry, WD, but ... well, can't beat the awesome glory and splendor that is Chrono Chross.

Unanswered Questions and Comments
I stand correctificated, or something. :)
Hey Brad,

When you said that the Playstation developers kit cost $750, you must have been thinking of the Net Yaroze, because that was made for normal people to be able to make games. It is no longer avalible for purchase. A regular developers kit costs much more, and is hard to get.

Hngkong of Hackers and Slackers, Inc.

Heh.. never really thought about it, but that works.
In most (maybe all) FF games you use "Cure" magic to regain HP, but you don't cure wounds, you heal them. Additionally, in FF7 you use the "Heal" materia to cast status effect recovery spells, but you don't heal a disease, you cure it. I Hope somebody got fired for that one...

Qwerty U. Iopas, One sick monkey

SO2 Correction
The strategy guide typo'd. The last boss of the Cave of Trials is Gabriel Celesta, not Indalescio Celesta.
PSX in the van.. talk about road trip!
In response to the question the other day, I've hooked my PlayStation up in the van on many a road trip, and have never had a problem. (Well, I've had problems with the power supply, but none with the PSX itself.) If the PS One is made to portable, I don't think there will be any skipping.
Actually, heh.
Hi Brad,

I want to know something... I want to know if I am the only one in this world who loved all the RPGs he played... I mean, I played all the Final Fantasy (even Mystic Quest), both SaGa Frontier, Wild Arms, Star Ocean 2, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, Arcana, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Warrior, and the list goes on... And I enjoyed all of them!

I want to know if I'm normal because I don't have a "xxxx RPG really sucks!". If I'm not normal, then what's wrong with me?

Thanks for posting this (I hope you will... I mean, even if you don't know the answer, maybe someone else does...)


[ Honestly, I fall into this category myself to some degree.. there are games that I didn't like as much as others, but there are no RPGs that I can really think of that are like "WOW THAT SUCKED!" .. (shrug) Don't know. I'm pretty easily entertained. ]

Programmin', ASM style, yo.
Hey Brad,

Just thought I'd enlighten Chris Plonski regarding game development. I agree with what you said, but if he wants to get into some NES/SNES development, I'd suggest looking for some assembly (ASM) information, (which may be found at Zophar's Domain ( and then trying to figure out enough to run it on an emulator. This cuts down significantly on costs, and if you think your game is good enough, it gives you something to show off to the publishers/developers. Of course, if you develop for the SNES (for example), it'll probably need to be re-coded for the PS or something, considering they don't make any new SNES games (or at least very very few).

Alternately, one could look around the computer labs at college, and see if they have one. <brag> The University of Victoria, where I'm at, has the full NetYaroze (PS Devkit) stuff, and even the special NetYaroze PlayStation that lets you play the games you've written and burned to a CD. ^_^ </brag>

I'd still reccomend programming for an older system and testing via emulator though. It also helps to have a bit of ASM background (or take courses in it), as well as reading all the documentation out there - and there's lots of it. Hope that helps clear things a bit ;)

- Vaevictis


Did you ever find the invisible tree?


Brad: Actually, there's a ton of the invisible trees, what happened was they put the locations of all the trees in, the physics of them (i.e. you can't run through them, etc) but they forgot to put in the graphic. So you'll find lots of these invisible trees all over the place.

I heard you can wire your PSX to your computer using your ATI All In Wonder Card..but what about a card such as a Blater Banshee? It has some sort of a video plug, but its the same size as a mic or speaker input plug. What's the point of this if any? Thanks.


Brad: You must learn the joy of video convertion cables. :) (like as in, PSX is white/red AV cable audio out... but computer takes 1/8th inch stereo audio in.. so I have an AV to 1/8th converter cable.. woot!

Wrapping it up...

Not too much in a talky mood.. haven't been all weekend. Oh well. I'll see ya'll next week. Have fun.

Brad ".... bleh." Lohr