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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 9 '00

Well, I'm feeling a bit better today.. though not too much, since this is the last day Heather's going to be in the U.S. for about 3 weeks. :| She's leaving for Scotland today, and well, that kinda sucks.. well, cause I'll miss her. wah.

Anyhow, a lot of Suikoden2 stuff today, for some reason... and I'm in a bit better mood.

Here ya are... column!

Don't worry.

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Question and Answer
Hey Brad,

I was wonderin what you thought about Planescape Torment? Or have you never heard of it? I read lots of things on the rpgamer website but I see almost nothing having to do with it. Is it because this game is unpopular or because most of the people think it sucks???

I actually own Torment, and it's nto bad at all. I just don't have much time to play it, is all.. (as if I have much time to play anything.. well, I play quite a bit of Asheron's Call... eep.) Anyhow, the reason that you don't see much on the site about it is that we're just getting our act together PC-wise.. we started out as a console-only site, and have just recently decided to add PC content into the mix, and well, it isn't nearly "complete" yet.

Queen of the bad trumpet playing..!
*** Star Ocean 2 Spoilers ***

Who is this Iseria Queen I keep reading about in SO2? I have the Strategy guide, read through it four plus times, and I've never heard of him/her/it, unless that is Indalecio Celesta at the bottom of the Cave of Trials?

I'm pretty sure she is the boss you fight once you get the silver trumpet, learn the song for it, and then play it on the world map. Supposed to be the hardest boss in the game, with the most HP (45 million or something.. yikes).

FF6 Rumors, spoilers... Brad knows all, or something. :)
Dear Brad,

I need help with something.I've heard every rumor of ff6 there are and is there some way that us people could accualy get some of these questions answered.

For example,is Gogo Daryl,or is Shadow Relms father,that there really is a way to revive the great general Leo.If there is please tell me.Maybe an adress or something

Thank you,


Well, there is a LOT of evidence to suggest that Shadow is Relm's father, so I'm going "yes" on that one. General Leo cannot be revived using any normal plot-based, non-game genie-esque mechanism, and I can't say I saw a GG code that brought Leo into your party permanently. As for the Daryl/Gogo thing, I've heard it before, but there is no ingame evidence to suggest that this is true. Dereth is full of wonders.

Okay, now for my Ask Azerapheal Impersonation!
Okay, considering you've just beaten Suikoden 2, I got a question thats been bugging me since I finished it a while back.

Once you beat the last boss, your able to go back to the town of Sajah( the town northwest of the last place), and buy all of the best Runes( Rage, etc).

My question is this: What's the point? You've beaten the last boss. There is nothing really left to do, besides see the endings. And you can't put anyone on your team after you get back to your castle.

Any help would be truly appreciated.


There is no reason for this, it's just how it is. Dereth is full of wonders.

More Suikoden2 Stuff.. and .. CLIVE
Hey Brad,

Just a few questions about suikoden 2. Supposedly, Clive has a subquest, but I took him to Lakewest, then to Forest Village as soon as I could (after the first Greenhill scenario). When I got their Clive just said the tracks had gone cold. What did I do wrong?

Secondly, in your game was hero McDohl called RcDohl? I figure it one of three reasons for this. First, a stupid translation mistake. Second, he called himself that so people wouldn't know his identity. Third, I gave him a name that started with 'R', and the names got combined somehow. Do you happen to know which it is?

The Great Cornholio

Well, for the Clive thing, you -MUST- get to places within a certain time. This isn't easy. I got all the way to the Rockaxe event before not being able to get the last two... but let's just say the final event must happen before the 20 hour point, and it's in Sajah Village, which means, you gotta be at the very end of the game.

What happens with "McDohl" is that his name gains all the capital letters from what you named him in Suikoden1, so if you named him, MRMONKEY, he'd be in S2 as MRMONKEY, but if you named him Robbie, he becomes RcDohl. If he was JOE, then you get the horrid JOEohl.

More Suikoden2 stuff.. hey hey!
*** Suikoden 2 Spoilers fer certain ***

Brad? Is it really you?

Anyway, after I beat Suikoden II, I later found out that you could prevent Nanami from dying. But, you have to have all 108 characters before this event happens. But I don't see how that could happen. When that General Kiba guy (was that his name?) took an army with him to take back the mercenary fort, I found out later that he died. So, was there a way to prevent him from dying? What did I do wrong? I need to know cuz I wanna see that 3rd ending I heard about when you have all 108. Please give me an answer!!

Anton's MunkiyDog

Well, you can't save Kiba, period. The point at which you can save Nanami is when she gets shot with the arrow, (you -must- have all 108 by that time, you'll know you have them in time if Leknaat comes and 'unlocks' the 4th spell on the Bright Shield rune), you must shout "Nanami!" VERY soon after it shows up, like under a second. If you do so, you'll move forward to block them as well, she'll still get shot, and when Huan says that she's died, he'll ask Shu to come into the room and talk. If Huan asks Shu in the room, you know you got it, and nothing more to worry about. If not, try, try, try again.

How do I make a game?
OK i got a question. Lets say i want to start to make a game. What to i have to do to get my game to be seen by playstation or nintendo? And also if you know, what do i need to have in order to present my game to these companies? Thanks

Chris Plonski

Now, I've never done this before... so I'm kinda piecing it together from how I understand it. First step is to buy a playstation/nintendo developer's kit. These are little things that are able to run unfinished game code, and basically act as hardware testing for your game. This is the big stopping point for most people, as the Nintendo kit is -very- expensive, and the PSX one isn't too cheap either, (though quite a bit cheaper, I recall hearing a price point of about $750, as compared to perhaps several thousand for the Nintendo one)..

Publishing the game is the biggest pain in the ass, I'd assume. It's mostly politics, and whatnot.. but I don't think a single person could realistically do it. Most of the time you'd create your own 'little company' and then present the game to a big guy (say, Enix?) .. and if they liked it, they'd use their connections/etc to get the game done, throw their logo on the front screen with yours, (Star Ocean 2..), and voila, you have a game, published.

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Dear Brad,

you need not level up or have great armor to defeat Teo, alls ya gots to do is defend every turn. Teo will do alot of powerful attacks and then you will counter attack. The End. That's all. Its easy...... Do you watch survivor?

Dave the dude

[ Just as a note, this method does not ALWAYS work, but it's not a bad start... Teo can still hit you pretty hard when you defend, and he does do normal attacks, which will hit you.. and no, I don't actually watch any TV, so I haven't seen Survivor, (though I know what it is) ]

Hahahaha... oh, #2 is my favorite...
The next time you are late with a column try using one of these lines:

"I set half the clocks in my house ahead an hour and the other half back an hour Saturday and spent 18 hours in some kind of space-time continuum loop, reliving Sunday (right up until the explosion). I was able to exit the loop only by reversing the polarity of the power source exactly e*log(p) clocks in the house while simultaneously rapping my dog on the snout with a rolled up Times. Accordingly, the next column will be up late, or early."

"I just found out that I was switched at birth. Legally, I shouldn't come to work knowing my employee records may now contain false information."

Or my favorite:
"My stigmata's acting up."

--Nick Boice

Again, I like #2.
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Choose any/all if you want.

Crystalis Help, and Suikoden2 fun advice!
'bout the Crystalis thing... the Psycho Shield is in the same place - the left hand branch in the Cave of Styx. Gotta use Flight to get over the river of boiling junk 'n stuff. For the Storm Bracelet... after beating Karmine and returning Kensu to his original form, there used to be a path in the back of the fort that led to a LOT of stairs and a weird glowing pool thing. Well, the path is still there, but they changed its location :P Save yourself some time and just take the Oasis Cave entrance, using the Flight spell to fly over the river just north of the entrance. And be ready for a serious story hit when you go through the Pyramid Extension :( Portability's nice, but I definately prefer the original's story to this one's :( And I definately agree about the music, too. They killed the Sky Tower theme and the Angry Sea's theme, not to mention the overworld and Shyron Fort themes :(

Also, nifty Suikoden 2 thing. I imported my Suikoden 1 data, and got McDohl on level 39 (I think he was something like level 58 in the original data....) but I didn't use him until the very end of the game. So what if he wasn't the level 60 or so tank he used to be... equip him with the experience-doubler thing, get into a fight in the VERY LAST AREA with five soldiers and a guard captian (or something) and kill off everyone BUT McDohl... and whip out Mr. Soul Eater! If he's on level 40... he jumps to level NINETY NINE!! I sure liked being able to cast his level four spell four times on the final boss >:) This trick works on any character (so long as they're the last one standing so they can hog all of the experience and so long as they're on level 40) but it's hellafun to do it with McDohl >:)


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me bad >=D

Brad: uh... heh. :)

Wrapping it up...

Well, that's it... time for me to get outta here... we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Brad "o/` Leeeaving, on a jet plane.. don't know when I'll be back again.." Lohr