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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 8 '00

I'm just not my normal Braddy self today.. I'm sorta in this funk, not really in a good mood, not really in a bad one.. just kinda "eh". Today's column represents that in a large manner, and I apologize in advance.

Let's try this over.. tomorrow.

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Maybe I'll be in the mood then.

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Question and Answer
Heh, heh.. more AC Questions..
Don't see too many of these in the column...

Which server do you play on? What kinda character do you play?

My warrior trained Item at level 9 and Arcane Lore at 16 but only so I could cast Recall/Portal. What kinda skill level do I need for that? Currently only at like 65 Item. Would it be possible to stack buffs? (Item Mastery Robe and some Jewelry?) I've died like 20 times in the last two days to the damn Lithos Lugians in the Citadel and I'd really like to just be able to recall straight there for corpse retrieval.

Also if ya know a good place to get some motes please share, I'd really like that peerless smoldering Atlan :)

-Chibi (Wish I could think of something to write here) Homa

I play on the FrostFell server.. my main character's name is Moot (inside joke, I didn't expect to end up really loving the character that he is, and so now I'm kinda stuck with the name...) he's a 3 school (Life/Item/Creature) axe warrior. Or as my my vassal Kwai would say, "You're a mage faeg with an axe". I have another character, Palom, who is a 4 school mage, but I'm just not as big on the mage stuff, so I ended up going back to Melee.

Item magic rules.

To do recalls, you need a bare minimum of 95ish (though people HAVE cast recalls with like 40 skill before, it's completely absurd to do so) skill. That is, 95 before you can do it reasonably without fizzling too much. Depending on your Arcane Lore, get yourself an item mastery wand, (less than 50 arcane, get a level 1, between 50-70, get a level 2, if you've got around 100, get a level 3).. those will add 10, 15, or 20 points to your skill respectively. If you have Focus/Self jewelry, then you can add more points, but another "item mastery" spell will not further increase your skill.

The best place for motes at your level is the Hall of Metos(aka Hall of Motes).. though I don't know your exact level. Get an acid weapon, and start working over the iron golems. They're good for motes. Heather and I pick up about 3 an hour in that place, when we're farmin' for 'em.

I've got yer Linus Torvalds right here, baby!
Hey brad, man of hunred-and-two-nicknames and only one girlfriend (I think). Again I have come to your shrine, seeking knowledge. 11th day will be my birthday and I am getting (and buying) some games, and I actually have no idea where to start! So what do you think of these: "Alundra 2", "Legend Of Mana","Star Ocean: The Second Story", "Vagrant Story","Wild Arms 2". I have played Alundra 1 and WA1 (they were gooood), but are the new ones worth of playing?

Btw. I am from Finland.. and we are really CRAP when it comes to soccer.. but who needs soccer, we have Linus Torvalds!

Webziz, king of my nerd-town

In as few words as I can say it: Star Ocean 2. But that's just my opinion. Wild Arms 2 is supposed to be good, Alundra2 isn't supposed to be all that much fun, (wah, I liked Alundra), Legend of Mana and Vagrant Story come off mixed, though Vagrant Story seems to get a lot of praise. But out of that, I know that SO2 was a sure fire winner for best RPG that year, for me. Btw, Linus Torvalds works in Santa Clara now, (I think?) .. for Transmeta. Heather has actually 'sorta' talked on the phone with him.

Jello PSX
Mister Lohr person sir,

I've yet to see this question asked/answered anywhere else, so feel special. Anyway, I have a van with a TV in it, and currently my SNES is plugged in there so I can blow people to bits in Bomberman during the 2+ hours it takes to get to Busch Gardens or the like. Now, I read how the PS One is coming out and it's going to be "portable", so to speak. You may not know, but do you think it'll have some sort of anti-skip protection used like in portable CD players? Maybe the regular PSX would still work, but since the lazer that reads the data often becomes misaligned by just sitting still, I highly doubt it would perform any better on the bee line going some 70 miles per. I figured if I have any chance of playing PSX games on the road, the PS One is it, but eh...

~The Sack~

Welllll... I'd say my PSX would -not- handle being on the road too much, and I kinda doubt that they're making any serious anti-skip protection into it.

I could be wrong.

Of course, you could make some anti-skip of your own.. but that'd take some serious engineering. :) I always thought those little gel bags would suspend a CD Player or PSX really well, regardless of outside motion. Donno. :)

Nazhuret, master of all things PC.. or something.

Someone yesterday asked about the availability of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for Playstation. Since that is no longer in production, I wanted to point out that the PC port of Lunar is scheduled to be out by the end of this summer. Which, on the Working Designs calendar, roughly equates to Q4 2001. But it will get here eventually, and I plan on buying it. And here's one for me: do you know if it will be packaged with the same or (dare I dream) more goodies than the Playstation version?

- Naz

Currently, we don't really know. I asked Mike, who has the best contact with WD, and well, he doesn't know... but they usually throw something together. I'm not sure if it'll have the same goodies, though.. as the hardcover book was PSX shaped, but then again, who knows.

Uh oh! Suikoden!
Hey Lohracle,

I'm just wandering,is it normal that Kaji...heh,McDohl has MP for level 1-3 but is still only able to use the first spell?That sounds bad doesn't it?


Well, yeah, it is. He only gains new spells during specific story events during the game. Once those story events happen, new spells will be "unlocked".

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Just for Everyone's Information
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 18:51:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brad Lohr <>

Lots of people got all over me because I supposedly "trash talked" wicca.. when I meant no such thing. I really don't know much about it, and am not a hater of wiccans at -all-. I'm a total believer in freedom of belief, and I hope yer not pissed with me about me just trying to be funny in a column. :|

- Brad

> If you really want to know more about Wicca, then go to
> That's all I have to say.
> -Undine

Go Pahn!
*** Suikoden Spoilers of a Large Magnitude ***

I know you're gonna get a million of these in response to a question yesterday. Pahn can win the fight with Teo, but he has to have a high defense with a lvl 9 weapon at least, and be at least in the early 30's lvl wise. Him, plus all the other characters, will let you revive Gremio right before the final battle.

[ Yes, I knew this (of course!) .. I also suggest the best armor you can find for Pahn, and also, check the FAQs out on the net, you can tell what Teo is going to do by what he says, and there are good reaction for each.

I don't know if this has LoD Spoilers or not :)
Volrath the Fallen asked a question about Dragoon Levels in Legend of Dragoon Goog's column, and I would like to clarify something: you do NOT NEED to do Additions to get Dragoon Levels. D'Levels are dependent upon SP gained in battle through attacking (i.e. not with Spirit Potions, although I could be wrong about that one). So even if you suck at Additioning, you'll get a level if you attack enough. Just spend some time with Shana/Miranda if you get the chance--she'll gain a level with enough time. The problem is that for all the fighters except for Shana/Miranda, normal attacks rarely yield a significant amount of SP. So, in effect, if you want to gain D'Levels QUICKLY, you need to use Additions, but they aren't absolutely necessary.

"Ryu recovers with willpower"

WA2 Answer.. I gotta get that game. :(
I ran into the same problem trying to find the Fab Lab, until I realized that another part of the FAQ said you couldn't enter it without Marivel in your party. So I decided to put her at the front, and voila! It works just fine from there.
...Crystalis? I've .. never played it. Geez guys!
Hey Brad.

Need some help... If you can't answer this, I'd really appreciate it if you'd print it so someone else might be able to answer it.

Being easily my favorite NES game, I got Crystalis for GBC the day after it came out... though the extra frames of animation and the new music is kinda cool, I really miss the old title screen and some of the old music (what happened to that kickass music in Shyron or the Pyramid!?).

Anyways, I just finished the pyramid... even went so far as to blow up the statues with my bow of sun and moon... But... I'm missing two things: the Psycho Shield and the Storm Bracelet... I don't quite remember where these were in the NES game, but I KNOW that I always had them both when I got to this point. Some of the item locations and dungeons have been modified, so it's quite possible that they've been moved (the Battle Armor, for example, is where the Leather Boots used to be), but I can't find them!

Please please please help?


Anyone hear of this? I'm woefully uninformed. :(
Hi Brad!

I was looking at my IGN newsletter and I noticed how they talked about a Square Millenium Package. It included three titles- Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Saga Frontier. With them came t-shirts, a deck of cards, and a clock. Do you know anything about this? Is there any possible way I could get my hands on such a great package?



Pastor Luc I. Makuma = Pastor, look I am akuma (demon, devil)? If that isn't a troll name what is?


Brad: I honestly, when first getting the letter, tried to come up with something the name meant, but couldn't. Then again, I don't know Japanese. :) Thanks.

The little critters of nature, they don't know that they're ugly... Hey Guido, it's all clear now, I'm the keeper of the cheese, and you are the lemon merchant, let's get outta here before he sicks the marmosets on us...

Brad: You sick little monkey!

It's my birthday tomorrow, but the one who gives birthday quickies is Google! I'm cursed!

But I have an attempt at a quickie anyway: If I can kick the Iseria Queen's butt in SO2 (I mean, it's sad), should I go ahead and de-limiterize Indalecio?

-Mike, now closer to 30 than 18

Brad: I don't normally do birthday quickies on the sole merit of birthdayness, just because, well.. eh. :) That's Goog's thing. Anyhow, the de-limiterizing Indalecio gives him the unholy power to wipe the ground with you for another 100 levels or so. Make your choice, but make it wisely.

Hello Brad I have a question. I was wondering how you see the new cinemas in ffanthology. I have passed key points in both games, yet only seen the opening one for each. Please help me!!

Brad: I believe there is only the opening/closing cinematics, and then s afew are unlocked after you beat FF6 (few? maybe only 1)..

Wrapping it up...

Okay... sorry about my attitude problem. Or something. I'm just out of it. Like I said, we'll try again tomorrow.. I'll try to be more into it. :) Send me weird stuff to cheer me up, or something.

Brad "... ... ... (Crono is that you?!)" Lohr