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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - July 3 '00

Even before I open the mailbox, I somewhat fear the contents. I don't know, last night's column was done in this blur of hurry, laughter and me being distracted by tons of things... yet I vaguely remember saying things that might have some impact on the mail I recieve today... I'm tired again tonight.. but whatever.

Anyhow.. I got a bed today. :)

That's important, because I've been sleeping in a mattress on the floor for the last month, and before that, for several months, I was sleeping on some foam pads on the floor.

Tonight, I finally return to that of the bed-sleeping folks.

I can hardly contain myself.

It's the end!

No more Mr. Weekend Guy.
Sorry folks, try again on Saturday.

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Asheron's Call
Well, I finished Suikoden 2 today. Got the best-best-best ending, and am very well pleased. All 108, plus best-best-best ending! Woot!
In Brad's Head:
I spent the last hour or so running through the NW of Dereth looking for a damn corpse.
Finally found the damn thing. :(
Sorry I couldn't talk more, Agrajag, catch me in the evenings after about 7pm Pacific.
Question and Answer
Pahn, you stop that dying RIGHT NOW MISTER.
Oh, almighty Oracle...

Me thinks that "Pastor Makuma" was intentionally outta touch. At least I hope so, otherwise I will have lost all faith in humankind. Then, i'd take over the world with my collection of robotic butter knives. Nothing will stop me... muahahaha... (Hey, and give me the URL to that site, i like to heckle idiots. Pleeeeeeease... :-)

[ No can do.. sorry. :) ]

And yes, I DO have some questions!

1. Is there any way to defeat the modchip lockout in Wild Arms 2? I mean, I got my modchip specifically for import games (Fire Pro Wrestling G, yay!), and I feel as if i've been screwed outta an RPG... Of course, it being a plugmod, I could just take it out, but it's also my gameshark, and i'm a compulsive cheater as well... Wahhh... :-(

Well... you know, I've heard of several different things.. but nothing like super-confirmed, (I admit to being VERY out of the importing loop.. I don't have enough time to play the translated RPGs, let alone give a whirl to the ones I don't have a hope of reading. I'd say unplug the Game Shark, and play it like a real man. ;)

2. This isn't a question, more of a vent: I'm beginning to get mad at Suikoden. Pahn keeps dying at Teo's hands, and I can't figure out why. I actually took the time to level him up to around 30 (he WAS at 8), and he still dies with one hit from Teo. Maybe I just suck...

Remember to put decent armor on him, and sharp up his weapons. Then go grab yerself an FAQ which has the meanings of each of the statements that Teo says, so you know what he's going to do... and remember. Defend when he Wild-Attacks. :)

3. My dad gave me $150 yesterday for absolutly no reason whatsoever. I don't know why, but he said it's all mine. What goodies should I go for?

..I hear Vagrant Story is good, and Legend of Dragoon... well, check out JD's review. You could also try out Diablo2, or save it and buy Chrono Cross. :)

Well, thanks for putting up with me. It's 10:23 AM, meaning I woke up WAYYYY too early (in total, I got 6 hrs of sleep). Tell Heather that she did a good job today, and deserves a mint cookie. :-) OK, I'll shut up now.

Since she reads the column, I'll let you speak for yourself.


Am I Gamerrrrrrrrrrr enuff!?!?
Hey Brad, you know about computers more than me, I'm sure.....

Ok, I want to get Diablo 2 and also I'd like to be able to play on the net. I think I need an upgrade or possibly I may just be better off gettting a new computer. My processor is AMD K-2 (I think) at 200 mhz. Are AMD processors any good for gaming? I have 32MB EDO RAM and I haven't checked to see how many sim and dim slots I have left but hopefully I have enough. Also, I have a S3 Trio 2MB 64Bit Video Card. Is that any good? I don't plan on getting a 3Dfx card right now. Got any advice for me?


Well, the two main important pieces (in my opinion) are the video card, and the RAM you've got. Coming in 3rd, for online games is bandwidth, (though this should be 1st in all categories, as bandwidth is more important than anything else... er.. </geek> .. anyhow.) Those two make the real magic of gaming GO. Processor is on the list, and to be serious, a 200 is probably a bit slow for the high level of detail that D2 is gonna want. Then again, it might work fine. I'd spend money on a good video card first. :) As for AMD/Intel .. that's a holy war I'm not getting into. Middle of the road people would say there isn't much of a difference between the two.. go with your bad self.

Money Problems...
If Nedians sealed themselves off from the rest of the universe 600 billion bazillion years ago like Narl said they did, how does Expel, which didn't even exist at the same time, use the same currency as Nede?


That's easy. Energy Nede may be sealed off from everyone else in the world, but before they did that, they made sure that they had all the banking systems in the universe secured. Can you imagine the kind of interest returns you'd get on 600 billion years, compounded!? The numbers are astronmical. Of course, so is the price of orange juice... talk about tarriffs!

It's all about the screencaps, baby.
Hey brad, oracle, person, guy, whatever, I was wondering how you guys get screen shots on games like playstation. I'm sure its some hardware thing but like where could I find one, and how much do they generally cost?

Eternally gratefull..... (maybey),
Disgrunted' lali ho' Dwarf

Well, personally, I plug my PSX into the back of my computer, since I have an ATI All in Wonder card. (Very good cards, by the way)... then I run a little TV application, which allows me to take screenshots. That's how I got all those beautifully done shots of Star Ocean 2, a year-n-somethin' ago. Neatest thing about the TV app: You can make it run as your wallpaper.. that's right, PSX screen (moving, playing, everything), as your wallpaper! Watch out for that Recycle Bin!

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Diablo2 priase.. and WD cryptography breaking attempt...
Brad, Lord of Terror-

I've got Diablo II. I am writing simply to inform anyone who has been hiding under a rock for the last century (or at least year or two) of the greatness of he who is called Diablo. I can't even tell you (because sploilers are bad, mmmkay|?) how awesome the storyline is, but if you enjoyed the first game in this series, you won't be disappointed. The character classes are awesome, the skills learned (from the manual: Fist of the Heavens- This spell allows the paladin to summon the power of holy vengeance. Manifesting as lightning from the heavens, these bolts rain down from the sky, exploding into a thousand shafts of light that radiate outwards to banish evil from the battlefield.) kick ass, and did I mention the story line already?

Hey, a real question would be good. When you say game.ReleaseDate=+30, do you mean weeks, moths, or years? Cause I'd hate to have to wait until I'm 50 for Lunar EB.

... dude, ask WD, it's their time-line that they push back. :)

Fish Hook

Christian Defense...
If that letter from "Pastor" Makuma was real, well that's sad enough, but I have a hard time believing it was(especially after those phoney editorials and letters from concerned parents a good ways back. I'm just getting tired of seeing religious people(including Christians) made to look like idiots and/or hate-mongers by these people, real or not. Most of us are NOT close-minded(I did a report back in high school in defense of D&D) and we would appreciate some positive representation every now and then. You would be surprised how many Christians play RPGs(not to mention how many weren't offended by FFT) and how many of them are offended by this crap. And yes, I know about all the horrors carried out by the "Church" during the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and whatnot, but if you judge the whole based on the actions of the few, that's just racism applied on a theological level(just another senseless crusade or jihad). So could we please stop printing the letters of zealots and net-trollers and get some intelligent discussion in here? Please?


[ I've said it before, and I'll say it again. While I am not Christian myself, several of my best friends in this world are, and are very decent, MILD MANNERED, non-idiotic, very highly devoted, and nearly completely sane people. The idiots do exist though... mostly because the decent ones are scared by the radical ones, I mean, they are pretty scary. :) ]

Okay, this answers a quickie down below...
This is to Heather, Brad, AND Pastor Luc I. Makuma who wrote in yesterday. I do not like it when people insult my religion. I am a Wiccan, and we are not Satanists, nor are we homosexuals. It is not crap. We are healers. Even the witches who use black magick are NOT Satanists as is common belief. In fact, we do not even belive in the Christian God. Pagans were around aeons before Christians, and this "Hell" place is no more a part of our religious beliefs as Putty the Dog. I know that there are many references to mythology of different religions, but that does not bother me. There are MANY MANY MANY references to Paganism (i.e. Mana Goddess, sort of), but it doesn't bother me in the least. I think it's pretty cool that they incorporate mythical creatures and ideals into video games. And if anybody has a problem with that, then I guess, see you in Hel. I do not like it when people insult Dungeons and Dragons or video games either, because I like Dungeons and Dragons and video games. What's wrong with a bit of fantasy?

Thank you for listening.

[ Just as a precaution, I'm sorry about the stoner comment. :) All in good fun. ]


I was just wondering... Whats your favorite Final Fantasy?

Brad: I'm very partial to 6 as my favorite, though 4 and 5 were both VERY good.

Hey Brad! How's it going?

It's not fair!! Indalecio is STILL beating me up. Why'd I hafta remove his limiter?? (sob sob) Claude is level freakin' 185 (with everyone else not too far behind), the Cave of Trials is almost done (I'm at Gabria Celeste) with Levatine Swords and Holy Sword Farwells up the yin yang (wherever that is (I failed bio)). WHY BRAD?!?! Just make him DIE!!! I want my ending!!!!

(Cough) 'scuse me.


Brad: Dude, you asked for it.. don't come cryin' to me. :)

I had to look up vapid in the dictionary....

Brad: ... tee hee.

hey brad, just one real quick question, what the hell is wicca???

me as in kage goei

Brad: Well, it's some non-christian thing. They get all pissed off at Wiccans, (Chrstians), so it might have to do with crucifying or stoning people. In fact, come to think about it.. I think Wiccan philosophy has a lot to do with stoning people. Of course, I'm not a religion scholar, so I'm just blowing steam and attempting to be funny. :)

You're 21? I thought you were a -lot- younger than that. . .yikes. . . .heh heh. . .oh. . .sorry. . . -___-;;


Brad: .. that's me, dashing young women's hopes across America, and beyond. Or something.

Heather Rules!


Brad: I kinda like her myself. :)

Wrapping it up...

Well, there wasn't half the evil that could have been in my Mailbox today that there was. I like it. Anyhow, it's late, I'm tired, and well, it's Goog's turn tomorrow.

Brad "Hey you, gay Wiccan Pikachu!" Lohr