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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - June 25 '00

Alrighty... here's Sunday. Only one more day to go! Woohoo! .. heh.

The votes are comin' in for the Heather thing, but it looks like most everyone wants her to participate.

That's going to be an interesting day. :P

Anyhow, It's not the biggest column ever.. but I need to save some stuff for tonight, so I can do Monday's column.

Monday.. monday?

Manic Monday.
Hrm. This'll be interesting.

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Clive is coool.
I mean, he was cool in 1..
But he dodges bullets!
Question and Answer
Various games, FF7, Suikoden2, and Legend of Legaia
Hiya Brad!

I've been thinkin' lately 'bout a few things an' they'er buggin' me! Anyway, when you play FF7 in disc 2 you'll meet Zack and I've been informed (alot) that there's a way to make him join the party but how do you do that? And there's somethin' else I wanna ask... In Legend of Legaia there's a minigame called "Baka Fighter" why did they call it "'Baka' Fighter?! How many endings are there in Suikoden II ? And lastly will you be my friend?

THE Mighty Gundam Fighter

Well, for 1, Zack can never be a part of your party in FF7. Period. I don't even really recall meeting him... but maybe I'm just lost right now. 2) Suikoden 2 endings? I'm thinking about 4, from the texts that I've read. As for Legaia, Baka supposedly means 'stupid' or 'dumb'.. I guess that's just because it's really only a glorified Paper/Rock/Scissors spinoff, and the game devs knew that. :)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Disc Swappin' with the Game Hunter
This is for the guy who asked about playing imports with the game hunter

All you have to do to play import games is lift the spring up off the button that detects whether the cover is open or closed. Actually, if the spring isn't too tight, simply pushing up a little on the cover can take enough pressure off the button to make the PSX detect the cover as open. Since the disk stops spinning when the game wants the next disc, you can just change disks, lift the spring for a moment so it knows you've opened the cover and swapped, and go on.


"Public Service Announcement"
Dear Lohracle...

First, a haiku:

Heather should guest host
Japanophiles will condemn
This mundane haiku


I had a rather bad experience with IGN PSX, and I really hope that you post this and tell people about it. I'm not entirely trying to make bad publicity with them, although after e-mailing them twice about the problem and not getting anything resembling an answer, I think people do need to know that they post letters with spoilers in their PSX letters column WITHOUT warning. I got the end of Xenogears spoiled for me and haven't touched it since. I'd honestly just advise that unless you're a huge RPG buff, avoid the column altogether, because I know I felt really cheated after that and haven't gone to their letters column since.

And finally an actual question...can you believe Lunar got just a T rating? That game is scandalous! "Do you know what I like most about this costume? How easily it comes off..." Scandalous, I say, scandalous!

-Ted O'Reilly

[ Heh.. I don't know, after I got old enough that that stuff didn't bother me at all, I stopped paying attention. If you compare the "Teen" rating to PG-13, I'd say that honestly, it works out to about the same thing. Think about PG-13 movies nowadays. ]

Everyone should know about babelfish.. though I didn't know they did Japanese
Hey Brad,

This is for anyone who wants to read a webpage that is in a language that they don't understand (like, oh I don't know... Japanese). If you go to you can translate whole webpages to english. Hope you all enjoy Square's page!



Heather should guest host-
feminine views are lacking,
except for Google's.

Brad: I would just like to note that Heather does NOT really play console games, period... (though she does like to play Gauntlet Legends with me), so if ya'll are thinking she's some video gaming grrrrl... the only part you got right is the 'grrrrr' :)

Please let dear Heather
Guest host with you next weekend
That would make me gay


P.S. And that was gay as in happy, you awful, awful man!

Brad: Roffles have ridges. :)

How dare you put Swappy-Poo as your column header as that looks too much like Scrappy-Doo, that horribly convulted creature that invaded the Mystery Mobile and crapped all over the seats. And then talked. DOGS CAN'T TALK!

~SmartLaine "Suffocation, takes no coordination, suffocation, a game we all can play!"

Brad: I think you've got Scooby-Doo related issues, which need to be taken care of. :P

There's nothing better
Although I've never met her
Than guest host Heather.

Brad: That's above and beyond clever. 3 votes for you! Not that it matters.. at this point (14 messages into a mailbox of 131), there have been no "No"s cast. :)

A Dragoon isn't a cavalryman....or a jumping twit, or someone who kills/rules dragons, it's a dead guy, whose been rescued and shoved in a big 4-legged mechanical body, that shoots photon stuff at things!

-Baz ::boots up starcraft::

Brad: "Affirmative"

Heather should guest host
Because having Brad non-stop
Is too much to bear

Brad: Oh, thanks.. :P

Yes yes yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes please.


Brad: (laugh) Another 'clever' one :)

Hey I just saw the movie "Boys and Girls" and Jason Biggs called himself Hunter most of the movie, then admitted that his real name was Steve. Brad influences Hollywood....


Brad: Because of your cleverness, you get two quickies printed today!

Heather is foxy
one fine lady to do it...
the column you perv!


Brad: ................

What would Caramon think? What do you mean think?! It's Caramon. If he ever did think, it would be about spiced potatoes.

--Da Goblin King

Brad: hahahahahaha.. :) good point.

Hey Brad,

Who is this Heather of which you speak? I figure from your recent column it is some kind of half Dragoon/half Mall-rat, as that was ALL YOUR COLUMN WAS ABOUT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! MALLLLLLLL-RATTTTTTTTTTSSSSS!


Brad: Proving again that drugs are a problem in America's children... :)

Do I want Heather
You asked and I say this thing
I just do not care

Brad: Now how am I supposed to count THAT.

Yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes

-Joshie-Washie Puddin' an' Pie

Brad: A bit late to be fully clever, but you didn't know that. :)

Wrapping it up...

Well, that was mostly quickies, but hey, that's mostly what I got today.. I'm about halfway through the mail box, and well, the vote is currently 67 to 8 in favor of Heather.. so I suppse we'll get her in here sometime next weekend. Heh, heh. She cannot resist the pull of internet celebritydom!

Brad "That last line's gonna cost me..." Lohr