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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - June 16 '00

I wouldn't have been late today, if it weren't for so much going on... I'm really sorry about that.. mostly because it sucks when you come home from school... er.. wait a second.. you guys aren't going to school anymore. I'm not sorry. :D

Anyhow... here's today's column, I'm a bit short of time, and a bit short of words, not too into talking right now... so here it goes:

Where's the beef?

Give me cow.
Dude.. Shaft the movie, tonight.

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Beat S1 with all 108 stars this week. I rock.
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MP3z R us!
Wassup Brad,

Where can I download a copy of the Vandal Hearts song everyone is talking about? I'm interested in hearing it, especially since someone wrote in and said it's in Croatian, and I myself am a Croat (although I was born and raised in the U.S.). I've done a few web searches, but haven't come up w/anything. Thanks a lot,


Well, I've never seen it on MP3 or anything, (Maybe someone with the Soundtrack has it, (please do not email me the mp3, let me know that you have it, and I'll say, "okay, mail it to me"...)), but you could also go and rent the game.. :) I know that's a crazy idea.. but.. heyyyy.. what can I say. I'm a crazy guy.

Suikoden 1 questions.. hey hey!
So, Lohracle, I hear you're playing Suikoden again as of last weekend. Well, here's a few quick questions of opinion.
  1. Favorite of the 6 Imperial Generals?

    Hrm... probably Kasim. He's a cool dude. Calm, and not goofy lookin' like Kwanda. (Hell, not to mention Milich. :o)

  2. Alen & Grenseal or Camus & Miklotov

    Alen and Grenseal, of course... pretty boy attack!

  3. Hero McDohl or Suikoden II's guy?

    McDohl doesn't have nearly the babyface that S2's hero does. And forget that pansy shield rune crap. SOUL EATER.

  4. Vincent and Simone- more than friends?

    .... (snicker)....

Ok, I'm done. Later.


Mana Tree, or Blue's dumb spell learning...
Hey Oracle!

I've just got a brief question. Do Secret of Mana and SaGa Frontier have the same composer? I was playing through Secret of Mana, and I noticed that one of the songs is identical to one I've heard in SaGa Frontier. After playing SoM, I really want LoM now. I get it tomorrow...hopefully.


JD says no, they are both done by different people. Sometimes the hunch on "this music sounds the same as ____! works out.. (Xenogears/Chrono Trigger), sometimes it's just guys who went to school together. :)

This is why you should say "No" to drugs.
*** Legend of Mana Spoilers On the Left Hand Side... ***

Hello brad, google (whoevers there) (No sucking up sorry)

I've got to say that Legend of Mana is one of the best games I have ever played. Also the dragon event is not the end of the game (although really close) I'm not going to say what is so don't worry. And some good info to everybody whose playing the gam don't make weapons or armor out of gems, just trust me, I made a weapon out of emerald and it had a attack power of only one (this made me very angry seeing how i spent 9,000 lucre on it)

Also the best material to make stuff out of (that I found) is IshePlatinum, some more advice is to save the little dragon blood you find, I wont tell you the effect it has on weapons but its very nice!! I know this because I beat it last night!!!

Now on to my questions: In lets say ten years how much will the neo-geo pocket cost? You see I have owned one since it came out (I guess I was rebelling from Nintendo, look what it got me...) I also have three games (including the most horrid rpg ever: Biomotor Unitron) So i'm going to wrap it up now. But one last thing google I bet your disgusted because I beat Legend of Mana before you even played it... HA HA HA! Well I gotta' go pass the duchie to the left-hand side, BUH-BYE!!

Richard - Now beating Nightmare mode - Bjorem

I can't really say that the Neo-Geo pocket is going to be worth anything down the line. Game systems just don't seem to have that collector's quality about them. Some games do, that's for sure, but if you take the NES, or hell, the Atari2600 for example.. you can get the 2600 for like $10 if you're unlucky.. ($5 if you are), or a NES offa EBay for like what, $20?

AC vs. UO .. hrmm
Hi Brad.

I recently got a job, and thus a source of money. I'm trying to decide between Ultima Online and Asheron's Call. A couple of my friends have UO, and it sounds good, and it's slightly cheaper (the cost of the game itself, I mean, I think the monthly charges are the same), but AC sounds really cool too, especially from what you've talked about. So, what I'm asking is this: can you tell me anything about either of these games that can help me decide?


Just like EQ, I've never played UO. But the real problem I'd have suggesting it would be the fact that it's older. AC is still getting updates and changes, storyline is still progressing, and it's being maintained, regularly. But the main point is, these are group games. Find a group of people you can play with, and no matter what kind of game it is, it'll be fun. AC, EQ, UO, they all work that way. BTW, you didn't hear it from me, but AC doesn't require a CD in order to play.. so if you happen to have a CD, and install it, all you have to pay for is the Zone account. ($9.95/mo).

... stop hitting on me! ...
Have you heard anything regarding the length of LoM? I'm asking because, despite the fact that it's a really really sweet mofo of a game, there are three other RPGs I need to play through as well (that'd be SaGa Frontier, Vagrant Story, and Legend of Dragoon) and I want to know how to divy my time up appropriately. At least it's summer...

~Bishounen Zach~

PS - You're cute.

I fear someone named Zach saying I'm cute. :|

Anyhow, I hear LoM isn't that long at all, but I could be mistaken.. ah, report in, someone finished it in 25ish hours.. but said you could spent quite a bit more time on it... so think 30-35 regular, I'd say.

But, but, I'm not REALLY Chaotic!
Senioracal Brad

I have a question that you must answer. In tactics ogre, how do you keep characters from leaving your party. My main character is chaotic, and a lawful knight keeps on leaving after battle. And another thing, (I think this is something wrong with my game but) everytime he leaves the game freaks out, it makes static-y buzzing noises and the text gets purple globs in it.

For some reason I never have this problem... I'm not sure about raising loyalty, (And I'm sure I mentioned being not sure about it before... and I can't even remember if it was answered, old age seeeeping in..) but maybe if you were nicer to your people. You should try taking them out training, and using healing items on them. Then they'd be more fullfilled. :) Or give them something neat, so that when they leave you anyway, you actually FEEL the fact that they're gone. Then they'll have their little reven--- ... ahem.

PS2 games.. first on my list.. (so far..)
Hey Brad,

I just pre-ordered my PS2, but I haven't pre-ordered any games yet. What do you suggest?

The Archmage


Just one thing comes to mind right now: Armored Core 2. :) Yummmmy.

Well, honestly.. the old plot monkeys were better.
Heeeey Duuuude (hahaha!),

What do you know about companies getting plots for their RPGs? I mean, are stories submitted to them or do they just yell down to their plot monkeys: "HEY PLOT MONKEYS! We need a story about the end of the world and the group that saves it. If you can, give the hero mental problems."

...with some of the games I've been playing lately, it feels like it was written by a bunch of chimps-- and it's no Hamlet either.

--Your Mother's Underwear

Well, let's just say that the OLD plot monkeys, who brought you such classics as "Save the Princess stolen away by the evil wizard" and "Main Male Character and Main Female Character Live happily ever after" have been brought into my Arctic Monkey ranks. Now they write the plot for "BRAD TAKES OVER THE WORLD HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA" part 2.

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Brad gets owned!
In response to your reply to 'd' yesterday, you said that:
To be perfectly correct, French, Spanish, Italian, and related languages are called "romantic" languages, which are Latin-based, whereas German(duh), English, Danish, and other languages are considered "germanic" languages. Germanic languages, however, are still rooted in Latin. Lots of English words are very Latinish. Of course, lots of Egnlish (sic) words are very Greek, too.. but that's a whole new ballgame.
In actuality, German and Latin are both categorized as Centum languages in the Indo-European language family. Centum and Satem languages are so-called for the respective usage of sounds in the word meaning "one hundred" in the corresponding proto-Indo-European language roots. Centum (pronounced with a hard K sound, for example as in "Celtic" which is also a Centum language) languages use a "velar stop" rather than a "palatal stop".

However, it is their that the fundamental similarities between Germanic and Italic languages for classification purposes stop. While there are many "loan words" from Latin in German, for example, the word "appendix" (and other medical terms), the presence of loan words does not change the basis of the language. Languages typically over time absorb words into them from others, but words alone do not make a language. Grammar is probably the ultimate definition of a language. Words alone do not make a language any more than a pile of bricks and lumber make a building. Grammar is the blueprint that completes the linguistic architecture. (I'll stop before my metaphors get any worse.) Modern English has changed greatly from when William Shakespeare wrote his many plays (yes, Shakespeare wrote in Modern English, not in Old or even Middle English), from spelling changes to the addition of many words from many different languages, but what has not changed is that English is a Germanic and not an Italic language.

I hope this has cleared up some of the misunderstanding concerning the heritage of the English language.

--Alaric Darconville

Equals WHAT!?
I liked how JD had the left hand Nav column constant the whole way through the Update. You both cut it off as soon as you jump into the letters, I just say try to find a constant template [you both use different ones, fugly habits...] and also a reader recommendation [which equals squat] is keep the column constant.


Well, I personally worked a while to get that column on the left to cut off, since it serves ABSOLUTELY no purpose, once you get below the heading, but if enough people like it like that, (check out JD's column here), and let me know about it, we'll see about fixin' that up.

Crystalis Fans... fear not!
To anyone that was concerned that Crystalis might not come out in the US, its not being ported by SNK anyway, so you don't have to worry about it. The company porting it is NST, the same company that made bionic commando for GBC.

That doesn't mean it will definitly come out, but the fact that SNK is closing its US office probably isn't going to affect whether it was going to come out anyway.

Mini-Review on Legend of Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon is completely cool, go out and get it. The bettle system is fun, the music is decent (got nothing on Mitsuda though), and the graphics a really good. The battles can be kinda slow in the begining but once you get used to the Additions it picks up. I got it the day it came out, by accident actually. I just happened to go to the mall at the right time I guess. Anyway, everyone should get it... or Wild ARMS 2. Their both awesome.


A cookie for you!
I just got to tell everyone. After about one month of hard work, I finally beat the Ancient Cave in Lufia 2. If not for collecting the Iris Treasures, then for the glory you feel after you beat it is well worth it.

I was about 45-55 xp level wise. I gunned it at floor 60 (was getting late and I was tired, wanted to find an Iris or blue chest to make my trip worth it). Found nothing, so I dodged them gold dragons and just ran till I either ended at the slime or got a worthy item. Got to the slime first :)

I had the Deker Blade, so I used it's IP to take out a big portion of his life (like 5000). Guy had no IP, and I spent my first round with Selen casting haste on Dekar to try to have him go first (should have had her attack as it did no good). By the third round, slime not dead yet, Dekar takes the last swing. Success, I had just managed to beat the slime. I skipped like 30 floors worth of level building, and didn't have the Gades Blade (IP = 8 hits in a row). Now all that is left is finding the other three Iris treasures (chest runs are a peice of cake commpared to slime runs if you know what I mean). When Dekar took that last swing, I was almost possative it wouldn't be enough, but it was just barley. Believe it or not, this was my very first time to actually get to the slime, and I beat him in one try :)

Now I can brag to my brother who spent over a month, and even got to him several times (he has no job and no life, so lots of RPG time). Sorry, but Cherry Coke got me through this, not Orange Soda. I was wondering if this was worth giving up playing time on beating Lufia 2 and moving to Xenogears after that. It was :)

PS, tell Googleshng that I am sorry for beating up his boss.

PPS, now I can be refered to as "Upper class man Kuno Tataw.. I mean Kraken". Or can I at least get a cookie?

Your Brave adventure has been recorded in the annals of recording for all time! A COOKIE IS YOU! winner...doh.

This man loves Bush.
I was just looking through the release dates here at RPGamer and realized that Final Fantasy IX is scheduled to come out on Nov. 7th, election day (in the United States) Now I can vote for Bush and pick up FF9 on the same day!

... Jacob

The next time Al Gore says: "Why can't we stop these mean, vicious, personal attacks and stick to the issues.", I pray for the reply: "I'd like to Al, but your abject dishonesty and criminal activity IS the issue. As soon as I take office, you'd better get yourself a good lawyer."


All I've gotta say is while I'm not a big Al Gore fan... and I am a registered Republican .. but Bush? ugh. I'm sorry, but the guy just isn't my idea of a really great President. I like him like I liked the preppy 'suit-and-tie' Republican-club members in high school that thought they were better than eveyrone else because they knew how to cash their father's stock for lunch money. Bah. I wish McCain was coming back.


"In a row?"

goddammit, you just made me spray Dew all over my good keyboard. :)

btw, EMACS!!! bwahahahaha!

Brad: Dude... if you've gotta spray... spray in this. ... VIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVIVI. :P

Mutants don't like to be called mutants. They prefer "Normally Challenged."

-Nova, the SG

Brad: "Get out of my way, Mutant!"

so did you play legend of dragoon yet? its sitting 5 feet from me, laughing at me because i have to study for finals. damn....

Brad: No new games for me until the car engine gets paid off. boo-hoo :( .. Wel, Chrono Cross I'll probably buy regardless. But that'd be it.

I'm on Day Three wisdom-teeth-less, and I'm not in pain, but I haven't been on meds for, like, a year (not even Aspirin), and now I'm all feverish and nauseous. I'm sure you really wanted to know. At least I have Legend of Mana, and I'm writing my first FAQ ever! Anyhow, I haven't annoyed you in a while, so I decided now was a good time. Hello!

Your Humble (and ill) Servant,
Insanerest of AOL

Brad: Oddly enough, I've still got all of my wisdom teeth intact.. though they haven't all finished fuly comin' in yet. What can I say, almost 22 years old, no wisdom teeth.. I'm a late bloomer. ;P


does the search engine pay Google royalties? Or does Google pay them royalties?

~Tom and the Random Questions Bureau.

Brad: Actually, eveyrone owes ME money.

I found a used copy of Suikoden for $10.

Bow down to my feet!

Brad: That's cool and all.. but you still haven't had it for 2 years. :)

Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die!!!!


Brad: I'm not the six-fingered man. Freak.

HAHAHA I sent you a blank e-mail. I just totally wasted your time with THIS blank e-mail. Blankety blank blank blank blankety bla ... oh wait ... you can see me? D'oh!


Brad: Your invisibility is rendered useless to my k-rad seeign powers! Fall before my reetness!

I felt like sending you this email because I always spam Google but I never spam you


Brad: Share the love, Chachi!

How many hit points does Janet Reno have?


Brad: 666.

Wrapping it up...

I'm tired. I'll be back tomorrow with more energy.... I hope. :)

Brad "Help, help! I'm being repressed!" Lohr