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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - June 2 '00

You die today!

Iron Golem bashes you for 3 points of Bludgeoning Damage!

You corrode Iron Golem for 65 points of acid damage!

... er.. hi!

How's it going?

Can you tell what I've been doing all week? :P

Right. Column. Anyhow, today, I got a lot of quickies.. and not a whole lot else.. though I guess it'll work. so if everything kinda seems quickie-based, well, that's because there are 29 of them. :P

How you doin' this mornin'?

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Question and Answer
Suikoden 3
Hey Bradley,

Was wondering if Suikonden 3 and/or side story used saved games from the past 2 Suikodens. I have had the saves on my memory card from both games. I can't believe I've kept Suikoden data for the 4-or-so years it's been released. Wouldn't it be cool if data from both games could be used? I know S3 is on the PS2, but that shouldn't stop then considering PS2 can use PS memory cards (or was that idea canned, I haven't been keeping track). Anyway, I hope it does, because then I have a reason for buying as new memory card to keep data from old games.


It hasn't been announced yet whether or not Suikoden 3 will continue in the the trend of the previous game in using past save data... but I can tell you from the number of "Suikoden Freaks" (as Maciel puts it) on RPGamer staff, that we'll have news on it as soon as we find it.

Andrew Vestal -- Unmasked!
Oh <suck-up comment>Mighty, Supreme Lohracle</suck-up comment> please answer this question for a looooooooooonnnng time RPGamer...

I've been visiting this site since way before RPGamer was RPGamer... in other words, I was using this site when it still the Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage and Andrew V. was designing the site with good-old Notepad.

I know when he left for college he gave up the site and it became RPGamer, but <begin question finally!> has anyone heard from him since? Do you know if he still reads the site, participates in it, you know-- stuff like that? </end question>

Just curious... I know he did a really good job on the site and so has everyone that is on the staff (past and present!). This site is definitely a great resource to gamers, and it would be good to know that the "founding father" approved of the site as well.

Thanks oh Great One!

Aaron M. Hall

Well, I've been told that AV actually reads this column from time to time, and almost always does when his name shows up.. :) (That's okay, I do the same with Google's .. hehe) Anyway! He took for a lot of reasons, I'm sure college work (at Stanford, not the -easiest- school) being one of them. He's been doing things in the Video Game Media scene fairly regularly, you could say. He works at the GIA now, and also has written for a few game magazines, and published his own FF8 strategy guide (it's the purple one, check, you'll see his name on it..) through someone. I can't remember. I saw him at E3, along with much of the other GIA crew, (I've known Brian Glick for a while now, through IRC).. and well.. that's all I have to say about AV. :)

Suikoden, Dex Drives.. RGPmaker.. whee!

Now that RPG maker will soon grace our shores, will RPGamer make a section for aspiring RPG makers to share their creations via the Dex Drive? This would be very cool.

Also, I recently purchased Suikoden new fr $20. Was it a good deal? And because of time restraints (laziness) I haven't gotten to play yet. What can I look forward to? Thanks man.


I can't say with certainty that we'll have a DEXDrive section for RPGmaker, but then again, I can't say we won't, either. I think it's a great idea, and have forwarded your email onto other people who make decisions about this kinda thing.. and about Suikoden. Dude. I love that game. Even if you blow through it in 20 hours.. you're still only paying $1/hr for entertainment.. that's like 3 times better value than a movie. :) (Movies generally run from $2-$3.50 an hour) or hell, in vegas, many people lose thousands of dollars an hour.. on .. various things. Entertainment related, of course. _

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Ogre Battle for the SNES
In reponce to Sunday's quickie reguarding the SNES version of Ogre Battle. The price is now well over $100 American. The company Quest had financial trouble with the game, and only a very limited amount of the cartridges were made (Bummer, eh?). But I say, stick with the PSX version! The graphics are better, the sound nicer, and well... it's just costs less!

-Vicks "Hurt himself again" Eddington

Must say, the sound on the PSX version is -so very nice-.. I like it much.

I needed more letters, since I have too many quickies. :(
Ha ha! I found the crystal sword! All by my self! See? I didn't need you after all! Or you! Or any of you! I didn't need your help! I never needed your help! So there! .........wait, no, that wasn't me.... Nevermind! I just watched him get the crystal sword. Goodnight, person who does the stuff with the questions. What am I doing here? No, wait, don't tell me.... it has to do with the things! Yes! The things! Cause, you know, that's why the stuff with the person goes wheeeeeeeee. You got the shap habba nu bak? So shnee flu gonhea me zetroybenshlayvel. Bogeet zon bat is why you shouldn't drink and drive. And another thing! What's with all the fancy pants!? I don't wear fancy pants. I'm a mushroom. The flying eagle in the blood red sun told me alllllllll about you. Drifting off to the .... can I buy a casaba melon? No, I left my GP in my other pants. Let me kill him for you. Shi ar so nanoog gla bain shaf manushek. What? Whats that you say? Theenok! THEENOK??? Ga hoy, you need a hobby. The green steel knife's what YOU want. Good stuff, that. One hit, BAM MAN! Out of the sky. Type type type. Watch those fingers move. Move like Mulder. Mulder fast think yes maybe?! Xaosiect sha bang Dogs Starved Barking puce bugs! Puce Bugs! Aunt Elaine?! Gawain! Owaine! Come to visit The Mustache man? ON MULBERRY LANE! Long came the rains and the pants and the words that flowing like a river they go, to see the blue people and kill them. Kip, miss? Kip, miss? Can you even tell what IT IS AM TRYING TO SAY TO ME!? Fling it! Fling it all 'way. Can shoot the bam on a flight to Mohambo Shojave Desert. I should write song lyrics. My song is called the time I went to Disneyland and Mickey Mouse ate my children. WHATE HAPPENED TO THE CILDREN, VINCENT?! Vincent Pugh, Vincent Van Go-GO! Vincent mohammed Hassadar the flies away. Purple Haze, block my way. Don't know if I'm goin up or down. Nuts to this. The flea's the pang shou. Guangzhou! From Japan to something to Cambodia! Korea -aah-ahh hometown China, who you got huh? You got .... nevermind. That's right. Jolly good! Bwohahahahahahahahah! Goodnight.


It's all about the Benjamin's.

This column rocks. You are the pimp. Now, on to the business. It has come to my attention that in this very column on 12 May 2000, you referred to me, Benjamin P. August, as "The 4th Hanson brother". Sorry, but I have to take exception to this rash and incorrect statement. While I will freely admit to owning their first CD (which I bought in 1997, 'nuff said THERE), I have no other affiliations with the aforementioned band. However, I would like to nominate Kevin S. Worcester for the 4th Hanson brother position. He owns *both* of their albums, some unreleased material, has their MTV specials and their Space Ghost Coast to Coast appearance on tape, *and* freely admits to being a "Hanson apologist". He is much more qualified than I. That, and he, like all Hansons, is far more popular with the ladies than I.

And is this on topic if I say that I played the FFVII demo on your PSX once and it was cool?!? Or even if I ask the question "are there any rpg's for the original gameboy?" ;)

BTW, your mom's lasagna rocks.

Party on, Brad.


Yes, kids, that really is -the- Benjamin P. August.. :D heh.. hey Ben! .. .. 1997 .. .. ugh.. Evil. And just for the record, there are a bunch of RPGs for the gameboy, the Final Fantasy Adventure sets. And yes, my mom's Lasagne does rock. :9

Xenogears Gear Info
*** Possible Xenogears Spoilers ***

Regarding the guy who asked yesterday if the character status correspond with the gear status. As Lore and Google said, the levels don't matter too much, the stuff on the gear does, as well as your deathblows.

However, there are two exceptions. The equipment that your character has can affect your gear in some cases. For example, wearing Billy's Holy Pendant (I think that's what it's called, the item that doubles spell effect time) can actually double the time you're in infinity mode! Meaning you get 6 turns instead of one! That's probably the best thing about it.

The second exception is Chu-Chu. She doesn't have a gear, her enlarged form is *completely* dependant on her regular status, which makes her, potentially, the best gear in the game. For example, if her HP is 999, I think she's got around 50K HP. Same goes for her strength, speed, defense, everything. If you have enough money (or use a cheat...) you can boost her up with Joe's items in the second CD.

Zohar Gilboa

Mother Brain... mmmm..Metroid....
Hey Google - I've written in a few times before. I was reading today's column (that Lorelai guest-hosted) and I came across the letter "Many Things," and the guy who wrote it asked a question about defeating Mother Brain in 2300 AD in Chrono Trigger. CT is my second favorite game of all time, and I know a lot about it.

You should NOT just "thrash it." ;) The Displays in the behind will keep healing Mother Brain for insane amounts of HP if you do that. The trick is to take out three of the Displays (there are four), and THEN thrash Mother Brain. That way, only one Display will heal Mother Brain. DO NOT DESTROY ALL FOUR DISPLAYS! If you do that, Mother Brain will start using some mega-powerful special attack relentlessly on your party (400-500 damage per hit, if I remember correctly). The trick here is to have powerful physical attacks, and powerful Double Techs like Bubble Snap, Spire, Ice Water, and Cube Toss. Anything powerful will do.

Well, there's my two cents. =) Hope this helps the guy who wrote in.

- Ranma, the XenoGuru... next to Lorelai ;)

Just for the record.. I do -not- answer to the name Google, unless it's the first thing you say in the morning, and you're that hot.

Xenogears Gear Answers, Part 2
Hi again.

Anyway, there was a guy who asked yesterday if your characters' levels affect your Gears' performance. Well they do, to a certain degree. There are three stats that your characters and gears "share". Those are Ether, Ether Defense, and Evade. I'm serious.

I'm surprised that no one else seems to notice this, but your character's Ether Defense stat is used as your gear's base Ether Defense. So if Fei has an EthDef of 20, then Weltall will have 20, plus whatever other Ether armour you have equipped. That's why it's always a good idea to equip your characters with accessories that raise EthDef (like AntiEtherStones or the LongDarkCoat) when fighting Gear bosses that use lots of magic attacks, because it'll make quite a difference.

Next is Ether power. This is kinda of a no-brainer, but since every gear has a basic Ether stat of 10, it can be easily overlooked. The key is in the name of the Gear stat - "Ether Amp". In other words, your Gear amplifies your character's Ether power by a base factor of 10, so the higher your character's Ether stat, the more magic damage your gear can do. You can also equip Gear parts like Power Magics or E Circuits that increase Ether Amp, thereby increasing the multiple. Clear as day, right?

And last is Evade. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that your characters and Gears share the same Evade% (even though Gears don't have a visible Evade%). Try equipping an Evasion Ring on one of your characters, and you'll see what I mean. Your Gear will dodge and block a lot more often.

Last is Hit%. At first, I thought that this would be the same as Evade, but I think that all Gears have the same basic Hit%, which can only be raised by equipping parts that increase Response. This doesn't seem to be affected by your character's Hit%. Ah well.

Anyway, I hope that clear things up a bit. Your Gears [i]do[/i] actually get more powerful as your characters level up (but not drastically).


Chipped PSX has a shorter Lifepsan?
I just had a question you've probably answered before, but I think is worth asking. I know that the mod chip is used to allow your Playstation to play Japanese games on your American console. I was going to get one, but I heard that it makes your console burn out really fast. Have you heard how long it takes for this to happen? If it means it will take like a year or two to burn out, it might not be that big a deal, but if it takes like three months, I don't think I'll do it.

Javahead Jones and His Chopped Espresso Maker

I'm not sure about this at all, not having a chipped PSX.. which is why I threw it in the "unanswered questions" section. :)

The far whoosywhat of cheese? mmm.. cheese...
Hey Lohr

Recently I bid on an auction for an RPG called "Far East Of Eden Zero" for the Super Famicom system. I lost, but I then recieved an e-mail from someone offering to sell me this game for a reasonable price. Trouble is, I can seem to find any information on it. I figured that if anyone could help me, it would be you or one of the readers of this column. I sent this to Gramblebang but he didn't print it, of course. So, any ideas?



Hey Brad, I got matched up with Heidi Klum. Not too bad huh?


Brad: Many a jealous man on that one...!

Um. I don't think I'd be perfect for her. I'm whitey. But it said sparks would fly between her and I. WOO HOO!!! Rock!

- The Calliander

Brad: You gotta let these BARRIERS IN YOUR MIND FREE, man! They're steppin' on your pine cone pieces.

Whoo hoo!! Jennifer Aniston, baybee!!!

Brad: My apologies.. she's good lookin' (to a degree), but my GOD, the vibe I get off her is the most annoying one in the world.

Hey I'm matched up with Salma Hayek. Ch-ching!!! -Jeffypop

Brad: Oh dude. Not bad at all. Mark and Brian had this sound bit from her, they got her to say something like, "Morning dear.. did you sleep well?" .. ohman. :o

My celebrity match maker test results were: Shania Twain!!! HELL YEAH!!! Don't like her music much, but HELL YEAH!!!!! She's hot as hell!!!!!!


Brad: Yummy lookin'.. and not too bad with the music. Interesting girl :)

i got cameron diaz

Brad: Bastard. >:(

Finally a person who thinks Xenogears has one of the best storys ever.

Brad: You know.. I've printed only quickies so far... this is getting dangerous, if I hafta print 80-ish quickies.

Dear Thundara Maker Cameron Diaz I'm told, though some of those Qs aren't applying to me.


Brad: This has such an awesome joke potential.. I'm just too out of it to make a good shot at it. :(

God damnit! no matter how I answer the iffy questions I get Jennifer Aniston or Lauren Hill!! I Hate them with a vengeance. Stupid thing is broken. *grumble growl* Stupid test...


Brad: (snicker) .. (snicker)

Dude, I got Cameron Diaz. Now there's one woman I won't be kicking outta bed for eating crackers.


Brad: Heh.. it's not just that she's good looking, she just seems like the type of person to have a really cool personality or something. Just seems like a -nice- person. Well, she's damn good lookin' too.

You've been low on unobvious text lately. I've been scanning with my method (change the BG browser color) and haven't found any lately. Please add some!

-EE "Observer"

Brad: Wha? Huummmm?

He he he I got Jeniffer Lopez also scored high wit Heidi Klum WoOHOOO


Brad: Jennifer Lopez.. talk about a woman who just radiates that whole "I have been around the block so many times, I could do it blindfolded" feeling... ickypoo.

Dear Mr. Brad, sir, ma'am,

It turns out my match is Richard Simmons. I might as well turn gay now.

Brad: Like a PONY!

That's disgusting. I don't want Danny DeVito. :(

Brad: Oddly enough, when I did the "match with a man" test, I got Danny DeVito, too. :o

Hey Oracle,

On that test that you had on your Q&A section, I got Jennifer Aniston. Just thought you oughta know. Oh, and since this is Q&A, I might as well ask something. What is your highest number of chains in Vagrant Story. Mine stands at 17.


Brad: I don't own Vagrant Story right now, money's a bit tight this month, (had to pay for that car engine .. doh) .. but I tally another "I'm sorry" to all Jennifer Aniston gettin' folk :P

M..M...Marth STEWART?!?


The extremely disturbed...and

The Crusader

Brad: Hahahahaha... AHahAHahahhahhah..... hahhahahaa.. oh god.. hahahaha....

I got Pamela Anderson Lee. Woohoo!
Sean "SSS" Daugherty

Brad: Naughty boy. You answered porno-style to all the questions!

The bad test said I'd hook up best with Cameron Diaz or Harrison Ford. =( Now I have to figure out which one I will devote my life to stalking... erm. =(

- Thalados

Brad: Hrm.. that's a tough choice... I mean.. he's Han Solo.. how .. manly! .. but she's Cameron Diaz.. soo.. yummy.. boy, this would be such a quandry if you were bisexual. :P

Ended up with Angela Basset myself, what about you?

-Some "Who the hell are you again" Guy

Brad: I don't even know who that is. :o

That stupid matchmaker thing says I should hook up with Harrison Ford! Stupid thing....... I'm only 12!

Brad: But what's age, anyway.. just a NUMBER! He's got lots of money..!

I got Britney Spears... who did you get?

Dan Simpson

Brad: I got Brandi Chastain, actually. Don't ask me why, I'm not sporty at all.

I got Harrison Ford! Wow! What a great test, he really is one of the only celebrities I like. ^_^ Well, I know you don't care, but you DID say to tell you. ^_^;;


Brad: Well, it seems a lot of the girls are getting Harrison Ford. He's soooo dreaaammy :P

Sweet Jesus. My ideal match is... *sob* Judge Judy.
I'm so ashamed.

Brad: Oh you naughty boy.. you need to be punished... heh heh.. she'll give you a penal code! .. oh god, that was bad.

Angela Basset


Brad: I don't know.. :o

Heather is hot chick
Please dump Brad and go with me
I love you long time


Brad: Back off, little boy.
My woman. I blow you up!
I got axe for you.

Is it just me, or does Thor look like Jesus Christ?


Brad: ...I think it's just you.

Dear Brad,

Your little celebrity matchmaker thing has decided that Shania Twain would be the best person for me. I'd have to agree. We both love to record our voices. I've become extremely famous by having my voice on tape. Maybe I can convince her to put fifteen minutes of silence in her next CD. If that were to happen, we would be together, forever.

Signed, Richard M. Nixon

Brad: Hahahaha.. heh.. hahaha.. :)

I was wandering around RPGamer and suddenly, without warning, a second window automatically opened up and loaded what I think was a Shockwave movie. What's more, it was an trailer for Blade Runner. Is this some new weird ad banner substitute, or have you guys been hacked by the SciFi channel?

Brad: I got that too, and wondered.. but Josh Maciel says there's a topless woman in frame 37.. but you didn't hear that here. :o (watches as hundreds of RPGamers frantcially hit the 'reload' button!)


To all the idiots that think they can write haiku: Haiku are supposed to be about NATURE. You disgrace the entire Japanese culture if you do otherwise. If you can't even write haiku the correct way, then you don't deserve to play any Japanese games (including everthing Squaresoft).

Blanketed white ground
Frosty crystals coming down
It's snowing once more

As simple as that.
The Vagrant

Brad: Okay, Mr. Japanese-Culture-Worshipper, time for a rant..! I don't give a flying flip if I disgrace Japanese culture to the point where it turns into a little yellow snowball that nobody will eat. I have fun with my haiku, and if you wanna trounce on that, I'm gonna squish yer ass in a public forum. As for not -deserving- to play Japanese games, you can BITE MY ASS. They port 'em over here, not because we 'earn' it or 'deserve' it, but because THEY want OUR money. Same as with every country. They have no higher moral standard, they just so happen to be the ones producing much of this stuff right now. If this were PC games, it'd be almost all American companies who called the shots. So back up, take your head out of your "there's nothing wrong with Japan! *flutter, faint!*"-tainted ass, and leave me alone with the only goddamn poetry I actually enjoy writing. </rant>

Wrapping it up...

Sorry about blowing up there a bit at the end.. but damn. Don't stomp on my thang, yo. Anyhow, we'll see ya'll tomorrow or something... we'll have fun. I'll have fun. YOU'LL have fun. I'll have fun. YOU'-- nevermind.

Brad "Don't stand in the way of my actualization as a MAN!" Lohr