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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - May 26 '00

Word up, my homies. Heh. Sorry about being late, but.. well, okay, no I'm not. :)

I've been doing my English Final (prep and then the actual final itself) all yesterday night, and this morning. I'm finally done now, (yay!) and now out of school for the summer. Just 3 more years! or maybe it's 2, or 1.5, who knows. :/

Anyway, I'm gonna dive in as soon as I can so that this gets up sometime before the sun goes down on the East Coast. :)

I'm hungry.

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Will work for food.

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Doh. :(
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I'm really, really glad that this semester is over.
Nyah, nyah, to all of you who hafta go till June :)
I can be such an asshole sometimes :)
Question and Answer
Heh.. that's not slippery.. it's the wind, baby!
So I figured before I get all hyped up over Chrono Cross, I'd better play the original. Yes, that's right, five years after it's released, I'm finally playing it. My problem: Death Peak. The slippery walkway thing. I can get about halfway through it, and then all of a sudden I start sliding the opposite way, and before I can catch it, I've fallen off. Again. It's now at the point where I'm about to just say "screw it" and let Crono stay dead. Any suggestions on how to get through this thing?

As the title says, it's not slippery, per se, but the wind blowing you off the cliff. If you play with the sound on, you can hear it, and then hide behind the trees when the wind starts to BLOW YOUR FRICKIN MIND, MAN .. er.. sorry :)

First ever (for me) Link to the Past question.. woot!
I hope this is the correct address for questions. I'm kinda stuck in Zelda: A Link to the Past. Maybe you can help. I start off as a rabbit on top of a pyramid building in the bigging. When I view the map there is a White Ruby icon that blinks on the right hand side of the map. As a rabbit I'm defenseless but when I switch back to link (the light world) I can't get into that fortress in that same village cuz it's locked, but also the white ruby is no longer there. I would like to know which direction to go. I don't want everything cuz I want to figure it out for myself for the most part but should I stay as link and find something or should I explore as the bunny? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I will also check your site regularly. Thanks again.


The thing to do when you're a bunny is get the Moon Pearl. If you don't get it, you'll be forever doomed to roam the dark world as a helpless soon-to-be slipper, (he's a pink fuzzy bunny, that's where they get them to make the slippers!) .. to do that, you must (as a bunny) go to the "Spectacle" shaped patch of land, (it looks kinda like a filled in 8 on its side), and then warp back to the light world. You'll then be able to enter lv3, and get the Moon Pearl, which will allow you to be Link(and not the bunny) in the dark world.

Hey, you think you're MR.HTML, but you're NOTHING!
Yo Brad/Oracle/Steve,

I know how to do Jedi mind tricks now. It's all thanks to you, who gave us a column to read and steal jokes from enjoy!
Your name is Bob... Your name... is Bob... You will let hidden text stay hidden, Bob...
Alrighty, I have some questions for you. Not really RPG questions... More like "Which (insert RPG series name here) game is your favorite?"-type questions.

1)Who're your favorite characters from FF's 4-8?

2)What's your favorite character type from FF1?

3)Diet Coke drains you of your super powers?

4)WHAT super powers?

5)Why do you hate Pikachu so? He brightens up my day! :D :D :D :D :D

6)You want a haiku?
Well, I'll give you a haiku
But it's not too great
You thought that was the haiku, didn't you?
The Dash

Pit pat pitta pat
pit patta pitta patta
pit pat pit pat pit

7)That haiku stunk, didn't it?

I asked Googleshng those first two questions up there, but s/he didn't print the letter that contained them. Oh well, at least s/he thinks my BR tags are spiffy :).

Thanks, Brad/Oracle/Lohracle/Steve/Bob, if you print this.

Steve... Er, Sabin XIII (Although, bragging that Goog thinks my BR tags are spiffy makes it unlikely to get printed.)

I left your HTML alone, but you'd probably want to use an <ol> to do the ... ordered list. Anyhow, here come your answers.. (you didn't html me a place to answer, so everyone has to do the back'n'forth!

  1. Let's see, Setzer, Shadow, Rydia, Cid(7), and Irvine.
  2. Hrm, I like Black mages, White mages, and fighters.
  3. Yes :(
  4. If I told you, they wouldn't be nearly as super SEKRIT
  5. "Screw you, Pikachu!" is my new game, a parody of "Hey you, Pikachu!" in which Pikachu will not do anything you tell him to.. it's being considered in most colleges as an 'Intro to Parenting' aide.
  6. ... uh, thanks, I think.
  7. Yeah. :)

Limit Breaks in FF7
Hello Bradacle

I am playing through FFVII again, and I was wondering, is there any way to get the limit breaks of other characters that you haven't used after they been skipped over, or are you doomed to play through the game without those limit breaks.

Thank you Mr. Knowledgeguypersonmandudeboy


Here's the scoop on limit breaks. To get the 'first' one in a level, that person must kill about 80 enemies, (though I believe it's 60 for Vincent). Killing 80 enemies with Cloud will unlock his 1st 2nd-level Limit Break. To get the 2nd one in a level, you must use the first one in the level 8 times. Simple enough, neh? :) You're never 'too far' to go back and get old limit breaks.. just have the character use the first one on that level 8 times, and it'll unlock the 2nd.

Hi-ho FFT!
Oh Mighty and All-Knowing Oracle,

You are my last hope; I have been unable to find answers to answer these questions anywhere. . .

1)In Final Fantasy Tactics, why is the success rate with Reis' abilities always zero? If she can't do anything, I might as well drop her off my group.

2)In Star Ocean, are there any special requirements for getting Opera and Precis' Killer Moves with Machinery? I've only been able to get one with each character.

Assist me, and I'll give you a fine position when I take over the world.

Captain Panda

Well, first off, Reis is a Dragoner. Target dragons with her, dork. 2ndly, I think they have to be a certain level, they of course need to make the machine themselves, and you may need to be past a certain point in the game in order to do them. Also, use "Orchestra" so that you get better stuff. :)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Brad's Oldest Fan?
Hey, Brad,

In my humble opinion, and on the record (and I consider myself something of a expert on this stuff), the graphics in Vagrant Story are probably the best I've seen on the PSX. No clipping, pretty crisp, and so on. Not too much pixelation, either, unless you run close the the wall then look at it. The opening FMV is also way better than most. The game is real tough, and weird, but I can see why Famitsu gave it a perfect score. Lotta fun, but can be frustrating. Well, you go and have fun, and congrats on the 101 columns. I can't believe it's really been that long. Wow, I may be the oldest Brad fan! Yaay! Happy trails,


Heh, well, I don't know about oldest, seeing as you're what, 19? .. not with all those naughty 30 year old ladies who want me to er... answer their 'questions'. :o

Destiny of an Emperor?
I have written countless times now about this same topic and I would deeply appreciate some type of feedback...okay...I was looking through some roms and I came across the title Destiny of an Emperor 2. I was elated because Destiny of an Emperor is my favorite rpg of all time and I had no idea there was a sequel. The only problem is that it is in Japanese. I was wondering if there was anything that translated roms or if anyone new of a place I could find an english version of it, please help!!!

Thanks alot,

Have a little fire, Scarecrow!</wickedwitch>

Waaaah, I liked System Shock :(
Let the world mourn for the passing of a great gaming company, who brought us many original, story-driven and above all fun games to play in the Thief, System Shock, Flight Unlimited, Terra Nova and Ultima Underworld series.

Looking Glass Studios, we will always remember you.


Uh.. I fear.
You know you've been playing too much Vagrant Story when...

Your friend is playing Tony Hawk and when he does a combo you yell out things like, "cool!", "excellent!", "well-timed!", "great!", and "perfect!"

Whenever you see an earth elemental you yell at the top of your lungs, "Bring in the flying fat man!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

You go to a tattoo parlor and ask them to paint the blood-sin on your back

You actually consider ripping two holes in the back of your pants to reveal your buttocks.

If I think of any more I'll send them later.....

~Made especially for you by Monica and Moogleman2~


Fortunately, I had already typed this up for a "Bad Translation" note in a notesfile I run on a local server called =daravon. Enjoy. :)

Oh, and I mirror the animated gif on my machine, with some other Zero Wing related humor. If you're interested, go to:

Brian Sebby, BrianS on IRC

/* Written 2:37 pm Nov 29, 1999 by in pollux:daravon */

To start out with, here's the opening to the Genesis game "Zero Wing", copied verbatim, including spacing. To see this in its full glory, go to Zany Video Game Quotes, I'll probably be posting more great quotes from that site as time goes on.

When you post a quote, please list the game it came from, and the character(s) who said the line, if applicable.

And now...the dramatic opening!

IN A.D. 2101


















/* End of text from pollux:daravon */


Hey Brad. Just a quick question: Where do I find RPGamer on IRC? I knew once, and It's probably mind numbingly simple, but could you tell me anyway? Also, what's the best (freeware) irc program you know of? Thanks for any info you can throw my way.

Robust Stu

Brad: You can find information about RPGamer on IRC here. As for the best IRC program.. go try mIRC, it's generally (for windows, at least) heralded as the best program. I'm not sure it's freeware, but I know you don't have to register it to use it, and you don't have to use a crack or anything, it just bugs you once every few days, I guess.

Who is the person in that picture google put up on the 25th( and what game is that? I am wondering cause that dude wandered across my screen on FF6 for the PSX. And he scared me. I've been scared since. And that was about 6 or more months ago. Then I feared playing FF6 because of the little dude in red who wandered across my screen.

-Mog, the frightened little moogle.

Brad: That's the classic onionkid from early Final Fantasy days...!

Google won't answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brad: Google's got the funk in his/her/its trousers for sure!

"Sounds like Louisiana"?! What the hells up with this ad?! I thought this was a RPG site! There are no RPGS in Louisiana! Just fat kids with bowl cuts playing music!

Brad: Don't forget Mardi Gras, where more women show off their boobs for stupid reasons than any other time and place in the world. There's something to be said for that.

Dear Steve

Hey, did you sign up for the Diablo II beta test?

Do you even like Diablo?

If you did sign up ... did you get picked?

-Savage Fat Bob

Brad: I signed up for the original beta test.. but didn't sign up for the stress beta test. I didn't get into either, but wanted to get into both. :( Didn't sign up for stress because I missed the date.. doooH :(

I Have a game shark and I turned on some codes for bfm and now I have all the crests. I should be happy but once I get through the mine cart for the queen ant crap the game freezes. I'm getting PO'ed so can you help me with this little problem


Brad: Yeah, don't use the GameShark code :)

its my birthday today!!!

Brad: There's a sack of dead monkeys here from Thor's time.. but man, they stink even more than they should...

Wrapping it up...

Well, that's it for today(tonight), kiddos. Sorry it's so late, but we'll work on a better time tomorrow. I'm off to go have dinner with Heather... woohoo, date night, date night!

Brad "LOCK ROB!" Lohr