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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - May 21 '00

Yo. Anyhow, I'm gonna get into this thing pretty quickly here, seeing as it's late enough already, and Goog gets pissed at me when I don't have the column up early enough on Sunday ... heh.

For results on the dog-thing, check the concluding remarks. :)

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Heather had my computer last night! FM3 is fun :D
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Smashin' Pickle!
Hey, Brad. What's cookin'?

...really? I never knew you had that in you.

Anyway, I'm trying in vain to get through Breath of Fire 3, seeing as how the fourth installment will be here before we know it. At one point I did have a save pretty far into the game, but I got so pissed off that I just gave up. At first I thought it was a problem with my levels (I kept dying at practically every boss), but now, as I'm going through it, I realize that when a character dies, they lose some of their Max HP permanently, even after you ressurect them. I guess this would explain why a high-level Nina would only have about 80HP.

This brings me to my question: Do you know of any way to stop this? My characters aren't exactly dying all the time, but each time they do it only makes them more prone to dying later, and then I get really screwed in the latter half of the game.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to see The Smashing Pumpkins in concert with a bunch of my friends tonight! Yeah, I know he's got a whiny voice, but that's life. What's your opinion on them?

Thanks for your time!

~Kahran Ramsus

A very good question.. that I have no clue on. I didn't play BOF3 but briefly (I do own it, and it's on the to-play list, but haven't gotten there yet..) .. but I'm sure someone will have ideas come tomorrow for Google to print.. if not, ask me again next weekend, and I'll actually go look it up for ya. :) As for Smashing Pumpkins, well, I'm not a huge fan of thiers, but I like a few of their songs, one or two quite a bit. Alex, RPGamer staffer of the past, is the biggest pumpkins fan, he loves 'em.

Gremio.. animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Hey sup!

Hey is Gremio from Suikoden a guy or a girl? I always had the impression that Gremio was just some kind of effeminate looking man. And the name Gremio seems so manly. So what exactly is Gremio?


Gremio is actually a guy, he just acts like a little girl all the time :)

Zacarena! Hheyyy!
So Goog is/was Zac, huh? Finally, the "sex controversy" is resolved.

I know I'm not gonna be the only one to catch on to this.

Naughty secret-teller!

--Cult of Personality

That was just a joke by me, yesterday.. Google doesn't have nearly enough people who are enraged at the column to be Zac.. that, and Google doesn't go off on Diablo rants, right? :)

Don't mess with Brad, monkey-boy!
You said that Durai was the historian in FFT, but the historian is Alazlam. Olan Durai is an astrologist and a martyr. He gives up his life to protect the truth about Ramza and the Zodiac braves. He's also Orlandu's step son. Sorry to trouble you with such trivial information, but Final Fantasy Tactics is the best creation of all times (aside from the necessary equipment to run FFT).

And if you'd beaten the game, you'd see Alazlam signs his name as Alazlam Durai, at the very end. SO STEP OFF! .. don't mess with me, man. I'm a lawyer!

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Dex Drive makes RPGmaker RPGs swappable!
Hi Brad!

In yesterday's column someone mentioned sharing RPG's created by fans (through RPG Maker) using PSX2's online capabilities. I heard somewhere that you saved the games on your memory card. So what I'm getting at is, couldn't you post/download saves online? Wouldn't that totally kick ass?! What do you think?

~The Infamous Moogle-Man

I think anyone with a Dex Drive should be able to swap these.. can't seem to think why not.. good call.

Ellie in Suikoden 2
*** Suikoden 1 and 2 spoilers ***

In response to the question about the girl with a portrait who doesn't join you, she takes the place of Gremio if you do the Hero McDhol quest and didn't have all 108 stars in the origional.

Sick.. but funny..
I know what I'm gonna do if I'm elected president:
  1. All $1 coins will be henceforth known as "Gil"
  2. Every town in america will have large, outdoor, loudspeakers installed. Composers will be hired to write city "theme songs". Until they are complete, we'll just play "Kids run through the city corner" in every small town, and the theme for Vector in large cities.
  3. From now on, whenever Bill Gates enters a room, "ShinRa COmpany" must be playing.
  4. Likewise, prominent government officals will have "theme songs" that will play as they walk around. Until they are written, we'll just use ones currently made with slight alterations to the title.


    • Alan Greenspan's theme
    • Janet Reno, emperor of darkness
    • Orin Hatch, The holy knight
  5. Inform the military that unless they start making something cooler (giant robots would be nice. mutants would be fine, as long as the mutants can do something cool), then they're gonna start losing funding.
Okay, without the last line, this wouldn't have been printed..

In regards to that guy who asked what species Hammer is supposed to be, I'd have to say neither. After lots and lots of pondering and staring at his portrait, it's become my opinion that Hammer and all other demi-humans aren't supposed to be based on any particular kind of animal (although if I had to chose between camel and rat, I'd say rat. Come on, now... since when are camels that furry?). Hammer just doesn't really look like anything... He does kinda have the nose of a camel, but everything else is just wrong. Besides, what about his tail? It almost looks like a friggin' monkey's tail, or something. I think he's supposed to share characteristics from all kinds of different animals, to accent just how screwed up an individual he really is.

You know, like with Franz and Hans. They look like penguins, but they have the heads of dolphins (and near the end in the Snow HQ, when you talk to Hans' son, he even says that he's a dolphin, not a penguin). That kind of explains why Franz is so damn good at picking up sound frequencies. But can you explain why they have the bodies of penguins? Nope, they just do.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. I'll shut up now.

PS: I'm a chihuahua. :(

It was close to print-ness, but that last line put it right over the top... hahahahahaa..

Heh.. how odd!
*** FF7 Spoiler .. as if you didn't know by now :P ***


i have been FFVII through again for maybe the 12th time and i noticed something that i have never seen before...i need some comfirmation on this...when aeris dies i swore i saw the word "SQUARE" spelled out in the water...

if anyone knows for sure please tell is bothering me now cause i didnt save anywhere near that and i cant go back and look without going through all of disc one again...errr...

Let the light of my butt guide you on your path

Loyalty and TO ..
Dear Oracle-with-no-silly-extra-comments,

Okay, I guess I've chosen the "Neutral" path in Tactics Ogre (not wanting to participate in the Baramus Massacre, but setting aside our differences for the good of the country at the end of Chapter 2). The only problem is, several of my characters seem noticeably annoyed at the decision, such as my berserker, Sisteena, and Byan. Aloser even left the party! Plus, I have this skeleton I just picked up who won't shut up about how much he dislikes me. How do I raise these people's loyalty so they don't dissappear? ESPECIALLY Byan, 'cause he rules! Also, is it pre-determined by the game that Aloser won't stick with you on the Neutral path, or did I just not pay attention to warning signs? Thanks for any help you can give me!

I'm almost certain that Aloser is going to leave no matter what.. that's just how she is.. I mean, you know her story.. she isn't likely to just stick with you if you go back with the bad guys :P .. as for raising the loyalty of your current troops, I'm not sure.. I've honestly always gone the chaotic path, (will do lawful next time).. so ..


Oh great Lohracle,
I am a Retriever now...
Emode told me so.

Brad: Hahaha.. women, take note.. this man has been labeled "door mat". :D Play fetch with him!

Howdy ho, Ranger Joe, Er...Ranger Brad,

I found a very VERY amusing mistake in your article yesterday. When you were asked what you think the hottest character in Suikoden is, you said Gremio. Hate to burst your bubble, but Gremio is a guy. Now now, I know you are dissapointed, but characters in the game will refer to him as a he or a him, if you listen up. But Gremio does act VERY, *ahem* feminine. He also is very affectionate towards the Hero, hmmmm..........


Brad: Of course Gremio's a guy.. you guys just do -not- get my humor sometimes. :)

Wrapping it up...

Okay, done with it all.. and gettin' outta here on the quick step.. but here's the results on the dog thing.. and this does disturb me a bit, but:

  • Pug: 11
  • Basset Hound: 1
  • Pit Bull: 1
  • Retriever: 2
  • Chihuahua(god I hate misspelling that): 2
  • Bernesee Mountain Dog: 1
  • Cocker Spaniel: 1
  • Irish Setter: 1
You guys are all stalking me :(

Brad "while( (burst_into(flames)) || (burn() && rise_above(the_flames)) ) { pardon(me); }" Lohr