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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - May 14 '00

The big day, or something. Here's one of the things I've been looking forward to doing for quite a while, I guess.. the column after the big E3 show.. tellin' what I saw, what I liked, what could be better, what couldn't be better.. you know. Stuff. So here goes!

** Brad's Big Bad E3 Post-Mortem **

Now these go in no particular order, they're mostly just as I thought of them.. and I may miss some things, I mean, I'm only human... er.. I shouldn't have told ya'll that, should I have... :P

  • Enix: Let's see.. the games, Valkyrie Profile, my opinion.. "yum". It's got a side scroll feel and looks to have some nice integration of the 2d sidescrolling with the battles, and well, the idea of training humans is just ... (grin) in a weird way, entertaining. This looks to be a good game, without a doubt. They were also showing off Dragon (Quest/Warrior) 7, and it was looking very good. If you're a Dragon Warrior fan, you'll love it. If you're not a Dragon Warrior fan, you might be after this game. Last but not least, definitely not least, as this was my personal favorite game they were showing: Torneko. Yum. For some reason the battle system in Azure Dreams really got me into this genre, and well, Torneko looks to have the right kind of humor mixed with a battle system I can just go with. It's tactical, it's turn based, and he smashes a claymation slime up against a wall. Bravo, Enix. :)

  • Atlus: Atlus had three main things showing that I paid attention to, Rhapsody, Ogre Battle 64, and Persona 2. Persona 2 looked and felt a lot like the original, which I didn't mind so much, and 2 looks to improve on, and expand where 1 left us, gameplay wise. I don't know much about the story, but give this consideration if you're a Persona fan, or just lookin' for something different. Ogre Battle 64. Another yum award winner. It looks really good.. graphics wise. The gameplay seems fairly smooth, and integrated with the N64 nicely.. don't know anything about the story, as I didn't have much time to play it, but it makes me kinda wish I still had my N64. As for Rhapsody.. while this game looks like it's just for girls.. it's got a definite pull for other audiences as well. Don't give up on it. Also, those of you who love the japanese music.. you'll have the option of playing the musical sequences in either English, or Japanese... woot!

  • Blizzard: Oh, Blizzard knows how to turn us on. Warcraft 3 had to be the shining example of super-neatness that was on the floor at E3. It looks -beautiful-.. the gameplay is totally standard Blizzard, that is, above average in every way... they've got new stuff in there, (5 races! .. Human, Orc, Demon, Undead, and one left unannounced..) the movie was nothing less than awe-inspiring, and .. well, I'm definitely getting that game. Diablo 2 was there as well, but I really didn't pay as much attention to it. I saw it.. it looks good, and as I hear, is already in beta testing.. and well, Blizzard may only put out 1 or 2 titles a year (if that).. but they ALWAYS put out a nice quality product, so I'm more than likely picking up Diablo 2 as well... besides, Marek's gonna have it, and he's going DOWN. ;)

  • Interplay: Well, we saw a whole load of stuff from Interplay. Neverwinter Nights looks to be what people have been trying to do for ages now: bring AD&D -completely- over to the computer, and make it easier to do, more immersive, and just downright kickass. And if they pull off what they want with NWN, they'll have done it. It looks great, and the guys over there definitely know what they're doing. It'll be a good introduction to the world of the new 3rd Edition AD&D rules, too. Yum. Baldur's Gate 2 .. how can I say this.. ALRIGHT!!! .. Minsc is coming back for more! That in and of itself makes the whole game worthwhile for me. They've done tons of work with updating the grahpics and making everything look cooler in a game that already looked cool. Can't go wrong there.. they're also adding a lot more of the kits and stuff from AD&D, very nice.. not to mention the best part: The experience cap has been bumped up a few million points. Yup kids, you can now have a level 20+ character! woo! I also saw Fallout Tactics, but didn't get to play, nor watch anyone else play for long enough to make any solid choices.. but the existance of such a game brings hope that Fallout will be continued, and done well.. we can only wait.

  • Konami: If you saw the MGS2 video, and you're an MGS fan, you already know what's up. But the only game I really played was the Gradius 3&4 collection.. and well, I love Gradius. I can't wait. :)

  • Eidos: While Heather was trying to take pictures of the new Lara Croft (don't ask me, mmkay?) I got to play Soul Reaver 2. The game plays almost identically to its predecessor, except for 2 things. It's faster.. and smoother. Very nicely done.. and while I didn't get enough time to grab any of the storyline out of it.. (and I really do want to know what they did, story-wise), it looks like that's a sure winner for fans of the Kain series. I'm hoping for a nice PS2 port, personally. :)

  • Square: Chrono Cross. Yum. Yum. Get it. It looks good, and while the people walk a little slow.. having 40-something of them really makes up for it. I liked this game, and played it for a few minutes just about every time I walked by the Square booth. I can't wait for this game. Let's see, Parasite Eve 2 was on display there.. if you liked PE, you'll like PE2. I think it looks a bit better, personally, and well, I never really got to play it, so.. dur, not much to say. Legend of Mana on the other hand, I got to play a bit of. Doesn't seem to break away from the good ol' feel of SD games, and I'd say I'm kinda looking forward to it.. the art is beautifully done.. and while I've heard some less than perfectly positive rumors about it.. if you're a fan, don't let it get in your way. Threads of Fate was.. interesting. I played for a bit.. didn't seem too bad.. but not the perfect-10 winner, if you ask me. Don't know why.. just threw me an odd, "uh okay" feeling.

  • Agetech: Armored Core 2! Armored Core 2! Armored Core 2! Armored Core 2! Armored Core 2! It's just like the original.. only.. better. New stuff, new graphics, cleaner AC control, and well, the game rocks. It just.. ROCKS.

  • Nintendo: The only real game I played in Nintendo's section was Starcraft64. It just didn't do it for me. The control isn't nearly as good as you can get with a mouse, and well, after like 6 months of playing SC on the computer.. I just wasn't impressed with the console port. You want to play SC, get on a computer. Plain an' simple.

Well, maybe I'm just forgetful, or maybe I really did get all the stuff I paid attention to.. but that's all I can think of at this time.. that's a lot though. :) There's yer impressions.. and well, I'll get on to the column now... and yes, I'm aware how ugly that long bar on the left side looks. I'M SORRY OKAY.

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I wanna work with you. Dude.
Hey Brad, been checking out RPGamer for a while least a half year..I'm tellin ya, it ROCKS! *ahem* Sorry bout that, annyways, I was wonderin first off: About how many companies are showing RPG's at E3? Any up and coming developers or such? Now..for the 2nd question..I know its a longshot for me and all, being a 16 year old stuck in the middle of nowhere, literally(Omaha, Ne), but how might one get a job at RPGamer? I guess its just a fleeting dream of mine to make an impact to the roll playing community out there, ya know? Well, that's all I wanted to know, thanks for your time!

Ben "Azraith" Caban

Well, above is a good answer to your first question, but as for working at RPGamer.. well, there's job opening every once in a while.. you just gotta check to see when they're announced. I think we recently did a bit of hiring, but well, we might do it again sometime soon. I don't know. I don't hire kids, I just put them into slave labor in the banana mines for my artic monkeys. Yar.

ext2 is the log for me!
Brad, you're probably not the guy to ask for this: I don't care. I'm desperatley trying to get a drive in Linux formatted. Seeing as how you do calculus for people in your column, gimme some Linux help man! Have fun at E3. I am insanely jealous that you have played CC.

-powerfree (the one. the only.)

Linux drives work in the extended 2 format (kinda like how windows drives use FAT32 or something like that.. ).. I know if you use FDisk, it's like type 82 or 83.. (linux swap, and linux native).. but just look for "ext2" .. that's the little file code-thing for Linux drive-type formatting options. When you do a linux install, you'll have a chance to format your disk properly. Trust me though, have someone along with you who knows what they're doing first.. thems is waters you don't want to navigate alone, the first time.

Oh feeble minded pretzel, Come forth!
Ahhh. I am the meek and humble Pretzel. I ask thou questions that I cannot answer with my feeble mental prowess.
  1. Is there ANY way to get Phantasy Star Collection for Saturn in English (I only could wish!)

    Yes, but it'd involve breaking into Sega's HQ, and being very quick at translating... and well, if you could do the Japanese to English already, you wouldn't have this problem.. so I guess the answer becomes a qualified "no". :)

  2. I'm trying to lay the smack down on SaGa Frontier for PSX, and unfortunately, at the end of Blue's quest after a couple of minutes of beating the Hell Lord down the screen starts fading to brown and it says "The End". I've never beaten him due to this. Any ideas why it does this?

    uhm.. hrm.. maybe you only have a certain amount of time or something.. I can't remember, I went through Blue's Quest first.. and I beat it alright.. donno. Try beating him up FASTER.

  3. Am I the only one miffed that Grandia 2 is going to be a Dreamcast game? I know how beautiful it looks but now I have to buy ANOTHER system??? All I can say is Dreamcast better hold up it's promise as a RPGaming system better than the N Sixty-sucks did! I mean Zelda was all fun and cool, but how about some good old fashion Dragon Warrior type games?

    Well, I'd kinda like to see Grandia 2 for PS2 as well.. wah. Maybe Bleem! will come out with a "play DC games on PS2" emulator.. that'd be rad :D

  4. What does it take to work for something as totally awesome, cool, radical, groovy, and phat as RPGamer?

    See above answer. :)

Yours groovily, The Pretzel
E3, for press only?
Hullo. I gots dis E3 question, eh? My friend sez it's press only, but I hear dat you can buy the tickets, right? I wuz wondering which it is? Cause, frankly, my ass is getting into E3 sooner or later, the only question is how and how soon. OK. Sorry for talking like that. It was kinda cool though.


I don't think it is.. I'm pretty sure you could just buy tickets for at least one of the days.. and well, lots of non-press folk were there.. don't know how to get those tickets, (as I got mine through RPGamer of course), but I know employees of places like Best Buy, EB, Babbages, that kinda stuff, they all get passes to come in.. (shrug) Check out the E3 website for next year, I'd guess.

Unanswered Questions and Comments
B.R.A.D. part more than last time
It's time, once again, for everybody to hop aboard the BRAAAAAAAD train. Yes its Vengeance again, risking his life to bring you even more conversations from everyones favorite Badguys Resort and Diner (B.R.A.D) Wait till you get a load of what they are saying today. Enough rambling on, heres the latest from da baddies down under.

Kefka: "Attention, attention everyone, Ive called this meeting of all the memembers of B.R.A.D. to order beacuse we have a biiiig problem. Well at least all of you do cause your all weaklings and I'm not AHAHAHAHA.

Jenova: <shouts from back row> "Then why do you dress so funky you freak! Cloud has a better hair do than you."

Seifer: <shouts from front row> "Well at least he looks human you hag from space!"

Sephiroth: "Well she could at least think for herself and isnt controlled by a Witch!"

Jenova: "Silence Sephiroth!"

Sephiroth: "But I-"

Jenova: <interupts him> "I told you NOT TO SPEAK" <casts silence on Sephiroth>

Sephiroth: <sits down with a bleak expression on his face and his arms folded across his chest>

Ozzie: <brushes chicken crumbs of shirt> "You guys can all kiss my-" <notices Ghaleon enter the room, eats more chicken and shuts up>

Ghaleon: <approaches podium> "Ok so whats all this about Kefka"?

Kefka: "Well now as you all know- <looks at Ozzie> HEY sit down fat boy!"

Ozzie: "I cant sit you no-fashion clown im too....big boned"

Room: <Laughs>

Kefka: "Anyway we have a problem. As you all know each of us has some sort hero or party bugging us...and the way I see it is that if we.....<speaks very quickly> UNLOCK THE DOOR TO THE ESPERS WE CAN GET THEM ALL!"

Room: <Throws assorted items at Kefka>

Ghaleon: "Kefka, yet again you try to pull us from our different Universes to help you defeat a measely little party. Sorry but again it dosent work and again your wasting our time."

Golbez: <Walks by to see a man recording the conversation> "Hey who the-

Well there you have it folks. That Kefka dosent give up does he. Well we shall soon find out more in the next installment. Until then, adios amigos!

Vengeance "Look I have materia too!"

Wild ARMs 2 help..
*** Wild ARMs 2 spoilers, maybe ***

Yo Brad, whats up man? Now I know that you prolly haven't had a chance to play it but maybe one of your readers has. I know that Tim in Wild Arms 2 has special powers, you can see 'em on the status screen, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to use them in battles. Can anybody help me? By the way, I almost went to E3, I had tickets and everything, then I couldn't afford the plane ticket. :( Im cryin' right now, man.


That's right, Chip your Chipped PSX
hi i just wanted to say to whitey that he can find a chip who can bypass this problem, i have such a chip and whenever a game recognize that the playstation has been chiped i just have to hit reset and wait for 3 seconds and the problem is solved, so there you go, i hope it'll help



Pikachu demands blood? Since when did you take orders from that little electric ball of crap?

Brad: I don't know what you're talking about.... _

You remind me today of a small Mexican chihuahua.

Brad: I never get any respect the morning after... :(

Oh Great E3GoingMan-

Um, I know I could probably find this out somewhere else, but where exactly is E3 held? I mean... EXACTLY. Like, what city? I want to be 18, oh please make me 18!!


Brad: It is held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, in Los Angeles, California. :) It's a really big building, in a really big city.

Do you like punk music?

Brad: Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop Musik!

Heya Brad,

I just calculated that, in my whole life, I've played RPGs for over 10.48 weeks, total. I've spent more time playing games than I have spent with my parents. Is that weird, or what?

Brad: You know, that's a bad admission to make on Mother's Day :P

Is there any way I can get Weekly Famitsu in America?

Brad: Actually, Famitsu is considered a munition and cannot be imported into America.

Wrapping it up...

Okay, so I'm just really ready for the weekend to be over.. heh. Anyway, I had a blast at E3, finally getting to meet a few more of the people I work with at RPGamer, having fun, blowing stuff up, getting my butt kicked at Super Smash Brothers .. :( .. anyway.. I'm gonna take off, since I have other stuff to get done today.. heh. Finals week next week. Freaky. Later, kiddos!

Brad "Dew the Do." Lohr