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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - May 12 '00

Hey, hi. I'm here at E3.. and would have had Q&A up earlier, but the internet line in the press room went down.. so I had to wait until I got back to the hotel room in order to do it.. and well, here I am. Sorry. Anyhow.. I'll do a big post-mortem on the event in Sunday's Q&A, or if you guys have specific questions to ask about things.. send 'em in.

If the line is still down in the Convention Center tomorrow, Q&A will be late again.. nothin' I can do about that.. anyhow.. it's loud in here, and I can't very well type when I can't think.. so I'll move on to things that take less thought.. err....

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OoOoh, Armored Core 2 is funnn... so is Soul Reaver 2
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You know.. food is expensive in that place...
And they never bring more soda to the press food center :(
I'm feeling cannibalistic today. >:E
Question and Answer
Suikoden 3 ... woop!
To me, Suikoden II felt like a visit from an old friend. After getting too used to seeing the mechanics (and then the graphics too) change completely from one FF game to another, it was kind of touching that they kept the same basic engine for this sequel, just tweaking it to make things easier or more fun here and there. It wasn't broke, and they didn't fix it. I'd love to see a third game that just concentrated on telling the story the best way possible.

I felt the same way about Phantasy Star II and IV -- the graphics flashed a little brighter and there were some new options to play with, but it looked and handled just the same. If I wanted innovation on a grand scale, why would I be playing a sequel to begin with?


Suikoden 3 has been announced, and as the guys here are saying, it'll almost definitely be a PS2 title. I have to say that 'sequels' that are very different can be good, but as far as Suikoden goes, I love the fact that they aren't changing a good thing. Thumbs up, Konami.

Lufia 3, Ruins Ch-- no, Legend of-- no, Lufia 3: Hell freezes over
To the All-knowing Oracle...

"Lufia III: Ruins Chaser" was said to be released for the Playstation quite a while back... Now, I find it in your "Upcoming Games" section for "GameBoy Color"... ???... I loved the first two and have been anticipating the 3rd of the series for a looooong time. Has the game been scrapped? Why the change to "GameBoy Color"? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated...


Looking at the press release sitting on the bed next to me, I'd say that Lufia 3 wasn't released onto the PSX. I'd say that it's upcoming for the game boy color, and has undergone a name change to Lufia 3: The Legend Returns .. and the release date on the sheet says "Winter 2000" .... let's just think about that for minute.. oh, nevermind.. I'm gettting a headache from that :(

Booth babes... NO .. OF COURSE NOT
Dear Mr. Brad Lohr sir,
  1. The most important question of all is, are there really booth babes at E3? I know that they have them in Japan, but I didn't realize that we had 'em here. Knowing you, you'll be drooling over the games, anyways. After all, you have Heather; what more babe would a guy need?

    Yes, there are booth babes, and yes, I would rather be watching Heather.. of course! To be honest, they're a tad bit on the skanky side... but she admits that she loses 'boothbabeness' by not running around half-naked.

  2. What's the most impressive booth or other display there at this point?

    I'd say the Dreamcast/ booth was VERY cool ... a nice corridor to walk in, screens everywhere.. very nice.

  3. How about the most impressive RPG you've seen, huh?

    RPG-wise, Grandia2 looked really good, Chrono Cross is good.. Legend of Mana looks nice... oh yeah.. common agreement in the room says Valkyrie Profile looked REALLY good.

  4. Aren't Dolphin and X-Box stupid names? I mean, at least PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast are sort of cool, but, Dolphin? Why, why, WHY???

    Heh... Don't ask me.. I've NEVER claimed to understand marketing types.

  5. Exactly how much of a nerd are you?

    Hunter says that because I get laid, I'm not enough of a nerd.. :( ... that's it, no more for Heather. She's taking away from my nerdness... frickin' girls.

  6. Ok, Googleshng's a slime. I'm starting to doubt it... I mean, how exactly would you define a slime's "cousin"? Also, why does his cousin look so human? And don't slimes dislike bony things?

    Well, a slime's cousin is a lot like an Arkansas guy's cousin... totally nak--- DOH HELP STOM IS GETTING MEEEEEeeeeeee--

These are questions that beg for answers, immediate answers, and since you are obviously the awesomest RPGuru ever (that, and Thor's gone and Googleshng doesn't answer questions on weekends), I thank you just for being you.

Your Humble Servant,
Insanerest of AOL

You know.. Ben is the 4th Hanson brother...
Hi Brad!

I'm so jealous... I wanna be at E3! Have you seen anything on Chrono Cross yet? I'm so jealous I think I'm gonna call upon the Day of Diabolos! Oh, guess what? I'm gonna see Hanson perform tonight in Escondido! ^_^


Yeah, you could say I've seen something on Chrono Cross.. :)

I've played a translated version.

Oh! Feel the hatred! :D

It's pretty cool... go buy it.

Btw, those Hanson "guys"... aren't! OH NO SPOILER!

... oh.. the god-damned sub...
The man is ashamed
To tell the prostitute what
To do with the SPAM.

Oh Almighty Oracle,

I am in Final Fantasy 7, just starting the 3rd disc. I need a place to level up before I can go down the crater to fight Sephiroth. Where is a good place for characters from levels 44-53 to level up? Tell me, or you will suffer a slow, painful, and interesting death; probably involving fish.

Big Red Jumpsuit boy (Yes, I wear it to school)

Well, about your leveling up question... I suggest going into the crater itself for a few levels... it's where I do my leveling up (well, that, and smacking around the magic jars for tons of AP).. Hunter suggests going into the sunken submarine... it's damn hard :/ .. by the way... that is a NAUGHTY haiku...

AC Questions.. (What.. no E3?)
To the guywhoknowsallbecauseheanswersquestionsonapopularrpgsite:

Dude, I just got AC, and it kicks ass. But I have two questions for you.

  1. I currently play the game in 800x600 mode, and when I tried that 3d mode, the graphics looked sweeterÁ But with that, the game suffered a major slow down. Should it do that? My computer is fairly new so it's unexpected. So I am stuck with the 800x600 mode. Is there any way I can get around this without having to go out and buy a 3d acceleratorÀ Because spending $$ sucks.

    Heather says, (and I agree), go with lesser graphics over a slowdown.. slowdowns will get you killed. Dying sucks.

  2. Where exactly do you hang out in the Frostfell serverÀ Do you hang out in the Dire Lands? Around a specific townÀ WhereÀ I want to stalk yo.. never mind that part. (close one :Þ)

    I hang out currently in Glenden Wood, mostly. @tell Moot .. or Palom .. and that's me. Heather plays under Juilin.

Bleem! for Dreamcast...
Hey Brad,

There's been a lot of hoopla over on the Bleem! message boards ( about their new product announcement. It seems as if they are writting a Dreamcast port for their Playstation emulator, which means patrons of Sega will be able to run Playstation games in their Dreamcasts via some sort of disc swapping maneuver. I personally think that this defeats the purpose of emulation, since most of the Dreamcast owners probably already own a Playstation *and* a PC, and it's not likely that anyone is going to run out an buy a Dreamcast to play their Playstation favorites. But since I tend to have a somewhat warped view of things, I was wondering what you thought about this? Is a Dreamcast Bleem!Pak worth $19.99 to you (There's 4 of them total)? Supposedly it runs them, and I quote, "perfectly," and at a higher resolution (640x480). Apparently Bleem! made quite a showing at E3 with Gran Turismo. But would you (or hekc, any of the readers) fork over $20-$80 to play Playstation games on your Dreamcast(s)?

- Naz

Yeah.. it's caused quite a noise at E3... :) I don't think Sony's too pleased about it. But there are quite a few people out there who didn't go the PS route.. or this allows people to sell off their PSX, keep their Dreamcast, and still play their PSX games.. btw, the emulator is written, and works (supposedly) with over 400 PSX games. I'm waiting for the Dreamcast/N64 emu for PS2 :)

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Chocobo.. the other white meat
I dunno why it wasnt mentioned yesterday by either Goog or Brian, but the SD series isn't the only non-ff series that has chocobos. There's a big picture of one in Parasite Eve, for instance.
Coup of Haiku
To be at E3
Would be such a great delight
I wish I was there.

Seeing all the games
That everyone will release
Would be a delight.

I'm jealous of you,
But I'm happy for you too,
Please print this haiku.


(aaron@mancala ~) ls -l `which vi`
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 /usr/bin/vi -> /usr/bin/emacs

damn right. ;)

Brad: Oh, that is sooooo wrong... YOU DIE. YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!

How do I compete with the future owner of Ford to get this girl? He's going to inherit it ... he gives her gift's everyday. Oh, please help great fast and slow blinker!


Brad: Well, errr.... uh.. remember that time he was drunk and dancing naked on the tables at that party?.... just show her how unattractive his "option package" looks.. heh heh heh. Either that, or woo her with your godlike trombone playing ability.

Marx or Lenin?

Brad: Pickles.

What's Cooking?

Brad: Well, George is gone from the room... I'd say Cot-lady is next up on the grill... yum. "Fatuburger" heh.

I am the almighty Spam-boy! Yield to my vast amount of poverty! No female will ever date me! Guffaw guffaw!

Now give me a cookie for doing my duties.

- Spam-boy


What's cooking?


Brad: I think it's Andrew's turn... FRY BUDDY FRY!!!!

Oh Mighty Lohracle,

I remember seeing a way to get Mr. T in Final Tactics as a member of your party. But for the life of me can't remember how to do it. Got any ideas?


Brad: ... up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start. duh.

Wrapping it up...

Alright... we're hungry.. and I'm the only thing holding us up from going to dinner. Short conclusion results.

Brad "Suck my cot." Lohr