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Brad Lohr, The Oracle - April 28 '00

Okay, this has been like uber yucky Q&A week all around. I got very few letters, seems Google has too.. but that's okay. I'm here, I'm now.. it's a bit late... I'll try harder tomorrow.

So anyhow, what's up. Got the car back. $1500 later. Owie. No new clothes this month.. and if you see me at E3, you'll see how badly I need them. Well, maybe. I might dress classy for E3.

E3's only in two weeks. Hunter, George and myself are gonna hang out and have fun. If you're going to E3, lemmie know, we'll hook up and chill.


No, Heather isn't going to be attending E3.. we've only enough passes for the crew, and well, she doesn't guest host often enough to be considered staff. (smirk)

But E3'll still be way too much fun.


If you could ask me anything...

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Hey Oracle.

Economizer In Final Fantasy Six Where do I get one?

Thank you. This has been giving me problems.


On the island north
Of the Veldt you'll find a
forest: Seek fights there.

In that forest, you'll find two types of enemies: Tyranosaurus like guys, (in pairs, mostly) and then the evil Brachosaur. He's a really mean guy, casts a couple pretty nasty spells, but if you've creamed Emerald weapon, he's no big deal, really.. he's just a nice step above the lil' Tyranosaurs. That forest is basically where I sit and spend numerous hours leveling up my people, learning magic (though there is a better place to get magic points), and (hopefully) earning Economizers. They are so worth it... but the Brachosaur doesn't drop them all that often.. so expect to spend a while fighting down there.

Ask Magic Tarball!
Hageln Das Mächtige Orakel !

Just a few Question/Comments:

1. FF4j- Why the farq does it have some many items to cure different status ailments? What I mean is did ff3 have some many diffferent status ailments? I dont remeber that many in ff5.

Well, if you look at FF6, 7, and 8.. you'll notice that they too have a large number of status ailments, and an item for each. Nobody REALLY pays attention to them, though, you just use the panacea items, they're easier... just more expensive.

2. Super Mario RPG- Have you ever played this? Its a squaresoft game, but all i ever hear is people dissing it, its not too bad, look at FF mystic Quest.

Yeah, I played it through once, beat it, it wasn't too bad.. though I wouldn't really go out of my way to play through it again.. even though it DID have some nasty hard battle at the end.. some weird crystal dude. Anyway...

3.Do I have to pay for your services like the people of ancient greece?


3b. Funny fact the anceint greecian oracle was bribed on atleast one occasion.

Please deposit another coin to continue.

4. FM3- Yea or Nay?

Haven't started it yet.. doh. Word on the street is that it's very good, but to be certain, let's ask the magic tarball...
[tarball@tarball ~]$ tar -xvzf "FM3- Yea or Nay?.tar.gz"

tar -xvzf: Are you one of those hackers or something?
[tarball@tarball ~]$

Interpretation of that answer is left as an exercise for the student.

5. WHY is Vandal hearts 2 soo tedious? I can't beat it, I just don't have the heart.

It's because they messed up the game, that's why. It's not THAT bad, though. Give it another try, and remember: You know what he's going to do, make him pay for being predictable. When you start getting vindictive, the game gets SO much more fun.

6. IS there a tactics orge game called Let us Cling Together for playstation? Because I rented this once, but I have never seen it anywhere else.

Yes, Let Us Cling Together is the name of what is called in this column, Tactics Ogre and is sold as such for the playstation. If you can't find a copy, I feel sorry for you. I love that game.

Domo Arigato.

The Renegade Conformist

ps. Yeah yeah i know improper use of domo arigato, so sue me.

I'm still waiting for that additional coin, mister...

Who's my favorite villian?
Hello Lord Brad I just decided to pop in to ask you A question. Who is your favorite video game villain of all time? Mine is Ghaleon from the Lunar games. He's probably the coolest game villain I've ever seen. Except for maybie Lukav from FM3. I never see anyone ask you this question so I figured I'd give it A shot.


Hrm.. I'd have to say that my favorite vanilla would .. wait, there's only one type of vanil-- ... nevermind. I really liked Kefka. He was appropriately evil, stuck around most of the game, (Who's this Zeromus guy, anyway?) and just kicked butt. Kefka'd be my favorite for like "end boss." Favorite badguy EVER..
Definitely Zed, from Wild ARMs. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to go out and rent that game. This guy is hilarious, and so worth playing the game just to see. And his music rocks, too.

Monkey sense is tingling!

I still remember the days of old school, 8 bit, low res, RPGs. I remember the dinky sword sounds and the scratchy sound that happened before you got into battle.(For some reason that used to scare me) I remember the use of fire spells that looked like something a 3 year old drew. Ahh. There is more though. Do you remember the 16-bit plethora of RPGs. The higher end graphics, the mode 7 scrolling(Snes only I think), the close to cartoonish sword sounds, the little sprites that looked like a chibi version of a chibi them, the wacky/extravagant looks of the final bosses(I am shuddering at the look of Kefka at the moment), the kick butt looking spells. But alas, the 32-bit RPGs came along. ::trumpet fanfare plays loudly into Brad's ear:: Some games tried to up the old style versions of games but failed miserably.(Via Wild Arms trying to used the deformed looking sprite characters on the map, and FF7's spikey headed druggy looking hero on the map and in towns) But the battle scenes were terrific, abasolutely splended! The higher-res character sprites in battle made us drool and ask for more gorgeous animations, the rendered spells and the cool looking weapons!!! Not to mention, games with FMVs were all cool too. Anyway, my whole reason for saying all of this is to ask you a few questions.

  1. Where do you think the gnere of RPGs is headed?

    I see a lot of interactivity and online stuff upcoming (duh), I think it's starting to find a 'base' again, the whole market has been expanding, expanding, expanding, and it needs a place to call home for a bit before it goes out into the middle of nowhere.. I'm just kinda forseeing the game makers finding a thing that works, and sticking with it for a little while.. then another big growth and expansion period. Can I be more vague?

  2. Was FFT you favorite of the Final Fantasy Series? (Say that it is or the monkey butlers will get killed off one by one.....)

    You touch the monkeys, and I'll make you wish you were never born. My favorite FF was 6.

  3. Why does everyone whine about Heather blinking faster than you? And do you mind if I draw an anime style pic of her and send it to you do you?

    No, I don't mind you making an anime pic of Heather.. I'd probably even post it or something, if it was good. :) And now with her latest anti-aliased revision, she doesn't blink faster, I do.

  4. Do you have any Idea where Paws went off to? I miss her.

    She's laying out in the sun, asleep. What else do cats do?

  5. Can I call you "Master Brad Lohr"?

    Yup. Will I answer to it? Probably.

  6. What colage[sic] did you go, or still go, to?

    I am currently attending Allan Hancock College.. applied to Cal Poly, but don't yet meet all transfer requirements... doh.

Unanswered Questions and Comments
Sephiroth, or at least, this guy's take on it...
*** FF7 Spoilers ***

When you fight Sepiroth you don't actually fight him until you Fight Sapher Sepiroth at the end of the game. The other ones you fight are the Jenova clones made in Sepiroth image. The true Sepiroth had a very high concentration of Jenova cells, this is because he was infused before he was born. When he came in contact with Jenova in its storage inside the Mako reactor. Like Melissa in Parasite Eve, her mitochondria took control and the personality of eve did also. Sepiroth's Jenova cells awoken and Jenova took control. Because of the high level of cells in Sepiroth's cells, and the age and condition of Its old body. Jenova began to change Sepiroth into its own image. When Sepiroth removed the robotic head and the tube lit. Jenova looked like an Angle or another type of winged creature. And Sapher Sepiroth's music, "One Winged Angle." Exactly what he looked like, halo and all. Now when Cloud stabbed Sepiroth and forced him into the Life stream. When Sepiroth was deemed lost they tried to make someone in his image. But they could never recreate him. The clones usually went nuts, and they all had a number tattoo. Now Jenova began to recall all its cells, take control of all its clones. Some could resist, others took the call. As you recall cloud was in control most of the time, but sometimes he just lost control and Jenova used him. But when he thought he fought Sepiroth they were nothing but the clones. And Bizzaro Sepiroth, the fight after Jenova. Was nothing more then a merging of the cells. So You only killed the real Sepiroth once.

But for other bosses, makes them seem more evil and as a greater threat. Not be killed easily and simply. If you want to learn more, read the AD&D Guide to Villains. Its the blue paperback like the class guides,

Templar Kefka

Suikoden, its source, and a donkey. Story at 11.
Hey Brad

I know this is one day late (I missed 4-26) but I'm replying anyway. Suikoden doesn't borrow anything from Lord of the Rings. Suikoden borrows from the true Chinese and Japanese legend which is called <gasps> Suikoden! I know this is in replies to a letter from Google's column but I felt the need to reply. -.-; Anyway, my questions are about the PSX2. It came out but there wasn't much about it (news) compared to the Dreamcast, I think so anyway. What kind of games are on it that are actually really good, RPGs and non-RPGs. I know Square made a game for them, I think they did. In terms of RPGs, have any been even planned for PSX2? Also, RPGamer had news on Emblem Saga, a PSX game a while ago. It was supposed to be out already in Japan. Any info on the game? I'm not sure how much you know about imports. I know Google doesn't import so he doesn't know too much. Also, what exactly does it take to make a game section on RPGamer? Do you guys need loads of info or files or previews or what? Thanks!

Tristan Adnade

Heh.. some people are funny without even trying...

I typed out this long letter on a great idea on how we could matchmake RPGamers nationwide (note the subject line), but then I realized 1.) It was far too long for your column 2.) It wasn't funny, and 3.) Stolen poems about Canada and cheese have a near 100% chance of being put in the column versus some debate that's been going off and on since the beginning of this column.

So blah.

Hints To Cheese Makers
By James McIntyre (not me. In fact, this guy's dead.)

All those who quality do prize
Must study color, taste and size
And keep their dishes clean and sweet,
And all things round their factories neat,
For dairymen insist that these
Are all important points in cheese.

Grant has here a famous work
Devoted to the cause of pork.
For dairymen find that it doth pay
To fatten pigs upon the whey,
For there is money raising grease
As well as in the making cheese.

Wow. I suck.

~The "A rude Frenchman?! Well I never..." Sack~

[Editor's note: I'd like to see the original letter.. don't worry, I can always edit it help you out with the funny parts..]

Saturn Fix: It's like crack, 'cept crack doesn't lead to Dreamcast abuse...
I had the same problem with my saturn. I threw some crappy CD in there and monkeyed around with it until it worked. To make a long story short, the front half of the saturn was slightly lower than the back. So I evened it out. That fixed the problem.

Hope that helps,

Leveling up in SaGa Frontier...
Hellooooooo again, Brad!

Some other stuff about Saga Frontier. I know the best places for raising up your stats! If you play Blue, the best thing to do is get Armor Vests and good weapons, then go to Despair for the rune. When you get to the place with all the big poles in a room, save it, then run around in the room. You should get into fights for running between some poles. Fight there. You raise stats, and techs! Go back to the previous screen, save it, then go back in the room. When you run out of points for techs, then warp out with the region map, go to an inn, and repeat. For anyone else, do the same, but go to the Bio Lab in Shrike. Run around here for a while. When you run out of points, go to an inn and repeat! Okay, I'm gonna go now. Bye!

Kaiser "The Info Man"

[Editor's Note: That bio lab is a NASTY place.. watch out for the stuff in there.. I can't remember Despair all that well, but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of robot flunky guys .. these places aren't for beginners.]


Hey, you know what, we could all be really weird and start calling the new US $1 coins "Gold Pieces". Or maybe just I will, and then I'll look like a total nerd. Oh well.


Brad: Heh.. heh.. "Gimmie 3 GEE PEE, can ya?" .. GEE PEE is what we should call them... of course.. when one tonic costs 50 GEE PEE... oy.. them's is bad days.



Brad: He's crying in the corner over there.. recent sunburns have caused him to peel.

Lonely orange peel
Lying beside the walkway;
I apologize.


Brad: That brought a tear to my eye. :~( I swear, some of you guys should do this stuff professionally...

Prince Bran of Cannok? Ewww.... thats sick!

Brad: ...Dragon Warrior 2, right?

Does that irresistable refreshing soft drink beverage Mountain Dew really shrink your balls!?!?

Pat "Do the Dew" Higgins

Brad: Well, with what the ladies say, it seems like you have a valid concern, since you haven't got much to spare.. but I haven't heard anything about testicular shrinkage occuring, however, they have noticed a decline in the sperm count after having Mountain Dew. If you're stupid enough to use this as birth control, kids, I can't see how you're getting laid.


I think your column would be more interesting if you called everyone "bloke" or "mate" just like Sachi.


Brad: Heh, my girlfriend said much the same thing, except she requested the words "loser" and "dumbass" ... but that didn't fly with management. :)

Hi Brad!

Yesterday in Goog's column, someone was asking Google abou its highest Tetris Score. How's this for you: 673,910, and I've made it up to level 40.


Brad: Lies... that's .. just.. too high. I don't believe it. That's sick.

Wrapping it up...

Okay, it's way too late for me to be talking forever here.. let's just see what tomorrow holds...

Oh yeah.. someone made BlinkeyHeather cooler... not that at any stage she wasn't cool, but I'm continually thankful for the improvements... thanks, guys!


Brad "Hey you.. over on the right.. yeah you, cutey.. you wanna.. do dinner sometime?" Lohr