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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - March 24 '00

Hey. You got weasels on your face.

Well, I did done do up me some English Paper, yup sir. And I've used up just about all the English talent I had, as little as it may be, on that paper. So if'n I use some gnasty spellin' or otherwise blatant bastardizations of the English language, (double contractions, oy, shouldn't've mentioned that.. aggregate misspellings of entire sentences, just for my own personal glee) .. just figure it's because I don't like English... and remember. Monkeys are bad people.

And so are you.

Right. Anyway.. gettin' late, I'm a little punchy (naw, you couldn't tell, could you?) .. so I'll just get on with the dirty business. (One word for that.. naughty!) and well, here it is.

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Asheron's Call
Damn those golems look cool.


Tactics Ogre
I lost one of my guys.. it was someone else's fault. I'm pissed.

In Brad's Head
Nothing! Absolutely nothing... You so STUPID!
I think I've mentioned this before...
What's your opinion on Vandal Hearts 2?

I thought it was a total piece of %^&* compared to Vandal Hearts 1.

-The Deceitful Wombat

... I've definitely said my piece about this before.. but VH2 definitely lacks where VH 1 was really cool. I can only think of one scenario that wasn't "Kill everyone" or "Kill the Leader".. which was one of my favorite parts of VH1. The class system wasn't even really done, it was just mix and match with the armor/weapon pieces.. and the whole multitudes of different weapons.. well, it just didn't do it for me, I guess. I did like the game as far as there was some fun lookin' stuff.. and the spells were far and away some of the neatest looking things.. some really different stuff spell-wise, that was just well done. I think Konami dropped the ball and went too far from a good thing, but other than that, I had a good time playing it, and I'll be going back through it .. someday. :)

Linux is for fun!
What distro of Linux do you use? I'm looking into going into a dual boot system with w98/Linux, but I don't have enough info on which distro I should use. Any comments or guides would be apreciated.

I personally use Redhat, though I haven't been using it of recent, mostly because I'm never home. We use Redhat a lot at work as well, and it's highly suggested for those new to Linux, as it's a good intro to the basics of *ix OS runnings, and stuff like that. I am doing a dual boot with Win98 and Redhat on this machine right here, and suggest it as a fun way to learn what you're doing in a Linux/Unix environment. Trust me, it's a job skill worth having, and well, VI just rules as the text editor of kings (and sysadmins)!

Getting Guilty... verrrrry guilllty.. wait.
Hi Brad. I read Chuck's letter and it kinda struck home. I used to suffer from guilt all the time. I had stacks of unbeaten PSX CDs all over my apartment, and I felt bad for playing the same 5 games all the time. Until I made an important realization---games are RECREATION! I play video games for enjoyment. It's not a JOB (well, some of it is, but that's another story). So therefore I play the games that I want to play for fun, and if I don't feel like finishing the last 5 hours of some RPG, too freakin' bad!!!!! Its just like reading a book, watching a movie, or anything else. If I'm bored of some movie halfway through, I don't finish watching it.

On another quick note, I also read BeerGoggles_FromMARS letter about the X-Box. For God's sake, people, if you're going to rant at least have a clue what you're talking about. This guy makes some comments that don't totally make sense...did he just pick some buzzwords out of a magazine and throw some letter together? Anyways,that's just MY rant.

Keep up the good work, Brad. I really enjoy your column.


That's about where I've gotten with it as well. I have a full half of the games I own for the PSX that I've never beaten. I keep buying more. They're fun, and you know what? Someday I'm gonna go back and say, "Wow.. that Kartia looks fun." and jam it in. I'm collecting most of the games anyways.. and I have a serious collection now. It's cool, and a sort of hobby of mine. Speaking of which.. that Front Mission 3 looks damn good. Yum yum. As for the X-Box comments, I'm staying out of this one.. go take it to Editorials if you wanna argue with eachother. Only arguing with me allowed here!

FFV, Mis-translated, or are we just spoiled. Probably spoiled.
Dear Lohracle,

Why do you say that the FFV translation wasn't all that great? That seems to be what everybody says, bu tI've only seen 2 things wrong, and they were hte names of monsters (Y Burn instead of Wyvern, Bald Money instead of Bald Monkey). I have just about finished the game, and those are the only translation problems I have come across. What did you see wrong with the translation? Please tell me because I am confused as to why people think the translation sucked.

Thank you,

Just as a point, I did not say that the translation sucked (I think), but I'm fairly well in agreement with the statement (just in case I did, heh heh).. it's not really that BAD, per se.. but the guys who did the ROM translation really did a great job. A better job, in my opinion, than did the people who did FFA. I may be biased, but I really liked the quality of the ROM translation, and I've seen some pretty scary text in the FFA version. Nothing bad.. just.. not as good. I think that's the point that was trying to be made about this all.

Tactics Ogre cool info..
Hello Brad!

Are you playing Tactics Ogre? If you are right now, you should keep Kachua, then cheat to turn Denim into a Lord. Also, every class has a different minimum statistic growth rate ( are in most faqs). If you really have a lot of time, you can load whenever a character gains a level and keep the best level up. If you have certain items, the minimum stat growth amount will increase. Here's a list:

  • Warrior Sword LUK + 1 One Handed
  • Warrior Glove LUK + 1 One Handed
  • Warrior Armor LUK + 1 For Body
  • Warrior Helmet LUK + 1 For Head
  • Brunhild Sword LUK + 1 Two Handed
  • Oricon Sword INT + 1 One Handed
  • Rune Axe INT + 1 Two Handed
  • Ripple Staff INT + 1 One Handed
  • Dark Hammer STR + 1 Two Handed
  • Blood Axe STR + 1 Two Handed
  • Ogre Sword STR + 1 One Handed
  • Holy Spear STR + 1 Two Handed
  • Evil Spear STR + 1 Two Handed
  • Dragon Staff MEN + 1 One Handed
  • Star Bow DEX + 1 Two Handed
  • Chaos Bow DEX + 1 Two Handed
  • Dark Bow DEX + 1 Two Handed
  • Paragun DEX + 1 One Handed
  • Balmuck Sword DEX + 1 Two Handed
(Not sure if armor may change stat growth)

And lastly, if you have a Priest(ess) or Kachua, you can use the spell "Revivify", it revives one dead ally with half of their HP and MP for the cost of 55 magic points. However, the dead characters loyalty will decrease slightly, as it does with "Entify" and "Necro". "Necro" can be used to raise stats very high, and to change a characters alignment. Bringing a character to level one doesn't change their stats (except HP and MP), so... the rest should be easy to figure out. Do you like Witches? Many people think they suck, for a really great witch, hire a female (water is best) and equip her with the Paragun, Dragon Staff, Warrior Helmet and Armor. Train her to level six, and change into an Archer, then level her up to the same level as the rest of your people (hopefully she will have 100 Luck by then). Change her into a Witch, and go hurt people (she can rush up to enemies in the beginning of battles and just stone them all, if she has enough MP). Last of all, loyalty will rise if: A character becomes a MVP, A character gains a level hitting a higher level enemy or if a character kills a higher level enemy. Loyalty will go down if the opposite happens, or if he/she dies.


Mmmmm.. cheating cool tips for Tactics Ogre! I like this stuff. I honestly didn't know that Necro brought them back with their stats.. that's a really cheater way of making some kick-butt characters... yikes. Knew about Revivify.. I have it right now, actually, but don't have a class that can use it yet. Wah.

Heh.. that's what SHE said
One of my first experiences with the original playstation brought about the following reaction:

"Wow, this is cool. But the directional buttons kinda suck."

Then the N64 came out, and i got one of those, and me and my friend were having conversations about the controllers, and I brought up the fact (which he agreed with me) that the PSX controller sucks in this regard. The lack of any 'between' area to press gives a large 'edge' on which to hurt your thumb.

The Sega systems did this GREAT. They had a nice round one. There was also some original NES controllers that did this.

Now, then the Dual Shock Came out. They added two VERY nice round stick (totally round, instead of octagonal like the N64's stick) that were excellent on the fingers. But they left the directional pad alone.

Now, the PS2 is nearing the american horison, and is already out in Japan. They STILL haven't fixed a huge gripe i've had for years. Am I the only one on Earth who thinks that the PS directional pad is badly designed?


See, personally, I don't have any problem whatsoever with the PSX controller. Maybe I'm just used to those type of things. I don't know. I just don't have a huge problem. Then again, I don't play that many games that require extensive and long-term use of the diagonals.. except for Einhander. Which'll cause pain in your hand if you've got a frilly pink fluffy pillow for a controller. Intense game. Cool game. Anyhow, but Heather totally agrees with you on this one.. she's made that same point to me.. and well, she's invariably right.. or something, so maybe you are too. But I don't like the N64 controllers at all. So nyah.

Er.. ?
Dear Brad,

I just bought the computer version of FF8 and i have a problem. When I run the game all of the character dialog boxes and the menu are black, yellow, and green, instead of being straght blue. Also at times Quinticnol (spelling?) flashes yellow, and then turns back to her normal color. However the FMV's run perfectly, which is odd.

I am running a P2 350 with 100mhz system bus along with a ATI Rage pro 8MB and my monitor is running at true color 32-bit. i tried to mess with the config program, but it got me nowhere. Could you please help me out?



Hey.. I don't do FF games on the PC. But if someone else has a clue on this one, or a URL to point this guy to, drop me a line. I'm all for helpin' folk out.

Suikoden Music.. the Novel
lright, I've asked Google this three or four times this week (depending on how ya count 'em) without an answer, so now I'll try you. Who composed the music from the Suikoden games?

Draklar "Help me Brad Lohr, you're my only hope."

Obi-Wanga Konami? .. oh nevermind. Anyhow, it goes like this. Konami has a team of composers.. who are under the lead composer guy. So each game had a different team of composers.. and well, there's no one person solely responsible for the good music, (or lack thereof, if you're of that opinion) in the Suikoden games. I'll tell ya that I really liked the stuff from volume 1.. 2 wasn't as hot, but some of it was really good stuff too.

Heh.. test the oracle.. at 1am? Not fair.. >K(
Heya, Brad. Let's see if you know where these quotes are from:

Uh.. alright. But no promises on obscure crud or games I haven't played. :P

1) 'The Mystery of Life' Vol. 841, Ch. 26 All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! least for now.

Chrono Trigger.. that was easy.

2) TargetLady and his party ran away.


3) Silence! You are in the presence of octopus royalty! A lowborn thug like you could never defeat me!

FF6.. at the opera house.

4) Keep going? Off course!

FF7, battle arena.

5) They say that there are Motavian living on Motavia and Dezoriann on Dezoris. I'd sure like a chance to talk to someone.

I'm thinking Phantasy Star.. but I'm not sure.

6) Maybe you can help me. What is this 'eye's cream' that the queen wants so badly?

Chrono Trigger again.. whee :)

7) I've never been on dry land since I was born. Think about it. You have dirt on your feet. How can you do that?

.. again, dunno.

8) If you stand for justice, you betray evil!

... help? :)

9) King: "Disobeying me?" Cecil:"No, I don't.

Uh, givaway? FF2a

10) I'd can't wait to meet a great guy I can scream at and exchange blows with!

This is giving me a Legend of Legaia vibe.

-Red Baron, the pizza man.


Is Orange Soda what allows your ever blinking brad icon to keep blinking? Even Superman couldn't blink for that long. You must have super powers.

This just reminds me of my favorite pickup line that there is.. "I am a magical being. Take off your bra.".. heh.

Hey Brad, I was just sittin around when a weird question popped onto my head. I immediatly thought of you, because you are the only Q & A host in the world (or did someone hypnotize me into thinkin that, oh well). What would happen if you found a genie and he gave you three wishes and you said " Genie, I wish for you not to grant this wish". What would he do, if he does nothing, he grants the wish, which goes against the wish. Arrrrrgghhhhhh. Now Ill never get to sleep, well bye

Wing Xero

You know, that happened to me once, and I wished the same thing you just said. Now I'm stuck for eternity answering Q&A questions on an RPG site. :( .. oh wait, I like it here :P

Brad! I turn 16 on Friday! Only 1 more year until I can buy myself a car, 2 more years until I can vote, and 5 more years UNTIL I CAN LEGALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! So, um... can I borrow your flying monkeys of death? I'm having trouble training my squad of evil snails to wreak havoc upon the city...

~The "It tasted almost, but not quite, exactly unlike tea" Sack~

Heh.. just break out the salt man.. they'll fly like the wind. And if they don't... salt 'em. It's fun to watch.

I'm going to the state chess tournament this weekend! Wish me luck!


Much luck wishing to your tournament chess playing!

The first rule of being a successful leader of a barbarian horde:

"Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn."

Hill people make BIG WANGA!

Words from the Wise One:

Ugh.. my stomach has just started to give me some unpleasant times.. I'm gonna wrap up here and call it a night, folks... have fun and we'll see you all tomorrow.

Brad "My tummy feels funny.... !" Lohr

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