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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - March 18 '00

Er.. well, as expected.. today's column will be a bit short and sweet, as I did a buttload of work today.. (mostly moving stuff.. we're going to a new building.. I've been carting crap around since about 2pm.. I'm so manly.. or something).. and I've got to be up early tomorrow morning.. sooo.. I'll try to do a halfway decent job, but after that.. I'm going to bed.

Hope you all have fun this weekend... I should be as well.

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Get me into E3, Brad!
Quick question,

I have been meaning to go to E3 for the past couple of years now. This year it looks like it may be a very good possibility. If not this year then definately next.

1 catch, I dont know where it's going to be this year, or when!

Also I know it is a developer and press event. Any thoughts on how I might get myself access? Think throwing up my own online game publication would work?

Thanks Oracle :)


E3 is May 11-13, a Thursday-Friday-Saturday deal. It's pretty hard to get tickets to, if you don't know how to get tickets to it.. it's not something you just stumble upon. Working for certain companies nets you tickets.. or being an RPGamer guy does.. (well not everyone gets to go.. but I'm pretty close geographically to it, and I'll be taking my car down, so we have wheels. ;D), it'll be down in LA, though if it's at the Convention Center or not, I don't know quite yet. I think it is.. but .. well, I'm not 100% sure.

Video Game Violence
What is your view on video game violence? Do you think RPG games have that much violence? If so, which RPG games are really bad for little kids? Would you mind if I quoted you on your answer?

First off, I don't mind being quoted too much, however, if it's going to be for something more public than an English paper, please let me know... just in case. As for violence in video games, I think it's fairly negligible. Every Saturday morning there is more violence in one cartoon than in most video games, (Resident Evil etc excepted.. I'm kinda aiming at the 'standard RPG'). There is still some violence in these games, but it isn't portrayed as being some glorifying fit of destructive goodness, really. Most of it is the same ol' thing of Cloud going up, smack, the guy falls over in a purple haze of death. No real blood, no scream of agony.. I feel it's fairly harmless. There ARE video games out there that have a fairly high level of violence, but most RPGs stay away from that, and let their story do the selling. Parasite Eve, in my mind, had some stuff in it that I wouldn't want too many little kids seeing. The whole game is targeted at a much older audience.. and well, even if it isn't too graphic (I haven't seen much of it) .. there's a lot of creepy stuff, (again, from what I've seen) that might really give kids the willies.

Soundtrack Recommendations
Hail an Oracle!

I recently went to an anime store, and, after failing to find any tapes that interested me, I checked out the video game soundtracks. I didn't know what a lot of them were, but regardless, I picked out Final Fantasy Celtic Moon. It is, in short, incredable! I'm really glad I picked a good one, out of the many soundtracks that were there. My question is, can you recomend any others? Or do you know of any web pages that has a review of any soundtracks? I found one for the Final Fantasy 6 soundtrack somewhere in RPGamer, but thats all I've seen so far.

Thank you.

--The Grand Finale

Yeah, Celtic Moon is great. Let's see.. more recommendations.. I'd hit Xenogears:Creid. (VERY good Album) .. hrm.. Star Ocean 2:Arranged is good, if you like SO2 music.. from Final Fantasy, I just popped open FF6:Grande Finale .. it's VERY good. And then there's Chrono Trigger; Brink of Time .. this album seems REALLY horrible when you first hear it.. but it grows on you .. it really does. I love it now. As for actual soundtracks, check out the Suikoden ST .. it's really good.. hrm.. can't think of anything else at this time. Hope that helps.

It's easy, kids.. make me laugh.. get printed!

I figured after a hard week of asking questions and putting up with people's crap, you could use a quick pick-me-up. So, I'm going to make you feel gloating about my week.

It all started on Monday. I was walking around the local Wal-Mart, looking through the games as usual, looking over the assorted crap that nobody ever buys. When, lo and behold, at the bottom of the 'previously played' rack, is Vandal Hearts for $20. (I forgot to mention I'm Canadian, and the average price tag on newer games here reads $65-$80. It freakin' sucks.) Yeah, VH is old, but it's still a sweet game, so I pay up.

2 days later I return to the same Wal-Mart, not really looking for another deal. Shows what I know. Right at the bottom (See a pattern?) of the 'newer games' rack is Legend of Legaia for a mere $30. I'm starting to wonder if the Wal-Mart keeps dibs on who comes in and what games they like. If they are, it's working, 'cause I bought Legaia, too.

It's 2 more days later. Fearing the power of the conniving Wal-mart, I instead go a little bit out of town to the closest Electronics Boutique to get a new Suikoden 2 Player's Guide (Friend totalled the old one. Shmuck.), when I take the time to browse the games once more. The check the bottom rack, once again, thinking the change in stores won't bring me the same luck. I scroll from left to right, seeing games marked up to ridiculous prices, when right on the far right, is Star Ocean! Totally new! For $25!!! WOO HOO! I actually start dancing in the middle of the store. Wierd looks from other customers ensue. But I don't care! Star Ocean! New! Cheap! YEAH!!!

Anyway, that's my week in general. I have come to the conclusion that the RPGod has chosen me, and is showering me with games to spread the word of his greatness to the world. Well, to hell with him, I never lend games out. (Crap, I shouldn't have said that out loud. I still want Grandia!)

Haha.. this did make me laugh.. especially the dancing part in the middle of EB.. not only this, kids, but he has impeccible taste in games. Legaia wasn't the best game, but it wasn't so bad.

Sound Hardware..

I have a Sound Blaster 64D and the music for FF7/FF8 PC both sound ok but, you know, it's midi. My question is: if I upgraded to a Sound Blaster Live and maybe got the Squaresoft soundfont, how good would it sound? I'm sure it will be better but will it be close to the original?


I actually have an SB Live!, though I've never heard FF7 on it, it does have good sound. I'd say it'll sound better, but I don't think anything is going to get close enough to how good it sounds on the PSX. But that's mostly opinion. :)



Cowclpops was wrong about the Celeron They have 128k Cache where the PII and PIII have 512k.


One of the two of you guys is lying. Maybe both. It's back to the comfy chair for that person. So fess up.

Dear Brad,

Is an IQ of 161 good?



STEVE, STEVE!!! Did ya hear about the tiny monkey fossils they found in China?! The ones where the monkey's feet are the size of a grains of rice? It could sit atop your thumb! Imagine! People sure wouldn't keep hamsters anymore.......

Yes.. in Mexico.. they call them.. Chupacabras! (this is humor, I don't need to be bombarded by the 'real' legend of Chupacabras.. and yes, I got this from Seanbaby's site.. I thought it was hilarious... :)

Words from the Wise One:

Well, there it is.. short, sweet.. and well, have fun everyone.. I'm off to the bay area!

Brad "Monkey on a string!" Lohr

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