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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - March 11 '00- 09:00 PST

Well, I sure got a lot of letters today. Lots of people responding to various different things... some good, some bad.. (warms up for a little bit of a 'talk'..)

This Q&A column is, under my personal belief and direction (which has been granted me by Mike Tidwell), an interaction section. It falls under that category in RPGamer, and as such, I let my personality bleed into it. Sometimes I let a LOT of personality bleed into it, as I did yesterday.

Guess what?

I'm a person. Hi.

Nice to meet you. I have feelings. Sometimes my days suck. Sometimes work isn't as much fun. Sometimes I'm excited, sometimes I'm just in a bad mood. We're all like that.. because we're all people. Hi.

The difference between this column and an FAQ is that you have a person answering these questions. If you don't like the fact that there's a warm body on the other side of this screen, then I urge you to go check out the numerous FAQs and other brilliant guides and information we have stored on this page. If you don't want to do that, then you've got to deal with the fact that I take this column on a ride each time I do it, and that ride is a walk out with a bunch of you guys, who are people too. We talk, we make jokes, we get to be weird, and it's a community. I kinda orchestrate it all, and while there's a lot of 'power' involved in that, I don't try to abuse it that much, I try to just have fun with this thing.

I got several people who emailed me saying, "What does this have to do with RPGs?" .. and hey, you're right. It doesn't have anything to do with RPGs. Last time I checked, though, I didn't write a Q&A column for .. instead, I wrote one for .. .. that little bit, the "Gamer" part, is where I come in. We're all gamers. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. But are we all JUST gamers? I'm sure you all have other portions of your life, and you go to different places to be those different parts of yourself. Well, I don't go other places. The gamer is a whole being, who has concerns about all kinds of stuff. If someone sent me a question regarding how to ask a cute girl to a school dance, there's a chance I'd post it.. if it were interesting, and I had something funny to say about it.. why? Is it about RPGs? No.. but does it concern at least one RPGamer out there? You bet! If it concerns one, may it not concern many? I'm sorry if this disappoints some of you all, I mean, it was hell enough when someone was answering Anime questions in here, but all I've got to say is, you know what days I write the column, and while I urge you to have an open mind, if you can't handle it, 1) Don't read my intro. I don't talk about games in my intro but rarely. It's only when I say something people disagree with that all the sudden I should leave my personal life out of the column. Oddly enough. 2) If you start reading a question and it has NOTHING to do with gaming, move on! Your life will be better, because you won't have to deal with it, and I won't have to hear about how much you hate reading it. It isn't like I print LESS letters because of the 'other' stuff. I print good letters. If I have 100 good letters to print, then 1) I'm not getting any sleep, and it is ALL you guys' fault.. ;D and 2) 100 good letters will be printed that day. There's no set limit as to the number, though I suppose if the HTML file got to be about 4 megs or so, questions would start comin' from up top. I might skip the quickies, if I get over 1000 emails tomorrow, just to let you all know. :) Anyway, we have an.. interesting column today. Garbage collection on the mess I made yesterday, (Which I am not apologizing for, I'm just recognizing it for what it is).. and all kinds of new and old goodies.

So here it is.

Got Questions? Problems?

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I've got this thing. In my head.
Oh wait.. that's just my forehead..
Wait, what're you doing up there!? .. hellpp meeee
Oh, well, I DID ask for it..
You can't always get
What you want; sometimes you just
Get what you ask for.

In Star Ocean 2
I am at the bottom of
The Hoffmann Ruins.

There are large monsters
Who take great pleasure in my
Gratuitous death.

I find myself quite
Unable to defeat them.
They move too quickly.

My levels are in
The twenty to thirty range;
Perhaps I need more?

Precis, Celine, and
Ashton have joined me; Rena,
Claude, and Leon also.

Please impart to me,
O Mighty Oracle of
RPG Knowledge...

The way to defeat
The boss at Hoffmann Ruins.
I'll be quite grateful.

By the way, Brad, this
is a serious question.
I am very stuck.

CX (Damn, that took me a while to do....)

I am SO impressed.. that's awesome. As for the Hoffman ruins, I honestly didn't have much of a problem going through the first time. I think they stun your guys, so make sure to keep Rena back and able to do some status curin', as for the flame breath.. KEEP YOUR GUYS AWAY FROM THE FRONT.. that's really about as much as there is to it. Those Salamanders can be nasty, but keep going at them.. they're worth some really nice experience!

First Xenogears Explanation of the day
*** Spoilers of Xenogears for a bit, methinks ***

Weltall was stolen from Kislev by Elly and another Gebler soldier. They were shot down over Lahan village. As for no pilot, I assume he was injured and attempted to get away before kislev caught him. He probaly figured that if he left the gear they would not pursue him. Akin to how Margie was injured in Andvari, but the gear was still in perfect shape. Elly does speak about it to Citan in the forest and partialy explains it. Later Citan speaks with Fei about the event in Melchior's hut.


And the theories continue..

More Xeno Stuff
*** Xenogears Spoiler most likely ***

Geez, I was playing through XG last night, go figure. Weltall was piloted by that pilot that Fei was standing next to. You kow, all dead on the ground. He had fallen out, so Fei hopped in. It was Grahf that saved Elly, BTW. See all the nice wings on the gear? Yeah, I didn't catch it either till I went through the second time.

Max (Almost there!)

This is probably what almost everyone said.. some other weird stuff out there.. but this was the most common.

Lufia 2 answers begin here..
*** Lufia 2 Ancient Cave Spoilers ***

You know, the one at the bottom of the cave. When you encounter it, it does nothing the first round, cures you the second, raises your strength the third, and then runs away the fourth. If you want to beat it, you have to do enough damage before that time to kill it. That's all. ^_^

-- Seed

And more....

Yes, More!
*** Yeah, yeah, more Lufia 2 spoilers.. if you haven't played it by now, are you really going to? ***

Well, when you get to level 99 and fight the slime, here's what you do.... First, any weapons with a hp fraction IP(reduce 1/2 hp) that you find, keep them. Things like the Dekar Blade and Deadly Sword, they work on the slime and cause several thousand damage. You want to use those straight off, and follow up with just plain powerful ones once they can cause more damage. The slime has 10,000 hp total, so with only three rounds to beat it, take off about 7,000-8,000 damage with fractions and just go nuts for the rest. For winning you can take the slime to the lady collecting Iris treasures, but more importantly you can get the GOOD stuff behind the old man at the entrance.

-Divine Id

'course, it's not in Haiku, but well, still much appreciated!

*** Lufia 2, again... ***

hello Brad

When every you get to the bottom of the Ancient Cave on lufia 2. You're supposed to kill your self in the slime battle. After you kill your self, you get the slime as an iris treasure, and the key to the back room of the entrance. The room has a dragon ring and two or three other treasures.

Hahahaha.. yes.. KILL YOURSELF.. do it! Take your life! .. er.. sorry. No more prozac for me!

Yet more tips on Beating that Slime thang
*** It's slimey, it's spoiley, it's.. Lufia 2***

Dear Thundara Maker,

I've managed to beat this giant gob of goo after about 2 tries.


  1. Level 99 code. It may be cheating, but it also saves asses in the cave.
  2. An emu. It's SO great to have if you screw up.
  3. Gades Blade. This is for Oct. Strike.
  4. Dekar. Just use him.
  5. Luck. It doesn't always work.
Get down to B100 to find a mess-up level like the undersea shrine. Equip Dekar (with full IP) with the Gades Blade. Give everyone else items that increase power and attacks and decrease HP by a percent. (Give the % items to weaker people.) If you're on an Emu, save state here and do whatever you do for good luck. Enter the battle and attack with full force for 3 rounds, because that's all you get. Hope you kill it.


Some repeated stuff, but then again, some more detailed stuff too..

Math Question #1!
Hey Brad/Steve dude,

Math problems, huh? All right, what's the volume of the figure formed by rotating the lines y=x^2 and y=x^.5 across the x-axis (sorry I couldn't find how to do the squared and square root symbol cause this stupid computer doesn't have the character map)?

Anyway, thanks for updating early. I have a lot of time left after class second period because I get done early, and the teacher lets us get on the internet. I've usually read the Q&A for the day already cause it's still yesterday's, but anyway...


Taking pi times the integral from 0 to 1 of (x^.5)^2 - (x^2)^2, we get 3(pi)/10. All that, at 2 in the morning. :D

Math Question #2!
I have a math problem. What is 28736 multiplied by the square root of pi?

50933.23385962 . What's with you people's obsession with pi today?

Asheron's Call Question, hooray!
Hey Brad,

I was wondering what you think of the new update for Asheron's Call ? I currently play a level 13 War/Life/Creature, and so far it just plain sucks. I was getting chased by 2 sandstone golems and 1 granite, before the patch i could easily taunt them, and kill them without dying, NOW they glide behind me and whoop me down ! Also what do you think of the new graphics enhancements and the new Golem And Drudge designs ? I think there totally cool ! Thanks for puttin' up with my little rant/question,

Moobuu"I don't have a last name"

As for the golems and the druges, I'd say a definite improvement. The golems look AWESOME. Especially wood and water, from what I've seen, (so far, Mud/Limestone/Water/Ice/Wood) .. as for the sticky melee, well, it wasn't TOO bad.. I got killed about 6 times in a few hours runnin' solo outside of Qalaba'r, but that's only a bit more than normal.. I found by doing a crazy strafe-jump dance, I could get away from normal stuff.. now those Shadow Liuetenants, on the other hand... heh. Actually ran into a guy out there, and he was soloing a Shadow Lt.. and he killed it. I was so impressed. :)

Okay, some of you were sick of the politics.. but I didn't like you anyway.
Hey, Brad...

I saw someone mention in the Q&A about the gas out last April 30... they claimed "it worked". Censor me if you like, but BULL SHIT.

I worked at Pioneer Gasoline here in my hometown of Brantford on that day... a few people mentioned the gas out, I read about it in the Toronto Sun... and that was about it. If memory serves me correctly, we did about $4000+ in gasoline alone that day. Gas out? Didn't work. Won't work. Won't EVER work. Because, you see, people NEED gas. The oil companies can charge what they want, our respective governments can put whatever taxes they want on oil, and us poor everyday schlubs have to fork over the dough to get the petrol, and there's nothin' we can do about it.

My advice for the tax hike? WALK MORE. Use public transit. Carpool. Gas outs flat out don't work out.

Direct from the Satellite...

This was pretty much my point too, though I clouded it up with some capitalistic propaganda, for the halibut. People try these things as some form of 'feel-good' measure to think they're doing something, but they really aren't. I'd be all for an EFFECTIVE protest... well, maybe I wouldn't be. But I'd be a lot less likely to make fun of one, that's for sure.

OooOoohhh.. I've got gas... pfftrrtbtbtt...
Oh might Lohracle,

For starters, I'm with ya on the Prop22 thing. I'm not big into gay rights, but when a religion starts running your country, there's big problems. Hell, that's why the Pilgrims came here to start with, right?

Anywho, on to the point... About the gas out: Screw It! And not because of capitalism or anything else, but because it's not even the @&*%^ American companies' fault that gas prices are so high. For some reason, the high governing body of world oil (OPEC, I believe it is called) decided to stop selling oil to America, and that's why prices are so high. Know how I know? Because my family is in the offshore oil industry. And you know what else? If we just put up with it for a while, American oil companies will start more drilling, and the price will fall through the floor. Howdya like them apple?!? Anyway, sorry, just had to rant about that, since you printed that spammy crap and the subject of the gas out just generally pisses me off.

Um, RPG related thingy... Anybody know where to get a copy of FFT? The games rules, but I can't find the @*%& thing anywhere! Spent, like, ten hours looking around on the 'net. It's crazy... And, how many people do you think it'll take telling Square that we DO want the PSX remake of Chrono Trigger in NA before they believe us?

The TygerRose

I'm with you on the gas thing.. down with those arab-- er.. j/k kids, heh heh.. as for FFT, I hear the auction sites might be able to help you out.. try those.. the copy at my local SoftwareETC went byebye fastlike.

My disheartened heart has been reheartened by this heart-warming news!
Hola Brad,

Okay, remember yesterday when you said you were dishearted about the rumor that the PS2 wouldn't play some games? Yeah, that was great. Anyway, you shouldn't worry about it. I don't have the list on me, but it's only like 15 games out of the entire PSX library. Also, they're all obscure japanese titles and a horse racing game, so it's not like you'll pop in FFT and it's not gonna play. In fact, I think you'd be hard-pressed to even find a game that would glitch on the PS2. Well, that's about it.

-Chaos breaker

Okay, this sounds good.. hopefully this is true, because I really don't have the desk space for more consoles.. I just bought that NES.. need to replace the SNES... ohboy ohoy.. thanks to the couple of people who sent this info in!

And now.. the list of games!
Yesterday someone said something about playstation games that won't be compatible for PSX2. Those game are :

Not Treasure Hunter (Acty Art) Gradius Deluxe Pack (Konami) Aidoru Promotion -Suzuki Yumie- (Alyume) Toua Plan Shooting Battle (Banpresto) Oukyuu No Hihou: Tension (Vap) Wing Commander III (EA Square) Gallop Racer (Tecmo) Ongaku Tsukuuru: Kanadeeru 2 (Ascii) Monster Farm (Tecmo) - the Japanese version of Monster Rancher Dragonbeat (Map Japan) Susume! Kaizoku (Artdink) Tsuiridou Keiryu Kohen (Escot) Virtua Pachisuro V and EX (Map Japan) Konya Mo Senryobako! 2000 (Hearty Robin) Final Fantasy 7 and 8 ( its just a joke ! )

as you can see, most of those game where never relashed in english, and most of them are obscure/boring game. I really don't think someone wont buy the PSX2 because of this.Sony even said that those games WILL work, just not as good as a normal PSX.

Haha, you think you're funny.. well, okay, that was funny.. and thanks for the information!

Brad-Support and also Pocketstation Question
Dearest Oracle,

First off, just wanted to thank and applaud you for your rant. I couldn't agree more. It really hurts to see two people so deeply in love unable to marry. I would say that this ban on gay marriage (denying the existence of love, a miracle if ever there was one) is the greater sin. I'm sure you'll get a lot of flames for that rant, about how inappropriate it is to write about such things in a Q&A column dedicated to RPG's, or how wrong you are (you're not IMHO), but these things need to be brought to the attention of everyone. I've really come to deeply respect RPGamer and its staff and this has only deepened my respect. I just wanted you to have one more letter supporting you. Now we just need to get more gay characters in video games! (OK, maybe I'm the only one who would think that would be cool. Well, me and all my gay friends, but we're obviously not in the majority. Sigh.)

Next, I do have a question for the people out there if you feel like posting it. Does anyone know what I need to do to get my pocketstation working properly? Nothing will come up on the screen unless it is plugged into the memory slot on the Playstation. I thought it just needed a new battery, but that didn't work. Is there a way to fix this, or is painting it pretty colors and hanging it on the wall the only thing I can do? Maybe I'm missing something (I can't read Japanese yet), so I thought I'd ask if anyone out there had the same problem and was able to fix it. Thanks.

-Sulime "sadly lacking in the Japanese department" Athcart

Thanks for the support, and that's not why I posted this letter, but it would have seemed to be odd without the top paragraph, I don't like to edit people's stuff at all, and when I have to, I make it as little as possible... but anyway, I don't know much about pocketstations, but I'll tell you what I do know: A lot of RPGamer Q&A readers know some stuff about these things. Of course, if I get 700 letters tomorrow with the "The ON switch is on the back!" .. then yer dead meat. ;D As for more gay characters in video games.. I hear that Suikoden3 is going to star Milich Oppenhiemer, and Germio as the boys wonder.. how's that? .. j/k :)

Chrono Trigger? Heyyy, yeah!
*** Chrono Trigger Spoilers be possible, here ***

Oh Wise Oracle Brad,

I have a little dilema in Chrono Trigger. I played it about 3 years ago and I remembered I had the same problem I'm having now, and I don't remember how I got past it. Anyway, I just got kicked out of Zeal, and the gate was sealed behind me and I'm in Prehistoric times. My problem is I can't jump into the gate in the Mystic Mountains. If I recall correctly it asks you if you want to jump or not, but it doesn't even ask me that. I've looked and looked for an answer but couldn't find it. Your my last resort, otherwise I'm pretty much screwed. Oh yeah, I'm playing the ROM on my computer with ZSNES if that helps. Am I just stupid and missing something obvious, or is there something really wrong?

Little "Completely pissed off at this!" Goose

Alright, well, I'm getting to this kinda late right now, (3:20am, now..) .. and so my memory is hurtin' me. I'm thinking that this is the time that you need to go to the 'other' village (north of Ayla's village) and you'll see it's kinda smoked out.. and then from there you'll be given more direction. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'll never hear the end of it...

Ooh.. mai.. it HAS been six months...
Brad! Brad! Brad! Brad! Brad! Shhhhhhhh!!!! Tomorrow (Sunday) is the Q&A column's birthday! Let's have a surprise party! I'll bring the candles, Goog will bring the cake, you bring the party hats, and Mr. T. will bring the donkey pinata stuffed with Mentos! ::Sheds a tear:: It only seems like yesterday when it was just lying there making funny noises on the floor... now it's walking and throwing pickles at people! Oh, I also called PBS to air a special documentary on the column on Monday night! ...They've still yet to return my call, though... well, return it without calling me mean names. =( Oh, and uh... you'll now have been a Q&A dude for 6 months! Yipee! I bought you a G.I. Joe leg!

~The "His condition was later upgraded from 'dead' to 'alive'!" Sack~

...Sorry, you asked for weird...

Wow.. except for the monthish I took off, I've been doing this for six months on 03/13/00. Crazy. Does that make me the longest lasting? I don't know.. and I don't have near the patience to find out.. someone who's bored.. get the numbers. In weeks, who's been the longest RPGamer Q&A host?

Stan, Stan, Superglue man...
*** Wild ARMs Spoilers, if you mind... ***

How goes?

Well, in Wild Arms, before doing the final sequence to end the game, i have been doing all the little side quests, such as destroying the remaining golems, and collecting all the runes. ( Actully, i have beat the game, this is just the second run with it ) Anyways, the question. Now, i know there is a golem in the inner sea, because people in Ship Graveyard speak of a " monsterous mermaid " attacking ships. I have been completely unsuccesful in finding this " creature ". Is it even possible to find and destroy? Any responce would be greatly appreciated.


I don't remember HOW long it took, but it took a while for me to find that water golem. I swear.. getting those things to come out was a real pain. You know what bugged me more than that, though? Was smashing that damned transporter with my glove a billion times, to get a CHANCE at being beamed to the *naughty place*. grumble...


You asked for haiku
but it's not my specialty.
Maybe a sonnet?


Tee hee.. right on

Stop blinking, damn you!
Will he ever stop talking
About his girlfriend?

Vote for Lord Xyyn Dragon!

Hey.. I resemble that remark!

Brad needs to cut back
On his political rants
Before he explodes.


I swear, I go off one day and you all think I'm some sort of politics wacko.

You told us to write
Some haikus for the coloumn
Haikus, they are fun.

Zohar Gilboa

I did tell you to.
Because it makes me laugh, ha!
I've got yellow socks.

He said to his large fan base.
Forget that, doofus.

-FakeOut "Wh... HEY!"

Heh, heh, heh..

In response to your plea at the bottom of your page this morning, here is a haiku that I wrote while I was in a very boring genetics lecture...ahem..

Biology Hiaku

Mendel is boring
Did he say pea plant incest?
Mendel's not so bad....

thank you, thank you,.....

Beth Blake

I wonder about schools these days... :D

I love my questions answered
will it be on time?

Johnny Danger

On time! Yes! On time!
Today's column is on time!
I stayed up late, yup.

Um... five-seven-five?
Do tell me what the point is.
I prefer free verse.

-entropius the god of fuzzy dice

Five-Seven-Five, yum!
Thirty-one flavors to eat.
Chicken on my head.

Buy one get one free.
I can't believe it's not butter.
You're soaking in it.

Cheshire Catalyst

Best haiku so far.
Join the weird side of the force.
Eat the donut, Luke.

"Happy I drive a 35 MPG Honda Civic"

Poor Josh didn't realize that the body of his comment was so riddled with near-foul language that only I'd let myself be heard like that in this column, but I thought it'd be funny to point out that I too, drive a Civic, and I'm paying more for gas than most of you people anyway, (California always gets hit hard, and first) .. so NYAH

It is a GOOD thing that they're slowing gas production and raising the prices, because there is not much of it left. At the current rase of use, there will be NO MORE GASOLINE in like 15-20 years. So I say, stop refining it so quickly, raise the prices as high as you want. It will encourage the development of other energy sources. People should be walking and riding bikes more anyway.

-Tom Bombadil

Another good reason not to have kids, in my opinion. Unless there are hovercars, then who gives a care about 20 years from now, let's go fly a car!

Brad: Thanks for shedding some light on the whole Prop.22 issue. I am also very disgusted with the population of this state, not just for approving prop 22, but for approving every xenophobic majority-over-minority ballot measure over the past 8 years. While I hope that in 10 years we'll all be looking back laughing, I would estimate it might take as long as 20 or 30 years.

Keep up the good work.
-Mark Dash

See? Not everyone hates me for being a jerk! .. Just the guys in the Editorials Section. There actually was a nice response to my outburst in my intro, and well, because we're tight like sardines, yo, Darien let me do a rebuttal to an Editorial that hadn't even been posted yet. I roasted him good, yo. And on a second note, I got a lot of religious readers who wrote in saying "Hey, we're not all hating wackos!" and well, my respect goes to the people out there who have their beliefs (whatever they may be), and allow others to have theirs without too much hassle. Go on the offense, though, and Brad come callin'! (haha.. the Rasta-Worms from Worms Armegeddon.. "That devil come callin'!" .. okay)

Haiku eh? Well, here's one I found in a rather odd book of mine. The haiku is more of a traditional Japanese style, but is translated into English, so here it is (this is kinda odd for a haiku, but it IS real)

Waga oya no Even as my father
Shinuru toki ni mo Lay dying
He o kokite I farted

This poets name was Sokan (1464-1552) and though it's kinda odd, it's haiku:)


Goes right with the topic today.. gas-out, indeed...


Hey big Oracle,
You are looking Smurfy blue,
Yes my name is Steve


That is not a Smurf.
That is my sister, blockhead. Five bucks, she is yours.

Brad, is running a petition to legalize same-sex marriages in California, via a constitutional amendment (which, coincidentally enough, would render Prop. 22 unconstitutional. Fancy that.)

The measure needs 1 million signatures by April 20. If you haven't already, please consider signing it!

-Hans Christian Andersen (V)

Figure while I'm going all out political here for a bit, I'd throw this out too.. (shrug) I believe in this, yo. Not only that, but all you potheads, you need to sign a petition that ends on 4/20. You know you do.

What's with the haiku?
Why do you want it so bad?
I am so confused.


Give me more haiku!
I am great Bradholio!
Heh, heh, fire is cool!

If chili powder comes from chili peppers, then where does baby powder come from?

-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Shut up and eat your baby-fried steak! You know those thighs don't stay plump and juicy forever!

Do the power companies have a right to charge you absurd prices for electricity? Is the phone company allowed to charge you huge amounts to use the phone? No, because those things are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity in society. As is gas. Gas prices should be low because we can't do without it.

You are SO right. Because we need it, it should be cheap.. hey.. wait, why am I paying $800 just for a place to LIVE in, then? Economics class ---this-way-->


Many RPGs
Try to secure the title
Shadowrun is best.

I am printing it in here
'cause I can, DAMNIT.

I suck at haiku
Why do I have to do it?
This is retarded


Not bad at all, man.
Next time, enthusiasm!
Energy Haiku!

A haiku for tomorrow's column:

Today is Edge's birthday
He only wants world peace. Or...
a piece of the world?

Haha.. Edge, you rule

Blargin flargin rats.
They are nasty and smelly.
I hate smelly rats.

Haiku submitted by: Kaiser

Yeah, Blargin' rats...

Nasty smelly rats.
Watch as they scatter away.
They are such cowards.


Yeah, smelly rats...

Watch the little cat.
Watch as it pounces the rats.
The rats are all dead.


Yeah, dead rats...

Paws is the kitty,
Her slender body at ease,
She waits for victims.


Yeah, slender Paws... err.. HEY WAIT A MINUTE

You want a haiku
Here is a haiku for you
I hope you like it.

Awww. how cute!

what strategy game
should I get, (i am so cheap)
Front Mission? Vanguard?

Yakage "are you challenging Mushima?" Mushima

I'm hearing good things about FM3. Go with that. :D

I had Taco Bell
I love those bean burritos
I have bad gas now.


Heh, heh, this gas thing is getting to redundant..

Words from the Wise One:

Well, I'm sorry if that column seems weird. It was definitely weird to write. I got well over 150 emails today, lots of them saying many of the same things.. some Xenogears, some "you suck!" some "you rule!" some "Where did you put my laundry, damn you!?" .. er, no. None of those. But anyway, I didn't respond as much as I'd like to have, due to thesheer volume of all this, and my wanting to put a lot of stuff in today. I have been writing larger introductions and conclusions though.. I'd like to keep that up, and then pull the rest of the column back up to snuff. We'll see how everything happens tomorrow, and you all take care.

Brad "Monkeys can't speak english.. so they can never tell the truth!" Lohr

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