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Been a month, hasn't it? Yes, it has. But I'm back now, and doing fairly well, though it's been somewhat rough. School's crazy (18 units! :o) work's been okay, Heather's still the cutest darn thing (who'll kick my butt for saying so.. :P) and the new apartment is working out just fine... things are kinda normalizing again, hopefully.

Last night (3-2-00) was Heather's 20th birthday.. she's not a teenager anymore, which is cool, because, well, teenage girls are annoying... heh heh. Sorry out there to all my female readers who happen to be teenagers, I may not be including you in that list. But if you come onto IRC and attempt to come on to me like a big Post-It, there's a good chance you're an annoying teenage girl. :P Right. Moving on...

I'm actually writing this the morning of the 3rd, because of Heather's bday party last night.. and it's not too long until I'm gonna hafta jet off to school. So with no further ado, I bring to you... today.

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In Brad's Head
So I'm sitting around on the ground the other day, thinking, "I'm too old to sit on the ground".. then I realize that I'm not really that old. Then Heather calls me an old fart, and I got sad.
I actually made that whole last part up. I'm weird.
Bronze Armordillo caresses you gently for 75 points of erotic damage!
Not to be TOO terribly Egocentric.. but..
This is what I say, man: We gotta make sure Square makes a sequel to FFT! I mean, honestly, RPGamer gets multiple e-mails regarding FFT every day, over two years after it's release! This proves that FFT would have to sell at least pretty well. Now here's my plan. We send, no, thousands of e-mails to Square begging them to make a sequel! We just keep doing it for months and months until they finally agree and make FFT2! If that doesn't work, we'll just boycott all of Square's games! (I know it would be a big sacrifice, but they'd have to give in!) They'd loose millions from the US market until they agreed to develop a sequel. If that didn't work, we'd just go to Honolulu and bust some heads!!! Come on dude, we gotta make this happen!!! (Phew...)


Not that I don't agree, and I'm pretty sure the rumors about an FFT2 are going to boil down to something real someday, but a lot of the current hype about FFT would possibly come from the fact that I'm playing it right now, and well, I love the game, (though I do like Tactics Ogre better.. and that's the game I'll probably play next.. o/` Shaker's a Lich! .. anyway) ... But anyhow, I saw a used copy of FFT over in the Software ETC near where I live, so you know, if someone honestly COULDN'T find a copy, and wants it badly enough to make it worth my while, then we'll see what I can do. ;)

Hey, you're not a TV!
Hey, I recently got a TNT2 32mb video card and a TV Tuner. I tried hooking up the playstation to the tuner and the picture looked fuzzy and would often screw up (in fact I only got a clear picture once). Also, the quality was really bad when it was clear. I had problems with the sound too. I was wondering if you had any/all these things happen with you? Because if not, it's time for me to feel jealous. I would like to know whether the playstation can be hooked up to the computer successfully and actually be playable.

Totally playable. I don't have it set up that way right now, (mostly due to the fact that my TV is highly useless unless it has a PSX hooked up to it.. and well, it gets lonely! :( . . . ) but I've used my Playstation in conjunction with the ATI All-in-Wonder Pro very successfully, and totally recommend that card to anyone. I haven't got it working with the AIW 128, yet, but honestly I haven't tried yet. Just as a news update, I've got 3D accel working, however, it tends to botch my system after a few minutes. Hunter Wilcox, knower of all things that he is, has pretty much informed me that I'm going to need a new motherboard. :( Wah. I even flashed my BIOS.. try explaining THAT to your g/f... mumble

Linux: Some people want to use you.. and others just want to be used..
Just wondering do you always use Linux? or do you dual boot like most linux people? As for the X Server, have you tried downloading a newer version of X11R6? that may have the fix you are looking for, if not go to and post a message, they'll help ya!

Talk to ya later,

Well, due to the fact that most game companies haven't gotten their heads outta their nethers about making games for Linux, most of the cool games I want to play require Windows, and I'm currently now working with a Win98/Linux dual boot. I write my RPGamer stuff in Linux (go VI!) and do all my programming at work under Linux (have to telnet in, Linux doesn't like my computer, wah) .. but yeah, I'm bi.

Ramza, why are you wearing that straw hat.. what's wrong with you?!
Dear Savior Brad On FFT, many people hate having wizards in their party (like how I was). But one day I was massively bored playing FFT, when I decided to made Ramza a wizard. I kept on gaining JP with the Accumulate trick until I had Bolt 3 and flare. I could only use flare once a battle, but I killed every thing in my sight with bolt 3. On level 3, it took 150 something damage. I beat the dorter battle on level 4. Later, I made him a time mage and learned short charge and teleport (1400 JP) and that's when he was invicible. Haste and all the other good ( as well as some bad ) spells always had a 100% chance of working, and he could cast flare in 2 rounds. The last battle in the 1st chapter (the one when Algus kills Delita's sister) I just teleported on top of a building, and cast flare on him for 210 damage, and he was killed instantly.In the 2nd chapter when Gafgarion fight's you at Lionel Castle (when your on top of the draw bridge thingy and no one can help you) I just flared him and killed him in one hit. Killed Queklan in one round too. When you fight wiegraf by your self, I Killed him in one hit (350 damage) , with Velius I casted bolt 4 and killed all 3 of his servents in one hit, killed him before he could cast a spell. Every other hard battle you can think of, I won in between 1-4 rounds. Just because he was a wizard I got that far. It makes the game ALOT easier though, well for me any way. It's even easier when you have math skill for a secondary ability. I calculated flare on every one on the battle field (including My people) and killed every one but Ramza. It kinda seems like you have a magical Orlandu in your party.


Like many, MANY people, I've left Ramza a fighter, but there's been numerous people who have led me to believe that the mage path is a very viable one. My current party (just wasted Balk for the first time in Chapter 4), is Ramza (Knight w/ Steal, Counter, Dual Sword, Teleport) (and dude that rocks.. Speed Break x2 a guy, one more time, then steal whatever the hell you want from him.. I got the Blaze Gun from Balk!) .. Keane, my Lancer/Monk hybrid (Jump, Punch Art, Hamedo, JP Up, Teleport), Zeke, my magic dude (Summoner w/ Time Magic, HP Restore, JP Up, and Teleport), then Agrias (Geomancer with Holy Sword, Equip Sword, no Teleport (yet)), and Mustadio, (Chemist with Snipe, Auto Potion, no Teleport either wah) .. and .. well, that's what I use. They tear through just about anything fairly quickly. And no, I'm not going to use Orlandu. Sure, you can get anyone to that kind of power level.. but not at the same level Orlandu has that power at! He just breaks down all the challenge in that game.. okay, I'm through with my run-on sentence rant.

Two Much Final Fantasy Too
Pleasant and kind all-knowing man, AKA Brad, I have a large problem to deal with from the American Final Fantasy II. I first ordered it on Funcoland, which the order placement time was 0 to 2 weeks. After I ordered, it was 0 to 8 weeks, then the next day, 1 to 2 months+. So I was all ticked off, so I won it on eBay instead for the same price. I e-mailed Funcoland to cancel my order, but, being the lazy **** they are, they never did. Since it took me a while to find out the total price for the game, i finally got the final price from the game seller today. Unforutanately, I went to Funcoland two minutes later, and they shipped their version of the game! I have two Final Fantasy II games coming at me, and I can only afford one! What do I do? I had this same situation at my homecoming dance, but with two girls instead and no money bribing. So please help, Oracle! And tell me where the Pink Puff is!!!!


If you haven't actually bought the game (I'm not sure how FuncoLand's online ordering works), but just asked them to bring it into the store, you're under no legal obligation to buy it. Of course, if you're in the state of California, you're not legally bound to anything unless you're over the age of 18, since a minor cannot enter into contract with an adult, but well, that's a really mean way of getting out of things. :) Today, send me how much it cost you, and we'll just have people go into silent auction for it, if you want. If that doesn't help you out, send me an email anyway, and we won't do it. But hey, lots of people don't have FF2a and would love that game. Just nobody in this house.. ;) (Spencer and I both have our own copies.. just wish my SNES didn't have those bright green lines that run across every screen.. wah.. oh well, when I get my raise, I'm gonna go out and get me a new SNES).

SO2: Another of my infinite addictions
*** Star Ocean 2 Spoilers, to a minor degree ***

Greetings, Oracle!!

I'm playing SO2 (btw, another oracle was in there), but I haven't seen or heard ANYTHING about any Galaxy or Universe modes, and what is this Limiter thing that everybody's speaking of??? It's ok to spoil if necessary, but try to keep them at their lowest possible level. Thanks.


Well, the Limiter is basically this little setting in the game that determines whether the last boss is a really tough boss to beat, or just downright impossible. I've never actually taken him on without his Limiter in place (without Limiter == harder, by the way) , and if you want to know more details about it, ask again (trying to keep spoilers down, yo!) or find an FAQ that'll let you know more about it. As for Galaxy/Universe modes, once you've cleared off enough sounds in your Sound Collection (which usually takes going through the game at least twice, to get the characters that you didn't get the first time through) and then the option is available for you, when you start a new game, to increase the difficulty.. it makes it hard enough that I've heard people report that on Universe mode, in the Tournament where Claude faces Dias, sometimes Dias is killed by the monsters on the way up the ladder. Scary.

Hey, wanna hear a *vomit*
Okay, I've been meaning to ask this since the first time I went through Suikoden II, and now, even after getting a strategy guide and having gone through the game 1.9 times (almost at the end) I'm still confused....what's the deal with those guys who will ask you if "you want to hear a secret" for 1000 bits (or whatever the currency is called), and if you say yes, they give you this garbled line of letters and symbols from the game that apparently means absolutely nothing? Any ideas?

Honestly, I don't know, I've wondered this myself, but perhaps sometime today, someone will be kind enough to give us their opinions or ideas, other than the traditional, "The Japanese don't like Americans, so they put crap like this in their games to piss us off." :)

Book Review: The Neverending Story
Have you ever actually read "The Neverending Story"? The book is much better than the movie. It's really cool the text is green when the story is in the real world and purple when it is in Fantastica (or the other way around, I can't find my copy of the book). Also the first chapter starts with the letter "A", the second chapter with the letter "B", third "C", and so on. There are exactly twenty-six chapters so this woks out great. Plus a amazing story. Go out and read this book if you haven't,it's well worth your time!

Johnny Danger

Before anyone goes off about how not-related to RPGs this is, I'd like to remind you that reading is important to geeks, as it keeps them smart, and increases their vocabulary, so that they can keep the facades of superiority through their verbose discourse. That, and I've always considered this to be the kind of column where you could really ask anything, because, well, you're an RPGamer, you play video games.. so these kind of things are what at least one RPGamer is interested in. Of course, requests for pictures of my g/f naked will be ignored, I don't care how many RPGamers are interested in that. :P

Loo-nar? That thar is a'mighty fahn gayme!
Howdy, southuun Or-ee-kull. Where'd choo git that thar straw hat? Them straw hats're might fine.

Erm. Anywho. ^_^

In Lunar:SSSC you are supposed to be able to get an item from the thief singer after the falling of Vane that will give you one extra attack when equipped. But when I spoke to her after the Grindery stopped, she didn't give me anything. Can you tell me how to get the item in question?

Many thanks to the Southern Oracle *snicker*

~ Xelloss-kun

Well hoop-deee-doooo! Ain't ya'll just fancy with yer ol' grindery questeens, and yer fancy cars, smellin' all lak roses 'n stuff! .. riiight.

Alright, I don't know if this is the 'for certain' answer, but lots of things change after the Grindery stops. You can't get into the women's bath-house, for one thing! (horridly disappointing to an Oracle with an extra bar of soap.. DON'T THINK LIKE THAT, PERVERTS!) .. anyhow, I could be totally messed up, (I'm fearing the "You CAN'T get to the fallen Vane before the Grindery Stops!" emails already..) but with my limited time right now, that's what I'm sticking to. Honest.

A speculative analysis on incest, er family relationships in FF6
Brad guy,

Ok, here's something from FFVI I've hypothesized, but have never seen anywhere on the net. I think that Celes is related to Sabin and Edgar. Why? I have a few reasons.

  1. In the World of Ruin, 3 or 4 people in Albrook comment that Celes looks almost exactly like a guy who'd just been throught that town a little while ago, whom we later find out is Sabin.
  2. Everyone has a different tent (i.e. Terra's tent is purple with a ribbon on top), but Sabin's, Edgar's AND Celes' tents are all the same, green with a crown on top.
  3. The Figaro kingdom and the Empire were allies for quite a long time, so there is a possibility that King Figaro (Sabin & Edgar's father) may have given them his first and only daughter in exchange for something (maybe peace.)
Well, these are just my thoughts. Perrin

1 and 2 are pretty cool, 3's pushing it, but that's actually insightful into something I'd never considered. :) Thought it was neat, and as we all know, if I think it's neat, boom! Up to the page..


I'm getting tired of hearing about FFT all the time. You there! Brad! Tell people to quit talking about it unless it invovles sex, monkeys, or hilarious anecdotes! (Or all three)
-King Brian the Wild

Dude, you're opening up a can of hilarious anecdotes about sex with monkeys with that request.. and I'll have no part of it!

Hello, I was just wondering why you guys at RPGamer cover Pokemon Snap? (I agree that Pokemon is an RPG, but Snap...?). Or, if you consider Pokemon Snap an RPG, WHY?? Oh, and this is indeed a serious question...

Seriously? Because Mike Tidwell, owner of RPGamer.. likes Pokémon. If you think I'm kidding.. well, no joke this time.

So, Brad... know any good jokes?

..because they were in a ja-- HEY...

Hey there!

I heard there was already a Chrono Trigger sequel released for Super Famicon, but not for Super Nintendo. Is this true? Does it have any crucial story lines? Please fill me in.

Totally not true, dude... but boy, you can't wait for Chrono Cross either, can you? :) .. anticipation ..

Happy Birthday to me.....happy birthday to me...Happy birthday dear Ozzie....Happy birthday to meeeeeee. Yes, you guessed right. It's my birthday!!! Now post this for my sweet 16 birthday, or i'll sic the proletariat on you!!!
Ozzie "workers of the world, unite!" Dadson

Before you get a big head about me posting something about your birthday, I'm only doing it because it was Heather's birthday yesterday too. :) She's 20 now, no more teenager for her! .. Love you dear :)

Is FF8 really worth finishing?


Words from the Wise One:

Woo hah! There ya go, I'm on time, I'm not out of it, and the only major computer dysfunction is basically due to my lack of free time (need to install new XFree86, supposedly has support for my card..!) .. we'll see you all tomorrow.. y'hear?

Brad "make: *** No rule to make target `babies'. Stop." Lohr

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