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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - February '00- 00:30 PST

As you will no doubt see in just a short few seconds glance at the column, (or should I say, lack thereof) below me, you might be thinking, "What the hell is wrong with that Brad guy?" Well, I don't have any letters today, (not because no one sent in any, but because of.. well, here, I'll tell you):

It all started with hrm.. well, the 18 units at school never helped. But that isn't the real reason. Last week, I moved. Out of the house, into a new place.. livin' with Spencer now, up in San Luis Obispo, CA. The place is okay, but well, originally we didn't have a phone line. That was last weekend. What's with this weekend? Well, more complex, and a lot less forgiving.

See, I'm stupid.

Yeah. Stupid Brad.

The week before I move out (though I didn't know I'd be moving out until about 2 days beforehand), I bought a brand new video card. Now this wouldn't be too bad, 'cept I'm feelin' the pinch of cash(nothing too bad, just have to dip a bit into pots I ain't never dipped into before).. and well, the video card just doesn't work. It's a brand new, 32M ATI All-In-Wonder 128. A beautiful card with 3d accel, AND cool input/output fungames, so I can play the PSX right on my computer screen. Beautiful.. I had an ATI AIWP beforehand, and loved the card, but decided that I wanted to see Asheron's Call in 3d Accel (which the game looks absolutely STUNNING in, trust me) .. and well, so I bought the card. Unlucky for me, the card has been nothing but a pain in the ass. Hardware conflicts, driver messes.. it works in 2d just fine, but I can't get 3d accel for the LIFE of me. Hunter Wilcox, knower of all things game-related that he is, has suggested that the 3d card may not be liking my motherboard. This isn't the kind of news I am particularly looking for. Anyhow, in an attempt to fix this problem, I thought, "Hey, I'll re-install Windows". Smooth move, Brad. Win95 hosed my MBR, so I can't get into linux. Linux just so happens to be the place that I get the mail for this column into, and for some reason, my rescue disk just does NOT want to play nice. So I'm kinda SOL, up a creek, if you would. But I'm gonna get this stuff fixed. Soon, if I can. Anyhow, tomorrow there will be a real column, big, like my other "flowers and candy -- I'm sorry honey" columns. So write me cool stuff. Tell me the worst computer mess you ever got into, or something. Or let's talk some more FFT. But no Orlandu usin' cheaters.... I'm goin' through, no Orlandu.. (well, I'll let him in the party long enough to strip him of that Excalibur, heh heh..) and we'll do the party thing tomorrow. I promise. Unless something else comes up, and then Mike'll just fire me and you'll all have to beg him to rehire me, 'cept I've been bad and wouldn't deserve it. Not to mention my run-on sentences. ;D

Oh, and Edge.. where you been, man? Just checked the ol' haunt, it's been almost 3 weeks, dude! Get back in line.. slacker!

Let's talk, turkey.

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