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Everybody stop! Heyyy, what's that sound.. everybody look what's going down!

Ahem. Probably as my own fault for posting so late yesterday, I've got very little to work with today, but I do have one or two things that are cool, so it's not just a total loser day here... but then, it never is! Or something. Anyhow, I didn't update last night AGAIN, because I actually had so little last night I thought sleeping for 5 or 6 hours might yield a bit more in the mailbox. Not a whole lot more, actually, but everyone should really send in some neat stuff today, so I can do a good update tonight. :)

With no more formalities or other wasted time, .. the show goes on.

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Okay, that's not entirely true.. I'm pissed at Netscape's complete and utter inability to render tables correctly. Not that I like IE any better, but Netscape is more infuriating in a specific manner. Come on guys, get your act together.
Well, SOMEONE asked...
Greetings. Sometime ago, I believe somebody asked about where to find the Mog amulet for FFVIII. Then, just the other day it was mentioned that you can get the amulet via the Debug room using the Gameshark, but for some reason the Mini Mog command doesn't work (The game says "Mini Mog is not here") when the the command is executed. There is a reason why, and since I have a PocketStation (borrowed from my friend who's a foriegn-exchange student from Japan ;) I will explain to all you eager FFVIII fans who are wondering how the hell Chocobo World works. First off, you'll have to catch a chocobo in FFVIII and you'll be rewarded with Boco (you knew that, of course). Then insert the Pocketstation and save a file in it. Chocobo World runs like this: The screen shows Boco walking on a side scrolling screen. You can make Boco go in any 4 directions on the screen/map (up, down, left, right). You can make Boco "dash" by holding the direction button he's facing (But to replenish HP, you'll have to make Boco walk for a little while). By pressing the button, you can open up a status/map screen. The objective to the game is to have Boco reach the dots shown on the map. These dots trigger an "event" where one of the following will happen:
  1. A battle
  2. Cactaur comes out and gives Boco an item (for Squall to use)
  3. Moomba hops out and gives you a choice for a new weapon (for Boco)
  4. You find Mini Mog
Most of the time, the event will be a battle. The battle system works like this. Boco will appear to the right of the screen while the enemy is shown on the left. An "Attack Meter" pops up on the bottom of the screen. You must rapidly tap the left and right direction buttons rapidly to make the attack meter drop. The first to reach "0" on the attack meter will attack (you can see the enemy's attack meter too). Damaged done to the enemy is done randomly from the 4 different attack strengths of Boco's weapon. Each attack has a 25% chance of hitting the enemy so, if Boco's weapon was say, 4/3/3/2, Boco has a 50% chance of dealing 3 damage at the enemy and only 25% of dealing out 4 or 2 damage. Boco can recieve new weapons from Moomba.

After each battle, a tic-tac-toe/bingo (whatever you want to call it) board pops up and a dot is randomly flashing across the board. Press the button (or just wait for a few seconds) and the dot will stop on a square. Get three dots in a row and Boco will gain a level and advance to the next map to find more goodies.

Speaking of goodies, the items Cactaur gives you come in 4 different ranks. D-Items, C-Items, B-Items, and A-Items. D-Items (most common item you'll get) are mostly crappy items such as potions and antidotes, while C items are more of Potion +, elixers, etc. B-Items are mostly "ingrediant items" or magic making items (holy stone, aura stone, etc.). A items are GF ability items. I've only gotten one A item, and it was 1 knight's code, which teaches a GF the "Cover" command (sound familiar?)

At one of the events, you'll eventually find Mini-Mog. Here is why the amulet from the debug room didn't work. After receiving Mini-Mog, he'll be asleep. You'll have to put him from "Sleep" to "Stand-by" from Boco's status screen. So not to spoil or ruin it for anyone, I won't explain what Mini-Mog does for Squall and company. I was able to find Mini-Mog around level 15-20 (can't really remember). I am unsure of how many levels Chocobo World has. I'm currently at level 44 and still getting mostly D-Items, so expect this to be a pretty deep mini-game.

Oh, the animation in Chocobo World is pretty much Tamgotchi/Nano graphics. Strangely enough, the music is mainly FFVII tunes, ex. the battle music is the tune of the same music that plays while battling at the Battle Arena.

Hmm. I sure chatted for quite awhile. I sure hope this pleases many FFVIII fans out there on facts about our little friends adventures. Heed my words, get a pocket station. This game is so addicting, my friend will end up having to strangle it off my neck!

Wow.. that's.. an awful lot of information.

Teleporting baddies
Hey Brad,

How come in every strategic RPG, every character except yours seems to be able to teleport? Even characters who join you later know how but never tell you.....whats up with that?


Well, that's not entirely true.. though in most of the games it is. I guess it's just so that they can 'feasibly' (if you consider teleportation feasible) escape lots of situations in which they shouldn't be able to if they were broken and bleeding, which they should be by the time you're through with them. The only exception to this that I can think of on the 'why can't I do this?' side of things is FFT, where you -can- teleport, it's in the movement list for Time Mages. Very, VERY cool skill to have. I think most of my main party members had it by the end of the game, just because it's so damn cool to just teleport behind enemy lines. It can fail if you try to go too far, but I've successfully teleported a LONG way in that game, and you start to get a feel for what distance is only going to botch on you every once in a while. Not only that, but it just looks cool.

FFA Fans, unite!

I just wanted to say, it is refreshing to see someone who actually liked FFA. I thought it was a wonderful idea. I myself have the FF Collection (which includes FFIV). I know that many people out there were very disappointed with slowdown, lag, load time, ect ect ect. I myself like the game, because it is just that... a game. I am glad to see you have done the same, and not jumped on the "the game sucks cuz its not absolutely perfect" bandwagon. I think flaws can be forgiven as long as the overall game is good, and if you have fun playing it.

--Leiji Matsumoto--

All I've got to say is that you knew what you were getting before you bought it. Old games. They're NEVER going to live up to how you remember them, and while the load times and music on FF6 aren't so hot, and the way the characters talk in FF5 is nearly inane at times, it's a godsend to those of us who remember those games but don't own/have a working SNES. I love FF6.. it's probably my personal favorite Final Fantasy game, and since my SNES started acting funky, and until I buy a new one, (I really ought to just go DO that someday...) It's really nice to just have it right there. Not to mention that FF5 on PSX is lots of fun.. the music is finally where it should have been. On a ROM, it just wasn't as fullfilling. Gotta love that bagpipe tune man. Get jiggy wit it!

More Chrono Trigger Stuff
I have maxed out all my characters levels and now i was wondering if there is anyway i can increase the non-tab attributes (Evade and Hit). I would prefer an answer that doesn't involve a cheat, but I will take what i can get.

Red Nu

Sadly, no, other than equipped items, there is no way to raise non-tab stats to beyond what they are permanently, except of course in the case of Robo and getting that Ribbon thing.. which, by the 4th time you get it, makes him one helluva mean dude on the court.

More Lucca's name stuff
This is in response to J.Parish's response to the letter about the CT characters' last names, specifically Lucca. Just thought to tell you that there's a much easier way to find Lucca's last name than to play CC: It's at The front page of their Chrono Trigger PSX section is headed by a quotation by Lucca herself. The quotation is a graphic image, so even those without Japanese fonts installed can see it.

For the sake of the unilingual masses, here's my translation of the quotation:

"Guided by the planet's dream, we crossed space and time. Traveling to every epoch, and meeting many friends.... For the sake of this planet's future, we risked our own lives to take back our tomorrow..." -- Lucca Ashtia
I don't know if you'd call this a spoiler or not, but (sorry, J.Parish) it *is* in plain sight on Square's Japanese website, after all...


That's good ol' college research skills at work, kids. But remember. They TAUGHT it all to you.. none of it comes from within. Right? ;)

Lu-pa? Lu-pa?
Hey Brad,

I need a little help with Lufia, and I hope you're the guys who can provide it. I'm currently looking for the three gems that go with the red, green, and blue towers. I have the first two, but the red one you find is broken. I read an FAQ that says you're supposed to go the the Medan mines to find it, but I've been all over that place with no luck. Where is the darn thing?

Well, I played quite a bit of Lufia 2, but never any Lufia 1. So instead of an answer, I provide you with.. the link to Forfeit Island! Which is here. It's run by someone I know, SinclairC, who just so happens to be the guy who knows everything Lufia-related. So go on over to his site, and check it out... and the answer'll be in there somewhere.


I don't know if it's what Aesir used, but is really great, even the free one.

.. let the hours of laughing at what we can do to words begin. :)

So, who's that girl at the bottom of your Q&A pages? Is that supposed to be Heather or something?
-The Sesquipedalist

.. actually, no, that's me. :P I'm blinking! I'm cute! It's a cute, blinking me! Though if Shade did one of Heather, I'd like, be forever in debt or something. Contact me if you're reading this. :)

Bad Steve, post columns faster!

Watch who you're talkin' to, Steve-o.. Steve over here doesn't like your tone of voice with me. And Steve doesn't like it either.

Which presidential candidate do you support?

By weird coincidence I was asked this twice today. Odd. Anyhow, while I'm registered to vote republican, I'm a big swing voter. I vote for whomever I think is going to do the best least poor job. Oddly enough, I'm fairly apathetic about politics, yet I vote regularly. Well, not in primaries or anything like that, but major national elections, yes. So every 2 years, I think. Heather's actually a librarian. Er, Libertarian, or at least, she votes that way often enough.. not because she actually believes in the canidates 100%, but she believes in 'general feel' of the party more than any other one (like that's hard to do..). I think she's still trying to win me over to the librarian side of the force. Oh, and to answer the question, I honestly couldn't even tell you the names of the canidates.. is it Bush vs Gore? If so, man, that's not easy. I'd lean towards Bush over Gore probably, but that's just mostly because I don't think I've ever heard Gore utter a sane sentence, hell, a complete sentence, in his entire life. Not that I've really listened to Bush speak.. :) I don't watch TV.

Was it actually possible to beat the game with richter in SOTN?

As far as I know it is.. but I didn't actually do it.

Words from the Wise One:

Well, there it is. Done and posted.. I'll see you guys again tomorrow! Later!

Brad "..I'd like to be the one to dissappoint you when I don't fall down." Lohr

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