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The Oracle, Brad Lohr - January '00- 03:00 PST

Oooh, boy. End of weekend, or something. It's been a pretty good weekend. A good solid turnout on the email, and while I did very little else constructive this weekend, I had a good time with the Q&A. Only two weeks before I'm back in school, but that won't really change much column-wise, since I'm doing them on the weekends. Not like I do much homework anyway. :)

A few people asked me what this "Wu-Tang" thing is. They're like a rap group or something. I'm not entirely sure myself, other than I knew this guy on a bulletin board once who used to go on about Wu-Tang 4-ever or something. Anyhow, it's like gangster stuff. So get out your gang signs and join up with myself, Lesbian Pimp, and Creamy White Jink-Style.. and we'll go do some bizz, yo.

On a different note, remember not to email me today. Google says he's not getting too much on Mondays, and it's just making her job harder that it has to be. I mean, I know you want 'The Oracle' and not some cheap ripo-- err.. anyhow, moving on. Send stuff to Google. :)

Yeah.. heh.. moving on indeed.

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Trees shouldn't smile. It's disturbing.
*** Castlevania:Symphony of the Night Spoilers ***

Hey ya, I read the columns all the time, and I figured it was about time I submitted a question of my own. Well, here it is. Going through RPamer, I was looking some stuff up on Castlevania:SOTN, and I happened to stumble across this. and I have never seen this thing before in Symphony of the Night. It says something about an underground garden? I have uncovered ALL of both castles in the game, and so needless to say this puzzles me greatly. Please tell me what that tree thing is, and if it is accessible in my game. Thanks!

I too have played this game to the end of the line, and for the life of me, I can't remember a tree that smiles like that either. I read somewhere you might be able to get back outside the castle through some nasty glitch in the game, but even so, that doesn't seem like it'd be out there either.. that's really odd. Then again, sometimes we get screens that are from pre-release versions, and they end up changing the game a bit, so that could also be the answer.

Don't keep your hopes up...
Hey Mr Brad

I've got a real question today. A while back I heard that the FF Anthology would be ported to PC. I was all excited and such since I don't have a Playstation, but I stopped hearing about this project for a while. So I'm wondering does anyone still have plans to port these games?

Goten "I used to be temporarily insane, now I'm just stupid"

Hrm. I'm not a news person, precisely, though I've picked up more news of recent just due to more exposure, and doing NewMedia stuff.. but I haven't heard about this, and as I ask the news guys, they haven't seen anything about it either. Sorry about that.

Inverted Playstation Story #4

The oddest thing I ever heard that could be done if a game was skipping due to scratches was to put the cd in the microwave. ....I know. No, I've never tried it. And I don't know exactly how a CD is put together, but the theory I was told is that there's a thin film of plastic on the bottom of a PSX cd, and microwaving it melts it and it reforms into a clean sheet. If there actually is a film of plastic and that is all that gets scratched, the theory actually sounds ok.... but I am definitely not going to be the one to try it out.


Errr... don't do this, kids. This is bad mojo. Trust me, from personal experience, (though I knew what I was doing), CDs and microwaves are not friends! This'll destroy your CD, big Brad gaurantee on that one. We do it to AOL CDs all the time. As a word of caution, before microwaving CDs, make sure that you don't do it with someone else's microwave, (like your parent's).. because there's no gaurantee that you won't break the thing by deflecting electrons all over the place. Number two, the above non-recommended (but highly hilarious) process causes one hell of a nasty odor. So don't do it 4 minutes, (hell, 4 hours.. it takes a long time to dissipate) before that big date is due to arrive on your doorstep. Other than that, happy CD burning.

I amm.. Inveeeencible!
Oh, Mighty, Indestructible Oracle:

I have a question regarding soundtracks. I have $70 to blow, which allows me to buy 2 soundtracks, and I need your recommendation on something. I'm gonna buy the Princess Mononoke Orchestra Soundtrack, but I need advice on choosing a second title. Should I get the Shenmue Orchestra Version? or should I get Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite? Thanks

-Dark Paladin

Well, I've never been called Indestructible before. As for your soundtrack question, SinclairC recommends the Suikoden soundtrack. Symphonic Suite is good... let's see.. I like Chrono Trigger:Brink of Time, but it takes some serious getting used to. FFIV - Celtic Moon is a great album if you're into that kind of stuff.. hrm hrm lemmie think.. oh, the Star Ocean 2 - Arranged (not Perfect Sound or Official Soundtrack..) is really good. Xenogears Creid is a great album for those people who really liked XG's music.

Paws Introduces Herself
After seeing the letter from that poor guy having no idea who I was I figured I'd toss a quick note your way and whether you feel like posting it or not I'll leave up to you.

I've been playing RPGs since 1991, when I picked up FFII brank spaking new and ended up renting it for a week. :) Being an 'RPGamera' (though I never call myself that normally), I get more attention than I deserve. But I do play a lot of RPGs and am always willing to help those with questions. If I don't kow the answer, I find someone who does :)

I started reading the column, coincidentally, Sept 13th. Why is this a coincidence? It was the first day Brad started :) Checking back in the archives the first time I popped up in the column was the 30th, in response from the 29th of Sept. Those evil people at Square made Shiva into some sexy chick, then Brad pronounced it wrong :) I pop up after that several times, but I'm too lazy to check em all, sorry.

Hope that satisfies curiousity for those that are newer to the column. Thanks. Oh, and nice ta have you back, Brad!

-Paws =^^=

There, now you all can know who it is I speak of from her own mouth. And don't get any ideas, guys. She's like engaged to be married or something. I swear I got like 4 or 5 emails asking all sorts of interesting questions the day after I posted her saying Shiva. I can't believe you guys! :P .. anyhow.. here's that, and well, there it is.

Weekend closing Quickies

Are you gonna buy Ogre Battle 64?
Zed, "The Agile Warrior"'d be kinda pointless, seeing as how I sold my N64 a couple months back.

Do you get paid for this job? I mean, being a Q&A host. Do you actually get paid for your work in this column, or is it all volunteer?

..well, I don't know if you can really call it being paid, but the topless staff parties for past and present Q&A guys (whom are over 18, of course!) is quite the .. 'benefit'. Of course, it'd be better if Thor didn't end up dancing on the stage as well.. boy needs a tan like nothing else.. talk about blinding..

Larry Caswell! your Wu-Name is Asthmatic Enemy of God

Hahaha, I like that one. That's cool.

I used that shaving cream cleaning trick, but the razor scratched my disc! :(

... don't worry, with more practice, you won't nick so much. Remember, razor cuts bleed for a long time. They suck. :(

Trevor Perry! your Wu-Name is Embryonic Crusadah

I must admit to liking this one as well. :)

My bum is on the quicky.
-Tom Green

My bum is on the chair, my bum is on the chair...

Hey, lemme guest host one Saturday or something... please? ;)

Hrm.. you or Thor.. you or Thor.. let's put this up to a vote, kiddos. :)

Hey Oracle,
On Jeopardy last Monday one of the categories was "Call me Steve". It would describe a famous person named Steve and the answers (questions) were stuff like "Who is Steve McQueen?". Just thought you'd like to know.

... Steve Trebek(sp?), STEVE TREBEK..

Words from the Wise One:

Wow.. I'm really tired. It's late... see you next weekend. Night.

Brad "Spaffi-ball!" Lohr

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