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I know what you're thinking. It's 'cause I'm psycho, see? Yeah, yeah. I can reeeeeead youuuur minnnnnd....

I can't believe you think such dirty thoughts. She doesn't even like you, you know that, don't you?

No, she's not looking at you "like that". You sit underneath the clock in that class... she's just seeing how long till the class is over.

Yeah, I think that too.

... what do you mean!?

I'm not fat. :(


Yes, I know what you're thinking.. "Brad's on crack". Well, not really. Maybe tomorrow. If you're lucky. :)

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I'm likin' this game.. I play on Harvestgrain, drop me a line if you wanna go smash some stuff together, though I'm not all that high of level yet.
In Brad's Head
Fridays are good. Weekends are good. God damn I'm tired.
But I haven't been sleep deprived in months! It's great!
I'm gonna get me a nametag.. and write Steve on it. Because you know what? My name is Steve.
Calling forth Phacia Fanboys!
Hey Brad/Oracle/Steve Monger,

Do you know of any sites where I can get all the pics of the Bromines from Lunar: SSS? I've got this "friend" who wants to see them.

Boboo the Nu

A .. 'friend', huh? Well, this just so happens to be your lucky day, I suppose. A link to all the bromides can be found here. But wait.. that's on RPGamer! .. why yes it is.

Wait.. that just means like gooseegg, right?
Hey Brad,

Haha, they call you the big O, heh heh get it. If you are cool you'll get it.

It has something to do with like organization, right?

We'll anyway I was recently playing FF8 and loved the "Fithos Lusec Wecos Venosec" song, but I don't know what it means. I think I remember you telling us what it means in a past columns, but I can't find it. Do you still know or remember?

Fithos Lusec Wecos Venosec ---> "Succession of Witches" + "Love"

Secondly, In FF8 I took a peek at the walkthrough from where I'm at and the characters have about 6000-7000 HP and I have only about 1400-2000 HP, and I'm doing all the sidequest right now in Disc 2. Do I suck?

I was in much the same position .. it has a lot to do with how you equip your GF's, but I'd start looking into getting HP Bonuses learned, and junctioning some more powerful spells to your HP. Life/Cure spells work fairly well.. of course, so does Ultima. :)

And Last, I see you guys find Lunar:SSSC very funny, but when I'm playing through it doesn't make me laugh. A few exceptions here and there and I'm about 6 hours into the game. Whats so funny about what the townspeople say? But It's a fun game and I like the battle system. Oh yeah how long is Lunar:SSSC anyway?

...for someone just now getting 'The Big "O"' jokes, it may take a couple years for you to truly appreciate Working Design's finely tuned sense of toilet humor. Well, not exactly toilet humor, but well, it's a bit.. er.. well, okay, I thought it was funny as all heck, but some jokes that didn't rely on you having been an adolescent teenage male would have been nice, I guess. I was probably around 50 hours in when I beat the game. I can't remember the exact time.

~~~Link~~~ like link.. cables..uhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhh... are you like, 10 or 100 Mbit/sec?

In the never-ending quest for Dual-CD storage...
its me again, the one looking for the double cd rack, and i actually found one that holds 20 singles or 10 doubles if anyone is looking for the site, here it is.

I actually got a LaserLine 120 holding thing that's pretty much a lot like a bookshelf with three levels. I have 42 playstation games, of which, only about 20% (One in Five) are single-width jewel cases. I've almost filled two rows on it. Heeellllpppp....

Ess-Tee-Ee-Vee-Ooh, and Steve-o was his name-o!
Hey... S - T - E - V - E,

I've got a big problem here. Being the crazy that I am, I wanted to play Xenogears again. You know, to try and understand the story better. Well, I'm in Lahan after the gears land, and when it is supposed to play the movie of Timothy getting shot, it freezes up and plays a sound like fire burning. My friend has the game also, so I tried his disk, and the same thing happened! Not only that, but my brother has the same problem! Did you ever hear of anything like this? It really sucks! Thanks a bunch!

- Chris

This never happened to me on my only time through Xenogears... anyone else have this happen? Or advice...? Another question, one from me. Does anyone reading need to flip their PSX over, or stand it on its side, in order to get it to function correctly? Spencer, one of my friends, does NOT believe me that this will make his PSX work, and refuses to believe in the truth of the inverted Playstation. We need to make a believer out of him...

Comment Title
Hello there Steve the Oracle,

I have 2 little questions,and I would really like it if you could answer them.

1-Where or how can I get the Mog's amulet?
2-What's the best way of getting 100 curse spikes?

Thank you in advance

PS-I have all the damn cards haha!!!...except that damn PuPu

Hrm.. for number one, I'm actually not sure, I didn't go back through FF8 to get all the token items... yet. I'll probably do that sometime this summer. Maybe. It might be one of the Chocobo World items, that you can only get if you've got the little Pocketstation. I'm sure someone will tell me all about it by tomorrow.

As for #2, well, that's easy. Tri-faces. Put Mug on Squall, and start smackin' 'em. You'll get 6 or 8 curse spikes per guy. You can find them down in nasty places. I think you can also find them on the Island closest to Hell.

Uh-oh, Mikey, there's a guy in the lobby more addicted to Pokémon than you are... I think he's got a gun...
Correcting Mr. Tidwell....

1) There are 251 Pokémon in Gold/Silver. There was not over 100 Pokémon added, just an even 100 ;).

2) A (short and nearly crappy) demo of Chocobo's Dungeon came with Chocobo Racing. It was a non-playable demo, but it was there nonetheless.

Eric42 "I want to be the 24/7 RPGamer Q&A guy"
How does it feel to want? :D I'm such an ass...

I actually got one or two letters concerning #2, but I'm almost ashamed that our dear leader, and official Pokémon addict was shown up in his own arena. Oh well, I was only almost ashamed. I'm over it.

Website for sale!
Wait just one second. Mike said in today's (Jan.06) column that RPGamer started in March of 1998. No way! RPGamer is just the evolution of UOSHP which started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.


Well, technically, while RPGamer was definitely a child of the Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage, which I myself visited back in the day, and loved very much (props out to Andrew Vestal for providing us all with the mad hookups, yo) we're not the same thing. Mikel Tidwell owns/runs, while AV went on to write FF8 Strategy guides ;) And other projects as well.

Wu-Tang Quickies

Hey, Chrono Chross got a 10.0 at, man that game looks awesome! YEEHAW!

I concur, CC looks really good. Don't know about getting a perfect 10, but we'll see.

My friends won't believe me when I tell them my new name is Steve...any advice?

..what do you mean new name?! Have you been masquerading as someone else for the last 15 years!? Damnit Steve, what the hell is wrong with you?
The Jedi Mind Trick is the key..

Did you know that one seventh of your life is spent on Monday?

..and if you sleep in long enough, 2/7ths of it on Saturday. :)

Okay, you guys gotta check this out. I sent this as an email to myself, so it counts as a quickie. Honest. Anyhow, it Wu-Tangifies your name. Do the Wu-Tang thang

Brad Lohr your Wu-Name is Sabre-Toothed Portillo

Well hot damn.

Hey, what factors determine if a developer is considered 1st, 2nd or 3rd party developer?

It refers to people who make games other than the people who make the console.. that is, not Sony, who makes the Playstation, nor you, who plays the playstation, but some other company which jumps in the middle and makes games for the PSX, then sells them to you to play them.

Yo, Brad. Where are you from? And is Brad your real name? (yes or no will do nicely)

yes or no


But seriously, yes, Brad Lohr is my real name, and I live in Arroyo Grande, California, near Pismo Beach, north of Santa Barbara, between LA and San Fran, you know, next to the place. In the head. Yeah, you know the place.

Words from the Wise One:

I'm not psycho anymore. All that Oraclin' made me lose my psycho powers. I'm crying, really. Though I do have this odd desire to deliver U.S. mail all the sudden... oh, the urges. Alright, anyhow, I'm being weird enough, I guess. That's what I get for doing a whole buttload of repetitive work all day. Which isn't normal in my job. The mind numb consumes... oh yeah, they're making a movie out of Ender's Game. That rocks. .. I hear they're getting Jodie Foster to do the Hive Queen. Talk about a perfect casting job. (snicker) ... er, that is... I'll see you tomorrow, guys/gals/Googleshng ...

Brad "I like Santie Claus!!" Lohr

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