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miyu - December 13 '99- 4:44 Eastern Standard Time

I'm back! And I am very unhappy with my letter turnout today. I didn't get very many good letters, so if you people don't behave and send me interesting letters, tomorrow is going to get ugly. Rar!

And yes, that does mean I'll be back tomorrow. You're stuck with me for eternity! Eien no shiawase....

Give me something to talk about!

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I'm here to point out the obvious faults in Stom and your comments. You keeps dissing contrail, and now stom has jumped on the bandwagon. I was thinking to myself when I heard Stom say "Square is louder than ever" My whole point was I had heard nothing about this poor company. Yes, Saga Frontier 2 is coming, but is the sequel to that dopey failure really going to be worth glimpsing at when I stop into the local Funcoland? Legend of Mana looks good, but I'll probably be busy enjoying my PS2 by the time it comes out , and give a humorous chuckle. Front Mission 3? Tell me more...... and what the heck is the Dew Prism? It's starting it melt on the grass and turn my front lawn into a rainbow!! Now, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 I know about, but it's taking a dip right into cutesy lane. Chrono Cross? *cough recycled SNES crap cough* I think my germ has said more than I can say. And although the second greatest RPG series ever made (Hahaha..Wild ARMs is still better) Final Fantasy is fatally fumbling fantastic fanazz..errr I mean it's getting boring..c'mon..FF8 has lost the magic of the chocobos that was held closely in FF7, and as for any more mini-games I don't think we're getting anywhere. So, now, have I dissed every possible Square game? Maybe the bouncer for PS2? oh well I'll leave this to rest for now.

Butcherer of Stom and Miyu,
Mr. Mysterio

Okay, I knew I should have addressed your dismissal of their games *last* column. First of all, SaGa Frontier 2 bears very little resemblance to the original, in graphical style, in play-style, in plot-style. You really should try to keep an open mind about it until you actually play the game. After all, it's still possible that Wild ARMs 2 could actually rebound from its predecessor's miserable start, so why can't SaGa Frontier 2? I actually liked SaGa Frontier anyway, but that's not the point. As for your callous dismissal of Chrono Cross and every other Square game coming out, I laugh at you. Don't just dismiss them because you're trying to win an argument. I'm excited about Square's year 2000 releases, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too.

Time? I forgot I had that...
Hey miyu,
In Grandia, How in the HELL am I suppossed to get Feena at level 99 for both wind and water elements in order to learn "Time Gate" spell?! I have a life to live..


All I can say about that particular case is that you just have to try and cast spells that affect as many people as possible every time you're in battle. Just keep the enemies alive and heal everyone and hurt them, you can gain levels for both. It'll still be time-consuming, but hopefully less so than usual...

In general, I'd just like to say that trying to have a life and still complete RPGs is hell. Especially when the RPG isn't that entertaining anyway. One is just tempted to go do *anything* else, and the unfinished RPGs just keep piling up! -Sigh- least I get a taste of most of the new RPGs!

Agggghhh...I'm *dead*!
S'up miyu!
I actually have a REAL RPG question! (The world gasps in horror) Okay, how in the name of Colonal Sanders <-I spelled that wrong, right?) do you beat the second three wise men in Star Ocean? Y'know, after you take on the first three (each separatly) then go to from L'Aqua to fight them. My characters are ALL on level 70. Yes, even Noel. (More global gasping). I've tried the "ultimate party" (Claude, Rena, Ashton, and Dias) got my RPGing butt kicked, then tried it with Celine instead of Dias. I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!! (sob sob)
P.S. How do you pronounce miyu?

Well, I managed to beat them with my party after a few tries, just concentrating on one enemy at a time. If you make sure to do that, and you get lucky, you should be able to take them down. If not, maybe you really do need to level up some more. I can't remember exactly what level I was when I got there, but I think it was close to that...a few more levels could make a large difference though!

exclusive scoop

Jasc the RPG
| . .  \  /|
\       \/ |
 \___/  /\ |
  \____/  \|
starring Jassyfish


That's right, you heard it here at RPGamer first! Jasc Software has announced that they are switching design focus from drawing programs to RPGs! Their first RPG will be a pokemon hybrid called Jasc: the RPG. In it, you play both as Jasconius the Island Fish and miyu the cute vampire. As Jasconius you must maneuver the island around obstacles and guide miyu to the promised land of Ni-Zenha. As miyu you must train your strawberries and potatoes to fight when the time comes, for the arrival at Ni-Zenha will not be peaceful!

Watch for an exclusive story and screenshots later in the day as our sources are able to obtain them!


Yes! The cute Q&A guy's comming back!


You know it! Thor's nothing compared to me.

wark! (hi me-you) -Goldchoco

Heha, yes I am me and you. I am I. Lain is Lain. Where is the border between the wired and reality?

Closing Commentary on Topics Relevant to Today's Column:

See? Short! That's what you get when I don't get enough letters. >:(

You know, I haven't heard anyone else's opinion on Vandal Hearts II...I know what I think, but how about you guys? Like the new dual-turn battle system? How about the weapon system? Go ahead and send those opinions in, and of course if you have any amazing insight into some other topic you can send that too!

Until tomorrow!

Curtis "I'm an RPG" Harmon
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