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miyu - December 8 '99- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, since I did a self-introduction last time I ran this, that means I'm free to ramble on about nothing for my introduction here!

Well let's see, the first thing is that Evolution's getting closer and closer here, the first good RPG for the Dreamcast. I know I'm going to get my copy the first day it's out! I think the game has promise, and I'm anxious to see how it really plays. It's been getting some negative rumors, but I think it'll turn out to be a worthwhile game.

I sincerely hope that games like Lunar 3 and Grandia will be making their way to the DC soon, because while I'm still loving my DC, I would really love some more RPGs. Hopefully our need will be filled with Ouki Houshin, that crazy new fairy RPG, because I'm curious as to how something like that becomes a strategy RPG. After all, it seems like all SRPGs have to have a medieval setting with a serious plot involving the church or something like that, and Ouki Houshin sounds different and neat.

And with that, on to the letters.

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Mmm, rice
Miyuski, you are more clever than I thought for I cannot come up with a witty parody of your name. But you can answer these inquiries if you so desire.

1)If you were a pokemon, what would your special moves be?

I like to keep as much distance between myself and the Pokémon as possible. I spent way too much money on Magic: The Gathering, and I have no intention of being tempted to do the same with this crazy thing!

2)What anime character most accurately portreys you?

Portrays *me*? Hmm, you know, now that I think about it, I tend not to really identify with anime characters, which is a good sign, because most anime characters tend to be either a) crazy, b) Japanese, or both. :P

3)What is your favorite flavor of ramen noodles?

Tomato. Tomatoes are the best food ever, and the best flavoring too!

4)What is so horrible about unsauced pasta?!?!

Unsauced pasta lovers unite!


There's nothing *horrible* about it, it's just *weird*. Actually, just thinking now, I can see how you could like it, because I like plain steamed rice. You're still weird, though.

Dear Mr. Miyu and Apocalypses I was wondering...who's better? Square? or Contrail? Both have avid and powerful RPGs (WILD ARMS is the best RPG of all time). I'm an extreme Contrail fan and already own Wild Arms and Legend of Legaia, and soon to get a Wild Arms soundtrack. I value Wild Arms twenty times more than any Final Fantasy(Yeah, 7 and 8, too!). I'm seriously anticipating the 2nd Igniton of Wild Arms. But I 'm also an avid Square fan, too. So I was wondering....what do you think?

Okay, I read through the "Wild Arms is the best RPG of all time" statement, and I couldn't tell whether this was a joke or real. Wild Arms has the honor of being the only RPG I've played and disliked. The puzzles were boring, the battles were monotonous, and the story was clichéd. The only good thing I saw about Wild Arms is its opening. I liked Legend of Legaia a ton more, and I probably would have even beaten it if I wasn't stuck. Leveling up in LoL is quite boring. ^_^

So to answer your question, Square by far. I think Square makes some great games, and Contrail has made nothing to impress me enough to make me look forward to their games.

Does Vandal Hearts 2 have random battles, or anything else to level you up?

Also, do you think it's worth it, if you have to buy a Game Shark to play it?

One of the things I like most about Vandal Hearts 2, besides the pretty spell graphics, is that they eliminated random battles. If you need to build experience, however, you can just select a minor battle site and fight there again! Since the battles are so long, and sometimes tedious, this is really much better than, say, FFT's random battle every few squares system.

As to whether it's worth it, so far I see a fun strategy RPG. If you like those games, I think so. Besides, a gameshark will probably come in handy later. :)

Calling Canada "Canadia" is old, overused, and just dumb.
Just a note about the Canadian letter yesterday, as a Canadian I do notice that "Eh" is uttered slightly more than in the good old US, but 95% of americans won't know that a Canadian is a Canadian unless told. Also except in rare cases with smaller publishers (such as Lunar : SSSC) games ship on exactly the same day in Canada and in the US.


You know, both Feena and Rapp seem to say "Eh" a lot in battle in Grandia, and all I ever hear about from non-players is that they're Canadian. I think that says a lot about the whole situation. As for the Canadian game publishing situation, a good generalization is to just think about Canada as another state. You'll be right more than you're wrong! ;)

Hey Miyuski,
I have been a big fan of anime for 5 years now and think they are better than your "American" shows ( I'm a Canadian ).

All I have to say about that is that Nelvana is a Canadian company.

Now I got a couple of questions to ask 1, How long have you been a fan of anime?

Two and a half years now. The first anime I watched was Tenchi Muyo in Love. :)

2, Which country gets animes first? what I mean is does America or Canada get animes first because I was watching The new WB and they said that there is going to be a new Pokemon episode that has never been seen in North America and I've already seen it in a Canadian station. But America gets Dragon ball Z first than Canada what's up with that!

The reason for this is that it's the individual stations that decide what to buy rights for or not. So if a Canadian licensor decides to pick up the rights to a group of episodes before an American one does, then Canadians will see it first. I'm still mad because Canada got to see the new Sailor Moon R episodes a whole year ahead of us.

3, I heard that there are new episodes of Record of Lodoss wars and wanted to know if you seen them yet?

I've seen some of them, and they seem cool. The opening song and animation are absolutely wonderful, that's for sure. I'd recommend picking them up. :)

4, I have seen the Legend of Crystania movies and think they are really good. I was wondering are these movies about the future of Lodoss from Lodoss wars or is it some different story? I think it is about Lodoss because Ashram is in it and he was in Lodoss wars. Please help me with this question I really want to know!


I actually didn't like the Crystania stuff very much, and all I know is that they take place in a similar or the same world as Lodoss. I don't know all the details, unfortunately. :P

Why did they name a soft drink after a little forest creature anyway?
If you name Crono "Hero" and Marle "Girl," who would you name "Sprite?" And would you try and think of corresponding names for the others, or only use those three?
Speaking of which, I've decided that the best possible name for Crono is "Lavos."

Name Robo "Sprite"! The similarities are abundant! Messing with names after you've already played a game is just too fun sometimes.

Pokémon hatred?!
Looking at the poll results, I find it disturbing how much hatred can be leveled at Pokemon , simply one of the most addictive games ever to come from the mighty Nintendo. It's fun. Play it! (before you poke fun, no pun intended, i love Lunar, Final Fantasy in all its forms, and even Xenogears. And i'm from the UK so i had to import some of those!)

I say, don't hate Pokemon til you've at least tried the games!

I laugh at people who hate Pokémon. I laugh at people who play Pokémon. So overall, I think I come out on top by not having to spend a ton of money and getting two sources of amusement while I'm at it!

Somewhat seriously, though, I think despising an anime/game/ccg like some people despise Pokémon is pretty silly. Hate something useful, like onions. ARR DESTROY THE ONIONS.


Why don't you like dragon ball z

Gee, I don't know...horrible character designs, poor animation, bad story...what more could I ask for?!

Which of the four humors is dominant in your body? I am decidedly phlegmatic,with a touch of sanguine and melancholic, and just a tad of the choleric

Gee I don't know, but I'd have to go with sanguine because it's such a cool-sounding word.

Hey google
I just had a thought: Do you own a Mac?
'Cuz It's my theory that everyone who owns a mac also owns a saturn and an atari Jaguar.

I'm not Googleshng, but it does have a Mac. I actually got to play a Jaguar when it first came out. They're not *that* bad. :P

Hey Miyuski,
You work with Googleshng right?
Give us the answer we all want to know----is Googleshng male, female, or it?

It's obvious that Google is a slime that has accidentally turned into a hermaphroditic human. Why else all the slime references? Now help it find the spell to reverse the transformation!

it's 25 days until the world ends,do you know know where your children are?

Safely tucked away in bed! I just checked, you can't fool me.

Closing Commentary on Topics Relevant to Today's Column:

Have you been doing your homework? Well you can get started right after reading this! Today's column had many great letters and responses, filled to the brim with amusement goodness. I especially enjoyed the lively debate about unsauced pasta. I hope you'll keep turning to RPGamer for your RPGaming needs so you will grow up healthy! See you!

Curtis "Jasc-o-rific" Harmon
You can have a cookie if you get the reference in the closing commentary ;)

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