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miyu - November 18 '99- 1:08 Eastern Standard Time

Okay, since I'm no good at introduction, I'll just steal the Japanese idea, and do a self-introduction!

Hi, I'm Curtis Harmon from the news team here at RPGamer. I am a freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Computer Science. I've actually only been playing RPGs for about two and a half years now, due to the tragic fact that my parents absolutely refused to let me have a gaming system in the house until I just brought one home without asking. ^_^

My favorite Console RPG is Final Fantasy 4j (hardtype of course!) and my favorite PC RPG is Rogue. My favorite game soundtrack is the Soukaigi OST, composed by Hiroki Kikuta, which is often overlooked because no one has ever heard of it. I like tomatoes and thoroughly dislike onions. I watch a lot of anime and listen to a lot of J-Pop, making me inundated with Japanese culture (which my roommate hates me for). As for sodas, Pepsi is the best, down with Coke.

Anyway, surprisingly enough I got no complaints about the sudden juggling of Q&A people so much, which made me quite ecstatic. I don't really have much else to say to start this off, so I think I'll just cut to the letters, a surprising amount of which were printable!

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In the PSX:
Rah-Rah Cheer rules you.
In the DC:
Soul Calibur
It's the only game I have. ^^
In the PC:
Warlords III
So it's not an RPG. It's still great. ^_^
This is actually on the saner side of what I get
Jasconius does the letters today, hey hey! Hey hey!
It's the very best day, in the very best way, to
Jasconius does the letters today, hey hey! Hey hey!
Curtis Harmon is.. um.. can't rhyme.. gay? Hey, hey?

I guess that's the end of my song.
Sorry. I ran out of good rhymes.
This picture I enclosed should be a good enough consolation prize.
Have fun.

Mike Lisman

It is OBVIOUS that you need some work on your rhyming ability there, so I made a list of words that rhyme with hey just for you. May, grey, lay, stray, neigh, stay, ray, slay, pay, a, play, moray, hay, bray, say, and of course Koreigh! Oh wait, that's pronounced ko-REE. My bad. All this messed up pronunciation is why we should all speak Japanese anyway!

Well I need SOME non-quickies!
Curtis, my main man (not that I've ever met you, I just like saying "main man")

I've got a couple of questions for you, hopefully, you can answer them.

1) What do you like in J-Pop music? I've been wanting to get into it for a while, but I don't know what to buy.

Well my secondary man, first off, J-Pop is a very expensive thing to get into, because all full Japanese CDs cost 3,059 yen, or about $29, plus you have to pay for shipping. So if you can find a friend with some J-Pop music first, that's the best way to go. If not, some of my definite favorites are Two-Mix, Yuko Sasaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Yukie Nakama, and SES. SES is really a Korean pop group, but they released a great Japanese album too.

2) I heard the new Dreamcast Langriser game sucks a fat one? Any comment?

Gee, I haven't played it or anything yet, but Famitsu gave it a 20-something out of 40, so I'm not particularly anxious to play it.

3) I'm going on a vacation soon, and I need a nice game to get for either Game Boy or Neo Geo Pocket, any RPG recomendations besides those blasted Pokemon?

Thanks for the help bud.
-Ben Breier
Staff Writer/Letters Editor

Hmm, I'm afraid to admit it, but I don't have a Gameboy. I have heard, however, that Biomotor Unitron for the Neo Geo Pocket Color is actually quite a fun game, with a good translation. And since the NGPC is just cooler than the Gameboy, I'm going to give that as my official recommendation!

Puffy puff puff?
Since youve had actual Grandia experience and arn't just going by some silly review, how would YOU rate it amongst the other recently released rpg's (by recent i mean the past few months)? Games that come to mind are Thousand Arms, Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy 8, but feel free to add your own.

Take Care,


Grandia, huh? Well, not basing my opinion at all on our wonderful review, I can't decide whether I like Grandia or Final Fantasy 8 better. I'm leaning towards Grandia right now because I absolutely *love* its battle system. It flows really smoothly, and it doesn't get boring at all.

I really like some aspects of Thousand Arms, but dislike others. The dating scenes are just fun, the story has been neat so far, and the songs by Ayumi Hamasaki are great! (kudos to Atlus for keeping the original Japanese songs) However, I detest the battle system because it is so boring and tedious in random battles. New isn't always good, and this battle system proves that. Overall I'd probably give TA a 7, although I'm only 11 hours into the game.

Did I mention that I hate TA's battle system?

Okay, your friend must be pretty dumb!
Greetings Miyuski,
    Being an Rpgamer Q&A columnist, I'm not sure if you actually answer questions...but here goes. See, I have this...friend, who just got to the second disc in ff8. And well, this friend... is going insane and keeps refering to himself as his friend...because he cant get through the sand dungeon because squaresoft didn't put in a single save point for three hours! He left his playstation on while he went to get dinner, and when he came back it said game over... So my, friend's question is, Why is there no save point there, and what happened to my playstation to make it say game over? I had it paused. Is there some type of program that kills you if you leave it on to long? I doubt it but, I don't know where else to turn ;_;

Dr. Ehlkari

Well, you your "friend" must have missed the hidden save points, because I distinctly remember there being at least one save point in that dungeon. Make sure you have Siren's Move-Find equipped on someone, and you'll have find many more save points. :)

As for dying while supposedly pausing the game, I'd suspect someone of either purposefully or accidentally unpausing the game and running until you got in a random battle. If you have a sibling, I think we all know who the logical suspect is....

Laughing at others is good for you!
Hey Curtis In regards to the poll, would you buy an X-box? I think microsoft is trying to control yet another faction of computer related entertainment. I don't think I would buy one, but if they are a cheap as the rumors say they will be (100-150 dollars) and have some of the great computer games, and there are a lot, then I think many people including me might look into it. What is your veiw on this new system?

Antron The Mechanized Panda

Lettuce no Miko:
Hahaha. No. Oh wait, that was the answer to the poll. As for your question, I'm not thrilled about M$ being so big as it is, so I would have to say that I wouldn't buy the X-Box, if it even exists. I put very little faith in rumors, so I still don't believe it will ever become unrumorified.

It all comes down to one word: phenylalanine Trust
True or false: Final Fantasy Tactics would make a kick-ass multiplayer on-line strategy game.

CX, The Slayer Of Himself

The Island Fish:
I'm tempted to say "HELL YEAH!", but reason tells me that the best part of FFT was building up your customized party by winning battles and playing through the game. I think just putting parties together and battling online would be pretty lame. The best thing I can envision is a game where there are two or three players in a war like in FFT, but all playing on different sides. The battles could be set up so that everyone has the same basic oppurtunities to build up their parties. They could battle each other pretty often, and part of it could be against the computer.

Actually, now that I think about it, if done right, FFT Online could be the most kick-ass game ever. I just don't trust Square to get something like that right on their first try. ^_^

A Dark Cloud on the PS2's horizon? (heha)
Hey! You're not Googleshng! Well... I guess that's ok. You'll do, I suppose. :^)

I recently read the RPGamer review on Dark Cloud... would you mind sharing your opinions on what has been released of the game yet?

I realize the game isn't anywhere near completion as of yet, but I was wondering your opinions on it so far. Thanks


mizu, the prophet of water:
Well, I've only seen as much as you, but I really have to agree. If this is the type of game we can expect, I don't foresee Sony getting any more of my money anytime soon. On the other hand, it *is* only a demo, so I'll reserve judgement until I see some actual gameplay. :)



Oh good, I was looking for some extra exclamation marks. My supply was definitely running low.

You'd better like TransFormers, or you will die. - Raistlin X

I've never seen TransFormers. You'd better like Tenchi Muyo!, though. >:(

Hello Jasconious
  I really like trees, especially the pixellated trees in Role Playing Games. I love it when two-d sprites merge into trees, and when butterflies flitter around and evaporate into quivering motes when they touch the first greeny leaf.
- Kiyre

You're a 2D purist, aren't you? Actually, I like those butterflies too!

If Mewtwo is a clone of Mew (and thus came after Mew) why is Mew #151 and Mewtwo #150?

Because the Pokédex was organized by people, and they found Mewtwo first.

speaking of the ff5 rom is there a 100% translation I have the 98% and it's missing a lot more than 2% all of neoexdeaths and most attacks text is gurberish.

I'll gurberish you!

Ooh, another Q&A guy to poke things with!

Did you really mean to poke things with, and not the other way around? If so, I'm scared. ^^;;;;

Whatever happened to the long columns? Thor's were twice as long as everybody else's!

Okay RPGamer is going to start adding blank lines to the end of the column starting tomorrow. Happy?

Closing Commentary on Topics Relevant to Today's Column:

Well that was fun! And time-consuming, but that's probably because I was playing Magic and writing the column at the same time (I won). Don't forget to send your pressing questions to Hunter tomorrow, and go out and buy Grandia if you haven't already!

Curtis "Funky Esaka" Harmon
Yes, I've really used all of those names before. ^_^

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