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Googleshng - October 27 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Most holidays I just let slip by. I pay attention to Christmas, because that gets shoved in people's faces, and I pay atttention to thanksgiving, becaause it coincides with the birthday of a family member, but most of the rest I just let slip. Halloween is the exception. If all goes acording to plan, I am going to spend the next few days at my aunt's house in a pile of cardboard and cloth making an Escaflowne costume, which I will then wear to go trick-or-treating despite people remarking that I'm "too old" for that. I find a nice rule of thumb is this: If completion time of costume (in hours) is greater than age (in years), you're not too old. Anyway, I might not be here for a column or two, if so, someone will cover for me, and I will get my traditional Halloween Rant up... ideally on Halloween day.

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In the N64:
Zora is fun too
Hey Goog,
Long time reader, first time writer. Anyway this may not be anything related to RPGs but interesting nonetheless. Check out this part of an article off my local newspaper of Honolulu Weekly:

Until a few week ago, the $75 million Final Fantasy, out of Japan's Square One company and Columbia Pictures, and in production in Honolulu since 1997, was a project kept under guard. Now however, thanks to Chris Lee and HIFF (Honolulu International Film Festival), We're going to get a 20 minute look at the film, based on the playstation game about a space invasion in the year 2065.
Under the direction of Hironobu Sakaguchi, the computerists-vets of The Matrix, Titanic, Batman et al.-will see their work realized when the movie hits the multiplexes in the summer of 2001.

Don't you just hate it when the mass media makes mistakes about these things? I mean "Square One"? The computerists being veterans of previous movies? I thought they only worked on games. And what's this about the movie being based on a game? Last I heard it was a completely independent movie. Anyway, it turns out they are going to show a preview of it during the HIFF. The HIFF is this thing that happens here in Hawaii every year and it show new foreign movies. I haven't paid attention to the past ones but this has grabbed me. I knew there would be advantages in living in the same city that they're making the movie in. Maybe I'll go watch and tell you about it. Or at least I could encourage some other RPGamers in Hawaii to go watch. It happens Nov 3- 12.


Good for you, personally, whenever I see mention of videogames in the news, I run off screaming because they're always way off base like that. A 20 minute preview however would actually let you know what the movie's like, as opposed to the 5 meg 1.8 second "trailers" Square occasionally releases. 8)

Hello, Googleshng!
Here's some Zelda related questions:

1. What's your take on Majora's Mask, even without Miyamoto???

2. Do all the masks in the game do something for you?, I heard there's like 20-something...

3. Since the lack of Miyamoto bothered you, I guess we shouldn't talk about the new Gameboy games, since Nintendo outsourced develpment to Capcom....

Justin "ZELDA!!!" Harwood

Zelda:MM is a great game, it just doesn't have that special Miyamoto charm. Every mask in the game does SOMETHING, it's just that only 3 yield happy transformative fun. The bunny hood for example makes you run faster and jump farther. Finally, that's the first I've heard of the Capcom thing... funky concept. Ultra hard Zelda...

Snap went the camel's back.
Hi Google!

I am a huge Final Fantasy VIII fan and so I feel as though I need to know everything I can about the game. I was just wondering what the saying 'Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec' means and what language it is. It must be important because it is used so many times during the game, such as the intro and usually when sorceress Edea appears. If you could help me, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You!
Escaflowne Angel

I have answered this question more times than any other question ever. Therefore, I am now snapping, and making an FAQ. Your answer is in there.

Oh Wise and Powerful Googleshng-san!
It seems like all RPG heros don't say anything.
With all that they have been going through it's not that surprizing that they have gone mute. Think about it! Either one of your parents died when you were young or both of them are dead and you've been raised by some village elder. You're facing a terrifying evilness that would render any man speechless, and everyone is counting on you to save them! Think of the pressure! It's really not that surprizing that they have gone mute from the stress!

p.s. i can't play z:mm yet 'cause someone told me they were getting it for me for christmas! two more months of waiting! :*(

That's a pretty good point. It's also something the Chrono team has admitted to doing. Look at Primera from Xenogears.

Pokémon 2
I'm a lone pokefreak in my area, none of my friends play it so I can't "catch 'em all"
I've been playing pokemon silver lately and i know you have too. I have a few questions for you.
1) What pokemon did you start with? I started with chikorita.
2) What makes a pokemon hate or like me? I'm having problems with some of them not obeying me.
3) Of the new pokemon which one(s) do you prefer in your party?
4) Do you find the cellphone thing anoying as much as i do? stupid trainers keep calling me.

Well that turned out longer than i thought.

I took a Totodile, which I named Gaping Maw. I hope it learns bite soon. As far as happiness goes, the main issue is whether you got them from a trade or not. Beyond that, fainting ticks them off, using items on them makes them happy, and having badges makes them do what you want them to. All the newbies that I have right now kinda suck, I have to experiment some more. Finally, if you don't want losers to call you, don't give them your number.

Yo Googs
I noticed that in conclusion Mr. T is the toughest man in anime. Also that you are Dilandau the giggly psycho. Do you have a bunch of Gregorian Monks when you enter a room yell GOOG-LE-SH-NG or something like that. I do grant permission to use the monks because I, Greg Etter of Fenton, Missouri am retainer of monks who bear my name and also all annoyingly cute fuzzy creatures called cabbits. I just got RPGMaker and I heard that enemy are character sprites are saved in a seperate area than game data. I want to know because if thats true will this site have an archives of strange sprites because my own drawing skills suck. I want to get sprites for anything and fight anything like because I want to make one in a Monty Pythonesque way with killer rabbits and knights who say "ni" and with a pimpmaster Bill Clinton. Also are Paws and Lynx related cause I heard that from a voice in my head.

Uh... you're kinda all over the place there. Still, there seems to be an RPG Maker question in the middle there, and, simply put, yes. Basically anything remotely related to RPGs or RPG Maker that is sent to will find it's way into the next MC update. Oh, and you might want to lay off the caffine.


So, let's see if I understand this... With cold water, you're a JapaneseSchoolgirl, and with warm water, you're a slime? Well, alrighty then.

Something like that I think.

Hey, who's that girl you're sitting on in your sig? Most girls I know would scream and faint if they found a talking slime sitting on their shoulder...

BL Alien

My sig pics are open to interpretation. There's a slime sitting on the shoulder of an elf of indeterminate gender. Interpret that however you want.

Smurfs aren't blue they are green! Ajust your contrast!

GnomoDiablo: Lord of the Nether Realm

Uh... since everyone in the world but you agrees with me, I think it's you who's TV is screwy.

Hey your googleness-

Is Z:mm worth getting for real? And, knowing you'll say yes, where can I get it the cheapest?


Yes it is, and where would depend on where you live really.

I just figured out what happened to the FFT characters' noses! They got stolen by the Escaflowne characters!


Makes sense.

The Last Laugh:

There's your column, enjoy! Now I'm off to build a mech using common household items. Oh yeah, and thanks to an annoying new rule for the site, this link down here isn't a mailto anymore. Click it if you're curious... or just really really bored.

Googleshng "Halloween"

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