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OK, being a Goron in Z:MM is officially FUN. "I've got some time to kill, so I think I'll turn into a rolling ball of death and spin around down killing stuff and getting money while I wait for the world to end." Also, here's a weird little point about the game, since falling to your doom doesn't cause any damage, plain ol' Link is actually the worst form to cross poisonous swamps in.

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Pokémon Silver
Wow, they fixed Wrap!
Chrono Cross spoilers

Here's a bunch of questions about Chrono Cross:
1- Have you been able to feed the dragons 100 times at Viper Manor? Is it even possible to do so?
2- Don't you think the game would have been better if Serge expressed his thoughts/emotions... I mean after Kid is killed (or not, i havent finish the game yet so no spoilers please), Serge doesnt even mention her once afterwards!

And others :

1- Is it true that Square is considering charging around 10 $ a month to play final fantasy 10 online? I now I wouldnt pay that (especially since i'm canadian and our dollar isnt worth a lot). I fear ff9 is going to be my last ff experience.
2- Is Lunar 2 a true sequel to Lunar1? I'm thinking about buying it but I havent played the first one yet...

I have fed 100 dragons without any of them getting angry in fact. You get Iron Armor... or was it a helmet? I know I melted it down and made a Swallow immediately. Serge never expresses any thoughts or emotions. He has Chrono Syndrome. An emotionally detatched mute. Now then, as for the FF10 thing, FF11 will cost $15 a month to play. FF10 is just one great big question mark all around. I'm currently planning to consider 9 the last in the series. It's a nice final number anyway. It's like a trilogy of trilogies. Finally, like most RPG sequels, Lunar 2 is set 1000 years after the original.

History lesson
Just so that person who talked about "old-english" knows exactly what it is, I found a copy of a something very commonly said (I'm not saying what though :p)
"Faeder ure, thu the eart on heofenum, si thin nama gehalgod. To-becume thin rice. Geweorthe willa on eorthan, swa swa [Yes that's two 'swa's] on heifenum. Urne daeghwamlican hlaf syle us to-daeg. And forgyf us ure gyltendum. And ne gelaede thu us on costnunge, ac alys us of ylfe: Sothlice."
This was written around 1000 AD a little southwest of England.
"My History book says...!...It's rude not to procreate with you're host's wife or kids [Discerot]"

There you go. THAT is old english. Now, if Cyan spoke like THAT, I'd be impressed... and confused. 8) Anyway, thanks for that, and for htmlizing your own letter. A <br> tag here and there makes my life much easier.

VP question!
I'm confused...I don't understand what I'm supposed to do once I get to the caves of Oblition (sp?). I killed all the monsters inside but there wasnt a boss to kill at the end of them...So I left the caves thinking i was done but when i pressed "start" in order to find my next location, nothing happened. So now, i'm stuck : the caves have disappeared and i have no where else to go... What am I missing?

Each chapter only has so many characters and locations in it. After you're done with all of them, you have some spare time to spend visiting towns, character building, or taking a nap. Just don't forget to sent a couple people up before the chapter ends. Oh, and Caves of Oblivion are just short randomish places to character build a little, but I personally don't find them worth it.

Zelda Questions
Yo Goog,

Either I never knew or I knew and forgot, but why didn't Miyamoto work on Majora's Mask. Did he just choose not to or is it one of those circumstances where he was never asked to contibute in the first place? Oh, and one other thing. Is the main theme music in Majora's Mask? It really ticked me off that it wasn't included in Ocarina of Time. That's just, well, wrong to put it lightly.

Barry Dancer

OK, first of all, yes, the traditional Zelda music is right there on the overworld. Rejoice. Now then, as for Shiggy not being involved, I think the main reason is that he was busy working on the cube.

Persona 2
Hi Goog ! Two questions !
1 ) I want to buy Escaflowne on DVD and was wondering what was the difference between Esaflowne Dragons and Destiny and Escaflowne Betrayal and trust ? Since some guys seem to know a lot about those comics i wonder if they can help ...

and 2 ) No one talking about Persona 2 and the release date is in less than a month am i the only one who loved Persona 1 ? Or maybe the release date is too close to FFIX ? Anyways just by watching the intro of Persona 2 I can say that the game will be as good as the first (of course if you didn't like Persona 1 maybe the intro sucks :o ) )

Thx For Ur Time
Mana Goddess

I would say that yes, you are the only one who loved Persona, but then the other 2 people who do would flame me. Personally, I couldn't stand the thing. Now, about Escaflowne, people have been attaching all kinds of weird subtitles to it for various purposes, so here's a little rundown for you: The actual Japanese series is just called "The Vision of Escaflowne". The movie, which evidently resembles what you'd get if you showed someone screen shots of Escaflowne and told them a plot summary, then later they made a movie based on their fuzzy memories, is called "A Girl in Gaia" I think, which sounds lame. Dragons and Destiny I think is the Fox dub, which is now available on DVD along with the unmanagled sub/dub hybrid DVD, which still has those hideous voices. On top of all that, there's 2 manga series. One Shonen, and one Shojo. (One aimed at boys, and one at girls in other words) The main difference being that in one the guys look good, and in one the girls look good. Makes you wonder, why not just make everyone look good?

Bloody smurf.
Seems I'm a letter short, so you get this colorful title.

Hmm... is smurf blood red, or blue?


*Googles cousin barges in* "Hey, Google, I got a problem..." *it begins raining indoors. Google turns into a girl, and his cousin turns into a small, black pig*


No, I don't turn into a girl, I turn into a JapaneseSchoolgirl, which sucks because then I have classes I'm late for. It's an old running gag from elsewhere, long story. My cousin does turn into a pig though, look at his picture in the draw me section (at the bottom).

Last night I had a dream where I turned into a hot girl and blew the Strawberry Jell-O of Ragnarok on a car thief. Do I need psychiatric help?????????????? :O












The Last Laugh:

Someone actually sent me one last question which is pretty important but it was imbedded in a pile of spoilers I'd rather not print. Basically, "Do the developers of games ever specifically state all the answers to confusing things in games?" You know, little details like whether humanity is wiped out at the end of FF7, stuff like that. In most cases, the answer would seem to be no, but Xenogears has Perfect Works, which makes a lot of stuff more clear I'm told... gimme.

Silkenray made this. Evidently it's me and my vampiric kitten.

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